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Taimiyyah Zubair
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Anyway, let's continue. Woman I T And among His Signs of his miracles is Hokku summer worth he will Oh is the creation of the skies and the earth was delightful and the diversity of Alsina tickle of your tongues meaning your languages will when he come and your colors in the field early color if indeed in that are surely signs. Lila Alameen for those who have for those who have knowledge

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in what in two things that are mentioned over here, first of all the creation of the skies and the earth

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This in itself is a sign of Allah's power and might how huge is the earth how huge is the sky and within the Earth so much diversity? And then secondly within human beings walk the laugh who else Cinetic Anwar al whiny calm the diversity the differences if the love in Alsina Alina is a poor lovely son and what is listen literally means tongue. But it refers to language also. So the diversity of your languages, how the first of all, so many different languages are spoken in the world.

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Isn't that raise your hand if you know a language other than English? Well Masha Allah.

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Okay, how many of you know ODU?

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How many of you know Somali? How many of you know Swahili?

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How many of you know French?

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Any other language? Punjabi.

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Arabic, of course.

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Seriously, just in this room, we have people who speak so many different languages Afghani, Persian, whatever Farsi. Right? Did I miss anything else?

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Bengali I'm so sorry. Bengali? Yeah. So sign language. Of course. If the laugh of Alsina tickle, the diversity of the languages that you speak now, unseen Elisa, it's not just languages, but it's also the dialects, dialects, right? That Arabic for instance, has so many different dialects. Right? Then it's not just the different dialects. It's also different accents. Right? And then not just that, but also the actual words that people speak. You know, for instance, three people could speak the same language, English, but each individual has a different set of words that they like to use, right? Vocabulary is different. Their expressions are different. The way in which they speak is

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different. Their voice is different. One speaks really loud. One speaks really soft, one speaks really fast. Another person speaks really slow, right? So this diversity, if you think about it, no two people speak in the exact same way. Seriously, no two people speak in the exact same way. There are really many similarities. But each individual has his own style, own style, unique style. And then what I learned from diversity of your colors, and one is a portion of loan, what is the loan complexion shade color? Again, diversity in the color of the skins. And really no two people are the same color. And in one body also, you see the back of your hand the front of your hand. Different

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colors, isn't it? So what delighful synergy como el winy come in a fee daddy color if indeed and that are surely miracle signs. Lil Isley mean for people who have knowledge. Again, this is amazing. Why because human beings have all descended from WHO? Adam and Hawa.

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So much diversity in their children.

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So much diversity, not just in their looks, but even in their languages. In sort of the fact that I have 28 Allah says Wamena Nessie what the web be well UNAMI telephone Alwan who who and among people and moving creatures and grazing livestock are various colors. Warming IoT and obvious signs is my name will come your sleep from the letters no unwell mean no. And my name is Mustafa. Sleeping. So your sleep when belaying in the night, one the hurry and the day. The fact that you can sleep in the night and the fact that you can sleep in the day. This is also a miracle.

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Okay, Sybil is a color that is put on something. Okay, like a dye

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For example, you have some paint or something and then you dip a piece of cloth or something like that in it. So what has been put on that is civil. Okay? And loan on the other hand is the original color.

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Can you change your skin tone, skin color?

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People try

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doesn't look natural, right? The best color is which color natural.

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So the fact that you can sleep in the night and in the day, even this is a miracle. Right? Because especially in the day, you know, it's amazing how sometimes it's so noisy. It's so bright

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chaos and what happens there's a person sleeping in the living room on the couch, broad daylight, right? The fact that you can sleep be completely knocked out. This also is amazing.

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You know, sometimes the best sleep that you can have is in the sun. When it's nice and sunny, right? Best sleep specially in the winter. When you're indoors, and the sunlight is coming through the window or something and you sleep in that sunlight. It's awesome. It's like there's a heat blanket on you. Right? Anyway, but lately when the home What do you like will come and you're seeking min fugly of His Bounty. Meaning among His Signs, among His miracles among the amazing things that Allah has created, is how you go on seeking Allah's Bounty, meaning how you make money in simple words. And it's amazing how people make money in so many different ways.

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Right? There are people who will make money by watching cats by being a cat sitter.

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Right by being a dog walker. I'm the undressing Peacekeeper there's so many different ways in which people make money what the law Oklahoman fugly and primarily this is referring to how people can travel from one place to the other in order to seek Allah's Bounty in the field Valley color is indeed and data shortly signs the calming yes Marone for people who listen. So in order to observe the eye out in order to benefit from the if you have to have you have to listen. And you also have to see warming it And among His Signs. You recon he shows you a burka the lightning bug. What is lightning? The flash of lightning that you see in the sky?

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With a thunderstorm before or during whole fun with fear will come on and hope.

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Meaning when you see the lightning, when you see that flesh, it brings feelings of hope in your heart and also from our

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fear fear of what

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some disaster

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and hope hope of what rain and pleasant weather

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it's amazing one lightning. It looks so beautiful. Yet it is frightening at the same time, isn't it? When you see it from a distance it looks beautiful. But if you hear it or if you're close to it, it frightens you it brings hope of rain yet fear of disaster at the same time. When you and as zero and he sends down mean a summer a from the sky man and water. And when this waterfalls down from the sky for you, ye then he brings life be with it all over the land by the motiva after its death. Meaning the earth the land that was barren, lifeless, dead, nothing growing on it. One rain and the landscape has changed. In a fee Valley color I add the comi yaki loon indeed in that are surely

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signs for people who use Apple, because it's quite possible that we see the signs, we hear the signs, we know them, but if we don't use our reason, we won't benefit from them.

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warming it up And among His Signs and Tacoma and that Tacoma, it stands. It is standing it remains from the root letters off wall mean.

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What is standing what is remaining a summer all the sky while all blue and the earth be angry, he by His Command. It's amazing that the sky is standing firstly without any pillars without any support. Then sort of the Hydra 65 Allah says William SQL sama and Takara lovely, lovely evening. Allah is holding the sky. He doesn't let it fall. He does massive clouds, massive things in the sky to the fall down.

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Do that. No. Allah has created the earth such that what is in the atmosphere what is in the sky? What is in the skies above us? It won't fall on us. There's a

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Hidden protection.

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And then the coma also means that it remains, meaning the sky is in its place.

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Its appointed place. It's been there since so long,

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it still hasn't ceased to exist. And not just the sky but the earth also. I mean, when you look at, you know, the picture of space, for example, with the earth somewhere in the middle, it's amazing. Why is it there and not 50,000 kilometers below? Seriously? Why is it there? The coma? Who is it that is making it stay in its place in its orbit? Who

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and then who has made it remained since such a long time? If you think about it, are there things in this universe in the space that can destroy the Earth? Yes, it could be destroyed literally within seconds. But Allah has made it remain, and Tacoma sama will have go, how be a MRI by his order, by His laws, by His Command. Allah has created these universal law such that because of which the Earth is still there, the sky is still there in their place. So Medan either.com, when he will call you that will attend a single call mineral or the from the earth, either unto him suddenly you will the Hello June you will come out. And this is referring to the resurrection, the Day of Judgment, that

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right now the earth and the sky they remain, but then what will happen according to Allah's command, they shall be devastated and then what will happen one call one Dawa and all of you people from the earth, the Hello June, you will come out, you will come out of your graves you will emerge alive fully conscious the whole June and this resurrection itself has many is in it into the mighty Jaya 43 Allah says yo maya who don't I mean allege that the Sierra and the unknown Allah knows when you feel alone, the day they will emerge from the graves rapidly

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into NASA 1314 Allah says for a NEMA, he has Edgerton Wahida, for either home beside Hera indeed it will be one shout and suddenly they will be alert upon the earth surface intro to scenario 53 in Canada in Lastly, Hatton we're Heatherton for either home Jamia or Latina one blast, one scream enough and everybody will come out. How quickly do we respond to his call now? We don't. For when the Hour will be established, instantly. When a who and To Him belongs man for some are worth you will owe whoever that is in the skies and the earth. Everything that is in the sky that is in the earth belongs to who? Allah mold can help and YrB that everything is owned by Allah. Everything is

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Allah's creation. Everything is Allah's servant kulula Who can attune Kalon all law who for him funny tune ones who are devoutly obedient from the word pollute cough known tab and what does it mean, to be submissively dutiful, to be humbly submissive, to be devoted to someone constantly.

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So then, if all of these creatures point to Allah's existence, His power, His greatness, and when everything belongs to him, then who could be his equal? Because remember that the room is a monkey suit. All right, and the theme of monkey sewers is, though hate who could be his equal, who could match his power? Who could be his rival? How could you doubt His Word? kulula Who corny tone Wahoo Alevi and he is the one who Yeah, but the old Hulk, he initiates the creation, he begins the creation creation of who every creature, he is the one who initiated it, he is the one who began and he is the one who started it. He is the one who made it for the first time, whether it is human

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being an animal, anything, somebody you're either who, and then he repeats it, the other two repeats. So he repeats the creation, how over and over and over again. Really, if you think about it, a day is created, and that day dies, the night comes and then what happens the day is created again, right? One rainfall happens that's a creation is that it once the rain stops, is that gone forever? No. You're either who Allah creates one human being and then what happens he dies is that it? No more are born. Seriously, if you think

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about it. How many people have died in the past, let's say in the past decade. In all the wars that have happened and and all the natural disasters that have happened, the earthquakes and the tsunamis, and so on and so forth, how many people have died?

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So many in the 1000s? Not just 1000s, actually hundreds of 1000s. Right. So many casualties, if you think about it, but still human population, isn't that a big concern for environmentalists? Isn't it?

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It's a huge concern, right? So yes, many people die. But Allah subhanaw taala creates many more also.

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Wha Hua and it is a one who ILA He it is easier for him? What is easier for him?

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What is easier for him? Repeating the creation, creating for the second third? You know, so many times Allah subhanaw taala has created.

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So this is easier for him? Why do you doubt resurrection, you think it's difficult for Allah to recreate? It's not difficult for him. And the word one is from the word high in high unknown Hagin. him is that which is easy, alright. And basically hyenas that work or that task, which is very easy for someone. Why? Because it's so insignificant, it's so small, it's so minor compared to their ability compared to their strength.

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Right? Like, for example, for you to carry a piece of paper? Is it a lot of hard work?

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What is it for you? How are you? It's so easy that you don't even think about it. You know, for example, some things when you have to carry them you're like, Okay, gather up all my strength in my hands. And then oh, you pick it up? Right? But a piece of paper? Do you even think about it? No, you just go with your two fingers and you just pick it up? Isn't it? This is how you win. So simple, so easy. Because your power, your ability, your strength is so much more compared to the task that you have to do. So for Allah to recreate the entire creation on the Day of Judgment, what is it? Tell me from the ayah What is it? Well, who one who I lay He it is easier on him? One A who and for him and

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Matthew, the description, the attribute, which is our Allah, the highest for him is the highest attribute for some are what you will hold in the skies and the earth will who will as these will Hakeem and He is the Exalted in Might the wise. Now what does it mean by this? Well, I will methylone Arla and methyl methyl. What does it mean? Methanol has different meanings. Okay. One meaning of methyl is Masabi equivalent. Like Allah says in the Quran later volleyball Allah Hill AMSA do not strike um, Sal for Allah, meaning equivalents for Allah, that so and so is like Allah? No, don't do that. So my third one meaning of metal is more shall be equivalent. One who is similar?

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All right. Another meaning of the word methyl is example, methyl newhome Katha Lilla the stone Cardinal method, the word methyl, what does it mean? Example? And why is the word methyl used for example, because the example is similar to the situation that you're explaining. Alright. The third meaning of methyl is was description attribute. Meaning a word by which someone is described a statement by which someone is described over here What's the meaning of methyl How will you translate an example? No, equivalent, no way. What is it then? Description or attribute so if you write in your test example

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marks will be cut.

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Okay, if you're not saying that this idea will come into test don't get me wrong, it could if it does, don't you dare right equivalent or anything like that, because that will be wrong. When a whole methanol Allah means for him is the highest highest description attribute meaning Allah's description, his attributes are the highest loftiest greatest, most sublime attributes are his. So basically, there is no one who is even close to being like him. There is no one who can reach a level like his there is no match no comparable to him. No one is comparable to him. One I will methanol are Allah and what is that highest description, that loftiest description that loftiest

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attribute, it is la isla Illinois

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Is there anyone who deserves this description? No one lemmya Ledwell um you Willard? Well, Amir Kula who CO for one had won a whole methanol Arla for some our tea will our meeting neither in the skies nor in the earth. There's no one who has that same description as Allah subhanaw taala, who has that same attribute as Allah, anything that you can think of Allah is higher than that he is greater than that because well a whole methyl or Allah, wa who will Aziz will Hakeem.

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The Prophet sallallahu sallam said that Allah says the Son of Adam denied me and he has no right to do so. And he has abused me and he has no right to do so. As for his denying me, it is his saying he will not remake me you will not resurrect me as he originated me. And Allah says while originating the creation is not easier for me than recreating your meaning. It's easy for me. So what I will methyl Arla for Samoa tea will

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borrow Bella calm barraba He strikes he puts forth Lacan for you methylene and example, men and fusi come from yourselves, he strikes for you and example, men and fusi come have yourselves meaning, an example from your life, right and example, from your situation, why your life so that you can relate with it? And once you can relate with it, you can understand. All right, what is it that you can understand the difference between the creator and the creation? Hence the difference between Malik and Mum, look, the one who is worshipped and the worshiper, Allah asks us that Halochem * is local for you? Men from man Melaka to a man who come your right hands possess what is it that your

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right hands possess your slaves? Right? So you're slaves? Do you have men your slaves meaning do you have from your slaves minshall aka any Chaka Chaka over here is understood as partners called equals. All right, shanaka is a plural of Sharif Sharif is one who shares something with the other. So your slaves, any of your slaves? Do you have any of your slaves as a partner of yours, as a co equal of yours? As someone who shares with you something shares what with you? Is a co equal and what female was up an outcome in that which We have provided you meaning in your property? In your property? So your wealth, your property, your money? Do you share that with any of your slaves? Do

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you share that with any of your slaves? Does it ever happen? That a person would make someone who is less than him equal to him? Would you do that? So that for anthem so you all meaning you and your slaves, fee in it in what in that property? So our own equal? Meaning that you and your slave would have equal ownership and equal authority of the property that Allah has blessed you with? Would you ever do that? Does this ever happen? No, it doesn't happen, right? And we learned that in our religion, we have been taught to treat slaves and people who are lesser than you as your equals, right? For example, in Hadees, we learned that dress them what you dress yourself with, feed them

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what you feed yourself, right? Meaning they are human beings just as you are. Yes, one has more social status compared to the other. But that doesn't mean that the other is treated differently. Right? But over here lost pounds. God is teaching us that does this ever happen in your life? That your own slave you make him your co equal? No, you don't. The half owner home you fear them meaning you begin to fear them you have respect for them, you fear them. Go like P fatty calm your fear and for circum yourselves. FIFA, this is a new word. But what's the root? Cause Alpha hope? What does hope mean? Fear so Khalifa also means fear is just another way of saying it. All right. So the HA

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for now hookah he fatty calm and fossa calm. Would you ever fear your slaves? Just as you fear people of your level people of your status? Does it happen? No, he doesn't. Think about it this way. If there is a firm in which there are, let's say, do business partners, all right. And they are people whose names go up on the wall, their names go up on everything, all right. Now these two people, right, how do they treat each other? Do they treat each other the same way as the treat those people who are lesser than them? No, there is a difference. Right? There is a difference. The way you treat your name partner is different from how you will treat

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Be someone who's lesser than you, someone lesser than you. You can say for them, you're fired? Is someone lesser than you, you can tell them. I'm your boss, I'm ordering you to do this, even though you don't want to. Correct but your name partner, someone who is equal to you in status in authority, you can never instruct them that way. Can you know you can't. So the half one a one cookie, Fatty, calm and full circle and full circle over here doesn't mean that truly yourself, but your own meaning people are your social status, people of your social class can barely can you fasudil At least Komiyama alone? Thus do We elaborate the verses for people who use reason? So what

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has been taught in this idea that your slaves can never be your partners?

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Right? They can never be your partners. Why? Because there's a huge social difference between the two of you. And even if you try to eliminate that difference, and you try to treat them as equals, still you will never have the same level of fear for them. The way you fear people off your social status. Right. Think of it this way. The Prophet salallahu Salam encouraged, you know, he had Zaid Rotolo on who marry Xena but I'll be Allah who I'm correct. And what was the difference between them? Zabit Allahu Anhu. He was the freed slave of the Prophet sallallahu Heusen, right. And he was called as the son of the prophets, Allah Islam, and later on that was prohibited Zeno but Abdullah

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more on how, on the other hand, what family was she from?

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What tribe was she from? The Quraysh? Right. Now Xena will deliver on her ze there'll be a lot more on who even though both were Muslims, right? Even those aides are the low on who had been fried. And yes, they got married, but that marriage didn't work out. And part of the reason was the difference between them. Difference not religious difference, not in the physical appearance because a little too low on who he was similar to the Arabs. All right. The difference over here was social class. Ze there the low Ania was a freed slave, even though the marriage happened, but still it couldn't last.

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And I'm not saying that something bad. It's not something bad. It's something normal, it happens within human beings. Right? The moment you find out that somebody is different from you, even if you try to be all nice and okay, what happens? It's kind of difficult, right? We can fake it, we can pretend it but we know deep down in our hearts, what kind of bias we may have for others. Right? And in our religion, we have been taught to look past these differences and accept each other this is the struggle, you understand, this is the test.

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But just as an example, Allah subhanaw taala is teaching us that those who are lesser than you, you never make them equal to you. So how could you make someone who is lesser than Allah and equal to Allah? Someone who is owned by Allah? How could you make them an equal to Allah? When he alone? Is the Holic? How could you equate the MK Luke with the Harlock? How could you put the creation at the same level as that of the Creator? When you don't like it for yourself? Ever? How could you like that for Allah? If in your society, in your culture, it is not acceptable? How do you think this could be acceptable to Allah subhanaw taala if somebody ever did that to you, you would consider

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this injustice than doing this with Allah attributing the creation with the Creator, then this is absolute virtue, this is pure injustice. But it took our Ladino varnamo, who are a home builder in Allah says, Those who have dumped one, those who have done for and what is the one over here off ship of associating partners with Allah? On what basis? Are they associating partners with Allah? What standing do they have? What position do they have? What reasoning do they have? What logic do they have? What evidence do they have? They don't have any evidence? What is it that they're following? Then a Hawa a home their desires? Be lady or a woman without any knowledge? Because for

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schicke Is there any proof? No, there is no religious proof, and there is no logical proof either. In fact, logic proves against shake logic proves though hate as we saw over here, so those who hold on to shake what are they following, then? Their desires without any knowledge? For me, a demon of Allah Allah, then who can guide the one whom Allah has sent a stray? Allah has sent a straight what does it mean that the person wanted guidance and Allah forced him to go astray? Is that what it means? Allah, you know, this shows Allah's power, that he doesn't

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need people to be guided?

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Allah subhanaw taala has given the option to people you adopt guidance or you adopt misguidance you adopt knowledge or you adopt your desires, it's up to you. But if you choose to disobey you choose to adopt misguidance then Allah Allah Allah then Allah is sending that person astray. It's as if Allah subhanaw taala is so powerful he's so majestic, he is so grand he so high that even though misguidance of people does not harm him, why am Allah humaneness leading and they shall have no helpers. So what do we understand from these verses? That for schicke there is no religious proof and there is no logical proof and those who do shit then what is it that they're following proof

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knowledge no, what are they following their desires and nobody ever became successful following their desires. Let's listen to the recitation of just these verses or mean D

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Do you layoff dealer zener depot more

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me or mean

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somewhere fumbling in Neffe

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found me as Maori

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woman it would equal more about our fellow on

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unit zero meanness

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me out

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mean we either

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talk or do whatever

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you want

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on YouTube

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we're all ready

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to consume

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on how clean barraba

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or female

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to feed

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to feed the cell

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phone at home Kathy Federico come

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full circle

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can you first lean on

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for me, demon

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sweetie. So from the example, What lesson are we taught that your slaves are not partners of yours in what you own? So how could you make a laws slaves? His partners? Can your slaves become your partners never.

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Then how could you make Allah slaves his partners? That would be injustice

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