Satans Throne Is On The Ocean

Muhammad Abdul Jabbar


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Many people on the way is the throne of satan.

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I will tell you very is the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he made it clear that his throne is in the ocean. Were

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in a narration it states that when Allah Azza wa Jalla, the mighty said

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the in the ocean there is a layer of salty water and sweet water. And he does not make

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the narration state it's on that birds.

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It's on there.

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But reality Allah knows best. In another narration.

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It states

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that it's in the ocean where Allah knows best.

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And in other narration.

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The scholars the imam

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who have done extensive research in this they say it could be the Bermuda Triangle

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because many strange things have happened day shape on

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and his army.

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in the ocean. His guy is thrown on the ocean.

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He's got his army around him. And he sent his delegation out one by one to destroy and called corruption upon the earth.