Kamil Ahmad – Take Advantage Of Your Time

Kamil Ahmad
AI: Summary © The transcript describes a woman named Hilah who talks about her mother and sister's struggles with COVID-19 and how many Muslims live their lives in a lazy or procrastination nature. She emphasizes the importance of value and proactive planning to achieve health and wealth. The segment also touches on the topic of blessings of Islam, including muscle, bone, and fuel, and how many unable to live their present state should begin their lives based on their past. The segment ends with a model and a statement about a woman named Z.
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In Alhamdulillah,

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Nash Madhu, who in a stereo horn is still a futile whenever we do Villa Himanshu Rudy and fusina were in Segi Dr. Molina.

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me yesterday Hilah who fella mobila woman you believe who fell on her deal

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was headwind.

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Lola What do you tell her? What I should do and number 102 Who Rasulullah sallallahu early he was he was happy he women tell you

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in your media

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yeah you Hillary in Taku law How to Potty Wallah to tune in to Muslim moon yeah, you have to talk to the human lady Holika coming I've seen Wahida was one of her.

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What does that mean? humeri JALEN Katie wrong when he said what the two laws and let it be he will.

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In law in the law, highly controlled fever. Yeah, you heard Larry Taku Wha How to Colin said either use slash electron electron while the electron back home warming up. How Rasulullah who fell called the Zen Hobbema about my dear brothers and sisters.

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Allah subhanahu wa Tahara.

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He created us in this dunya.

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And he created us for a particular objective for a particular goal in life.

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And so it's sad that many Muslims today

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they live their lives

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without being conscious of that goal in their minds.

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And so, so many Muslims today, they live their lives just like anyone else.

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Chasing after chasing after their personal desire us.

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He lists neglectful of why Allah subhanahu wa Tirana placed us in this world in which we live in.

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And so as we live this life,

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there is one reality

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that does not escape any of us.

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And that is

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that each and every single day that goes by,

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we get closer and closer

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to a reality,

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a reality and inevitable reality that none of us can escape.

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And that is the reality of death.

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So as a hustle and bustle euro himolla He says,

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he says, oh son of Adam.

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If a single day goes by,

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then a part of you has gone by.

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Meaning that every single day that goes by,

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or part of your life has gone by, and your opportunity, a chance has been missed.

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And so as we enter into the summer holidays, there are many of our young ones

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who will have a lot of free time on their hands.

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This free time that many of us we neglect and we don't take advantage of

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this free time that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us of that there are two blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala

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that most human beings

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they don't avail

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and they let them to go by.

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And they are losers in these two blessings, muscle, bone and fuel.

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What are these two blessings, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, are suitable for all

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good health

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and free time.

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that if you don't take advantage of these two things, you are like someone

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who purchased the product either for more than its value.

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Or you sold something for less than its value. And so you're a loser either way.

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And so so many of us unfortunately today

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we don't take advantage of these two

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Blessings of Allah subhanahu wa taala. So as those who are once

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full of health, they were young, energetic, and they had good health. And today

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that good health has been taken away from them.

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They're lying on that hospital bed,

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or at home, not able to do anything. Ask them and they'll tell you

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how they regret every single hour that went by every single minute that went by, in which they did not take advantage of their time. Likewise, ask those

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as those who are today in their 30s, their 40s, or 50s.

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And they don't have time for anything.

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They have so many responsibilities, they will tell you how they regret all those days that went by when they were young,

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in which they did not take advantage of.

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And so my message to our young brothers and sisters today

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do not allow this valuable time to go to waste. Many of us the reason why we don't take advantage of this time is because we don't value it. Why don't we value it because

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either because

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we don't have

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value for our lives. We don't

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have goals in our lives. We're just living

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just for the sake of living. We don't have goals that we want to achieve.

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Or because we do value time, we do value this life in which we live. But

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with lazy

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and we procrastinate.

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We put off things for tomorrow for a day that may never come.

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So days go by. We have goals in mind. But we can never take the steps to achieve those goals. Why? Because we continuously procrastinate.

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It's all the prophets Allah Allah who was sending him

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he advised us and he said take advantage of five things before another five.

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Take advantage of Five Blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala before another five things come to * those blessings away. And among these five he mentioned among these five things, he mentioned Shebaa that are oddly Harami take advantage of your youthful years before your old age.

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While thought all computer showboating

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and your free time

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before your busy time BarakAllahu li Walakum through Khurana when whenever any what year can be mafia he mean it will take him according mattes manga itself it Allah How do you want to come Lisa Eros Amina we could leave them below habia for Sophia Oh, who in knowing one off a little Rahim?

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hamdulillah Europ Bill Alameen

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wa Theva to live MacDuffie what Rudy Werner Illa Allah volume in wash

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long wha hoo I can do learn sharing.

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What should I do and Muhammad Abdul who Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi woman tell the

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deen factor Allah ADA the law he haka taqwa, or are people who care when Nigella Yeah, you had an arena tabula we'll have some dinner delivered, what duckula in Allah so the man whom?

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My dear brothers and sisters

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death is a reality that each and every single one of us will come to face.

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And it's something

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that is much nearer than many of us think.

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Most of us

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we're not conscious of this reality, simply because

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we have lived here is soon

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Many years, and nothing has happened to us.

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And so we think that we have many, many more years to go.

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What will prevent me from living until the age of 6070, or 80, or even 90?

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There are many people I know who are still alive.

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There are many people who have reached that age.

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What prevents me from being one of them.

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And so this is from one of the traps of Trayvon

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where he deceives us, just like he deceived our father Adam and insulin, and told him to eat from the tree because if you do so, then you will live forever

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and so what matters.

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What matters is what we have set forth for that day.

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Ask yourself where do you stand in your relationship with Allah subhanho wa taala?

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Are you ready to meet Allah subhanho wa Taala Are you ready

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to receive the angel of death

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as you stand here today,

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to say that there will come a day there will come a time when I will have the opportunity to fix things.

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Don't let Shaitan to deceive you that there will come a day in which I will have that chance to turn back to Allah subhanahu Uttara

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to rectify my affairs to make Toba

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because that day may never come

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and death could be around the corner.

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It could be today it could be tomorrow.

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It is a reality that does not come

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at a time appointed that we know

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it's all the intelligent ones are those who start from today.

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They are those who realize

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that we live between our past, our present and our future.

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Our past is gone.

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Our future is not in our hands.

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What is in our hands is our present.

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rectify your affairs today.

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Because today is what is in your hands

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out of a sore loser Limor Rama Kamala, I don't have equal Muhammad Ali Abdullah comma Moroccan Vida Anika Rob bukem Jelena Fiona

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Taha Napoleon Karina, in Oklahoma, you got a whole new saloon and the Navy? Yeah, you heard that?

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Song do Ali he was editing with us.

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Along on Saturday with Erica Hala. Nabina Muhammad what Amala home in Ottawa Aviva clean Wang norovirus, man. Well, it was I'm certainly the Sahara but the drain on American medical Wicomico Chrome and Chromium alone and ISIL Islam I mean, what is it in a shaker? Well, we should begin Allah home and then Aradhana what are our deliciously Mina Bisou show you who the UFC was there I really tend to be raw who tend to me when I hear that from

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along I'm feeling mostly me you know, it makes me mad. You know?

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Even Martinez me

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Allahu medica I didn't know

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what Reba was Xena was Zillah Zillah was soo

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Malhotra, Bhutan, and it'll mostly mean a common Ramin.

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Robin attina for dunya Hasina. We'll see what has happened now in Alliant model.

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Even when her annual fracture evil, evil con la la quinta the coal fired Corolla women God led critical watch crew. Me he has it come what are the Crow law you are not alone we are alone.

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