Your whole family are stupid

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I asked you a question. You're a good person, brother or sister, you are innocent, you are straight, you are upright.

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And Subhanallah here you have people saying bad things about you and you know they're telling a lie. You should say Alhamdulillah and feel sorry for them.

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feel sorry for them. The prophet SAW Selim was saddened because he was sorry about them and for them to say they don't know what they're doing. Allahu madico me for in Allah moon what amazing statement Oh Allah guide my people, they don't know what they are doing. Imagine, Allah chose you. You're I mean, in the case of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he was, he is the Messenger of Allah, the most loved unto Allah. What was he saying? He cursed them and sway them and fight back like what we would do Subhan Allah, someone says, You are stupid. You say you, your mother, your father and your family are stupid. That's what we would say. I hope not anymore. I hope it's not true. I hope

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what I've just said is not true. But sometimes that's how we react. We think we are a big deal. Someone says something about you, you sway him and his whole community. So ban Allah.

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Don't do that. Do you know your worth? Do you doubt your worth? I don't doubt my worth. My brothers and sisters, their evil must not make us lose our good. You heard what I just said.

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You will be judged by Allah based on your qualities, your statements, not on someone else's statements. So when they said something bad that was between him and Allah, they will be judged by what they've said. But because of your slight involvement in the sense that you're the third party on the receiving end. Now Allah is watching you to say what what are you going to do? on his side he failed on her side. She failed because of what she said. You have an opportunity to pass or fail. Here it is. We are going to show you the sooner and we've revealed a few verses to guide you. And you know what? Let's see whether you're going to take heed or not. Take it in your stripe. Don't get

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angry. Anger is from shaytan Don't get angry. So they showed their colors those colors are not mine. I will still smile all the way Subhana Allah and I know you don't butter my bread My beloved brother or sister you want to speak bad about me. My bread and butter comes from Allah Subhana Allah, just make sure that butter is sent approved.