A Minute with the Aware Academy #12 – The Three Ps

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This is Felicia Bennett and you're watching a minute with the aware Academy. When it comes to protecting our children from pornographic exposure and pornographic content. What we want to do is have proactive and preventative talks with them. And I want you to remember the three P's of this process. You need to focus on preparing yourself and your children for what type of content they might be exposed to and how you're going to have the conversations about that. You want to be able to protect your children from exposure through having different protective devices that limit the use of the internet having rules in the house as to where and when they can use the internet, as

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well as prevent them from being exposed to pornography by having conversations with them about being careful as to what websites they visit or when word searches come up and not to click on certain things and to reach out to you for help or advice when they feel like they have been exposed to explicit