What Are Some Of The Most Rewarding Acts In Ramadan

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Shaykh Abu Eesa answers

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What are the most rewarding acts of worship that one can do in the last 10 days of Ramadan.

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And that's important, right? Because it's not about how we began, but it's about how you end. And let's look at this acts of worship we're doing all the time, whether it's reading the Koran, or helping a neighbor, or, you know, doing sadaqa in different areas with a local or abroad or mentoring children, or helping people with their exams or whatever, everything that has the intention to preserve lots of power into Allah. And then when it's a specific act of worship, then in accordance with the production of the prophets lie, Selim, then of course, is an act of worship, and we increase that and we add the Ramadan flavor to it. So of course, we're fasting so that that's

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another extra extra act of worship. And we're more careful with our tongue and with our, with our eyes and everything, we're far more in control, and we're far more disciplined. And then of course, we add the night prayer. So we'll be doing more of that. So what changes actually at this time? Well, we have a clue from the headings of the personalized lm, I should have said that when the personalized lm would be preparing the DA shorter when the last 10 minutes would enter, shut them as Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, he would tighten his belt, and that's it no time for serious, no any other stuff or anything else, he would stay awake the night, and he would weaken his family,

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which indicates that before, it wasn't a really intense process, it was Yeah, and he, you know, there was definitely time for sleep and rest, but now is the time to now you know, cut it out. So in actual fact, what I would say what this Hadees tells us is that there's no change in acts of worship, but rather, an increase. So we basically take the next level, as I said, before, Beast Mode. Now whatever we've done before we do it more better, more pure, more determined, more patient, more sacrifice, any possible place that we can sacrifice, that's what we do. So whether you can take time off work, organized holiday, whether you can cut down on sleep, whether you know you cut out

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your TV, the internet, social media, the phone, you start to isolate yourself, that's why it's a calf is sanctioned for these last 10 days, because you're isolating. So if you're doing everything the same, so you're not going to read an extra book or an extra thing or do an extra prayer, actually, what you're doing

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are the same acts of worship, but more of better off but higher quality, higher quantity, everything is taken to the next level. And that's why you can see that the family has been woken up. So normally, they'd be asleep during some of that night. And the whole night is being revived are here. Lila so the whole 10 nights are being focused on an interesting interesting that she said this the whole 10 nights, and not just the latest, we'll call her and of course, the correct position about LinkedIn called the the Knights of power is that it's moving. It's not determined every single year on whether it's a 21st, or the 23rd, or even a 22nd 24th. Because obviously all the neven is

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dependent upon when you start or whether you start from beginning or whether you start from the end. So all of these last days and nights needs to be treated the same. If someone was to say to me, okay, it must be something extra, there must be something new. Then I said, Okay, we do have some weak Hadith, but certainly the actions of the sell of that in between in the last 10 days in between market and Asia, they will take a hosel. And they'll also Yani before the HR press starts is an indication of seriousness and focus. And of course that purity that they are taking any of that that's opportunity to worship Allah and Allah is generosity and extra generosity very seriously. And

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so that's a nice touch. And the other thing I think is dropped. last count Allah loves is a purest purest act of Eva that can be because when you turn to Allah subhanaw taala alone, that is the essence of the hedonist, the rejection of *can asking other people who can't give it to you. And so when you're asking Allah alone, Allah loves that Allah loves to give, so you should ask. And because you're asking in the last 10 nights, the greatest time of the year, the last parameter, Allah is responding in a way that he has increased his mercy as increases forgiveness. And his his and his reception to anyone, these guys could relate to each other. And that's going to absolutely

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take it to the next level. So you increase in user and the progress of life and of course, told us that beautiful Dalai Lama in Nicaragua want to head with Africa. Finally, although you are the partner and you love to forgive him pardon, so forgive me. And it's a it's a shame that we've translated so poorly in English, because the actual meaning of this hadith is huge. We don't have time to talk about that. Now. pardoning is so much greater than just forgiveness. And it's something that's apparent that all of us are looking forward to try and achieve in these last 10 nights. So in summary, it's not that the acts of worship change, but the intensity, the intensity changes are

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focused that wanting to grab the opportunity, and we should all do that, of course, every night of these last 10 nights