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Mufti Menk


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The speaker discusses the benefits of running behind the "dulars" and the importance of giving away one's wealth to achieve happiness. They also encourage viewers to sell clothing and give away their wedding clothes to whoever has it.

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When you run behind the dunya, the dunya always runs faster than you remember that.

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When you run behind the dunion, it will always run faster than you no matter what. It's at a faster pace. You will never ever keep up no matter who you are. Never ask those with wealth, they cannot keep up. And you know what will give them happiness, getting closer to Allah, nothing more. You have your set of clothes, some of the richest people

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who are close to Allah, they don't have too many clothes. They have their own sets of clothes. And that's it.

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That's it, they are happy with it. They they close others, they feed others they give others they are happy to serve others because Allah bless them. Let that be the case.

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I always tell people, if you look in your wardrobe, my beloved sisters, if you have not used some pair of clothing for one year, give it away. Give it away, it will bring you into gentlemen.

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Some of us have clothing. In fact, sell it if you want. If you need the money and sell it if you don't need the money, give it let's see someone else in a set of clothing that made you very, very happy and give it to them. So panela

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I know of some sisters, maybe many, when they saw something for their wedding, they keep it for 3035 years in the cupboard. And when you say why have you kept it? Perhaps one day I'll fit back into this. So Mohammed Allah, you've given birth to three, four children, you want to go back to your wedding clothes. Why don't you look at another bride and give it to her. If Allah has blessed you, with the daughters, they can have their own they don't need to be in your clothing, what you were when you married their father perhaps doesn't need to be if you want, it's okay. But this is only a way of looking at things. Give it away.