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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of positive psychology and positive thoughts in shaping behavior. They also touch on the concept of "will power" and the benefits of learning from experienced people. The speakers emphasize the need for commitment to faith and doing good in order to be represented in the future, as well as the history of the Christian faith and its potential implications for the faith. They also mention the use of "naive" in writing and its potential consequences.
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How will the Minnesota analogy

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for in nevermind only Rob Bella let me let the hola Connie for who is the one Levy who are you to Imani Weinstein were either married Bopha, who is Shireen? One lady you meet who need some up. When lady ultimo AMI Fulani, hottie hottie yo met Dean, Rob be heavily Hoekman if any this fall he was your I Lelisa. And I'll say the pin fin theory module only mean we're rasathi Jian in

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Philly Abbey in Abu Dhabi now, or li Frobisher, he's so great, we're silly Rakata melissani Oh only, but hamdu lillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah while he also have used mine and my godson I'm really gonna have to live with the cattle i Something funny is on my mind, I got to share that with you first brother just told me that he he was sharing one of my recordings in the car they were playing something in the car with a family friend was it? Yeah, a family friend and

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they said well, I love this guy and they said some other name.

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And he's like no that his name is don't want any calling from last night. And turns out somebody took a bunch of my lectures uploaded it under their name

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You must be mistaken about sound like it's the same lecture is

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somebody else's.

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That's not the first time we got weird things like that. There's some I don't know. 20 different Instagrams that are apparently myself. There's my favorite one is normally hon official who call you guys out. It's called no manga Li Han official. It's got half a million or more followers on Instagram. And they put up all kinds of stuff and unlike I never said that. Who are you people? So comment in the comment section if you're if you're me, then who am I?

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But they won't give it up. And then my wife other people, they reached out and said, Hey, can you stop like lying about how this is normally how they blocked them? Like, no, we are official and we said this. So apparently Yeah, people can be really consistent. My name is domani Hawk, by the way, if you can ever listen to this recording.

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Anyway, so we're talking about Ibrahim alayhis salam. And today I'm going to talk to you about his continued after his concern for the ACA. Just last thing I should share with you, whether the tomorrow you're fairly healthy at home at the now again, being being reminded of the context of this prayer is really important. He's just been isolated from everybody. Right? He's been kicked out of his home, his society has rejected him. And in this moment, he says Robbie humbly hookman my master gives me the gift of good good sound, wisdom, sound judgment. How come in Arabic is a few things. How can we discover also it's a decision. But he also is related to hikma. And Hickman means wisdom,

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meaning having beneficial knowledge and acting on it also, just because you know something is right doesn't mean you have the willpower to act on it. But if you have hikma that means not only do you know something is right, but you're actually willing to act on it also, right? You're gonna you're you're able to have the courage to live up to that and to do that. hokum also comes from what's associated with in Arabic is a calm, which means stitching or something held tightly together. And the idea is when you have strong will, and you have a well matured personality, then you don't waver, you stay firm. And that's actually embedded inside the meaning of the word hukum. So he's

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asking Allah for inter inner strength, and good decision making ability. It's a very beneficial dua for us to know or be heavily Hockman. Allah give my master give me the gift of good sound decision making. It's also important that he's saying this at a young age, because young age is associated with instability, emotional instability, you have temper tantrums, when you get angry, you get really angry. When you get excited. You get really excited when you get stupid you get really stupid. Everything you do in youth, you do too much of it. You there's no there's no mediocrity, right? Everything is an on highest, right. And Mood swings are up and of course you're

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Going through hormonal changes also your brain is in the last stages of its, you know, towards the stages of its mature development so, like it is a difficult transitionary time. That's why teenagers are not easy to deal with in Allah when Allah here's your own, for those of you that have teenagers right so they're not an easy creation of Allah to deal with, but he actually is self aware enough to recognize that as a human being he can have the tendency to be emotionally volatile he can be someone who cannot have the best decisions sometimes. So he asked a lot of be humbly hookman my master gives me hokum give me give me a firm decision making what and then he adds another piece to

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this this beautiful dog which is what I'll Hackney the salah Hain and join me and fuse me with the company of good people of solid hain. So solid in Arabic, you know, again, because we are in an environment where a lot of people are talking about mindset, a lot of people are talking about, you know, be you know how to become successful and how to become the best entrepreneur how to succeed at this, that or the other and positive psychology and all of it. And they're like Surround yourself with positive people surround yourself with successful people, you know, your environment matters. And and put yourself in these, these these kinds of situations learn from people that are more

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experienced, all of which is true. Like if as a young man, if a young man says I should go get an internship, and learn from more experienced people, it's beneficial thing to do, right? If you're going to, you know, as a young man, if you're going to spend time at the mechanic shop, and learn what these guys do with cars, you're learning from their experience, these are things that will benefit you later on in life, right? Ibrahim Ali some beat beyond that he sees something more, and he sees something that will be valuable well into your old age.

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Join me with people that are solid now solid saleha means actually inherently good. inherently good. So it's it's different from someone who does good deeds. So someone, you know, someone has, you know, problems internally, they're not at peace internally, but they could still do something good, but a solid. Asana is actually a little bit different. Asana has someone who's actually a source of goodness themselves. There is a Latin word. So a woman Salah Hammond, Abba, him who those who are inherently good from their ancestors is a phrase used in the Quran. Ibrahim Ali Sam is asking ya allah just give me a life where I can be around people that are good in and out.

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Right, they're not pretending to be good. They're not something on the outside something else on the inside. I don't want to be around people that and both of those are problematic. Sometimes people are good on the inside, but they're not. So they're not showing it on the outside. They actually their behavior is the opposite. But internally, they're not bad. Right? They could do some terrible things and say, you know, I'm not a bad person, right? Yeah, I know, you're not a bad person. But that was a pretty bad thing you did or said. But there's goodness inside you. And on the other hand, you have people that act really good on the outside, but they're wretched on the inside, Ibrahima

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lessons DA is one of the most important parts of it is, as he's becoming homeless, as he's becoming abandoned by society. He's begging Allah to give him good decision making and join him with the company of good people, solid people, righteous people righteous is an oversimplified translation of this word. He's actually asking Allah for the most sincere good company. And his name is Sally hain. And this applies in dunya, and akhira. Because if you have those real kinds of people in your life in this life, then that will be your company in the next life. And there's a logical connection between hokum and a little hack beside him. With firm decision making and joining the company of

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good people. It's because you will have to become much more savvy in the way you think about people and what company you join. And there'll be more clear about red flags and all of it before you just, you know, naively just joined whatever company, even Rasulullah Salallahu, alayhi, wasallam, allowed hypocrites in his ranks, didn't he? There were hypocrites in the ranks of the prophets. I said, I'm in Medina. But you know what, he wasn't naive to them. He was never naive about it. It's not like he didn't know better. He understood that there's there are red flags. I'm not going to judge their heart, but I can see from the behavior. There are some concerns here. There are some issues here so

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he would exercise caution. That's why the Prophet says and I'm had an inner circle, and then an outer circle. So actually, we're asking Allah azza wa jal in this dial by extension of Ibrahim Ali. So now that we have an inner circle of people in our life that are inherently good, because being around them, they will be able to see the good in us and they will be able to see the bad in us and correct us when we need to be corrected. Right. And as someone who is by himself called an Omar as a as a lone person, he's called an entire nation. Even he is describing his need for being around good people. So even though Muslims are not sure

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shaped by their environment, we are shaped by the faith that we carry inside of ourselves regardless of whether we have an environment or not, it cannot be underscored the the value of good company cannot be underscored. It's that's something that's less valuable. So his own decision making and Yola join me among the among good people. And you know what, maybe sometimes you're not, you're not around good people in this life, perhaps you can be with them and the next you know, there are people I didn't know when I was when I started teaching Arabic online and people started joining from all over the world, sometimes people would write to me that are like the only Muslim on their

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island. And they're studying Islam, they're studying Arabic Now, and they have no company of you know, that that can support their faith at all around them. Right? But I would add something more about the word silence. Because Allah azza wa jal describes People of the Book right Christians and Jews he describes them in one place he says, well my if I'd have been hated felon yoke for oh who Allahu Allah will Metatron as you know, what would like before that? Like I mean, a solid him, why does he say that about those people, he says they are from the good also there are among them there are good also. And whatever they do will not be taken away from them, meaning they have the

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potential of real Iman in them. You don't have to think of good as Muslim only.

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Right? There's there's people that Islam is already inside their heart, their fitrah is intact, you will meet non Muslims in your life, you can tell by their nature, this is a good person is a good human being. This is this is an honest human being. This is a moral human being is a person of good character. Right? Not all Muslims are the same. Not all non Muslims are the same. Right? And there can be those that have sold in them. They have they are among the Salahaddin even though they haven't been exposed to Islam yet, and they can become once it once they become exposed to Islam, they will they will easily accept it, you know. So it's not a it's not a myopic view that's being

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offered in these words. But of course in the orchestra, it is the other meaning of it give me good decision making in this life and join me in the company of the righteous in the era. Allah azza wa jal also, he takes this this, this dialogue Ibrahim alayhi salam, and another place in the Quran, he actually turns it into a promise. Interestingly, that's in total uncovered. We're also Ibrahim Ali Salam was mentioned and their alarm just says well, Athena Amma know what I mean. Oh, Sally hottie la nuit de cana Nahum for Sally hain, those who believe and those who have done good things, we will absolutely infuse them, we will inject them into the company of good people.

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Like Allah will take you and bring you into the company of good people. If you can show him that you're committed to faith and doing good, he will bring good people into your life. You won't have to seek them out. Allah will put them on your path. Whatever path you're on, Allah will put good people in your path, because you've shown Allah commitment, and then other Allama look at the second dimension of that I also that of course, we will enter them into the company of good people in the era. Now, Rahim, Allah Salam says what Jalili Santa said you can fill it in and give me a tongue, the literal translation will translate First, give me the tongue of truth of great truth. In the

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last among the last people,

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it's as if he's saying here is kind of looking ahead and saying, when people talk about me in the future, right? Then make sure that they say what is true about me, that might let my true message what I should really be represented with, let that carry on. Let that be what is heard about me, even among the last people that come? Right, I'm reminded of the Helvetica have, right, the young people of the cave, who were incredible believers in Allah, but when they died, eventually after being discovered when they died, their story was turned into a,

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a miracle story, and taken over by the church. And it was used to spread Christianity, and especially the Jacobite Christians, they use the story of the people of the cave to talk about how Christianity is a miracle. These Christians held on to their faith no matter what, and they were churches made with murals of the sleepers of the cave was how will allow their churches with their paintings on them. Just like that paintings of Mary and other they have paintings of the people of the cave. In other words, their story was now muddled with lies. There were lies being told about them, their actual message, their actual mission had faded in history, and Allah restored it. And so

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when Ibraheem Alehissalaam says 1000s of years ago, it's interesting words, very curious about these words, which I Lisanna say Dukinfield actually, give me the

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A tongue of truth meaning have me spoken about in true ways among the last people who come and Arkadin the final ones. Now, nations came after Ibrahim alayhis salam, generations came prophets came after Ibrahim Ali salaam, they retaught the message of Ibrahim alayhi salam, the revelations given to Musa alayhis salam have the story of Abraham in them Ibrahim Al Islam in them. The Christian has learned about Ibrahim on Islam, but the last of all nations is the Muslims. The last of our message of all messengers is the messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi salam, and Allah restored all he corrected all the lies that had been that had contaminated the story of Ibrahim

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alayhis salam, he restored all of them. And he actually answered this da, which only Lisanna says painful actually because actually, the Christians claimed Abraham and the Jews also claimed Abraham, Makana Ibrahim who Yeah, who didn't whether an Iranian Well, I can kind of Hanif and Muslimah, on Academy which again, Ibraheem Alehissalaam was not at all Jewish not at all a Christian, however, it was exclude exclusively focused on the surrender of Allah and even Muslim men, and he did not ever commit check at all. And in doing so, what did Allah do? Allah answered this doorway only listen, I said, can fill out any, you know, it can there. So one meaning of this is hold me committed to the

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truth, but actually also the truth that you have given me. And the things that should be said about me should remain true. They should you should pass on. Watch. I live in water 30 Jannetty name and make me from the inheritance of Jana that is full of constant blessings and luxury. Jana has many names. One of its names is gender to name. name comes from the Arabic word an aroma, aroma means luxury, comfort and softness. That's why we use the word neuroma also gives you the Arabic word an M, and M is cattle, cows, sheep. Why? Because they move softly. Because they don't have abrupt reactions. That's why they're called a leather ham. So the word name, he's associating Jana with

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comfort and luxury. Again, remind yourself of the context. He is losing his home, he's losing his society, he's gonna go spend time in the wilderness. He doesn't know where his food's gonna come from. But he knows luxury and comfort was meant for Jana.

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Sometimes you have to go through pain in this life. That's okay, so long as I can inherit, and he's losing the inheritance of his father, by the way.

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Right? Because when his father dies, it's not going to he's not going to name the house over and give the money over to Ibrahim right? So he won't even be there anymore. So the idea of wirajuda of inheriting he's lost any possibility of inheriting anything? And he says, Make me from those who inherit Jana. Isn't that a name? In that context? He uses this phrase, because he's directly contrasting his situation with what Allah wants him to see. And then finally, of course, he says what failure be and forget cover for my father forgive him in the hookah and I'm in Bali, and he had been from those that were lost. This illustrates that he is not his father has not yet thrown him

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into a firestorm get out of here. Don't ever talk to me. Again, that's happened. But the next escalation that we've already talked about is the entire nation was ready to burn him alive after he took his next steps right? They were how do we go through Alia taco, at that point, it became clear when you're trying to kill and that's we know that was from Revelation, meaning Ibrahim Ali Sam is also already NW by that time, and he's he's broken all the idols and all of that happen. So this is commandment of Allah. So when that time his father was ready and willing to even have him burnt alive, when that was the case, that way, and Allahu Allahu Allah subhanho It became clear to him

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that he's an enemy to Allah. He doesn't even see his own family anymore. All he sees is his commitment to share. Then it became clear to him then he didn't pray for him anymore. But before then, we'll fill the abbey forgive my father. He said no kind of mean of Balinese from those that are lost. When I talk Zinio, my yoga soon and don't humiliate me on the day where all of them will be raised, my nation will be raised, my father will be raised, I will be raised. I don't want to be humiliated on that day. He's afraid of being humiliated. Well, we'll try to understand the connection next, tomorrow Inshallah, between being humiliated and the forgiveness of his father, and

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that will tie us to what he's going to talk about as Judgment Day. You see, the Quran is most exhaustive and this description of Judgment Day. Right? They had we have more descriptions of judgment in the Quran, that anywhere close to this, will you find anything in the Bible, nowhere close to this in the New Testament, nowhere close actually non existent in the Old Testament. The Old Testament has practically nothing about the afterlife, almost nothing. So the revelation we've been given has a huge stress and emphasis on the Day of Judgment, Heaven and Hell, but we know a lot more about that Allah has said a lot more about that to us. But in these ayat put

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In historical context, we're going to learn some of the earliest teachings about judgment day.

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Some of the oldest words that were said about judgment day are coming from Ibrahim alayhis salam, right. So we're gonna get a picture of that from his tongue. There's a difference when Allah is telling things to us about judgment day which he does in different places. It's another thing when Allah is quoting his prophets, which prophets is he quoting? And so we're learning something that was taught so long ago to Abraham Alehissalaam about judgment day. And you know, this is important, this is going to be important because one of the things for example, he's going to say is Yo my lion Pharaoh, Milan. While I've been known when when money and children will not be of any benefit, men

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money and sons will not be of any benefit. And you nothing else can benefit you. Only eliminate Allah because even Salim which strikes at the heart of Jewish and Christian creed, Jewish credos, we were born of the chosen so we have special status on judgment day. He says, money and children won't do you any good. And then the Christian creed became if you come to God with Jesus in your heart as Lord and Savior, you're saved. No, you have to bring a sound heart to Allah. We just have a loved one with Allah because I've been selling so he actually 1000s of years before the advent of the Jewish and Christian Creed's strikes at the heart of them with these words. Now he doesn't even know

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that he's done that is preserved though he and Allah has echoed it again 1000s of years after that, and on the words given to the soul of Allah so Allah Allah Allah, Allah azza wa jal continue to give us a better and better understanding of his words, and of our beloved father Ibrahim alayhi salam, and bring us closer to Allah, to him to our father Rahim Elisa, and by means of that also closer to our beloved messenger Salallahu Alaihe Salam BarakAllahu li Welcome to the Quran. It came when I finally what year it was.