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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of leaving behind only what has been spent and not what was left. They also mention a legal deal with Allah that will reward the individuals who have spent their name on it. The speaker encourages individuals to use their names to make a positive impact.
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My brothers and sisters when we came to this earth we came with nothing not even close. We were closed by those around us while law he when we leave, we will leave with nothing material, we will only leave with our deeds, the deeds, what deeds did you do? If you have money and you have amassed it, you won't leave with it, you only leave with what you have spent. That might sound amazing and surprising.

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You only leave with what you have spent you don't leave with what you left behind. What you left behind it is for the heirs in Arabic known as the waratah. But what you have spent your name is already written next to it, Mario

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said that which is with you right now is going to be depleted.

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Someone else's name will be written next to it in a few years.

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wama de la Heba for that which you have deposited with Allah, that is yours. That which you have spent in a good cause. Your name is written you have deposited with Allah, Allah will give you the reward of it, for our chemo salata to sakata will

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fulfill your prayer, establish it, give alms to the poor, be charitable, Allah says and give that loan to Allah He will repay it to you in a handsome way.

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Why am I Toka demo Leah fusi comin

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the law

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that which you have deposited with Allah, that which you have spent in the cause of Allah, and you have given it to something that will please Allah, Allah Subhana Allah says, You did it for yourself, you will find it with Allah multiplied so many fold that Allah says there is no limit to it, it will be better than what you spent and greater in reward. So those were just a few words of encouragement and supplication

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for us, and for those who put up this particular Masjid,

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and all other massage it may we be from among those who at least frequent the houses of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And may we be from among those who always think of what will be happening the minute I close my eyes, have I done something good so that at least Allah will give me agenda to the Pharaoh's army.

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