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The importance of writing daily and engaging in charity in Islam is emphasized, along with the need to save animals and human beings before writing deeds. The book of Islam can be engraved and can be changed, but protecting animals and being a good person in the face of evil can be key. forgiveness is essential, and good deeds are rewarded with bonuses. It is emphasized that forgiveness is necessary to protect oneself from sin and avoid embarrassment, and good deeds are important in protecting oneself from sin and avoiding future embarrassment.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah

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Rahim al hamdu. lillahi.

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Wa alayhi wa sahbihi wa

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Sallim, ala de Medina, and

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my beloved brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Indeed, every single one of us is an author, whether we agree or not, we are responsible to be writing a certain book.

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And that book is a book that we will be shocked and surprised when we read it ourselves, although we would have authored it.

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And by this, what I mean is, every single movement of ours, we know is written down. So I am the one responsible for what is being written. Whatever I say, is written, I am responsible. If I don't say it, it's not written. If I say it's written, whatever I do, is written down. So every one of us authors our own book. And this is why Allah says, Don't blame anyone but yourself when you read your own book.

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And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says yamata t.

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v one FC.

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On that day, each two shall come, defending itself Fighting, fighting its own case, because each person will be given his or her book. And each one will be told, read your book Kapha being a single yamaneika Siva, Allah says you are sufficient yourself as your own accountant for your deeds. Here's your book, a call kita. We know. So this is why we say never be deceived my brothers and sisters, by thinking that what I have done, or is not going to be recorded or by thinking what is recorded is something that I did not do. It is definitely done. And why we need to constantly speak about this is because on a daily basis, we become forgetful, that I'm also getting a booklet, I'm engraving it

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into my book, my book is being written and in such a way that it will be held for me or against me very, very soon. So why is it that we do not increase within our books that which will be beneficial for me and you.

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One of them is an act of charity. So data, if you are to engage in an act of charity is written and recorded down how much you've given. And even if it is not material, because sadaqa is not restricted to monetary donations. But the sadaqa also includes that any form of goodness that you may have assisted not only human beings with but any creature of Allah subhanho wa Taala with is an act of charity. We know that people who assist animals as well, that is an act of charity, you have come to the rescue of a certain animal somehow, whether it is the clenching of the thirst or whatever else, it is an act of charity. And we as Muslims and believe that yes, we will indeed

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engage in Acts of mercy towards animals. But we must be allies in Islam we prioritize, prioritize meaning human beings come before animals. So if two are drowning, a dog and a human being, we should be saving the human being before the dog. If we managed to save both northern animal, I see people are looking at me as though if that's my enemy, I'd rather save a dog.

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Allah save goddess, my brothers and sisters. The reality is, we should be saving both human and animal but first human beings and then animals. So let's not be mistaken with that one. Some people think Islam does not teach Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Islam is what brought about Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam came, he liberated a woman and he actually gave animals rights love Allah Subhana Allah to Allah grant us understanding. So the book that is being written, there is something very interesting about that book. And that is you have for as long as you are breathing, still a great amount of control over what appears in your book. Did you know

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that? So Panama, so once you've written, it's engraved, but the engraving can still be changed? For as long as you're breathing, and this comes with mercy from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You know, sometimes I know when we were young, we used to have erasers sometimes that when you write something and you rub it out, basically, there is still a mark left there in the background. Someone can tell that this was rewritten. Sometimes you have Tippett's you use that depicts and what happens there is a blog so people know you wrote something and now you wrote something else on top of it, and especially when you have a price that you're showing

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It says 499. And inflation makes it for 999, you can add another nine at the end and people know the decimal has moved. When it comes to your deeds, no one knows. Even Allah makes the angels forget all the witnesses that bear witness, like the walls and the carpets and perhaps you know the the floors and that way, as soon as committed, it was written, it can be deleted, totally and completely. You're alive, you are the author of your book, you're going to come with a booklet on your deathbed. So Pamela, that's your final book, you have the final revised edition, if you want to call it or you were given a chance to revise it, to look at it and to, you know, continue changing here and there.

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But it was up to you. And this is why we speak about it today. Because my brothers and sisters, we have done deeds, a lot of us have done a lot of good deeds, they are in our book, they are not going to be wasted. But they may be if we are foolish, wasted.

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How can a person become foolish by having more bad deeds than good, so you have a lot of good deeds in your book. But that's up to page number 500. And the rest of the 1000 pages remaining all evil deeds, this method this this may be that and the worst of deeds don't be mistaken point number one, to associate partnership with Allah worst worst deed that could be there. Because Allah says I can forgive everything. But there is one thing I promise not to forgive. And that is when you've associated partnership with me. And you have not sought forgiveness, which means you did not write, write that book properly. by deleting that association of partnership, through repentance, then I

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promise that I won't forgive. Now this is serious, because Allah is most forgiving, Most Merciful. But sometimes, even if a person is very, very kind, and very easygoing, if you keep on irritating a person, they will become irritated with you, no matter how you know that they say this man has no temper. But if you keep on irritating, keep on irritating. The temper at some stage will come along, for example is far different from that example we've just given you now, when you learn the method of Allah, Allah has the highest of examples. But if Allah is most forgiving, Most Merciful, and he's saying this, I won't forgive, that means it must be something serious. So be on the lookout for that

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type of scratch in your book number one, number two is when we have wronged fellow human beings, we are spelling disaster. So if I have bitten about you, perhaps cheated, you perhaps swore that you eaten one of your rights, perhaps spread rumor about you slander, and so on. What happens is, I have a wrong view, in order to get my book in order, I need you and your involvement, and I need you to help me erase it, the erase of that statement is in your pocket, not mine. And you are not most forgiving, Most Merciful. So it's going to be a disaster. And this is why we say when you have wronged against the most forgiving, Most Merciful, you have a chance because he is looking for any

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excuse because we'll give you but when you have wronged against people who are not most forgiving those what most merciful, because they are human beings is not the Creator. In that case, you are actually putting yourself into red territory. And this is why we say when you have your booklet you will erase but to erase some of it, you need a special rubber, especially reason so Panama. So now you need to go to human beings.

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Please forgive me, and, and so on. And then you'll find that that booklet will become clean once again, and you hold your booklet, your booklet is with you at all times. Angel keep writing whether you like it or not, my

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man does not utter a single word except there are those who are taking record of it, the angels are taking a record. They are on the left and on the right. Everything is written to Panama. So when you have wronged a fellow human being, what may happen is sometimes people say I don't forgive you, I don't forgive you. So, in that case, you arrived with that, on your book on the day of judgment and the person is brought in front of you or the group of people are brought in front of you and what is looked at Let me explain what is looked at your good deeds are looked at and your bad deeds are looked at and to clear your bad deeds you need to make a payment, what type of currency is going to

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be used on that day, the currency of deeds among nothing else your deeds are going to be used. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask do you forgive this man man says no because on that day, he will also need something to enter Paradise everyone is going to be searching for anything they can get hold of, so that they can go to Paradise. So now that when when you are told that you have wronged this person and they are not accepting forgiveness, you need to make a payment equivalent to the damage caused in deeds. So now your booklets the deed

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Good Deeds go from this particular from your book to that person's book. And this is how people end up losing pages of good deeds. So it is exactly like a few pages went missing from my book. Why? Because I did so many good deeds in my life, and I can't find the page, you know, like you You, for example, you arrive in Great Britain. And they tell you where is your visa and you say it's somewhere in my passport, and you're now turning the pages and you find is a page visit what happens? I don't even want to begin to explain the feeling that Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us. So this visa of entry into paradise, you find the page missing because you wronged someone else,

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well, I it's not worth it. It's not worth it at all. And then what happens, the deed goes to him. And then there is another person, the deed goes to that one. And if you come the third one, the deed goes to that one. May Allah protect us the Hadith makes mention of the person who loses all his good pages, they all gone. And where did they go, they went to someone, all sorts of people who were wrong, and you know what they still align of people. And that line of people, we've wronged them, and I don't have any more good deeds. And this is my book, my book, the pages are going one by one. So now the bad pages from their books are told and given to us. So his bed page comes to me this one

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that is a settlement on the Day of Judgment. This is how things will be settled. Things are settled through your deeds, either good deeds or bad deeds. So you get someone's but good deeds, or they get your good deeds and vice versa. You may get someone's bad deeds or they may get your bad deeds.

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And this is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, prepare for the day when your wealth and your children will not help you. Not at all. Your book, you have it right now you have got it. Try and make sure you've written it properly. It's your writing. Don't be like those who are shocked on the day of judgment when they come and they are given their own book. And they are told read your book. And when they read it they are shocked is this is this one I did. And Allah says we gave you an opportunity to engage in Toba whilst you are reading Why didn't you do that? This is why we constantly make mention of a Hadith, Toba lemonwood etc. So he

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can give good news to he upon whose pages lots of STL file is found lots of Toba, lots of repentance is found. So on your pages today, why don't you write a lot of STL file? Why don't you repeat every day so every day you start off with I seek your forgiveness, Oh Allah, in the afternoon on your pages written I seek your forgiveness. So every page of every day, you have forgiveness, repenting at the top in the middle, somewhere near the bottom and right at the bottom. Isn't that good news. Allah says give good news to those type of people. So now when the punishment is about to overtake you, these little statements all over your pages will come to your rescue. When Allah sees it, he

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may say, Oh, my worship, I am the most forgiving, Most Merciful. You asked my forgiveness. Here it is, you may proceed. Now Allah Subhana Allah goddess could do.

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One more point I'd like to make mention of Before we continue, and that is, every one of us should maximize the good deeds we have done on a daily basis what Lonnie, we are guilty of losing focus. I think all of us we can say that the focus we are supposed to be having sometimes dwindles, sometimes we shift aside this way. And that way, we don't realize that when your deeds and when your page for that day is full of as many good deeds as you can, and you are conscious of it, asking yourself, how many good deeds did i do between six o'clock in the morning and right now? What did I do that I am proud of on my page? Ask yourself here now answer your question within your heart. What did I do

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from the morning to now that I would be proud of to be on my page? The reality is, can I give you the answer of the majority of us, myself included? We didn't even think of it that's the answer. We didn't even really think of it to be honest now that you come in to sit and you think you say inshallah do this afternoon, I pack away five good things. Well, luckily, there is a shortage of ideas in our mind sometimes as to what good deeds should I do? So Allah says, hang on, three to Salah that's good. You know, engage in eastern fathers stay out of interfering in other people's lives. It's a very, very good deal. For you to be able to protect yourself from sin is a bonus. Do

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you know why it's a bonus? Let me explain. The most beautiful explanation I've heard is when you fulfill good deeds, when you mean when you engage in obligation, it is a payment to paradise. So if I fulfill my Salah, now I paid for paradise. If I for example, fulfill my asset and whatever is fall on me, I'm paying for paradise.

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But if I abstained from prohibition, that's a bonus. Why is it a bonus? Allah gave you a gift by making that sin accessible to you. That was the gift. So when suddenly is accessible to you, that's the only time you can abstain from it, saying that I did a good deed. What was the good deed duty, adultery was so easily accessible, but I stayed away. That's no good deed, but for you to stay away from that.

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Because it's not accessible, that's no big deal. It's nothing, it wasn't even there. This is why we say in countries and societies with sin is left, right and center, if you still stay in place, you get a far greater reward than countries where that sin is not even accessible. When your pornography is accessible on your phone, and you just delete or you, you block the page, and you don't do it, that is now called abstaining from prohibition. But when you're in a country where you cannot access it at all, there is no big deal for having stayed away from it because it will then count according to your intention. You know, some people are looking for a loophole come what may we want to commit

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to sin. Allah says, You know what, we would have given you a bonus by making sin accessible for you in order to give you an opportunity to stay away from it, so that you can achieve closeness to us and write something huge in your book. But we did not make it accessible to you. And still you want it in order to committed that is a major sin level. Meaning it's a crime to be thinking in that direction.

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So this is why my brothers and sisters remember, whenever there is a sin that comes past you, that is easy to commit, whether it is in a business deal, whether it is with the opposite sex, whether it is the interference in the life of someone and so on those type of sins to Pamela, they are opportunities from Allah given to you to prove your mettle as a Muslim opportunities given from Allah to you to get a bonus payment. A few days ago, I spoke one of the lectures I said, and some of the youngsters enjoyed the example. You know, when we were young, we had a computer game called Pac Man I don't know it must be still available. Wait, a little yellow gadget begins to eat the fruits

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and begins to eat little items and moves up the labyrinth up and down as you go on. After a while you find a bonus, there's like a food if you eat this, you get 500 points. And after so now you quickly run for it because at a while it disappears. That is a game. We will run for the bonuses for that particular game because we want to win. Allah says well we have put her arm around you, for you to abstain from it is your bonus you get 500 free points doing what I didn't do anything. All I did was I stayed away. Are you following what you say? The only thing I did was I just stayed away I looked down and I carried on and I didn't follow through. So whatever was required was actually new,

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so much so that an effort would be required to commit a sin. And Allah says all you got to do we're gonna put it all around you left right and center is so enticing you just stay away and that's your bonus. So behind Allah blow, look at how merciful our abyss and Allah says that will be written in your book, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us of books. If we look at the books on the day of BM, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks of the books that will be given to us two directions, either right hand or the left hand.

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Man o t, Akita movie me.

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As for he who received his book in his right hand, immediately, he will be happy, he will be excited, and he will say, oh, read my book, wow, this is my book, because he's got it on his right hand, the minute the book is coming towards the person's right, he will start getting excited, and he will be happy because he knows what I've engraved through the years was worth it. It's my own book, and I have not done back to Panama.

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As for the one who receives his book, in his left hand, he will say, Oh, I wish I didn't even get my book.

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Which reminds me of examination results. A person whose parents sweat in order to pay the fee. And then you go to varsity and first year you failed on your subjects. It's an embarrassment.

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What an embarrassment. But we're lonely that is so short lived, because you can repeat them when you get to the era when there is no repetition, no repetition. Like Allah says.

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Those people who say we want to go back

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such people who have been oppresses point they would want to go back saying Oh, Allah sent us back. We want to do good deeds. Now. We want to write something good in our books. And Allah says no, it's just the statement they're uttering from their mouths in another place. In the Quran. Allah says even if we sent them back, they would repeat exactly the same deeds and come back again. So my brothers and sisters the point of encouragement I have for myself and yourself today. Be conscious throughout the day, every day, have a book that you are going to present. Just be conscious of it and tell yourself

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What have I done in terms of good today? Well, like people are worried when you have to give accounts to the taxman, but people are not worried when accounts are being taken. And so it's much easier to prepare the accounts to give Allah subhanho wa Taala because you abstain from prohibition and packed away as many good deeds when you read sooner Salah nephila Salah extra on and all those good deeds, charities and so on helping your parents or what have you, you are packing away so many goodies in grading that in your book, don't give them away as we have explained. inshallah, we hope that Allah grant us all gentlemen, and make us conscious of good deeds, and maybe forgive one

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another for whatever shortcomings we may have. Because each one of us will be in lots and lots of

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concern on the day of judgment to say the least, and each one of us would like to earn paradise. We hope we can meet the same way we constantly meet here in the dunya