You think it’s good for you but it is NOT

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Salam Alaikum tonight I want to concentrate on a verse of the Quran wherein in Surah Al Baqarah Allah subhanho wa Taala says, well as Takahashi and Lachlan was and to hygge bushi and who were shabu lecom, while La Jolla Lama one letter alone. Yes, it is possible that you dislike things, you know, perhaps you dislike things, but they are good for you. And perhaps you love things, but they're not good for you. For Indeed, Allah knows, and you do not know Subhana Allah, my brothers and sisters, when we are faced with choices, or likes and dislikes or things we want to have, and if Allah has blocked it, and we are not having it, or he has taken it away from us, take it in your

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stride, thank Allah for that he has perhaps saved you from something he knows the future and you don't know the future. If Allah has not given you children, Alhamdulillah if he has given you just boys Alhamdulillah if he has given you just girls Alhamdulillah if you've lost your job and hamdulillah if you've lost your health or wealth Alhamdulillah Allah knows, take it in your stride in the bigger picture that you will one day see, if you were thankful to Allah, you took it in your stride and you showed gratitude and you continued worshiping Allah praising him upon all conditions. A day will come when you will know why exactly Allah did what he did, or why what happened actually

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happened? How many examples do we have in front of us, of people who've lost jobs, only to be earning much more than they did? When they had the job? Now that they've lost the job, they then began to do something else which brought in a lot of income. How many divorces Do we know where people have later on gotten married to others whom they were so so happy with? Had it not been for the divorce, you would not have gone or reached the person whom you have now married? May Allah grant us all happiness? How many have had no children but Allah has given them so many other things. How many Allah has protected from there are people who have things but they are not necessarily

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content? Why is it that we find ourselves lacking when it comes to gratitude of Allah, think about it. When something negative according to you happens. It's not necessarily negative in the eyes of Allah. If you're a believer, and you firmly believe in Allah and the Last Day and you believe in you worship Allah, He will never do something bad for you, as a polyamory minister in Umrah, hula hula who hire an amazing Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam saying amazing are the affairs of a believer, when something good happens to a believer he or she is grateful showing gratitude so that's good for him or her. And when something negative befalls a believer, then he or she is

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patient, they still thank Allah, they take it in their stride, they are not

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diverted from the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala because of negativity that came in that direction. Instead, they worship Allah even more, it's better for them. So pan Allah. So remember, that Hadith actually says, Well, he said, luckily I had an elderly woman. This type of favor is for none but a believer. You believe in Allah. This is why they say when your faith is firm, it helps you through life, when your conviction in the mercy and the goodness of Allah is firm. It helps you through a lot when you understand the the qualities, the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala it makes your life a beautiful, beautiful experience of relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala him

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and him alone in worship. May Allah make it easy for us. So I thought I dedicate a few minutes to let you know, at times, things that seem negative

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are actually positive. Sometimes you dislike something but it's good for you. And sometimes you love something but it's really bad for you. Allah knows you don't. So by the mercy of Allah, He keeps you away from something. It will pay him well. Josie Rahim Allah mentions in his book and Fawad. He says one of the sicknesses and diseases that are hidden is when a person has a gift of Allah and he doesn't recognize the gift. You have a favor of Allah with you, you have something huge that Allah has bestowed upon you. And he has favored you with and you don't recognize it. And so you start asking Allah to take you out of what is actually a favor in the eyes of Allah because you haven't

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even recognized it. So he says, I'm in an effort in Javier de la Mati Ania, Kunal Abu Fenian Mateen anomala

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Hello, Tara Hello, fam aloha oil cooling tequila minha lm is Malaysia and he and Ohio Lumina. You know, one of the sicknesses that are hidden is that a person Allah has bestowed a favor upon, you know, and a person is in a gift of Allah and he becomes tired of it or she becomes fed up of it, and asks a lot to take you out of that favor of Allah subhanho wa Taala and Allah through His mercy, imagine what he says, what a boo boo rahmati he, now you can MIT, you know, Allah, his Lord, the person's Lord, who is Allah, our Lord, through His mercy does not take that person out of this favor, but the person continues to call out and call out again and again and beg Allah and ask him,

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then Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Okay, I will give my slave what he is asking. And as soon as the slave gets what he asked, he says, Oh, I regret, I really regret I wish I could go back to the favor I was in I was actually in a favor, I did not recognize it. Now I'm out of it into what I wanted. And what I wanted was not as good as what Allah had chosen for me. So the moral is, when Allah has taken something away from you, that you really love, perhaps it's better for you who knows the long term, if your faith in Allah and conviction is powerful, it will definitely be better for you. And sometimes when you dislike something, Allah knows it's better for you. Allah knows it's better for

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you. What Allahu Allah, Allah ma one two, lotta Allah, Allah knows. Allah is all knowing. And what do you know? What do I know? I don't know the future. I know nothing. So Han Allah in fact, Allah subhanho wa Taala is a llama lube. He is the Knower of the unseen completely. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us to do what is right. May Allah bless us with the right things or the times. May he keep away from us something that is actually not good for us that we think is good for us. And May He grant us things that are good for us, even if we think they are not good for us, and may guide us to have full faith and conviction in him. akula Kohli hada sallallahu wasallam Alana Bina Mohammed