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The speaker is discussing a series of video clips featuring Islamists on YouTube. They describe the importance of showing the person they are speaking to as a champion and how they lost everything if they did not have a mask. The series will cover various aspects of Islam, including the roles and responsibilities of a husband and wife, and how to achieve a blessed home from the comfort of the home.

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Who Am I? Who am I?

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Can I tell you who I am?

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Zero, nothing. I have no value not at all

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compared to others, nothing.

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The value belongs to Allah. Imagine if you are so excited to see a man who has no value. I don't control Heaven and Hell, I don't control your goodness or sadness or happiness. I don't control what's going to happen to you in your grave. I don't control whether you're going to go to Geneva or not not at all that is all solely and only in the control of Allah yet you were so excited to see me who am I? Nothing.

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Will you not be more excited to see Allah five times a day?

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Will you will not be more excited to see Allah to communicate with your maker for Salah.

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Just like you came here five hours earlier. Can you not go to the masjid five minutes earlier? It's a reality I have to say I have to get it off my chest because I am nothing compared to what we need to do with Allah. There is no comparison. Who am I?

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If you truly want to sacrifice even if you did not come here today, but you got a masala

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you are a champion. You are a winner

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but if you came here and sat for five hours and did not read Salah you have lost you lost everything.

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Allah forgive us. I apologize to you. I'm sorry. But this is the reality that needs to be uttered. Khalil hacked our incarna Murrah say the truth, even if it is better, you must Salah to mother if that is coming shortly. Allah you've lost everything.

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If someone were to ask you who is more important Allah or the chef that came from Zimbabwe? That question itself is an insult, because there is no comparison. You cannot bring those two in one sentence. Never.

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May Allah grant us steadfastness. So when I'm asking you to develop and asking you to develop for the sake of Allah, I'm asking you to respect each other for the sake of Allah. I'm not inviting you towards me. No, not at all. I'm asking you for the sake of Allah help yourself by getting closer to the one who made you so that the day you die and going to your grave, you would have succeeded, you will be the happiest person, you will get the gentleman that we spoke about earlier, Jana Arbo has somewhat well, the width of which is greater than the heavens of the earth, that is just your paradise.

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Our objective with this series is to cover various aspects of a Muslim home so we can all have a blessing home Insha Allah, starting from who to get married to and how, what are the roles and responsibilities of a husband and wife towards each other, and their children how and when to complement each other and lastly, your parents and how best to serve them. For the first time ever, we are going to enable every one of you to learn all about how to achieve a blessed home from Quran and Sunnah with a single click in your own language in state of the art courses insha Allah. The series will consist of 2000 episodes covering in detail in three to seven minute videos using state

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of the art animations paired with groundbreaking detailed work. The series is a collaboration with free Quran education, the series will be made available in all major languages of the world, in sha Allah. Now who will benefit from this, every single person with internet connection will be able to benefit from the series as long as the internet lasts in sha Allah,

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becoming a source of everlasting constant sadaqa jariya for everyone who contributes and makes the series a reality by the will of Allah