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Allah Almighty encourages all of us to make an effort to connect to his word. Why? Because you and I were created by the creator for us to succeed on Earth. We need to connect with that creator. And the only way to connect is by connecting ourselves with the word of the Creator. His message that came to us primarily the Quran. And the Quran will lead you to following the Sunnah of the Prophet Muhammad May peace be upon him.

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So understand that if you're part of the ummah of the Quran, you're blessed. If you were to look at any other scripture, that the followers might claim is our scripture or heavenly so on the Quran, outshines all of them. And this is told even by the disbelievers from the time of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him you look at Athena snowshoe rake Abuja Hill and the others who used to tiptoe in order to listen to the words the beautiful melodious recital of the Quran, the words of ALLAH, when they came back at one point, they had to admit to say, You know what, it has a sweetness, it has a beauty, it has some amazing meaning. It is absolutely perfect linguistically to

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the degree that the Arabs after revelation of the Quran, began to use the Quran

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in order to correct their own language. Anyone who learns Arabic, cannot avoid the Quranic verses, because a lot of the rules and regulations of Arabic derived from the Quran, yet Arabic precedes the Quran. It is because the perfection of the language is indeed something worth noting, from Allah, the word of Allah. The words of the Quran are amazing. Allah Almighty starts it in a unique way, even though the revelation of it through 23 years happened to be in a different order. And it's interesting to learn that order for purposes of understanding for purposes of looking at how Islam and the rules that were laid down came about, but the worship of Allah, and the recitation of the

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Quran in prayer or as an Ibadah needs to be in the order of revelation. So it is Surah Al Fatiha and you read it as the surah even if there are some verses of Surah Al Baqarah. That might have been revealed later on but they appear earlier in the Surah. You need to read it in a specific way. May Allah grant us a deep understanding