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olema Desert in beta Aqua Lee bit additon. obala aqui de la otan, Pinar

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de zakura higher for all of your brothers attendance. And may Allah subhana wa Allah bless you for being here. And being part of the Jamaat and being part of seeking whatever a little bit of knowledge we can share, because for sure, almost everyone in here probably has a bit more knowledge than myself. I consider myself very undeserving of being able to sit before you but 100 Allah, this is the name of Allah subhanho wa Taala. These giving me the opportunity to speak to you tonight I'm going to take as much advantage as I can.

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And please forgive me if it takes my thoughts a little time to catch up. It is 4:15am for me, and this is normally when I would get up for salata. fudger The only difference is I have not been sleeping yet. So inshallah we will get going in sha Allah.

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We're having trouble hearing.

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There we go that better hamdulillah

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I accept that Islam, I'm not going to tell you my long story, but coming to Islam, because I think I've told you what the third time this week, third time this week, and it's all over the internet, you could see it anytime you want to, I think I would probably tell it better on the internet, or some of the videos of the brother made than I would at this point in time right now, because I've been going nonstop since Saturday. And so what I want to do tonight in sha Allah to Allah

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is just give you a brief summary of myself. And then I want to give you a gift in sha Allah, I came all the way from the United States and hamdulillah to be able to give you a gift, and I want to leave it with you tonight in sha Allah. And if I haven't benefited nothing else from coming to city, Sydney, hopefully you will take this gift and accept it humbly from me.

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I accepted Islam in December of 1998, when I was 18 years old, after a long search for the truth, I was studying to become a Bible scholar. And it was my actual study of the Bible and the biblical texts through textual criticism and the historical and narrative analysis of the Bible. That led me to realize that the Bible was not the perfect evidence of God's religion. This was my thought process was that God was perfect. Therefore his profits should be perfect and the prophets of the Bible are far from perfect.

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His book should be perfect. The Bible is far from a perfect book, his religion should be perfect and Christianity and its theology is far from perfect, it cannot be even explained by anyone. Trust me. I've had tried to have it explained to me many times, when I couldn't explain it to myself. I think I spent Brafman what was it 45 minutes today trying to get a guy to explain it to me. He confused himself more than he confused anybody else.

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But I left Christianity in search for other religions didn't find them.

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And I left and got into the street life, and did all of that good stuff. Until finally one day I met a Muslim who happened to be a drug dealer, who I've known for a while. He sold drugs for a living. But he had enough of something inside of him to ask me to come to the masjid. And I went to the masjid heard the message of Islam read the Quran once from beginning to end. And that was it for me. I accepted Islam.

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The long story is a lot better, but I'm not going to bore you two hours inshallah I want to take at least just an hour, the story is two hours and I couldn't do it and you couldn't do it. But to just give you a brief understanding of what happened to me and my idea, people always try to tell me, give me the short version. And I'm like, there's no such thing as a short version. Except for this. When I looked at the different religions of the world, they were like sitting cups of glasses of milk in front of you.

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On the head, like this is better. Now I feel like I'm about to pilot a jet or something.

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Fix it for me.

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This better.

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This is better for everyone who

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might look at searching through different religions was like you take a glass and fill each one of them with milk. And all of them are sour. Except for one.

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Once you take a sip of the sour milk, how many more steps are you going to take before you realize it's sour? I mean is it take takes one sip, right? You take one sip and you discard the glass that is mocha sour. I would take one sip of the world's religions and realize they were sour and toss them aside until finally I had a chance to drink from Al Islam. And that was the pure clean milk. And once I drank it, I knew right away this was it and I've been drinking to this day insha Allah to Allah and hopefully I will never quench my thirst. But this was

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My journey to Islam was drinking all these cups and realizing that Islam was the only one that's pure.

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But nevertheless, I want to leave you with a different gift today in sha Allah to Allah. And that gift is the answer to one of the most famous dollars I've ever heard in the 13 years or almost 12 years that I've been a Muslim. And I've heard this draw all throughout the United States, I think I've been to every single city, major city in the United States of America, and the numerous different countries that I've been to throughout the UK and Europe and Egypt and Ireland, and you know, in Australia, I've heard this everywhere I've been. And I know that there are Muslims all over the world that make this do I'm begging Allah subhana wa Allah to give us this one certain thing.

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And since there were so many Muslims, throughout the world, and are throughout the world, and especially during Ramadan, you hear this to our lot. Since there were so many Muslims making this I began to ask myself, if there are so many different types of Muslims making this do are the the will to do Muslim, the oppressed Muslim, the poor Muslim, the, the the the, the the young, the old, the men, the women all alike, from all over the globe, we're making this new arm.

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Why is it not answering it? There has to be a reason. This isn't just logical, there has to be a reason a law is not answering all of us together. Because this is very important. That's why so many people make it

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and I think all of you heard this too. It goes a little something like Allah home and so Islamic, Muslim, or at home and so why is Islamic or Muslim infrequently McCann your hammer? I mean, oh, Allah give help, and dignity and honor to Islam and the Muslims in all places. Yeah, Allah. How many of you heard this?

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All Have you heard this? How many of you made this door? All of you've made this door? I think there's not a Muslim in the world that has not heard or made this to on.

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So being such and it is something that isn't really we are in need of we're not asking just just to recite poetry and rhetoric. We're asking this from Allah because we need it. We can look at the world today and realize that we are in serious need of the answer to this. So the last time I was in Egypt, the Imam began to recite this door and fudger Salah over and over this is it. He just kept saying Allah home and sort of What is his name? mean? And everybody buddy behind him is crying. I mean, until all of us were in tears.

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And then after the salon, something came, this came to my mind. I asked a lot. I said, Yeah, Allah, what is it? If there are so many people making this sincere, do our what is it that we are doing

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a law that is preventing you from giving us the answer to this? Or what is it a law that we are not doing, that you want us to be doing that is preventing us from getting the answer to this Do I want it to know, there has to be a reason that allows that answering this this almost to give it the help and dignity that it needs and the help and dignity that Islam once had. And I was pondering this for quite a few days.

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Until me and the shift I was working with were reciting the Quran one morning.

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And we began to go through sort of to surf, we began to recite sort of Joseph, and I had memorized this song. I know it's, but when that morning, we started to recite sort of cipher and we got to a certain verse,

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the light went off in my head. This is it. This is the answer that Allah is giving us. This is the reason why we are not getting the answer to this door. And it was so simple that I literally wanted to go and start banging my head against the pillar in the masjid. I wanted to tell everybody look, this draw, we can get it answered right now Allah is giving us the formula for success. And the answer is this door right here in the Quran. In one verse with three things is saying,

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and this is the gift I want to give you tonight is the answer to this door, if you really wanted answered if you say it from the depths of your heart, that you really want a lot to give us this help. And this is that we deserve that I'm going to give you the answer tonight inshallah. It's not me giving it to you. I'm going to give you the answer of a loss of Hannah, what to Allah. And it's a very simple formula that Allah has placed in surgical stuff. And it contains three parts alone. That's it, three, and guess how many we already have? Two, we already have two of them. We're missing one. A lot tells us actually, it's a question that a lot of poses in social stuff.

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And so panela the way this question is posed to us it's almost undeserving and unbefitting that we as human beings are dressed by Arambula I mean, in this manner, that Allah says to us, yeah, you handed in M and o helado. Morality geraten tune g komen le Subhana Allah

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Allah asks us His creation. Oh, you who believe? Can I show you something? Can I show you a transaction, a trade, a business, a commodity, something that you can do, that will prevent me from having to give you a painful punishment, some kind of law. This is why Allah is good. I mean, this is why he is everything that he is, he addresses us and asks us a rhetorical question, because the only person who would say no, you have lost your mind. And I am a psychology student, we have one back here, we can see you afterwards and give you some counseling because you need it. If you were to say, No, Allah is asking us, do you want me to show you something that will prevent me from

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having to punish you? How many of you would say no, I'll just take the punishment. Good. So it's a yesterday, a lawyer saying, I'll give you something.

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A lot tells us in the next Formula Three things that will prevent him from having to punish us. And many, many more things he'll give us for this. Like I said, two of them we have and the third of them, is the active ingredient that we miss. There are two inactive ingredients to this formula. And there's an active ingredient, why do I say inactive and active ingredients? If you go and you get a medicine, from the chemist here, I think you have what you call a chemist here, or you go get toothpaste or any type of

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medicine or solution from the supermarket. If you look on the back, it will have what ingredients. Some of them are inactive ingredients, they are compounds that make up the majority of the formula. And then there'll be one or two or three active ingredients, which are catalysts to make the formula work, yes or no. There's a couple of active ingredients, you take out the active ingredients, what happens, you have a bunch of junk, it's not going to do you any good.

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Allah tells us in the next verse, the three things number one, to me known a builder. The first part of the formula that Allah says is that you believe in the law. Now we as Muslims, we all have that even though our leaders may need some help here and there. But as a whole, every Muslim will say, I believe in Allah. This is you cannot be a Muslim if you don't believe in Allah. So we have this, what is the next one? What are suli and his messenger

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to me known Avila he Rasulullah he that you believe in a line is messengers, the first two parts of the formula. How many of you do not believe in the Messenger of Allah, every Muslim leaves in the Messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam our ideas may be a little bit different needs some help here and there. But as a whole everyone, this is the key to entering into Islam, La ilaha illAllah, Muhammad Rasulullah. So you cannot even be a Muslim if you don't have these. This is how easy Allah is making the formula for SS the first two things that if you're a Muslim, you already have them. But But again, these are inactive ingredients by themselves. Just saying I believe in Allah and His

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Messenger are inactive ingredients without the third one without the key active ingredient that Allah says makes this entire formula work. And what is that? What would he do in a facility where he'd be unwelcome or unfulfilled calm? The Alico mahalo calm

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moon, Allah says that you make some effort for me, that you strive for me that you struggle for me that you'd be willing to work for me that you'd be willing to sacrifice for me what what I have already given you of your possessions that belongs to me anyway. And your greatest commodity yourself. That is better for you. If you only know, this is what Allah is telling us, is the key ingredient to the formula to prevent a lot from having to punish us is that we believe in Allah and His messenger. And we work for him. We do some action. We do some effort, we strive we struggle we sacrifice our wealth and our lives for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is what we miss.

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This is it. This is the key to what we are missing as an as a whole is action. Because we have taken this Dean, and the Dean of a loss of Hannah with the iarla and the Dean of auto schools of the law, it was seldom and the Dean of the Sahaba who followed him and the Dean of our PSLF who followed them was a dean of mn correct yes or no, their Dean was the Dean of action. They were people who said very little, but did a whole lot. When we look at the life of our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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You can very seldom find even a statement from him. That is longer than a page. Correct. There are very, very, very, very few ahaadeeth from our schools of law send them they take up more than a page. He was very short in his speech.

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Okay, there's kids in the car. There's a Toyota Camry outside. I think the tag is a Oh 60 silver. You have kids in the car. I think somebody forgot. So please go give them some silver Camry.

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The dean of autosol, Salah Selim was that he spoke very little only when necessary, but there are more things that we find about what he did. Where there are more things that we find about the how the Sahaba said he acted and the things that he did in his life. He was someone, even when I showed on the Allahu anhu was asked about his character, what did she say? His character, Julio Quran, it was the Quran, not meaning that he just recited the Quran. No, she meant that his character was he was a living example of the Koran. He lived Islam through action. We have taken this Deen of Allah that is supposed to be a dean of action. And we've turned it into a dean of Columbia of talking.

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That's it, we talk a really good game. There's so many talks. We're lucky I sometimes, and I'm the worst. One of the worst culprits of this, I travel the world talking for a living. So I'm the first one that we've done so much talking. That that is everything Islam is all about. If you want it to listen to lectures, you could go on the internet and listen to lectures from now. Until they have judgment almost there's they never end and you think you would get to the end. And there's there's so many being uploaded every single moment lectures about Islam. We can just keep going and going and going.

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But what are they causing us to do? Nothing? Nothing much. If we hear a good lecture, what do we do we say, Masha Allah, what a beautiful lecture. We'll go outside of the masjid and talk I'll just go to Korea. See, what a beautiful lecture a brother come and ask you a couple of days from now or a week from now. Brother, what was the lecture about last week? I don't know Aki, but it was really good. You can go see it on YouTube. This is this is our our thought process now. It does not provoke us anymore. We hear the words of a loss of Hannah was being recited to us. And our greatest response is Masha Allah, what a beautiful recitation. And I know this because I've done this study. In many

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places in the world. I've done it over and over again for one year, myself and another brother, we did a study, we, I would every time I would do a lecture, I would say I want to do a little sociological study, just a little sociological survey. I said, I want to play for you something and I want you to write down on a piece of paper, the first thing that comes to your mind.

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What do you think I would play? I would play the recitation of sort of walking.

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And 99% of the time, I would get a beautiful recitation.

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Yeah. Are you serious, that's all you get from Soto walk, there is a beautiful recitation, this is a surah that should keep you up at night with nightmares. This is a sort of, they should shake you to the very depths of your soul. And all we can do is smile.

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This is the problem now is that the Quran does not provoke us anymore. The meat the words of AutoZone, some Ohio, sell them sit on shelves, they sit on shelves, and we might

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repeat a few of them after a fudge or after aciar here a few places are there a few places, and that's it. They're just to be remembered. They don't provoke us to action anymore. They don't cause us to react. It's almost like when we're kids, you know, and I have kids. So I they do this all the time. And your parents tell you go clean your room. And what is the first thing my kids do? They look around, like Who am I talking to? And I didn't know I'm talking to you. This is how we are with a loss of Hannah with Allah. The Quran is recited commanding us to do something and the first thing we do is we look around for who Allah is talking about. Who's he talking about? He's talking about

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you and me. There is no one that is free from this. This is our biggest problem is that we're guilty of inaction. We're guilty of doing nothing. It's not that we are greatly disobeying Allah. And I'm going to tell you, there were a people whom Allah subhanho wa Taala, referred to as semana.

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Correct. And these were the Sahaba of

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Christendom. They were a people who listened, they heard and then they did what? they obeyed. They acted and they listened. Whatever Allah said, they did it. Whatever autosource alojado. Selim commanded, they enacted it immediately. They didn't need to get a fifth counsel in 30. Share, you give them 50 fatwas and try to get their way around it and out of it like we do. They just did it.

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That is one end of the scale. That's the pure that's the purest end of the scale. On the completely other end of the scale, we have people who will also handle what Allah refers to as what semana or Asana. They listen to Allah and then they just blatantly disobeyed him. And we know this is Benny Israel in its purest aspect. They listened to Allah and they would just do something else, allow it time to do something, they would do completely different thing or allow them to do something and then they would question him so much to get out of it. And they would do it barely with a with a small heart or allow it time to do something and they would just say whatever.

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And this was the other end of the scale. So you have two ends and

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People who were the purest and have good and the people who want the purest individual. Now the unfortunate thing for this ummah and the unfortunate thing for this ummah is that we aren't on either side. We're not on either side we don't listen and obey. And most of us and I grew up as as a whole we don't listen and blatantly disobeying Allah

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we are I like the term the coin the term submit now, we listen.

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We hear a law and that's a log tells us to do something and we do nothing. Allah commands and we say Masha Allah Azza wa sallam commands us and we say Subhana Allah.

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This is who this we I'm putting us all together. We just have to admit our faults, that this is our problem that and you will find for me, nowhere, nowhere in the Sunnah of Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah or in the Sunnah of Allah's Messenger, you will never find for me where Allah has said that he will reward you for inaction. Nowhere is there anyone that can find me that where Allah will reward you for doing nothing, especially when it's in the face of blatant commands.

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You will never find it. This is why our last favor is off of this. Because he is commanding us over and over again in the Koran for many things that we just don't do them. We just pass them over. We just don't listen to them. We just don't hear them anymore. And this is what has happened to us. And this is why Allah is telling us Do you want me to avoid you a painful punishment? To me the only builder he was fully believe in Allah and His messenger. What would he do in a facility the IBM monokuma and Phu Kham and then you make some effort for me, you work for me, you strive for me, you struggle for me and you do effort for me and sacrifice for me and I will prevent you a painful

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punishment. This is what Allah subhanho wa Taala wants for this ummah. Because even Hassan Abbas Rahim Allah the Imam at on the evening, he said, talking about Eman because people say oh yeah, we have the first two i believe i believe i believe Hassan Abbas Rahim Allah said that imen faith is not the substance of your hopes and wishes. A man is not what you just hope for and what you wish for hustle and bustle. Allah said that real Eman is that which settles itself in your heart and then it becomes manifested through your actions. This is true, amen. True. Amen. causes you to act. true belief does not allow you to sit still true. Imagine a wall would not allow you to sit still, when

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you see people blatantly disobeying a law rampantly in the world. true belief in Allah would not allow you to sit still, while people are mocking at a loss of Hannah who went to Allah all over the world rampantly like it's a good thing to do your your real Eman would not let you do that. Real Eman would not let you sit still. While people call our beloved Russell's sobre la it was seldom some of the things that we hear and hear them call him. Really man will not let you do this. Because it settles in your heart. And then it starts churning like an engine. And when it starts churning, you have to act you have to do something, you have to work for a law and you have to do it with

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wisdom. But you have to do something. And you have to work and this is what is apparent what the Allah is asking us for. And a lot of people ask me, because people can take me wrong and say you should just go out and just start doing crazy things. No, no, no. Don't don't don't say that. You should did that. I would like to go back home to the States. And I would like to be able to come back here to Australia does not get that idea. So people asked me Okay, what should we do? If I had all the answers, I would be distributing them like pills.

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But one answer I do have is that we must do something. And we must do it sincerely for the sake of Allah subhana wa Allah with hikma with wisdom with sincerity and in accordance with the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu sallam. And I'm going to give you a tip at the end of what I think we can begin with. But one thing I do know is that something done sincerely purely for Allah subhana wa iarla with wisdom done in accordance to the Sunnah of the Messenger of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam done with the advice of the knowledgeable on ama that we have, is always better than doing nothing. And even if that effort that you begin to do is maybe misguided in the beginning, number

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one, it will be rewarded because of the intention. And number two, it may even that Allah will reward you by sending someone to you to correct but either way, you will be doing something beneficial. And Allah Subhana with Allah will give it some reward in sha Allah when it's done with the wisdom that we need.

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And Allah says, For doing these three things, he would avoid us a painful punishment. And if that's all that alone wanted to give us for working for him then

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would be enough. That's enough. We wouldn't need to ask a lot anything else. If a lot just says I won't punish you.

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I don't need anything else. I don't need anything else. But a lot is Allah honey. He is the one who is rich without need and his giving to the creation does not decrease him one single bit. He says that's not enough for me. That's not enough for me. If you do this for me, not only will I avoid your painful punishment, but what does the law say he'll give you next year.

00:25:33--> 00:25:36

I will forgive you all of your sins all of them.

00:25:37--> 00:26:21

Your future field locums Nobuko, Moorefield congenita dreamy tactical and her former subpoena Tony baton feagin at the legal firms who are the law says not only what I forgive you all of your sins, but I'll give you Jenna for free. I'll give you Jenna as a free gift. Why is Jen a free gift? Because you can't earn it. I don't care what you do. You can't earn Jenna, it's impossible for you to earn Jim. Because, number one, the authentic statement about our soul. So Lola nslm is narrated Bible Herrera below an hour or so salomo how to sell them said do not let any of you think that by your good deeds you will earn paradise and they asked him not even you your Rasulullah sallallahu

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sallam. He said not even me Unless what? Allah forgives me. So what do we earn by working for Allah Subhana Allah and striving for him and struggling for him and sacrificing for him? We earn your fuel local Mizuno. We earn that Allah forgives us we earned from a law, His mercy we earned from a law that he decides not to punish us even though he has the right to do so. Because one sin one disobedience before Allah goes against the nature of our creation and Allah has all right, all due to punish us and no one could call him unjust. But Allah says, You're free looking the Nuba come after give all of your sins and give you Jenna for free. forever without ends. Not only will I give

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you, Jen, as a gift from me, I'll give you beautiful homes. Like you've never seen homes like a lover mentions in the Koran, things that an AI has never seen things that an ear has never heard. Nor could a mind ever imagine. I'll give you that type of home and Jenna, and not only will I give you that type of home agenda, I'll give it to you for your generosity admin, and one of the most beautiful and blessing parts of gentlemen.

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And then Allah says their legal fellows who are the this is indeed a great achievement. Allah is saying that do you want to have an achievement in life, all of us want to be successful, right? How many of you do not want to be successful? Everybody in life wants to be successful. Everybody wants to be somebody, I think Michael Jackson made a song like that. Everybody wants to be somebody, you really want to be somebody Allah says, this is somebody, this isn't an achievement. I don't care how many PhDs you have, when you will, really, and I'm working on three myself, but I really don't care how many you have. I don't care how many homes you have, I don't care how many beautiful cars you

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have. I don't care how many beautiful children you have, nowhere will you find for me And the last book or in the son of the last messenger that anywhere that says this is an achievement. Nowhere, actually, the more of this you have, the more Allah says it is a fitna upon you, the more Allah says it is a test to you, the more Allah says it is a distraction for you, the more Allah says it is even an enemy to you. So that's not an achievement. Allah says this, when you get that and then give it back to me, then you have achieved something in this life, then you have achieved something for me in this life and in the Hereafter. There are legal fellows who are the so Allah wants to give you

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avoidance of a painful punishment, brothers and sisters. Well, I think we have systems in existence, you know, but this is a law wants to avoid your painful punishment. He wants to forgive you all of your sins, He wants you to go to Geneva. He wants to give you beautiful homes feagin. At the end, he wants to give you the greatest achievement that a human being can achieve. And he only asked for you to give him three things, believe in Him and His Messenger. And then obey Him by working for him, striving for him struggling for him and sacrificing what he has already given you that doesn't belong to any way for him. And by doing this, he will give you all of this. Now, if that was it,

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what else would you ask for? What else would you be willing to stand before Allah and say, I want more than this. We begin now to sound like the last man who will ever leave to heading them. Oh Lord, take me to this tree and then a lot takes him he says okay, I won't ask you any more. Just take me to that place and this place. And finally a lesson is going to agenda and I'll give you not only this world, but 10 times of this world and everything that is in it. This is the mercy and the pleasure of Allah Subhana Allah to his slaves. He says that this is not enough.

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he says all of this, avoiding a painful punishment, forgiving your sins, giving you gentlemen giving you beautiful homes. That's not enough for these three things. For me, that's not enough. Allah says, I'll give you two more things, I'll give you two more things. Because Allah also knows that he created us to dwell in this world for a time. And he also knows, a loss of handle with Allah, as Magellan knows that if you do these three things, you're going to run into problems. Allah knows if you do these three things, you're going to have struggles. Allah knows if you do these three things, times are not always going to be so easy. So he put in a cause for that to Allah says in the last

00:30:45--> 00:30:54

part of this group of verses, which is the gift I'm going to give to you tonight, and it's the answer to this door, Allah says will apply to him.

00:30:55--> 00:31:39

I'll give you something else which you will love, which you desire, which your heart burns for that thing that you're crying through the nights of Ramadan asking me for, I'll give it to you that with your mouth waters at the very mention of it. I'll give it to you. What is it Nostromo law, he will fit on hurried. wabasha didn't mean Allah says I'll give you help from Allah, and a pre victory. So give glad tidings in the present tense of the word give glad tidings to the believers. Allah says he will give us his help. We're asking Allah Allah Houma and for Islam, you will muslimeen Allah saying that, okay, it's right here. You keep asking me for something, that you're not doing what it takes

00:31:39--> 00:32:21

to get it? How foolish or now we looking for a loss of Hannah with Allah. We're begging Allah for something and then we go out and do actions that are contrary to the same to other we just made five minutes ago, a lot of saying it's so simple. You want my help, you want my victory. And Allah says, not only will he give us help, he will give us victory. And not only will he gives this victory, he says I will give you Fatone, Cory. A clear victory, meaning this victory will be so clear. It'll be so real, that everyone you and everyone else in the world will know it is because it came from a loss of Hannah who went to add everyone around you will know that the victory Allah has given you is

00:32:21--> 00:33:02

because you are a Muslim. This was the victory and the help given to our soul. So lohani was sending them over and over again in his life. This is the Nostromo la will fight in Korea that was given to our beloved messenger of Allah sallallahu wasallam on the night that he left his home to make in Judah to El Medina, when he walked right past his enemies and they never even saw him going. This is the victory that was given to Allah to Allah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the Ummah on the day of the Battle of Bhadra. When Had it been realistic, they should have been wiped off the face of the earth. But even Abu sufian after he accepted Islam had to admit, yes, that day I didn't

00:33:02--> 00:33:10

see the ink or not either. sufian What is who's the honey he said he saw the angels was not able to film

00:33:11--> 00:33:12

was was one.

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I think it was the somewhat one of someone that was raised Abu sufian said on the day of the Battle of butter, he saw the angels descending in white robes to help the believers the shaytan saw on that day, and he ran in left. This is fat Hungary that Allah wants for this oma, it did not just belong to our soul symbolizing them, and it's the harder it belongs to you and me. This is the same victory that was given to the Sahaba many times over throughout the world until they open the entire world for the glory of Al Islam. Not through dominance, but through the deen of Allah subhana wa Allah conquering the hearts of individuals. Why? Because they took this formula that Allah had given them

00:33:53--> 00:34:30

and sort of surf and they implemented it. They put it into practice. They know what it was meant to work for the deen of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And they did it and they put it in their lives. This is the victory that or not once for this oma and it can happen at any time. Whenever we decide, Allah has put no preconditions on a lot and say, Do these three things. And then after 10 years, I'll give you victory. No, Allah says, Do these three things and I'll give you victory. I'll give you help. I'll give you forgiveness. I'll give you I'll give you everything that you want in this life, and in the hereafter. If you just do these three things for me, so I'm asking you, brothers

00:34:30--> 00:34:59

and sisters tonight, do you want the answer to this? Do you want it? Do you really want it? Then we need to show a lot that we want it. We need to really prove to Allah subhana wa iarla that our Deen is more than our lip profession. That our Deen is more than the words that come out of our mouth. We need to prove to Allah that not only are our lips suburbian to him, but our limbs are suburbian to him, our our our wealth that he gave us a suburbian to him. Everything that he has blessed us with is suburbia.

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to him and we are willing to do whatever it takes and give whatever it takes to please Allah subhana wa Allah so that this oma can gain the is that it once had. because let me tell you, this oma does not have Islam. It does not it does not have is in the world anymore. Even some Muslims do have that as a still inside of themselves. Yes. But the oma as a whole does not have that is the way the oma is looked at today is like it's never been looked at before in history, except with its exception, except when it began as a strange thing. It's never been looked at like that ever again. Until now, until we're at this point as autofills himself back to Islam or even a year old or even it would

00:35:42--> 00:36:10

return it began as a strange thing where it had no dignity, no honor. No nothing. And it would again return to that thing. That strange thing for to Belgrade, so glad tidings being to the strangers. And we love to run around calling ourselves the strangers. I see it all the time. People will name their organizations something something out there, and this and that calling themselves the hora bear. And I look at them and I say, Are you really a stranger? Yes, I'm a stranger. What makes you a stranger? I have no idea.

00:36:11--> 00:36:18

I'm just strange because I'm a Muslim. No, that's not. That's not what makes you strange. Because the Sahaba asked ourselves,

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they asked him woman whom? And who are these people, these strangers you're taking talking about? Woman Who? Who are they? And what it also Salahuddin was sending them say, Allah, Dena, usili, hona, fussiness, they are the people who when they see the people doing evil and corruption, they correct them. They correct them. And the difference of the word yesterday hona. Or usually hoonah means that they correct themselves. And they correct the people. They correct themselves and they correct the people. And there's another chain of narration not as strong, but it says that they are those who when they see people corrupting my son, they correct it, they put it back where it belongs. So both

00:36:59--> 00:37:11

of those mean that the real strangers are the people who when everybody else is doing one thing, they're doing another thing and they're trying to correct those people from the evil they are the ones that are active and doing a little bit of when not and

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this is what made this ummah, the greatest nation ever reason for mankind. We like to run around saying that Islam is the greatest ever reason for mankind. This almost the greatest ever risen from mankind. No, we're not. No, we're not. Because Allah says about that greatest oma, what does he say about them? quantum hydro, quantum chromatin. Reject leanness. Why the American Balmoral fee what an animal car mean only Bella because you command that which is good, and you forbid the people and abstain them from that which is evil. And you believe in Allah, we only have one of those. We're not, we're not the catalyst for the world anymore. This Ummah used to be the difference between

00:37:54--> 00:38:30

right and wrong in the world. When anyone wanted to know what was right and wrong, they only had to take a look at the Muslims. Watch them and you'll know what's right and wrong. We used to be that for con for the world, that distinction, we drew that line in the sand that this is right, this is wrong. Go here and you'll go to Jenna go there and you go to hell. Now we don't know we were both of us were scattered everywhere. Some of us are on one side, some of us on the other. And some of us don't even know which side you're on. And we surely aren't trying to deal with the other people trying to bring them to the right side. We are like scattered ants, having no idea and no direction

00:38:30--> 00:39:09

of which way to go. This is the biggest problem that I see in this ummah today is that we're not that oma that Allah Subhana with Allah speaks of but we can be, we can be there is nothing that is stopping this. It's not going to take generations after generations. It can happen right now. It could happen right here in Sydney, Australia. It could happen right here, in what town is this in Sydney, or Melbourne? It can happen right here in Auburn, we just have to make the decision to change. That's it, we change and then Allah will change everything else. That's all Allah is asking us to do in the Quran correct. He says, I will not change the condition of the people until they

00:39:09--> 00:39:32

change what is within themselves. So we already know that the conditions that we live in, are set by whom Allah soprano with, the only thing we can do is how we act within those conditions. And then Allah can change them however he wishes. But it will not change until we change. And we will not change until we start changing the way that we think

00:39:34--> 00:39:59

until we change the way that we think because as we know the famous Hadith is every action is according to intention near and near unia starts with a thought. Every intention I don't care how big or small it is, begins with a thought. When we can change what goes on up here. We can change how allows word affects us up here. We can change how to listen

00:40:00--> 00:40:33

Command affects us up here and right here, then everything else will fall into place for us. We need to ask ourselves during these nights of Ramadan when we're here in the Quran recited to us, what is the Lord telling me to do? And how can I do it right now? Not later? Not tomorrow, not next week, right now, how can I do it? How can I begin to do something for Allah? Because if we all do our little part, let me tell you that the world can change. We as Muslims can change the world. I know that sounds like a pipe dream, but I don't think it is. I'm not just saying it because it sounds good and is grand and it sounds like an amazing thing to say, No, no, I'm saying it because it's

00:40:33--> 00:40:52

realistic. I'm saying it because I've looked at the history of this ummah and seeing what they have done with less than what we have. I've seen this oma do more than we have ever done with less than what we have. And they changed the whole world. A handful of people from the deserts of Arabia, to