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Where are the GOOD men?

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Mufti Menk

Channel: Mufti Menk

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Episode Transcript

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Many of our wives, they suffer in silence.

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the men are saying yes, Oh Allah Subhana Allah, they don't know where to go. This man is number one adulterous. Number two, they think because they have the money they can go and do what they want. They drink alcohol but they need Salah at the same time. How is this happening? How Allahu Akbar you have wealth. Allah is watching you when he's going to take your wealth away. He will take your happiness away he'll inflict you with disease with issues with problems. How when you have been blessed respect others Allah will give you respect. The prophet SAW Selim says the best from amongst you is not the best with the billion not the best with the million not the best with the best car

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and house. He's the one who can respect his wife and treat her with utmost respect and be kind and the best to her. That is the best of all men. So Hannah love how many are good men here in Canada.