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Harare, March 2013


AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the negative impact of shavons on people's lives and the importance of avoiding clutter and clutter. They emphasize the need to avoid clutter and avoid thinking about it too much, and emphasize the importance of promoting good clothing and not giving up on one's interests. They also stress the need for consideration and proper utensils in the fridge, and emphasize the importance of avoiding giving things in money and not overestimating one's potential.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa Sallim wa barik ala Muhammad Ali Al amin Nabina Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi would have been a woman who can be a son in Isla Medina.

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We commence as always by praising Allah Subhana Allah to Allah sending blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless him and all his companions to bless his entire household and to bless every single one of our beloved brothers and sisters. Last week, we really enjoyed ourselves Mashallah more with the questions that came about. And I see they were quite passionate, those of us who were here, we heard what happened. And we asked Allah subhana wa Jalla to bless us and to bless our homes. And indeed, I believe that people are good but shavon is bad. People have good hearts shape and comes to try and contaminate

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those hearts. So if we base our opinions of people on that inshallah we will be able to work with them and on them. And if we then think that you know, the person has become evil, it becomes more difficult to operate or should I say, to deal with them. Sometimes when we let shavonne overtake us completely, then people would rightfully think that we are devils because we sometimes even make shavon shy, the way we do things. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless us and grant us all goodness, this evening, I have a very important subject short and inshallah We will then have to open the floor for questions.

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The topic is connected to myself and yourselves. We are waiting close here, every one of us waiting something

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Mashallah we are having refreshments. Here we have a policy where you take what you'd like from the back there, and inshallah you have it in your hands you can eat whilst we're talking. And you can also have it before or after. So there is food, and every one of us eats on a daily basis. And at the same time, we have our little modes of transport be to motor vehicle, in some cases, perhaps a bicycle, in some cases, whatever else, even our shoes, you can call them piece of clothing. And at the same time they convey us from place to place they make it easy for us to get somewhere. And we have homes that we live in. Sometimes they are renting sometimes someone's doing us a favor by just

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allowing us to put up with them. And sometimes the house belongs to us. And in that house, we have various items. So what am I getting to?

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A lot of us have much more than we actually need. That's what we want to talk about.

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You open your closet back at home, you go into your kitchen, open your cupboard, you open your fridge, your freezers, what do you find in there? Well, if you're a believer, you will not waste and have anything unnecessary. In your closets or cupboards, or in your homes or houses or even the clutter that people have all around. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant us goodness, when Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam passed away, he left behind nothing, nothing. Absolutely no, there was nothing that he left behind Subhana Allah, he had a balilla he had a little mule that was there and he had his soul that was there and that we would we would turn today knew nothing of your what

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material value it was just a necessity that was there perhaps certain items but he had given away whatever he had. And he led a life of simplicity. The reason is, the more you have, the more you cling to the earth and the more you become material, and the more you lose focus of the life after death. Say what you want it's affect

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argue and debate till you turn green that no I need it in this. The more you have the more your cupboards are full the more your closets your freezers are stocked up for so long. The more your fridges in your cupboards are actually piled up with things, the less your preparation to meet with Allah, its effect its effect. So this is why the Hadith says confit. Dunya can

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live this life as though you are a stranger or just a passerby. That's what the Hadith says. And this the advice of abnormal of the law and you know what he used to say? He used to say either as Vita fala tanto de la masa, whether I'm say de falla, Tampa Bay Saba, if you have seen the morning, don't wait for the evening. Don't think in the evening this will happen and you may not be there. And if you've arrived in the evening, don't think you're going to be there in the morning. And this is a fact if you think about that every day for 60 years, the day you go, you will also have thought about that and really you'd be gone. So this is the blessing of Allah. We have

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purchases that we make. And I challenge you. And I'd like to challenge everyone, myself included. When you buy a piece of clothing, give one away your cupboard. See, can you do that?

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You buy a piece of clothing, open your closet, make space for it. So how do you make space for it take out something good. Give it away. Sometimes our hearts are too inclined to say no, I bought this, but I need that as well. And I need that. And you've got 5060 different dresses and different pieces of clothing and suits and what have you and shoes, every color that there is, Is there even the new colors that have come about of late they're a pair of shoes, and you want to match it and so on. There is something called mix and match. Do you know where that came from? The simple people who like to wear different colors that don't match. They call it mix and match. Which means you know

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what this is green, and red is red doesn't go together, but just call it mix and match. Darien law cover. It's a simple way of saying you know what, I don't have 45 pairs of shoes. But some people every 10th of clothing they have they have the same tint of a scarf, they have the same tint of shoes, they have the same tint of accessories, they have the same tilt of makeup, and they have the same tint of absolutely everything, including the cutlery that they will serve that particular day in the home because the visitors are coming. They must see I hope I'm not giving people ideas here. But they must see people must see no my clothing, the cutlery, the tablecloth, everything else, you

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know even what do they call him? Those

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are everything else in the home matching, you know, Subhanallah The truth is, if Allah has blessed you, we're not saying don't allow that to happen. don't cling to things like those, they're not important in your life. Don't worry, don't try and set a trend of the dunion set a trend of the year that's effect set a trend of the life after death. This person, they were the wealthiest they had the best vehicle, they never missed the Salah, that's a trend. This person, they were the wealthiest, they had a home which was computerized, they were the most humble down to earth, they did not waste what is extravagance, to have to have what you need one of that's extravagance. So if

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you have quality, quality is not connected to extravagance, if you have quality, and you're making use of it, that Hamdulillah, if you could afford it, and you did afford it, and you brought it along, or you bought it, for example.

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And you don't have wastage, and you know it's within your means. Like I said last week, if you are, if we had to place an order between zero and 10, for example, and your lifestyle was sitting at nine, you're allowed to buy things within seven and eight and even nine, you may because that's your lifestyle has blessed you with something. But you cannot waste to say now that I've got let me buy

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five vehicles and I just keep them parked here. And you know, every day, I'll just drive one come out and go back, you might want to have two vehicles, perhaps maybe even some of the scholars will tell you that's a waste of wealth. Just as well, we live in a third world country, if you are living in Europe, it is far more expensive to have a second vehicle because you know, the taxes and everything else that pay that is paid. And even the space in London, the space you have to pay for is so much that you might be able to purchase a little vehicle just by paying the taxes of that big vehicle of yours for a few months or a year. So we are living in a country of this nature, it does

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not mean that waste your money. No, no. Does it mean that full everything because you know, tomorrow, you might want to get flour in the shop.

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Okay, so how much do you have? We've got a stock for them for the next two years. Come on, be reasonable, be realistic. If you're talking of a month to three months, you're talking okay? But you're talking of a year, what are you talking about, you know, you might die within a week of having stocked up for two years. This is the Hadith the Prophet sallahu wa salam drew one day on the ground, a little rectangle, and from the rectangle, one end of the rectangle to the other, he drew a line and the line carried on outside the rectangle. And then he drew little dots inside that rectangle and little strikes. And then he says Do you know what this is? And they were obviously

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very, very curious to know what it was. He says this is man, this rectangle is his life. And this line going out his hopes and aspirations and his wishes and what he wants to achieve and his plans that go far beyond his life. So the the life is going to end here. And your plan is still for another two years. So wouldn't you be a winner if you planned for death as well? You kept death in the equation. Think about it. This is why we say those who think of death every day, I might die. My child might die. My wife might die. It's not abnormal. But it's abnormal to keep thinking that and not developing a link with the one you're going to go to that's abnormal, very abnormal. So try and

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do something so yeah, talk to him, yada yada He forgive me. Yeah, he like this and do things that he did that day.

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Voila, he, the day you die will be such a blessed day. Because for you, you are going to the best place the place that you are actually looking forward to throughout your life. So this is why we say, let's learn what it's all about. I challenge you to go home tonight. And if not tonight, tomorrow morning,

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open your cupboard, take out unnecessary pairs of clothing that you have not worn, let's be generous, you have not worn for one year, take it out, you don't need it, believe me, I am telling you affect your heart will not allow you to do it. In most of our cases. I'm just telling you, just as when I'm sitting with all the men in front of me, I wouldn't like to see the expressions of the sisters hearing this. If you have not worn a pair of shoes or clothing for one year, believe me it's about time sacrifice it for the sake of Allah. And for Allah sake, don't think you're gonna fit back into that size. Because to be honest with you, it's just something you keep hanging for a long, long

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time. So good size, I mean.

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So why I say this is we know the excuses people leave things and they say, you know what, don't worry, I'll get the chance to work hard, work hard, Mashallah. And yet, on one hand, you want to work hard to fit into a size 10 or 12. And on the other hand, you've stocked food for two years.

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That's what we're talking about today. So empty out your clothing and empty out the food. What that means is, make sure you know, you don't have to back up so much that you are shy of your own self Come on. Yes, we are not saying don't prepare for a rainy day. No, by all means, but you don't have to pile up like you're not going to die. Like that's the only thing you live in for so Pinilla, you may if there is a real shortage of something or expected shortage of something and you'd like to purchase a little bit, just to keep yourself covered and handling that get used to doing without certain things, you know why a day may come when that might not be there at all.

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What this means is today, if I am used to and this happens to all of us, I'm going to hit the pattern. Let me try and give an example that might not affect everyone, okay? If I'm used to a certain type of a cereal, right? And say, for example, suddenly I see that cereal on the shelves.

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And I go and I stock up, how many did I buy? Well, you can buy worth about two months, say for example, you know, in Zimbabwe, you would be lucky, if you've got that amount of cash, some people would go and borrow the money to be honest. And now you come and you've got so much of it. And you put it away and you're so excited and happy. Wow.

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Okay, let's, let's study what goes on in your mind. So now you're enjoying it, and so on, the factory stops making it and after the two months, what happens? It's, it's no more the number one. Number two is it's not even available in the market. It's not even being produced. So ultimately, you're going to have to give it up. If you're not used to because of your lifestyle, you become depressed, you phoned New Zealand and tell them to create by DHL it happens, courier it send it online, is this the effluence that we've got to would you ever do that to say, Look, I'm about to spend

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X amount of money that I've spent on a dress

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in order to purchase Islamic books or Islamic literature so that I can become a better Muslim or to enter a course and to do this and to do that, can we do that? It's a fact.

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Make an effort. But we are quickly, you know, we are ready to buy something we're very quickly that when it comes to a piece of clothing, or the you know, people sometimes collect money in order to buy a pair of shoes. We're not saying no, but it's an unnecessary pair of shoes. unnecessary. So the money that you collected. Let's not now say it's Haram, but let's just look at the dedication. You had choose. They were okay for you. You collected money because you wanted a different color. And you the fact that you collected money means that you're not living on that particular lifestyle level.

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You're not on that level, you've got to actually pile up collect and issue something that you actually meaning a second, third, fourth pair of shoes, something that you would actually need to collect for Allahu Akbar. I challenge you the slippers you have at home, go home, whatever you haven't used for a year, pick it up and give it away. I tell you what happens now.

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The Quran says

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to a bow. You will not achieve righteousness until you spend that which you love.

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What do you love you love your clothes, give them away whilst you love them with us. We cling to them so badly that we wait until it's tatty. And unwearable, then we give it away. What are its effect Why? Because

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Your charity is not actually a charity, you use the poor person as a bin to throw away things that will more or less unwearable, its effect. And then we say, I gave away so many old things. Hang on, hang on, hang on. When the food developed worlds in it, you gave the flower away. When the fruit became rotten, you gave it away. And you said, My sadaqa my charity, hang on. Do you know what happened to Abel and Cain happyland copy right at the beginning, when Cain had given a charity that was not befitting what should be given to Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, he took out from his crop that which was the west of it and put it and he says, right, this is my charity, Allah says, We

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reject them.

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So that was one of the first stories that occurred in existence of men. And we don't learn from that charity to say, Man, spend from that which you like, We're not saying give the best if you have the heart to give the best one law he that is righteousness. It shows that your heart is not clinging to little items of the dunya you have a phone and suddenly you get a better phone the better one you gave you gave it away. Now you're speaking now it shows your heart is is a heart that we thank Allah for what he gave us but we're not stuck to these things. We're not people who become miserly, I can give away the best of my stuff. So what? Who do you give it away to someone else? let them enjoy it.

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So what Alhamdulillah we are ready to do that.

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This is why I repeat. If we become people whose closets and cupboards and fridges and houses are full of items from 1920 up to today choco block everything in the corner pack backpack and someone says when are we going to do this? Hey, that's my great great grandfather's. Do you understand? Well, I give it for a charity he will benefit from it. You keeping it saying sentimental value. What are you talking about? When whoever after you die comes let's say What rubbish is this Bennett throw it away. Nobody even used it. The children of today don't want the antiques of a long time ago. They don't. And you think sentimental value, they have no sense don't work anymore. It's dollars. Believe

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me, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness, if you are sticking to that type of mentality, you will never be able to be a charitable person happen which means in the true sense, because you will only give away things that are in reality not fit to give away. They're not fit, why? A my shoe started talking and now I gave it away. You know, children speak at the age of one roughly, you wore your shoes for one year also starts talking. When it started speaking I gave it away. Hang on repair the thing first. No, but these were Chinese shoes. I bought them for so much. And if I repair them, I'm gonna pay enough for another pay for them. What are you giving them away for the poor fellow

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who's gonna take it? He cannot afford fixing it. You can you're giving him a rotten pair of shoes. And you know what we say? It's more like, it's more like an indemnity or whatever you want to call it.

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Where we say, you know what, if you wanted everything, you don't want to give it to someone else. Okay, we heard that. That means, you know, it's embarrassing to give it to someone. Yesterday, I saw a charity in the UK advertising, they sent me a forwarded email. And they're on the email was very interesting. They said we only accept good used clothes, which are washed and ironed and folded properly and they gave photographs of what they will accept anything that is not up to the standard we will not accept and I said there will be people who will think look at these people. The arrogant Muslim appeal or whatever the name is, I forgot what it was. They are so arrogant. They only want

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things to be ironed and put forward but will lie they are right. They are correct. You giving a poor person's your shirt you wore for three years. You give it to him I end and folded he will consider it brand new and he will appreciate it rather than giving it to him in a way that even if it's a new shirt, but it's it's crumpled and it's all full of creases, and it's thrown at the guy as though it is something that is of no value, he will not even appreciate people will start thinking you know what, these guys, okay, we are desperate. We've accepted what has come in our direction. But look at what they've done. They treat us like pieces of dirt. Whereas the poor person in Islam is such a big

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blessing. Without him. The doors of charity would be closed.

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Where were you going to give you a second if there were no poor people. So Allah kept poor people and people who are underprivileged, people who come to you begging people who come to you asking people who can sometimes give them a piece of clothing, give it away. Why not? You have a pair of trousers, they're not fitting you you have, you know, whatever else you have, you may give it away and so on. Make sure that it is wearable. It is good. That's why I say open your closet to now.

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Voila he for the pleasure of Allah and I challenge you I challenge you. Remove from it that which you have not won for a year. Look at it, I know it will take long for some people look at it, take it out check it up and down say Bismillah for the sake of Allah this thing I actually don't need it and I'm going to give it away and fold it properly nicely and give it to anyone you have so many different people who would distribute that whether it is the AMA or the Zakat fund or Africa Muslim ages whatever it is wherever you would feel when even if you want to give the poor person directly you may give them and you will find that you will achieve a reward for that someone some way somehow

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will be wearing that particular item.

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Amazing. And they will give you a

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when we went on a camp on a distribution of

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There were certain items of clothing we could not give. We had to just put it away we set the stuff up because it was so tatty. So unwearable, it was already torn up and whatever else that we said no and there was another category that we also couldn't we couldn't give away because it was shameless clothing May Allah protect us Allah subhanho wa Taala grant His goodness it's hard you know you busy promoting especially when you go to poor people you promoting good clothing please don't wear this type and that time and they all have Mashallah brilliant clothing, and then you the same person who gives them you know, skirts that are no longer meaning. It's just a mean even the knees missing from

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it, luck, luck upon Allah protect us, you know, before they said miniskirts, it was halfway between the knee and perhaps you know the hip. And nowadays it's halfway that as well. I wonder what they call it what law is it's tough. And then we as you know, we've got to give that away to who to assist in Islam. Come on, relax, take it easy, you know, may Allah Subhana Allah Allah protect us and grant us goodness and ease. So this is the topic I wanted to remind ourselves about. When we when we are purchasing things. Remember, you know, learn, really, to purchase wisely. We are not saying don't stock but know how much you are stocking. And you must know what you are putting go

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home today. If not today, say this weekend, and we'll let you follow it through for the sake of Allah. Everything unnecessary that is packed up in your storage or in here in there that you haven't made use of for a long time. Give it away. If your heart cannot do that much, you have a lot of work to do with your own heart.

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Go and see the stories. There are things in there that you never going to use. Sometimes there's cutlery that's sitting for 20 years why? Like I said my grandma ancestors allow me now you're gonna look in the glass and they talk to you what happens

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and we pick up things well, I I've seen people who have typewriters, they've collected three of those old data you know those ones with a ribbon which has half half blue and half red and it's got a ribbon that has three blue green and red and you press the tab for the color and three of them were collecting dust in one corner you say brother what's happening since I don't have to pay the car for this it's taking space here your heart you have now left it to the degree that no one is going to want you to use it now when you give this away don't think it's a charity take it to one use or whatever they call it and dispose of it

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what are you talking say no sentimental Okay, then go to set the bids in London and get it sold the 5000 pounds you collect for it. Give it to charity.

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Know when we don't want if it's really sentimental go to the auctions see what they offer you Who else understands it sentimental if they do send it to them the wealth will be used more appropriately today. But no we collect I know of someone who came to me and they made a big donation of certain things and I looked at it and I saw literally 1920 things and I said to Canada I don't know what I'm going to do with this thing here. But I said uncle You know what, Mashallah. It's a good thing but at the same time, how do you how would we give this to the people of today? So he says, These are golden lines. You don't even know when we were young. You couldn't even get half of

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these things. I said uncle when I was young, we didn't even know about these things. Now in these children are young. They don't even use these things. They won't even know what it is. He says but they are golden land. Then he asked me a question. Can I deduct it from my second?

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Look at how our hearts have become all this is because your cupboard is filled with too much clothes. That's where it starts too much. Take it out. Believe me. Open that cupboard and take out those things. You are not good. You haven't worn for one year. Why do we say one year in one year the seasons have passed so the cold the hot. I am going to go tonight by the wall have a line. Take out this

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much as I can believe me, I do that regularly but just to make it it's a challenge for myself, I will go tonight packet aside, I have a law a rule I try to follow it we you know we are human beings. Every time I have a new one comes in an old one goes out a good one. And it goes to people whom I know they will wear SubhanAllah.

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And the same applies to your shoes and everything else. Come on. Come on, you are insane.

00:25:26--> 00:26:15

Don't allow yourself to become very clingy and miserly, and you clean towards these material items. Like I said, I guarantee you if your heart is connected to materialism, it will never have prepared for the era. It cannot because Allah says you will never achieve righteousness never learned to not learn means you will not ever achieve righteousness until you give away spend to spend that which you love. What do you love my clothes my this my dad while he look, the sisters in this country, maybe we don't have such a big problem, but it still exists in other countries, it's worse every function you need a new dress. Why? Because they saw me in this one the last function it's an

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embarrassment, every function in a new color, you need a new cat, you need a new accessory you need a new type of earrings. And now you need a new scent.

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What lights effect if that's your life

00:26:30--> 00:26:32

every Salah read the new page of the Quran.

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When we talk in business, then we're talking business tell yourself that the job is not meant to attract but to cover. So if I am wearing a job Alhamdulillah there are steps of it which are sisters sometimes work through and we encourage them to get to the top as soon as possible or to get to that which is acceptable so if you find someone wearing the little jeans and you know the tops and they carrying on without you we make sure that at least one day they put on some form of a cloak when they go out because that really protects them while it protects them from the gym and the devil and shavonne and the E and the evil in so many different ways they don't realize it until it actually

00:27:12--> 00:27:14

happens then from there

00:27:15--> 00:27:25

instead of having the cranberry and glittery and everything else it will progress in Sharla one day it will become less but let's not even get to that point because today we are stuck at the first point

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like I said well ah he I want to pause for a moment with our 3g and this applies to the sisters even some of the brothers maybe but more the sisters go home and open your fridge sometimes you got to close your nose why yesterday's food the day before that little this other days and you know what happens? We cannot park because a dead fish was nice.

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Because part A this put it in the freezer. Next, put it in the freezer. You want to disturb it so that in a way that after three days it's rotten when you go to throw it out? Is that what you waiting for? And your generator don't work?

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Believe me, if you have prepared a new meal today give out yesterday's out.

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Imagine how generous that is because we are not saying give from what you prepared today. Although that is the true quality of a Muslim. But we are saying what was yesterday's? Give it away generously, generously. You know sometimes people come to our gates we do not encourage that we don't but sometimes we've got so much that Allah sends them as a blessing and still we say Oh, I got nothing. Allah says you know what, hang on you opening the fridge 50 times you know your children are complaining your perhaps your in laws are complaining a call to open the fridge with their noses closed, so many things are stuck in there. And for your info. If you want to get that smell out, you

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need a piece of coal in your fridge. It sucks the smell, it works.

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Believe me We will be more interested in the coal than emptying our cupboards that I spoke about.

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So if you open that fridge and you take out from it, what what is unnecessary Come on. You cannot pipe your fridge must look neat and smart. You're a believer, believe me. You know you might think how's this man relating it to Islam, because we are not supposed to be collecting stuff of that nature. Do you know that Khubani and over here it was such that Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam says container a to command a Bihari lahoma by Allah for guru. He says I used to it used to be prohibited for you to store the meat of Qurbani. It was haram to store it you had to eat it or give it away to someone who's going to eat it at that particular time or before it actually becomes bad. And there

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were no fridges and freezers like we have today. Then he says however Now you may eat and you can store as well. So Mashallah the permissibility to store has become you know, manifest and it's now the rule we are allowed to store but now the question is how much are you storing? You have so much in here.

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Before you eat it, it's going to go bad. A lot of people and houses are guilty of having food in the fridge and keeping it until it goes bad. And then throwing it away what law eats affect the sadaqa. And the charity is counted when you give it away as it is fresh or edible. So I challenge you for that as well. Let's go home tonight, open your fridge.

00:30:24--> 00:30:30

You might not you might have to close it straightaway. But anyway, you open it and you check what's happening in it empty a lot.

00:30:31--> 00:31:07

And I don't mean empty tonight, leave it aside because tomorrow morning, it'll be bad, but what we mean is make your mind up to see this fridge needs to be clear. And I really I need to keep it such that I have you know proper utensils which are collecting some of the stuff that I need in then there is a bit of mode, this water this perhaps leftover food or tomorrow's food perhaps, and you know something that we are going to consume, and something that is definitely going to be there. But believe me not more than that. Not more than that. Now, Allah subhanho wa Taala make us use our freezers for necessity. The reason I say this, as well, if you were to die now, right now, all of

00:31:07--> 00:31:36

you think within yourself, myself included, if I drop dead here now, what's going to happen? They're going to go and check my closet. They're going to check my clothing. They're going to see what I had. The fridges are full. The freezers are joking. Everything has happened. And I've been set. The women who are materialistic will say, Wow, she lived it up. She really enjoyed life. The real people will say, I hope she prepared for the afra gala forgiven.

00:31:38--> 00:32:05

That's a reality. I don't know why I'm saying she dropped the s it belongs to the he's also Allah protect us really. If I die right now, what am I left? What charities Have I given? There are things you haven't used for two years, you know, if you're not strong enough to give away that which you haven't used for a year. Okay, so you started two years, started two years, you're gonna get some way, believe me, you will achieve I know, I'm talking two categories of people who really are affected by what I'm saying.

00:32:06--> 00:32:16

So this is reality, this talk will be pasted on the net within moments of it completing, if you want to listen to it again, you may do so. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us a deep understanding.

00:32:17--> 00:32:54

And, you know, this is something I'm very passionate about. And I keep on repeating we've only spoken about two or three things I've spoken about your cupboards, I've spoken about the phrases, I've spoken about your store rooms where you've stored things that are totally unnecessary. You know, you have a washing machine you have the latest one which is what can I say activated by sound by your voice voice activation, and then you have one which is sitting from 19 I don't even know when and it's sitting in your store collecting dust and it's sitting in this a fridge today which hasn't been used for ages. There are people who are who cannot afford a fridge or a washing machine

00:32:54--> 00:33:31

or anything of that nature. Who would have done with that a long long time back. Now you've left it to the degree where nothing is quit besides throwing it away people will charge you to come to your house to take that's how bad it is. And we say we are muslimeen Where is Islam Islam teaches you to be charitable give away that which you love when it is in a condition that will be appreciated by those whom you give it to. I think we've said a lot about this. So inshallah I will end this particular session, opening the floor inshallah for questions and inshallah we will try and answer them they do not necessarily have to be on this particular subject, they can inshallah be on any

00:33:31--> 00:33:32

other topic, inshallah.