Can I Wear Coloured Hijabs

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Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers

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Can I wear colors a job or it has to be black or dark brown?

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This question regard to wearing colors the job or the job must be black or dark colors only.

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There is nothing in the sun of the prophets or some of them shows us that there is a specific color must be wearing by woman or one of the condition of hijab one of the conditions of hijab that it has to be black or dark. Yes, many women choose to wear dark colors because they are not attractive and the whole point of a job is not to make the woman look attractive. But I would say that this can be different from one culture to another from one time to another. Some cultures actually lock colors can be more attractive and get people attention way more than color colors job or career or job especially in colorful society like what we have today.

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And yes in the time of the process unless there is narrations and that'd be the oh that became the woman looked like a bunch of girls because we wearing black but also that as many other generation shows that women were also wearing something other than black. For instance in ballerina him a bunch of his son said I should be discharged she said I have seen six from the profits are salons wives investment muscle and that's a red color and meaning duration was

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stated that the profits of salons wives and a smart bear Corolla were in close that it has meant half 100 as red and also uncertain Bahati, the story of Ebenezer bear, it gave his wife a clause which is green. So you will find many narration shows that this also something exists and the time of the Companion of the prophets a lot isn't it? So the point is to wear any colors as long as it is acceptable culture