Have you bought this? Ready for death?

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When you lose a loved one, a good thing for you to do, like I said, Make do after them.

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And you must pick up the pieces. And remember, you're not the first person this is happening to. And this is why Think about it. Think about the possibilities and probabilities and prepare for them. Look at your loved ones and tell yourself the reality is I have to go or you have to go. Or both of us have to go at the same time.

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Subhan Allah and ultimately, we're going to meet again with Allah subhanho wa Taala. So prepare for that day people say, Don't be silly, don't talk about that. You have to you have to prepare a will. It would be a wise idea perhaps to buy and keep with you at home your shroud known as the coffin. It's a wise idea reality would remind you to stay away from sin and engage in obedience. I'm going to go one day I've even bought my shroud. It's sitting in my cupboard back at home. May Allah grant us goodness, Gone are the days when we could just say Oh, so panela you know what death is far not at all. In fact, they will never such days.

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Nowadays with what's going on across the globe, it's driven the matter home in a bigger way. So don't be deceived. My brothers and sisters Don't let shaytan deceive you and make you think that you know what you still have a long time to live. You may have a few hours or a few days.