Victory comes with Patience – Eid Day Message

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But the only sad thing is there is there is a dark cloud looming in in what's going on in the oma at the moment especially what's happening in Palestine it's it's impossible to go to fully rejoice when that is happening to members of our own oma, you know, I think victory comes with patients BLM and NASA Masada. The professor Solomons told us that victory comes with patience. And you know, the amount of patience and forbearance they have is way beyond anything we would ever have. So, you know, we may Allah grant them steadfastness and safety, security, may Allah grant them solution to their problems. And really, those are problems of the oma because the head on there belongs to every

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one of us. And it's just that, unfortunately, we're quite limited in what exactly we could do. So I think for all of us, we make dua, we reach out in whatever way we can. And at the same time, we have to make draft for them. But I think we're all standing all of us. I mean, you know that there is no exception. We're all standing with that particular cause. And we're all

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you know, pained and hurt at what's going on right now. I don't think there is any exception among the Muslims even though some of the Muslims feel like maybe others don't care enough for whatever reason, but that's wrong. We all care you know, no matter who you are as members of the oma So, we're standing with each other and inshallah We hope to see better days. I mean, one thing that is very realistic is many of us have suffered in one way or another throughout this pandemic, and people have lost lives jobs have lost so many things suffered with their health not recovered yet fully. This is the day that we've been instructed to rejoice look at the brothers and sisters in in

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Palestine as much as they're going through, basically, the very great hardship but they too are rejoicing and they're telling us to rejoice the read as much as we do have problems. So May Allah grant all those who have passed on jannatul firdaus. May Allah grant ease to all those who are struggling and suffering Still, this is a day where we will say Alhamdulillah All praise is due to Allah We thank him and we rejoice, we wear good clothes, you know and so on. So let's never lose hope in the mercy of Allah my brothers and sisters, no matter what happens, Allah is our Lord and He will always favor us. You know, victory is very near goodness is coming solution is around the

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corner, and we just need to bear a little bit of patience and inshallah we will be there.