Sajid Umar – Lessons for the Resident not Performing Hajj Part 4

This Lecture ‘Lessons for the Resident not performing Hajj’ is part of the lecture series titled ‘The Hajj – A Message for Mankind’ presented by Sheikh Sajid Ahmed Umar at Fanar, Qatar – UAE.

In this Lecture, Sheikh Sajid highlights the blessing of Allah Almighty that is afforded upon the person that is a resident, and has not undertaken the journey of Allah.

Sheikh Sajid offers advice as to the different actions that may be performed by the resident during these special ten days of dhul-hijjah and having a strong intention to continue with these deeds throughout our lives .

Part 4 from the ‘Lessons of the Resident not performing Hajj’ continues to speak about the general acts of worship and focuses on those acts of worship specific to these special 10 days of dhul hijjah. 

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