Mufti Menk – UK 2008 – How to Obtain Success

Mufti Menk
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It allowed

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to stay away from messages vague and unnecessary. If I want to concentrate in salada, something I need to do is my brain needs to be free of that which is low level is that which is a waste of time, unless it is few times. So I need to stay away from that because few times so that my mind is not preoccupied with force, I'm coming into the lesson, my mind should not be preoccupied with

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the only way that is going to happen, I can stop myself from engaging in that which is unnecessary, what is unnecessary, there are those things which are how I need to exchange that by gossiping, hatred, human feelings, all that is unnecessary, the more we fill our hearts with hatred and feeling and backbiting and gossiping, and being worried about others, the less we will be able to.

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So we will remove all that. So we have taught that to us in the past, they actually took that to us to say we need to clean our house in order to get built.

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So we must understand that if I remove all those things that are unnecessary from my heart is that would you never say you will have space to the heart to God and

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so, it is important that we abstain from that, that we have confirmed that to say when you have ensured that you have abstained from the news that I just mentioned moments ago, then it is important that even that which does not concern you even

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me personally slamming into

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one of the times of the goodness of a Muslim, and the quickness of the slammer, is that really set me somewhat concerning. Let me concentrate on myself, what causes me, like sometimes what happens is we get involved in other people's lives, to the degree that we then tend to overlook our own weaknesses. And for that reason,

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limit shall

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give glad tidings all the systems or anything known as too bad to those whose own weaknesses keep them occupied from involving engaging with other people's weaknesses. So it's important that we keep a check on ourselves to ensure that we do not engage in those things, which will earn the automotive panels and as well as strategies.

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And this is pretty simple

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to do, just sitting at a big law firm,

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I think we need to start with that which is completely so that we will get to that level

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grant us protection, how can I stay away contact with you a few times left which is unnecessary, how can I stay away from this we believe part of the risk was of having only

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those those gifts. Now, in fact, the word is used is not uniform, but

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that is to do record. Now for your information, the words that God does not only means the territories that we know, yes, that is included.

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means to cleanse your heart. Whenever fear is used mostly in the art, it is referring to the cleansing of the heart, like I should explain to you is to show at the end of the word, Allah subhanho wa Taala seeks openness.

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It is about the soul, the personal, inner self. And

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speaking about success, the same thing that we are speaking about today, a lot of successful is the one who cleanses.

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So if I would like to stay away from nature, then rather than jealousy and backbiting and gossiping, and so on, then I need to cleanse my heart, I need to literally give out that I need to purify myself in every single way. And without purification of myself, I will not be able to achieve that. So let me address you for a few moments regarding purification and how it can be achieved. Each one of us is taught by

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each one of us needs to set aside time whether it is five minutes or 10 minutes or more or less every single day. Preferably in the evening when the date is over. We need to set aside the time for meditation, a little bit of what is known as

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a mini meditation, I assume

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You probably wonder what it does to the state? How did I wake up? What time did I get up and I catch myself.

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If I ever talk to

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a man who has a business, for example, he has one shop, he would not like to sit with that one shop for his life, he would like to see more branches, possibly, maybe an extension of impossible, or even in his life, he would not like to just sit with one as he is to know that initiative. No, he wants to see progress. So

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nobody wants to see progress in progress. We like to see progressive. So if I like to see my religious journals as

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progressive, I need to take account just like how we take account.

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At the end of the day,

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we need to take account of all the issues that we have been involved in to the day or the

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house, how can I increase? And all the bad? How can I decrease that information? So if I sit every day for

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more every day, and I ask myself, what did I do today. And if you'd like to know you need to develop.

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It is important that you develop the sequel, in your locality, it is very important, we are going to be asked about a lot of schools in our community, a lot of place as independent community. And

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he intentionally placed certain people in our communities who will be of knowledge. So it is not worth our while to have a doctor of the heart. When we are hospitals, we live in Africa. Or we live in America who live in India, for example, when we know we have a spiritual disease and the doctors right next door, you know.

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And let's try and learn from them. So if we were to develop an image, they would probably tell us look, what do you need to look at it? What can you how do you? How would you

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increase it to two and a half minutes? What do you complain about? How do you speak to your spouse? How do you speak to your family members?

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Only because of how you're in the house, you need to change that you need to develop it. What surprises me sometimes when we have a problem or when we have stress and pressure. Some of us unfortunately would like to go to get counseling for those who have not yet.

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He has not yet he

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has not met one single witness without having to forget anything. And he did not forget any evil to us from that evil. So it's important that we ask ourselves what

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if I am not content Why am I not happy? Why am I not contented? Maybe it is my attitude maybe just maybe you want to talk to me cleansing maybe I need to take out the hatred from my house for example.

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once so

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if you'd like to see the agenda

Milham Mosque, Blackburn

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