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Mufti Menk
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam O Allah Abdullah, he was a Sunni Muhammad Ali, he was happy he has remained My beloved brothers and sisters. It's important for us to know that in this world we have been drifting towards materialism in a great way simply because earning and spending has become something that focus has been maintained upon.

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And it's not wrong to earn in fact, it is a duty for us to earn a living that is halaal Paula bukas Bill halali fairy baton battle Fariba to earn a halaal sustenance or livelihood is an obligation over and above the other obligations that the Almighty has placed on our shoulders. But my beloved brothers and sisters, it is not the main aim. If you take a careful look of this worldly life. Allah subhanho wa Taala calls it a deception. Because we are here we wonder how is it a deception, but I want to explain to you when you came onto this earth, you unclothed they had to clothe you with clothing that they found on Earth. Whatever I have on me right now, no matter what it is,

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we found it on this earth. And we will leave it on this earth. We came from somewhere else, and we are going to go back. So we shouldn't become so attached to something that is actually very temporary. This is why Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Rama Javi he'll hire to do

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well in

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income Indeed, the life of this world, or this worldly life is nothing besides play and amusement. And the real life is actually that of the hereafter. If only but they knew.

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Where was I? A year before I was born? Where were you a year before you were born? Hello, darlin. ehsani

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mina de la Mia. Che

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Guevara has a time not passed. Before where man was nothing to even be mentioned.

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No one has mentioned you prior to your birth, they didn't even know you were coming. You didn't know you were coming along you. When you came on to the earth. Allah says our lamea on him.

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For Aparna, who means

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for either

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ob gyn does men not see that we created him from a single droplet of *. And now that he's grown a little bit bigger, suddenly he becomes argumentative. Who were you? And who are you? Come down, come down, prepare for the day, you're going to go back to Allah. That's the message.

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Let's not think we're too big because of a little bit of money we've made. Let's not think we are too powerful because a little bit of a position that Allah has given us. Let's not think that we are greater than everybody else simply because Allah has given us something in this world. No, true success is the success of the hereafter. When Allah subhanho wa Taala says anyone who gets their book in the right hand, they will be the ones who will be the ultimate, the ultimate from those who succeed. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us true success. So in this worldly life, a day will come when you will suffer a loss. And days will come when you make a profit. You have a good job, you

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have a brilliant income. And suddenly one day everything comes crashing. It's just a lot testing you while Anna burn one accom Allah emphasizes by saying we will definitely test all of you with what a little bit of hunger, a bit of fear, loss of wealth, loss of lives around you. This type of loss, difficulty hardship, whatever it may be warfare that happens in another verse, Allah speaks about him, sickness and illness similar to these that we're facing right now. May Allah grant us all cure and May Allah protect us.

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Allah says, we will test you. So a day for you a day against you. If you are healthy, your health will never, ever remain forever. If you are alive, your life won't remain forever in this world, you have to go somewhere else. Similarly, if you're a person who has wealth, you're not going to remain rich forever. You have a job, it's not going to remain forever. Allah says we will have to change the days. You know regarding warfare. Allah says, What till can monada we know how

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the days Allah rotates them around for the people a day you win a day you lose a day you gain a day you lose and so on. Why? It's a test. When Allah says, I have created you to test you will law when you mature a little bit and you think about it, it is absolutely true. Allah has created you to test you because nothing happens according to your liking. It happens according to the liking of Allah. Your very identity was chosen by Allah Who are you your parents, your complexion, your race, your nationality, whatever it is, that you did not have a say in it. I can only not have a say in something, if it is an examination. If it was my own thing, I would have a say in everything. You

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get the point. You have an exam of any nature on Earth. You will never know the questions in advance. Unless you're in South Africa and we had lots of Allah grant us ease. I see the uncle saying if you have the money, but in the eyes of Allah, obviously that's on a lighter note guys. But in the eyes of Allah, you cannot cheat. You cannot deceive. It's a test. Allah is watching.

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Nothing that is displeasing to Allah is worth it. Nothing.

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You know why you're compromising? the Hereafter, the eternal hereafter can burn to him boon Allah Jalla wa tada

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ne Allah says, You love that which is right in front of you now, but you're forgetting about the asset of the hereafter which is everlasting. In surah, Allah Allah which we hear at times, in many of the Salawat especially Juma and eat a lot of the times we hear it Allah says it in there that you know what

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the ophira the Hereafter is better than this life by far. So my brothers and sisters Don't be deceived by the materialism around you use it in order to lead a comfortable life within the obedience of Allah. May Allah grant us all good sustenance a amin May Allah give us wealth that is sufficient for us and wealth that we can use to earn paradise. Imagine a man of the one

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he bought the well it's a long story I'm not going to get into it. The profits are seldom says who is going to buy this well and for them is Jenna. He bought it for him was Jenna. He came on another occasion he brought so many thousand camels in order to serve in the cause of Allah. And for him was Jenna not once more than once. Do you know that the endowment on his name is running to this day? Subhana Allah to this day, what type of Baraka is this? What type of blessing is this? He was a man. I was reading about Abdullah Heppner. mobarak Rahim Allah,

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one of the great predecessors, they say he was so wealthy, but no one knew very few only his close circles a year he would come out he Sabine Allah and the year he would go for Hajj. Subhan Allah, and he would spend his wealth and he would send amounts and people wouldn't even know where's this coming from? My brothers and sisters Don't you agree? The most favorite from amongst us is the one who has the best of both.

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The best of both Imagine if Allah has blessed you with a bit

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and you leading a comfortable life, and he's given you the opportunity to actually worship him with goodness. Isn't that a favor? And that's why when we are taught to Allah.

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Allah speaks about Hajj, mela, take us all for Hajj and Umrah

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and Hajj you know that the dua that you make is actually very important. Remember one thing, not every place that you're going to make a dua is equivalent is equal. Some places are more noble, more spiritual, more elevated than others. It's better to make a dua in a Masjid, for example, some times are better than others. The third of the the night. You know, they call it the fool laid in here. The last third of the night is more blessed that you really have a problem. Set your clock get up cry to Allah, you really have issues you need to come to the masjid cry to Allah cry to Allah in when you have done an act of worship. Amen.

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People going for Hajj. So Allah talks about something very interesting Surah Al Baqarah. The dua that people make when they go for Hajj it's mentioned in the Quran and Allah gives you two examples.

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Allah says amin and CMA code are from among the people there are some who only say robina attina. Dunia wama hoofing. It mean

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they only say Oh Allah grant me grant me grant me regarding the dunya regarding this world, but they have forgotten totally the hereafter. So they have no portion of the hereafter in their do app or even in reality.

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But then Allah says,

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woman whom my poo from among the people, they are those who call out in a different way. They say, Rob banner, Latina fin dunia hi Santa wolfin naughty Hi, Santa joaquina either.

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Oh Allah grant us goodness in this world, and grant us goodness in the hereafter and save us from the punishment of hellfire. If you look at that, do our Allah says, Allah, Allah whom no see boom meme, Casa boo, those are the ones who will get a portion of what they have earned. They have a concern for the hereafter more than the concern for this life. Evidence Avi does divide the data into three, they say grant as goodness in the dunya. That's one portion. Then they say Grant has goodness in the hereafter. That's the second portion, then they say save us from the punishment of hellfire. That's a third portion. How many portions of three are connected to the life after death

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and how many are connected to this life? One to this life and to to the other. Allah says those are the ones who know what's going on. Those are the true believers. Allah says we want you to lead a good life. We will test you when we test you take it in your stripe, you will not suffer for more than a short period of time, be it a year, two years, five years, 10 years what is 10 years in your 17 year life? Nothing Subhana Allah, Allah says take it in your stride, be patient. Don't be greedy, thank Allah for the little you have and you will find it with a lot of blessings and Baraka sometimes you have people who have millions and billions they can't sleep and others have a little

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bit less but Mashallah they're well they sleep and so on. Those are the blessings from Allah subhanho wa Taala. So remember my brothers and sisters, whatever you do a portion, a large chunk of it for the hereafter.

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And I want to draw your attention to something amazing.

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I've asked people and even if I were to ask you many people who would give me a similar answer, you want to live a life and to get married. You want to have your your own home who wouldn't like to have their own little house, you know, a nice place in a nice area where I'm safe and secure. Listen to the words you look for a location around where you know, it's considered a decent suburb, I can inshallah get this house, my children have a school nearby, we have perhaps a Masjid nearby, etc. Mashallah good. You want the house that you want to have a little investment so that one day you can retire, you no longer need to work and you have a passive income that's coming in? Everyone will

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tell you that, don't you agree? My brother, my sister, that preparation is brilliant. I agree. If you have it, Allah blessed you but the blessing is short. You know why? You need to prepare with even greater zeal for the eternal abode in the hereafter. What about your suburb in the hereafter? You don't want to go into the middle of a war zone known as Johanna you know, you don't want to go into the middle of a suburb where everyone is stealing and pinching the same way you don't want that here. What about the the way to achieve that? Salatin Fado Salam ala Aisha your truthfulness. You're worshipping Allah alone. You're adopting the Sunnah of the Prophet sallahu wa sallam your respect

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for others. I have noticed something on my own, that sometimes outwardly pious looking people lose the plot by insulting and abusing and belittling others. They lost it. No matter who you are. You need help. I need help. Help what doing achieving? What? Fighting shaytan? You think shaytan doesn't come to a pious man. I believe shaitan tries different tricks with a pious person.

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He comes in make him feel you are pious initially says no, I'm nobody. But you're very pious. You got up for the hundred others don't say no. And nobody said no. But you are extremely pious. Look at the door. Are you making you crying? I'm pious through colosse chepang got you why he convinced you that's the very moment you start building these guys don't even get that for the head. Dude. I am the head dude. You know, and these guys, what are they? You know, we have an issue at the moment with the Coronavirus and I take the

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To say it is difference of opinion. So what does that mean? Does that give us the license to insult others you follow the view you believe is correct and move on. Don't compromise your ophira by arguing and fighting and belittling and swearing and insulting, that is against the sooner against Islam, you're compromising your paradise. Allah grant us Jenna.

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This is why I say let's not forget where we are focused. This world is only a means to get to a gentle dose. I want it and you want it and we all want it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us Jenna, my beloved brothers and sisters, one of the best things you could give another, you know they say we are meaning give gifts. When you give gifts to one another what would happen? It would increase the love between you by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the best gifts you can ever give a person is to be genuine with them to be sincere with them. A Dino naziha Deen is sincerity. When you are sincere with someone you speak to them in a respectful way, in agreement and

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in disagreement. Khulna lemonnier Rasul Allah, Allah He will surely well in many Muslim in our Amati

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they asked him to whom should we be sincere, be sincere in your relationship with Allah. So you will worship Him alone, be sincere in your relationship with Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam so you will adopt his Suna with humility because some people adopted with arrogance they have also lost. Remember, shaytan comes all the time, all the time. May Allah protect myself and yourselves. Be sincere with the leaders of the Muslims, the leaders, when you belittle the leaders, and when you insult them and abuse them, you lose leadership, and the boat or the ship is left without a captain, which is worse than having a captain who has a flaw or two. The leaders are not prophets of Allah,

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they will have a flaw or to respect your leaders. Look at any community whether Obama or belittled, it's lost. When you have disrespected Obama, you've lost the plot your your ship has rocked to the degree that shape and takes over. But people don't realize this, whether you have a difference or not. What does it cost you to be respectful, you can come to the scholar and say, I very strongly disagree with you. And I believe you are totally wrong. Just but I love you and I respect you luck. But what did it cost you? Instead of insulting and swearing and hurling abuses such that the Eman would have to look into the dictionary to say what did this uncle say he thinks it's a good word and

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he realizes it's a bad word. Who lost and who gave?

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Allah grant us goodness. That's not piety. That is far from piety. And worse, is when people begin to think that Oh, it's piety. When you insult another alum, we are pious, we are high we have a very high moral standing. Therefore we are allowed to insult everyone else. That is exactly a police's policy. That's what he fought. And I

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mean, who are you? I am better than him. I have the right to do whatever I want. He doesn't.

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So how Allah I need to cry for Jenna the same way you need to cry for Jenna.

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I need to cry is the same way you need to cry. All I need to do learn to respect people when you see someone astray.

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You're gonna see how you're loose inside you the genuineness the sincerity should make you think hard before I talk to him. Let me cry for one week on my masala making dua for him. After that I will talk to him with utmost respect Subhana Allah, where are the luck? As the generations are passing we're losing a clock among the scholars. No more luck, no character no conduct, whereas the professor Selim says he has seen

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the best from amongst you are those who are best in character and conduct. That's what it is.

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Who is your character? You think because you're a person who Allah gave something, whether it's wealth or knowledge, or looks or whatever it may be position that you have the right to disregard o'clock for a minute in order to project something you want to say. When the professor Salaam spoke to Abu Jamal with respect. He spoke to an agnostic blu ray with respect. He spoke to Abu sufian before he was Muslim with respect, that's why a lot of them came to the team. We chase our youngsters away from Islam because we have made the main focus this dunya we want to win a war in this world. That's the thing.

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And we do it in a way that is unacceptable in Islam.

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Al ha como takato had zona tomorrow

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Matha bill What a powerful surah Allah says you know what? amassing material items has led you astray until you visit the graveyards then you will know then definitely you will know and then you will know with your eyes you will have seen Subhan Allah Allah says you know what? visit those graveyards the process lm says continue to coumarins era till kobori Allah Xu ha ha ha to the kilchoman era I used to prohibit you from visiting the graves, visit them they will remind you of the hereafter we're going to go there may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us all genital for DOS and May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us and forgive our shortcomings and help us focus.

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Let's learn to respect one another so that we don't lose our Acura together with our ibadah together with whatever we want. Always ask Allah for goodness in this world, goodness in the hereafter. One of the ways that people compromise there are Farah is when they insult and belittle one another. There are many narrations that I will not go into right now. But in sha Allah in sha Allah, if we give importance to this matter, we will make living in our communities. One of the most favorable and beautiful things are kuroko li hava masala, Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad

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