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Assalamu Aleikum my brothers and sisters, Black Friday specials Subhana Allah, yes, we're allowed to make use and to benefit from these specials. Sometimes things are being sold at ridiculous prices. So there are people who say, You're not allowed it's Haram, you're a Muslim, to be honest with you, I prefer it not being called blackfriday for some reason, but Subhana Allah, it's a good thing, where they have discounts perhaps towards the end of the year where people are trying to get rid of their stocks one hand and the other, they perhaps you know, have just gotten used to this sale that happens. It's not wrong to make use of it, please Guess what? Let me know if you find a bargain

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inshallah, in the comments below. If you find an absolute bargain, please tell us Mashallah. Why not? Don't just, you know, enjoy these beautiful prices yourself. We also need some stuff sometimes. And you know, what, if it's going to be at a bargain, it might be a good idea, you earn a reward on top of that, so how do you get a reward through Black Friday sales by letting others know about the sales, especially when there's imagine a beautiful trip somewhere, and it's just for $1? Wow, so panela what type of reward will you get? planula Okay, so I thought I'd just speak to you about Black Friday sales and people are saying you're not allowed and you know, some people have messaged

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me to say please speak about how haram it is. Actually, I'm going to do the opposite. And I'm going to tell you please let me know if there are any specials. Allah bless you guys Latika lovey calm salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah.