Drowning in this Dunya

Ahsan Hanif


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And that is why alonza will often in the Quran and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the center, they remind us of this reality. And it is a difficult reality to remember, because we are so immersed within the dunya. And part of that is true under is natural, and it's part of our existence, and even our role as Muslims, that we as Muslims, we have to provide for our families, I have to provide for my children, I have to be a part of my community, I have to have time for my body and for myself and for my children. It is hard for me to enjoy what Alonzo tell is made Hello from. So part of that immersion in the dunya. It is part of that which allows the origin has made

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a part and parcel of our lives it is from the halaal. But then when she ponders, he comes and he dips our heads down so deep down into the dunya that we never come up for air. We never remember perspective. We never remember that this life is so temporary and so fragile. As we just saw in the janazah that we just prayed moments ago, that one minute your hand the next minute, you're gone. Today, I'm healthy. And tomorrow, I go and see the doctor and I find that I have a debilitating illness and disease. Today, I have everything that I could possibly want. And tomorrow some calamity strikes me and my whole dunya changes. Today I'm happy and I'm content. But tomorrow is full of

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sadness and worry and anxiety. That is the reality of the dunya. And that's why the scholars used to say for every day of happiness that you get, you probably have two or three of suddens, the dunya it's full of trials and full of tribulations and full of calamity. And even for those people who don't suffer outward calamity. Then within their hearts, you'll find that there's a big hole, no contentment, no peace, no tranquility, no happiness. They live a life of pure anxiety and worry and stress. Because they don't have the tranquility that comes from turning to Allah and worshiping Allah subhana wa Tada. When can you read that Arjuna see if that is the goal that we want. That's

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what we're striving for. That's what we're working towards, that allows the origin will give it to us, just as he gave it to our own, and he gave it to Pharaoh, and he gave it to Abuja and and Abu lahab. And he gave it to me and and all of those other people that have come before us. They wanted this dunya that was the goal in whichever form and shape that they wanted it on a large though just gave it to them. Or what they forgot, was that it's limited. Even if you live for 100 years, it is a speck in the lifespan of this world. It's nothing. 100 years is nothing. And those 100 years out of those 100 years when you take away sleep and you take away food and you take every word, and you

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take away illness and everything else, how much do you actually take from the dunya? Hardly anything. And that's why the dunya is full of problems, full of hardship and full of difficulty. And that is part and parcel of the life of this dunya but the beauty of Islam and believing in Allah subhanaw taala is we know that it is only temporary. If someone oppresses me in this life and I have no justice. Doesn't matter what happens. I go to the police, I go to law, court laws and whatever. And I don't get my rights doesn't happen for whatever reason. I know that there is a greater court that I will stand in front of and agree to judge that I will stand before insha Allah and Allah azza

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wa jal will have that type that justice