This life is temporary – Do you agree

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of following Allah's teachings and embracing his teachings. They emphasize the need to confront loss and the importance of reminding oneself of the loss. The speaker also mentions the possibility of meeting with people they cannot meet and the potential for conflict if they meet with someone named Janna.
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When we are connected to Allah, which begin to fulfill the rights of ALLAH, so I will worship Allah I will adopt what he says I will try to understand what is halal what is haram what he wants, what he does not want, I will adopt it I'm going to be trying my best knowing I'm going to go back to Allah when someone passes away when something disastrous happens we say in alila he were in LA he Raji own, we belong to Allah and we are going to go back to him. That statement should make it easy for us to overcome the loss by reminding ourselves that the loss is temporary, but Allah is eternal, and Allah we are going to all meet again when we go back to him. Today for example, I want to meet

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you I want to meet every one of you including all the people I cannot do it because I'm a human and the time is limited, but I know if Allah takes us to Janna, we can do it. If Allah takes us to Jana, we can do it because time is unlimited time will be no more. No more time.