No Fear, No Sadness!

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah, Allah, Allah, he was happy as mine, my beloved brothers and sisters, Allah created us humankind, in this world and after this he has a hereafter, we will all go to the hereafter there is no way that you are going to escape the hereafter.

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The wisest of us is the one who prepares for the day that we're going to go back to Allah. What does he have in store for us? If I were to ask you, you would say, Jenna, right? You need to have hope that Allah will give you Jenna through His mercy. You're a good person. May Allah grant us goodness. Why do I say you're a good person? You believe in Allah, you try your best. You engage in his divine father and seek forgiveness where you've gone wrong. And you continue to try to worship Allah in the best possible way. And you discipline yourself. And when you do something bad, you feel bad. And when you do something good, you feel good. That's what a believer is all about. Adam alayhis salam

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made a mistake, or committed a sin. He felt bad he sought the forgiveness of Allah. What did Allah do? He is also going to be in general Fidel's May Allah grant us Jana. But my brothers and sisters, Allah created us in this world with certain things that he has placed in order to test us to have them I want to mention today, how and his

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fear and sadness when you come on to the earth. Allah says, while I never

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be shy

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alcovy Subhan Allah in Surah Al Baqarah, Allah says we will definitely indeed test all of you with a little bit of fear, fear.

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That's the first thing Allah speaks about. Fear is your first test.

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And that's why when Allah speaks of Jana, always he says, Fela, kung fu nyla him there's going to be no fear, they will not need to fear there's not going to be any sense of fear. What is fear? It might be a small word, but in the English language, many words would be needed to translate the Arabic health. For example, anxiety is health.

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When a person is worried about the future, worry, is also a type of health. When a person doesn't know what's going to happen tomorrow, that's also health. When a person is in real fear, or is scared, that is hope. All this is going to happen on Earth. You have people who threaten you, you have a job you might lose, you might have lost in terms of your health, you're worried about your children, the future, what's going to happen, all that is normal. Allah says we may do on earth in order to test you with hoeve.

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That's one thing. Second thing is prison. Prison is sadness.

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When Allah describes Jenna, he always says Fela, homophone Allah imana homea zanoni. They will have no reason to fear to be sad or to fear. Either one of them. Why does Allah say no fear, no sadness, because it proves that in this world, there will be fear and there will be sadness. That's what it is sad about what sad because someone you didn't expect to do something to you dig that thing to you. You're sad. For example, things didn't go your way. You're sad. Well, I'm going to tell you something shortly. When Allah Almighty is worshipped alone, and you understand he is in charge, your sadness goes away. Because you know, Allah did it. There must be some faith in this. There must be

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some goodness in this. I lost everything. There is goodness, I lost a limb there is goodness, I lost my life. There is goodness. Allah wanted you to die at a certain point, the age of 26 for example, you're gone. That's not a bad thing. People who are left behind might think it's a bad thing for as long as you got Jana. Robbie, Albania. The deal was profitable. Subhan Allah, if Allah says I take you away now, but I give you a gentle go. It's worth the deal. Lao Akbar. Allah grant us ease. It's easy to say it right? Wait until someone comes and says, let's go. It's not going to happen that way. But when Malakal mode comes when the Angel of Death comes, you can't tell him two minutes I'm

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coming? No, not at all.

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So how often he doesn't. These are two things. Like I said, a lot tells us in Jannah there's no hope, no vision, there is no fear. There is no sadness.

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In this world, there will be fear and sadness, but when you worship Allah

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Allah will take away sadness and worry, fear even in this world from dobbiaco daiya Fila kung fu nine he

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doesn't own the term health and doesn't have been repeated together 14 times in the Quran most of them are six of them are in Surah Al Baqarah where Allah says, If you follow the guidance we sent you, you there will be no element of fear no element of sadness. Wow, why because why should I worry? I laid my trust in Allah totally. I tried my best. I'm a good person. I worship Allah. I don't Mel three people I don't cheat and deceive. I don't backstab people today the backstabbing on earth is such that it will create fear in you. When you backstab someone and you harm someone thinking it will benefit you. In actual fact, it will create COVID ism in you long term and short

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term. Remember this. If you are suffering with fear and sadness, something is wrong in either your relationship with Allah or how you have treated the fellow creatures of Allah. That's what it is something is wrong. Because if you're a true believer, and you treat people well and you talk to them nicely, and you respect everyone, and you don't shortchange someone you haven't cheated or deceived or backstabbed, someone, etc, etc, there is no chance that you can go beyond a certain level, or the minimum of unhelpful

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fear and sadness. Obviously, minimum level as a human being, it's there, but you won't go beyond you will lay your trust in Allah. If Allah did this, he did it. A person's whole factory burned down. And he says Alhamdulillah Allah Cooley Han, what's that? That's easy, man. He says, You know what I suffered the last years. But I know I'm a good person, Allah will grant me a recompense, if not in the dunya, then in the archaea. And if I'm fortunate, then both in the dunya and in the afternoon, Allah will give you How much do you want on earth? How many millions Do you want to make on earth? You've already made so much do you really need it? The answer is no, you don't need it. It's just

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extra and excess. I like to ask the children and I've asked him, How much money do you want to make in your life? Now in Zimbabwe, the figure has spiraled because obviously the zeros mean nothing anymore. But before when money was money, they would say I just want to make a million, then I can retire. I promise you some of the adults will tell you, we made the first million we went for the next one, we went the next one, we went for the 10 we went we made the 10. We wanted to go and go and go and it does not stop and how much are you going to use on earth? I promise you not more than a few dollars. That's it. After that. your children, your family members will fight over that money

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when you're gone. Your brothers, brothers stop speaking to each other only because of money, nothing else, throw the money away and have your marhaba have your love. It's better for you. May Allah grant us goodness, throw your money. You don't need it. Love is more important. Your relationship with your brother is far more important than that money. But you don't realize if I were to ask you put a value put a price tag upon the money. Sorry, upon the relationship you have you cannot you want happiness, how much are you going to pay for happiness? I want to give you another example. People fear what did I say earlier? Fear and sadness, right? That's the topic today fear and

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sadness, how in the jungle, it's not going to be there on Earth. It is there. But if you have a relation with Allah, Allah minimizes it to a bare minimum. Now when I lay him while at home, he has a good relationship with Allah. Why should I fear? I lay my trust in Allah. So you have Subhanallah a person? What would he paid for one heartbeat? One heartbeat. When your heart starts pumping a bit too fast or a bit too slow? What do you do? Spend money to go where doctors specialists fly off to somewhere University in wherever you fly of here medical this that if you've got a lot of money, you'll end up in the top Hospital in the world. You know why? You don't want that hard to stop for

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one beat Allahu Akbar, and you spent 100 million. Why? One heartbeat agree? Allah tells you lay your trust in me. It's okay. You will become cool. You do your Salah. Imagine you're so excited because Allah gave you the chance to put your head on the ground for him. Did you know Allah chooses who he wills to put their heads on the ground for him?

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It's not easy. Yes, you make an effort. But Allah either accepts that effort or rejected. So many people live right next door to the masjid. You'll never see them there. And so many people live far away. They'll drive all the way there Subhan Allah, so many people live in Makkah, they haven't seen the harem inside, they've never been for Hajj. And there are others who live in Indonesia and they are gone for Hajj every so often or at least their dream is one day. We're going to go there.

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That's Allah Allah accepts and rejects, or believes that he will jealous. So how do I protect myself from hope and vision? How do I protect myself from what Allah said he's going to test us with. Now the sadness comes because you lost a child. It's normal sadness, the sadness comes because you lost something. True sadness should be when you've missed your obligation up onto Allah. When you missed your obligation unto Allah, you missed fudger you should be very sad that day, you something went wrong, you committed a sin, you should be sad that day, that is true sadness, why? Let me seek the forgiveness of Allah and then you should be happy that Allah showed you a door to come out of the

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sadness by seeking forgiveness, or bullies that you are gentle, my brothers and sisters.

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How should I minimize this? Allah teaches it to you 14 times in the Quran, he has told us these qualities of these people, if they do good and they worship me and they believe in the last day, they have no reason to fear, no to be said, leave it in my hands. And trust me, that's it. If you have to work cool in Allah, you won't have a problem what is our code, to lay your trust in Allah and to leave things in the hands of Allah after you did what Allah gave you in terms of capacity to achieve what is right let me give you a quick example. People say there is a virus there is a virus Nothing will happen to you except by the will of Allah we agree nothing can ever happen except by

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the will of Allah we agree. But when Allah has given you the understanding and the capacity to do some form of precaution, some minimum form of protecting yourself, you need to do that you need to do that because that part, Allah left it in your hands. Then you lay your trust in Allah. When you have a false trust in Allah you say Allah, nothing will happen except by your hands. I'm just going to carry on as though there is no lion in front of me. If the lion will bite it will bite if it won't bite, it won't bite and guess what? Subhanallah you're bitten and eaten that is suicide. Because Why did you throw yourself in Allah says wala Ed, Camila Naka, don't throw yourselves with

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your own hands into destruction and death. That's what Allah says. So I will be in my car. I will close my windows when I'm going to the lion Park and I will make sure I Don't misbehave. When if the lion tears open that roof and molds the person and eats them up. Don't worry, that was always in deed of Allah in a way that you won't be questioned about it. You played your role and Allah did the rest. But when you did not play your role, then you have to answer to Allah. Why did you pretend like you are a wise crack? That's the word. Why is crack he thinks he's too sharp to intelligent. He's the only one who trusts Allah. Not at all. You actually do not trust Allah. Why don't you sit

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at home and wait for the money to come in? People will come and say oh, by the way, yes, your salary. What What did you do? Where did you go? What happened? Nothing. You got up and you did work. So Allah says he will alleviate for you your fear and your sadness. If you believe in Allah. I don't have the time to go through all these 14 verses. But I want to tell you, nearly all of them have mentioned in them of worshiping Allah doing good deeds and believing in the last day. I just give you one example. Allah says in the Medina, Aman, one Medina one nosara, etc, etc, that the believers meaning those who were Jewish, those who were Christian, etc, etc. Man, Amina biLlahi, when Yeoman

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aka whoever believed in Allah and the Last Day, while I'm in Asana, Han and did good deeds for Allah Hold on, I let him Malanga know there will be no fear for them, nor will they have any reason to be sad because they believed in Allah and the Last Day and they did good deeds, those are the three things you need. When you do those three. Even in this world, Allah will help you so that your sadness comes down and Allah will help you so that your fear is alleviated. You can walk and you know nothing will harm me except if Allah has returned it for me. May Allah bless every one of us akula Kali hada or sallallahu wasallam albaraka Allah Nabina Muhammad