Quran Reflect 101 – Detox First

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So on equal everyone Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah earlier savagery

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we begin the name of Allah whole praise and glory be to Allah and mais finest peace and blessings be upon His messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his family and his companions and all those who tread his path.

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I asked Allah to deliver us to the month of Ramadan. And we say, Oh Allah, perhaps you know that if the massages were open,

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we would discover that we were all taught, and

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we wouldn't perform as we claimed that we would. And Allah, you know that.

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Though we don't want to be by ourselves or in our homes outside of the massages in the promo bond.

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You also perhaps know that this could be a very special, unique Ramadan for us,

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where we discover something new about ourselves and a new found tenderness to our hearts and an unprecedented invigoration for our faith. And so perhaps we hate a thing. And it's better for us and we love something and it is worse for us and you know, and we do not

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Oh Allah Deliver us Ramadan, and shall begin beginning this evening a series of talks

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renewing our vows with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And how exactly to do that.

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Connecting with the Quran in sha Allah a new or like never before in sha Allah.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says when necessary luminol for any man who has Shiva or meaning, while I osito volley Mina in the hersa

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we sent down this score and to serve as a

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cure and a mercy for the believers for the faithful and it does not increase the wrongdoers.

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The oppressor is the unjust except in loss except in failure.

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And this mnemonic the Companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam had a very famous student named Casa de Arteta, Rahim Allah said, magia let's have a look. Or Anna Hayden in our car man who busier that in Oxon, no one ever sits with this for an hour, and then rises from it without having been increased or in some way, or having sunk plummeted, been demoted in some way.

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And to prove that he recited this ayah when I osito volley Mina Illa Hassan at the same Quran, which serves as the cure and a mercy for the believers, increases the volume mean those guilty of volume in loss, it increases them in loss. So those who commit to volume injustice against themselves by sinning against Allah subhanho wa Taala, or those who commit injustice against other people.

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By sinning against our law, and violating his creation, these people to the extent of the volume that they commit is the extent of loss that they incur when and by reading the Quran. I begin with that, for a very obvious reason that people don't realize that in order to access the whole and you need to flush and rinse and clean yourself,

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of the toxins that could make you ineligible undeserving of being cured and receiving the mercy that is in the Koran, that is the Quran.

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You know,

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Allah subhanho wa Taala says in the Quran, for example,

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in the Holy Quran on Karim, it is a noble Koran, fakie Tabby maknoon in a, a locked preserved record meaning and lo and behold, the inscription the preserved tablet that's inscribed above the heavens, la Yama, suhu lol Moto, Harun that version of the Quran, the real version or the original version that's inscribed in the heavens, it is not touched except by the most purified and the majority of the scholars said, most purified means most purified angels

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is what is being referred to here.

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And they said, but still that is a reference for us to be purified in a state of oluwo when we approach the Quran, but remember Buhari Rahim Allah, he added to this night disagreeing he added to this something very beautiful, a very beautiful touch, if you will. He said, Why is Allah telling us that the reason

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Koran is only touched by the purest angels. It's as if he is telling us that for you to touch the reality of the Quran, you need to first purify yourself from all of the diseases and the poisons and the ills within your heart. And so when you are performing will do to touch the hole and make sure you are not just cleansing your exterior make sure you are cleansing your interior with Toba with repentance with remorse with

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seeking forgiveness making this default as you grab that for an so that you may be able be deserving of benefiting from it. Otherwise, you may not realize that you there's a huge blockade between you and benefiting from that book.

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And that is the volume that you have not yet separated yourself from, you know, similarly shift for the salon entertainment a whole lot. He said, How can you know, you expect to benefit from the Quran without first removing all the cobwebs from within? I'm paraphrasing what he said exactly is that a Lazo agendas prophet? The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said,

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in the highest level on Han Bukhari and Muslim in El mela ekata, todo beighton fee Sora tuna can the angels don't enter a house in which there is an image like an image of an animate object?

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Or a dog? angels will enter these houses so he says so then by analogy, how can you expect the sweetness of faith the love of Allah coming feeling near to Allah to enter a house that is filled with the images of worldly attachments, worldly obsessions, and the dogs of unlawful desires running rampant in your heart, a very beautiful insight that we should really consider. So we will not be able to access the Quran until first we do that

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internal cleaning that deep cleaning and do it every time before you touch the hole. And you know, someone can say very quickly before I close on this first tip, that doesn't make any sort of sense. Because if I need to be pure to be able to access the hole, and then

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how can we

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understand the fact that the Quran is what purifies us? So like, it sounds like a circular argument. Is the Quran gonna purify me? Or do I need to be pure first before I approach the Quran? No, it actually does make perfect sense. And this actually turns your attention a smart question like that should turn your attention to the fact that sometimes a law allows you to benefit from his book while undeserving

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as a bonus, just pure grace guidance starts with him and then this is a test for you and how are you going to respond to it? When an idea catches you when an idea catches someone who's a disbeliever altogether? He hasn't been purified yet, but just out of grace, undeserving grace from Allah He is connected

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to one of the meanings of the Quran, how's he going to respond to it that's part of purification if you're part of it is the fact that you are responsive to the messages of the Quran and so it's still far when you are approaching the Quran deep cleaning, and then when you do come close to the whole and to ensure your purity stays or to advance your purity further. treat this word treat these words like no one's words, as Malika Medina Rahim Allah would say to his students after they finished reading his marrow nama Apolo sadiya, common folk Yoshi, listen to what the most truthful speaker is saying from above his throne, treat it that way, or else you missed out on the undeserving gift that

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would get you started on your walk. The walk of being cured and shown mercy to by virtue of Allah's book is like a local and everybody and tomorrow night with another short reminder on how to connect with the Quran said I want to buy