The Story of Repentance of Prophet Adam (AS)

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Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us the story of a part of the story of Adam, the first of our species in these verses of Surah Baqarah right at the beginning, and Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us how Adam alayhis salam and his wife Eve or Hawa, alayhi salaatu wa sallam, how they actually turned to him. When there was only one thing that he had asked him not to do, and they fell. So if you look, Allah says, What Guna ja de Muskaan that was ojochal.

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Our Kula mean, Ramadan hi sushi Toma wala taco raba. The Chateau de takuna Amina Lonnie, meaning. We told Adam Adam dwell there in yourself and your spouse in this paradise and eat whatever you wish but do not come close to this particular tree or you will be from among the wrongdoers. And you know what? shaytan the devil came to him and unfortunately, made him slip. He felt human nature. He faulted Don't we all falter. Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala taught him some words. And then Allah subhanho wa Taala heard him say those words. Those were the words of repentance. And that's why Allah says Fatah lie in hoo hoo, boo Rahim. Allah forgive him. For Indeed Allah is a web and Rahim.

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These two qualities again, bringing about comfort, in times of crisis. This was a crisis for Adam alayhis salam, he just made a huge mistake. He did something so bad. It was the only thing Allah told him not to do. It was major for him. Allah told him personally that you know what, don't do this. And that's exactly what he fell in. Allah warned him about the devil. Don't we get warnings? Aren't we from among those who are told time and again, not to do something and we still do exactly the same thing we were told not to do. Look at how weak man is. So Allah says you're in crisis because you did something you were not supposed to do? Well, right at the beginning of Surah Al

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Baqarah. Here verse number 35 of the surah. Allah says, we were going to show you what the first of your species did your greatest forefather and we are going to show you how we forgave him and how everything was okay. How he achieved comfort. In the time of his crisis. What was the crisis? he sinned against Allah, what type of person it was a major sin. It was the only sin and he sinned. He transgressed. What did he do? He was ashamed of himself. He was very embarrassed. him and his wife, both of them extremely embarrassed. So they called out to Allah.

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Robin robina vollum.

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Susana was in Dauphin, Lana,

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Lana, coonan mean alpha CD in our Lord, we have wronged ourselves. And if you don't forgive us and have mercy on us, we will be from among the losers. So Allah says, We forgive him. Do you know why? Allah calls himself a web? That doesn't mean one who forgives? No, it means one who keeps on forgiving. He forgives again and again, and so on. So this is a lowest quality he doesn't just forgive one time. Never lose hope in the mercy of Allah.