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Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim, Al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was salam, O Allah Rasool Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah He was here at mine, my brothers and sisters, the Prophet Jesus May peace be upon him Isa alayhi salam, Who was he? And what exactly happened when he was born? How was he born? So we want to go through a few of these details. And I will pause every time in order to draw lessons. And at the same time, I will try my best to ensure that whatever I've said is from the Koran, so that we can understand what Islam says, clearly, from Revelation within the poor on of East LA Salatu was Salam. So,

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we take a look at the grandmother of Jesus May peace be upon him from his mother's side. So the mother of his mother, the Quran refers to her as a mama to a man, the wife of a man. The Koran says, This woman was a very pious woman and she made a promise

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that if Allah were to bless me with a child, I will dedicate that child to Allah.

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In Minato, tulika, Murphy botany Mohan, for Taco Bell Mini, I will actually dedicate this child in my belly for you, for Allah subhanho wa Taala, dedicated for his cause. So accept it from me. And this is what she is saying. And then when she gave birth, Allah says Allah Mahabharata when she gave birth to a female child, she was surprised, but she fulfilled the vow. pause for a moment.

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If you look at vows in Islam, and I'm fast forwarding to the rulings of the Sharia that we follow, brought by Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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If you look at vows, when you make a vow that Oh Allah, if you do this, I will do this. If you do that, I will do this. So the prophets are seldom says another rule, it behaved well in NEMA you stuffer jaminan. But he'll a vow doesn't bring about the goodness, but it's actually extracting a good deed, from a person who is miserly or stingy to do good deeds. So we shouldn't treat Allah by making the general vows. Right? General vows, meaning, if I pass my exams, then I will read it could see unless it's just read it could see meaning, do what you want the act of worship and make dua to Allah ask him, instead of, you know, playing this game or saying to Allah, you do this, I'm going to

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do this, Allah doesn't need you and I allow anyone to move Pokhara Allah is independent, you are the ones who are dependent on him, you and I. So we should rather do the deed, as a charity or whatever. But if you do make a vow, then you should fulfill it. So to make a vow is macro macro, meaning it's detested, it's not a good idea. But if you have made one, you won't be sinful, but you should fulfill it. So if you say, If Allah subhanho wa Taala does this for me, then I'm going to read, for example, two units have prayer. So somehow the law as much as it was

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mcru, you know, you should have read the two units of prayer and pray to Allah supplicated to Allah, but if that thing happened, you would have to do those two units of prayer. So, in the case of Mr. trimaran, the wife of a man, the grandmother of Jesus May peace be upon him from his mother's side. The mother of Madame la Salatu was Anna. She obviously just wanted to dedicate her child, okay.

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It wasn't that type of a vow that I mentioned now. But it was just to say, Oh Allah, I'm going to dedicate my child for you. And it was a promise. So she fulfilled this promise when the child was born. Notice she was already expecting according to the Koran,

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you know, to say in The Nether tilaka, Murphy, botany, that what is in my belly right now in my womb right now. I'm dedicating that to you. I promise you that I'm going to dedicate it to you. So

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when the child was born, it was a female. And there were a lot of miracles surrounding the birth of the child that was Mary May peace be upon her. Medea Molly has son and the mother of Isa alayhis salaam. And so what happened is, they they wanted they dedicated her to the place of worship or you know, perhaps a monastery, the place of worship.

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And people started scrambling to take care of her. So the plan mentions that and the Quran speaks about how they drew lots in order to decide who is going to raise this child. Okay, so who is going to look after the face of this child while the child is actually in the monastery. And it so happened that zecharia alaihe salam was the one who was chosen for that task through the drawing of lots and this is as per the Quranic version, like I said, we're going to try and stick to the colonic version. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says

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wama quintella de him, if you punakha lama umiak familia, Omar conterra de immediato. Simone, Allah is informing us through Muhammad wa sallam telling Muhammad Salah Salem that you were not there when they were drawing lots as to who should take care of Miriam and when they were arguing here we are telling it to you. Amazing. and thereafter. Zachary. Allah is Anna used to bring food for this girl child who was dedicated to this place of worship. And she used to sit in what was known as the Maharaja, you know, the place of worship. And Subhan Allah Subhana Allah amazingly, whenever used to go in with food sometimes used to find a plate of offseason fruit, fruit that was there that was not

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in season. And he used to ask her where did you get this from? I mean, who brought you this food? Because it's not from our area. It's not even in season right now, what are you doing with this? So she would say, Allah has provided Subhan Allah, you know, the Quran makes mention of the sinner beautiful way, where it says that Zachary Allah has Salam astir anala kihavah, Allah to I mean, in de la he,

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you know, this is from Allah in Allah, Romania shall be ready hyssop Allah, Allah gives whomsoever He wishes, without limits, no limits, you know, no accounts, he can give you anything, there is nothing impossible for Allah. So when zecharia alehissalaam heard this, he actually was, you know, Mashallah motivated to to make a dua to Allah again, because he didn't have male offspring, and he wanted that offspring. So he says, oh, Allah hubballi mendonca returned, he better Allah grant me a pious child, you know, progeny, someone who's going to carry on my lineage and so on. So, when he saw that if Allah gave, mme Allah has sent him something that was offseason, I am a little bit old.

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Now perhaps my wife is old, I may not. We may not be from a human aspect thinking we can conceive. But we need to make dua to Allah because he can do anything. So he may do to Allah. And Allah says in the Quran, it's not our topic today. But Allah says in the Quran, that is two hours answered, and yahia was born alayhis salam. And it was an amazing story anyway, but

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now, if we go back to millennium, a day came when Judy Lally his son came to her

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in that place of worship and, and he was in the form of a man she was very frightened was no one used to come in there that way. And she came in and he told her not to be frightened. And she made it to her to say, oh, Allah protect me, you know, if you intend to harm me, you know, may Allah subhanho wa Taala deal with you, and so on. And so this job really setups is no I'm an angel. I'm actually I've come to you to inform you of a child Subhan Allah, Allah is giving you good news of the birth of your child, my child, no man has touched me. How can I have a child? So the Virgin Mary, Mary O'Malley has sat down. She was a virgin, we also say the Virgin Mary. She was never

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married. So Islam does not agree with the narrative of Joseph being the husband of Mary and so on. She was never married. And she suddenly was expecting How was she giving birth? Meaning How is she expecting when no one touched her? So Allah subhanho wa Taala. It was this statement, the word that Allah said Subhana Allah instruction, what was the word? The word was B? And it is now some people try to create a bit of confusion saying, Oh, Jesus was the word of Allah. So you know, he was part of Allah, you know, what was he and so on? Actually, that word that Allah refers to kalama to lie in the Word of Allah, meaning Allah said Be and he was just like, what happened at the time of Adam at

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the time of Eve at the time of Jesus? May peace be upon them all. So Allah says in mF Allah Isa in de la cama familia de, you know, Allah says, the example of Jesus is similar to the example of others.

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We created him in a certain way we said Be and he was. So what was the word? If someone says what was the word the word was be? And you know, be meaning couldn't be for her corner. So he was so it was.

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That's very interesting,

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miraculous, no father, no involvement. Allah creates in four different ways, no male nor female.

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That was the example of Adam May peace be upon him, through a male without the involvement of a female was the creation of Eve or Hawa alayhis salaam, through a female without the involvement of a male, and that was, Jesus May peace be upon him, and through male and female, that's you and I. So all the probabilities and possibilities have happened in history. Allah proved to us that He is the Creator, he can do what he wants, you have local miosha he can create what he wants, how he wants, when he wants, and he can do what you might term impossible. It's not impossible for Allah subhanho wa Taala so when she was expecting she obviously didn't know how to face her people. So the same

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angel says

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whenever a person comes to you for in Matera in nominal bashary I hadn't if you see any from humankind, for Cooley, you should tell them in Nina Dr. Romani, Solomon, Fallon oka Lima Lima in cm, today, I have promised Allah that I'm not going to speak. So Subhan Allah Subhana Allah, so I'm not going to say a word to any human being.

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And Allah instructed her to point towards the child, when when the child was born. Now obviously, it's very difficult. Allah told her not to speak because by her speaking, who's going to believe her, by her speaking it might make matters worse, this is not the first time that Allah is saying to someone that remain silent. So Han Allah, we are taught, when can I know Billa he will Yeoman FET. for local hiren Alia Smith, smart, whoever believes in Allah in the last day say good or remain silent. Many people actually speak a whole load of nonsense. And that which they don't realize, or may result in their downfall on the Day of Judgment, Allah is going to take account, we say things

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about people, we accuse people, we, we haven't seen evidence against people and we accused them and we were ready to spread gossip and rumor and destroy people's lives. And we don't even mind and hear allies telling someone who was right to say, listen, keep quiet, tell them I'm not speaking today. Subhana Allah will take care of your problem and your matter, through his own miracle, miraculous way. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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For a shout out he she pointed towards this child when he was born. Now, I obviously skipped a little bit as to how he was born, there is the Koran makes mention of some detail there, where she It was so difficult and the labor pains and how the angel came to tell her Don't worry, you know, Allah is with you and you know,

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things will be made easy and you know, she should hold the trunk of the palm and check it in a certain way so that the the the dates would actually fall, and it would help her to eat as well as to give birth and so on. So she gave birth and then

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she pointed at the child and what happened. This is something that is not mentioned in the Christian texts, that Jesus May peace be upon him spoke when he was a baby. When he was in the cradle, he spoke What did he say?

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In the Abba de la he Danielle Kitagawa Giada Nina BIA, WA Jai Lani mobile rockin a NEMA.

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Also an EB sala de was doomed to high

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or bottom long been a leader de Waal, Amir Johnny Jabba.

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Allah says he spoke saying, I am the worshiper of Allah. I'm Abdullah. Allah has given me the book. And he has made me a prophet. And he has blessed wherever I go. He has blessed me wherever I go. And he has instructed me to pray and to give charity.

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A bit Salatu was the karate mme to hire for as long as I'm alive and to be faithful, dutiful, dutiful to my mother. And he has not made me one of the tyrants and so on. So he said a few sentences with this meaning. And that was a miracle. People were quiet people actually were silenced. And they now knew that there is something for

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greater than what we would have thought that has happened here.

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And so this was Isa Allah says Allah k seven Amalia, cold and happy lady fi him down they were doubting in so many things. This is the true statement. Allah says, that's the true statement. So, at the beginning, notice how there was a miraculous birth without the involvement of a male through the miracle of a lot. Now, that doesn't make Jesus May peace be upon him, the son of Allah. As per the Quranic teaching, we're all creatures of Allah, you know, we're all created by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So we're all dependents of Allah. But at the same time, many we depend on him. But you to say Jesus is the son of Allah, would require you to say that Adam was the first one, and then Eve and

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then what about the others and so on. So Allah says that he is not the Son of God, you know, nor is he God? No, is he a part of a trinity? So those are the Islamic teachings. Allah says it quite clearly. Latta kulu falada. Don't say three don't say a trinity there is no Trinity. Allah says in devil halen let them stop it, it's better for you. You know, that's what Allah says in the Quran. In Nam, Allahu Allah, Allah had your Lord is one your Creator is one supreme deity who created everything, worship Him alone. And this is why Allah makes mention of things later on.

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But right at the beginning, this was the birth of Jesus May peace be upon him, then sent to the people, the Romans, he was not sent to entire mankind like Muhammad Salah, but he was sent to his people, but who is he? And these people to panela bamboo is right in the children of Yaqoob. You know, the strike is another name for the Prophet Jacob May peace be upon him. He was also known as Israel. So when we say the children of Israel, we're talking of the children of the APU May peace be upon him. And from among them were messengers so many and Musa alayhis, salam, Moses and Aaron and a lot of others, and Subhana Allah, they're all from the progeny of the Prophet Ibrahim Abraham. So

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these are all Abrahamic. And they continued the same message of oneness, the tauheed you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of Jesus May peace be upon him, telling his people worship your Lord alone, and my lord alone, the one and only, and Allah says, We will question him on the Day of Judgment. And we will ask him, Oh, Jesus, did you tell the people to worship you and your mother? And he will say No way, I would have never done something that you didn't mandate me to say. And that was untrue. You know, so that's, that's a verse of the Quran, where Allah says, and who Nina's it Delphine omya Ella, hi, naman danila. Are you the one who told the people to worship you and your

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mother besides the maker? So he would say he is he will say, No, I didn't you know, subhanak Maya Cooley and akula Melissa Levy, we have something that's not true, something that I don't have the right to say because it's untrue. I didn't say that at all. In fact, I told them, or Buddha law, you know, worship Allah alone, there is none worthy of worship besides Him, your Lord and my Lord is Allah. You know, so

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what happened as Jesus May peace be upon him delivered the message, he was also persecuted, he suffered a lot of persecution. And you know, they were the he was a very, very kind person, he taught them that Allah is one he taught them about the hereafter. He taught them about

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the last day the Hereafter, Heaven and Hell meaning Jenna and Johanna, the angels, the previous prophets, the books, in fact, he even taught them about the coming Prophet, upon says that

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Jesus May peace be upon him, told the people that after me there will be a comforter, there will be a messenger who is going to come by the name of Imam Ahmed is the praised one. And Mohammed is exactly the same name I met and Mohammed are actually taken from the same route. So Allah makes mention of this mobile sheelane Bureau Surya it mean that is more adamant that when he sallallahu Sallam came, he gave glad tidings of a messenger who would come later, whose name was admin. So follow Masha on bill Burnett Apollo had a secret movie when when Mohammed came finally and he brought the clear science, the people of courage just said, Well, you know what?

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This is magic. And even some of the Christians had just denied him and said no, yet it was a fulfillment of the prophecy or the news given by Sally Sam of what was going to happen later on. Now, if you look at that

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Quran Allah says, Whatever Kyla, he said no moriyama

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you know when the pro in fact when Allah said to Isa Alayhi Salaam that you know count my favors upon you with God Allah Subhan Allah Yama or the Quran MIT Allah wa Taala Why did they take you know? Remember the favors that I bless you and your pet and your mother with Allah subhanho wa Taala says, You took a lot of kudos when I when I helped you, when I assisted you with our growth and kudos, you know.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala continues actually to say in a year took a bureau Hello Good to see to can luminesce filmer de Vaca Helen, Allah says that you spoke to the people in from the cradle, and even at a later age, you know, Matthew or Carla, it alum to come keytab Remember when I told you the book, so he was given revelation and hikma he was given wisdom, a Torah he was given the Old Testament, and Injeel Allah gave him all of this. So he knew everything, the Old Testament, the Torah, the Bible, it's it's actually called an Injeel in the Arabic language, and that Injeel is referring to the original manuscripts that the Muslims believe, are lost, and they were somehow

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misplaced, because what the Muslims say is later on what happened is,

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the books of what is termed the Bible now were not written by Jesus May peace be upon him, but rather by disciples by the others. So if you look at exactly what was from Jesus May peace be upon him saying that this is from Allah, it is very, very little that you will find in what is today termed as the New Testament. So this is just an Islamic I'm only letting you know what is Islam teaches and what the Muslims believe. And then re Salah is Salatu was salam, he could actually create a little

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a, what can I say? He would create a

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image of the bird from stone like sculpture it out of stone, more like a small evil sort of a thing. And he would blow into it by the will of Allah and it would have life it would be given life by Allah and stuff flying. So Allah mentions that in the Koran, you know, that Lupo Mina thenI k at a play you make from the pain you know, the soil and the earth cahaya played something similar to a bird, you know, and Stanford for fee and you blow into it and by the willing permission of online the power of Allah it comes to life and flies off. That was a miracle of Jesus. Similarly, another miracle was the leper would be cured just by just by the touch of Jesus May peace be upon him. The

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Quran says that. The Quran says that,

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you know, a lot of food came from heaven, given by Allah in the laid table cloth Some say it was the last supper. And and there was so much blessings in the little that was that it actually became so much and fed 1000s of people. So that is also mentioned in the form of the miracles of jesus May peace be upon him. No Muslim is ever allowed to say the name Jesus without saying peace be upon him immediately after that intentionally. Which means if you mistakenly did that, it's okay but intentionally You can't leave that peace be upon him out. You say Lisa alayhis salam in Arabic and in English, Jesus May peace be upon him. And in the same way we would be disturbed and we would be

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hurt by people making a mockery or a joke of Mohammed Salah Salam we would also be hurt. If anyone made a mockery of Jesus May peace be upon him or of Moses May peace be upon him, it would hurt our feelings and it would definitely hurt us in a big way. Because we consider all of that sacred and all of them really amazing. Not just role models, but prophets of Allah. They were, they were people who had very, very high status and rank. So that's Jesus May peace be upon him Allah subhanho wa Taala then also says that the dead would come alive. You know, at that time, there was the height of medicine.

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And people used to boast and brag about their their knowledge of medicine, but no one could bring someone who had died already to life. And Jesus May peace be upon him, did that by the will of Allah. So a person who had died and by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala either through the touch or through blowing, this person came alive. And this wasn't just once but Allah says we gave you the ability to do that. We gave you the power to do that.

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Subhan Allah, so Allah makes mention of this in the Quran as well, amazing miracle of Jesus May peace be upon him. And then we have right at the end, when the persecuted him a lot and the Romans came in and they wanted to harm him and they wanted to destroy him. They wanted to murder him and so on. And a traitor actually led them to the enclosure where he was, and Islam the unsafe that

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at that point, Allah raised him to the heavens, as he was body and soul raised to heaven in a miraculous way. Just like he was born in a miraculous way. He was also raised in a miraculous way. So in the Muslims believe that the Salah is Salatu was Salam did not die, nor was he crucified, he is not dead, nor was he crucified one market aloo masala boo wacking should be alone. They did not kill him, nor did they crucify him. But it was made confusing for them. So what was confusing, they crucified someone else who looked like Jesus. And the faces were made similar and the confusion came because they thought it was Jesus. So according to one of the narrations, it could have been Judas

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of Judas Iscariot, as they say.

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Because if he was the traitor who actually let the Romans into the enclosure, and that would mean when he emerged, he had the face of Jesus, and Jesus was taken back by Allah subhanho wa Taala. So this man's clothing was the clothing of Judas. And the people were confused. But if Jesus was there, where is Judas and Judas was there, then where is Jesus? And who is this and how come the clothing ashamed what but they got a hold of him and they crucified Him. And that's the confusion that they had the confusion. Allah says he was not crucified that is there in the Koran market, aloo masala Bula can be Hello. They didn't kill him. They didn't murder him. They didn't. They were unable to

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harm him. And they didn't crucify him. So this is Jesus May peace be upon him. Now, my brothers and sisters,

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he was lifted up into the heavens,

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and he is still alive, Jesus, according to the Islamic teachings, he is still alive and he will be returning back to the earth when close to the hour, the end of times he's going to come back as a follower of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mention of this also in the Quran, or in the Holy moly, sir, it speaking about him being one of the signs of the hour, and the knowledge of the hour and so on, you know,

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closer to the time he will descend.

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And Allah says, the people will then see the reality and he will make manifest who exactly he is. So, in a nutshell, Islam says that Jesus May peace be upon him was a messenger he brought about the commandments, meaning so many things, he reiterated the commandments and he, he brought about goodness, he told people to worship Allah alone, to follow the good footsteps to pray to give charities too fast in a certain way and so much more. And he warned people about the coming of, you know, the hour and the end of time and also he told people about Mohammed Salah solemn and he gave them so much of glad tidings and also warnings, they persecuted him but they didn't manage to hurt

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him or harm him. Allah raised him before he was

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harmed, and he will be returning May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us a good lesson. And may Allah Subhana Horta, Allah bless every single one of us, may we always be from among those who search for the truth, look for it, find it and inshallah follow it. The last point and I'll end with this is just a repetition. And that is

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the issue of

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the Trinity. Islam believes that the issue of Trinity was a total fabrication that's what Islam believes Islam says that's what we believe. So it was a total fabrication and in fact he they Allah alone, you know, the the maker alone, he is the one worthy of worship but no creature is worthy of worship, be he a prophet or a saint or whoever else it may be in Islam you rent the act of worship solely to the maker alone er can Abu do what Yeah, can sustain you alone, we worship and You alone, we seek help from. So that is a lot. And that is one very, very interesting factor as well. So he was not considered the Son of God by the Muslims, obviously, and through what the foreign teachers

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and I've made mention of all the other points

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I could think of right now in these 30 minutes. Allah subhanho wa Taala bliss one and all Apolo Kohli holla was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi over cat