Saad Tasleem – Why this person you don’t care about should be important to you?

Saad Tasleem
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the concept of love and bond between loved ones, and how it can be achieved through being good to those who love and care for them. They use an illustration of a woman named Khadija Khadija being the wife of a woman who had passed away as a result of being good to her family. The speakers emphasize that love and bond are important for healthy relationships.
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earnest Radi Allahu Anhu tells us that there were times when the Prophet sal Allahu Allah who sent them would receive something nice. And he would tell the Companions take this to so and so because she was a friend of Khadija Khadija being the wife of the person send them who he loved very much, who had passed away. He would say take this to so and so she loved Hi, deja, we learned from this narration that one of the ways we show love for our loved ones is by being good to those whom they love. So a very clear example and application of this for us is to be good to our spouses family. Why? Because we love and we care for our spouse, okay, in laws are one thing. But even in the case

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where we may not have any relationship to someone, and we may not have any reason to care for them. If they're important to someone who we love, then we want to go out of our way to be good to them, and that only strengthens and increases the bond we have with our loved one

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