A Beautiful Name of Allah Is Al-Walee

Ammar Alshukry


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A beautiful name of ALLAH SubhanA Dias and when he and when he means the protective friend that's what it's generally translated as so much more than that but we see it manifests in the story of use of IDs and I'm use is protected from two point blank headshots. One is a spiritual one and the other is a physical the physical one is his brothers trying to kill him. 10 brothers all older trying to kill them, and they have control over him. They've taken him away from the protective arms of his father and there's no way where he's supposed to be able to survive that but yeah, Allah subhanho Dial Willie diverts their harm away from him in the last moment and the second is a spiritual the

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wife of a disease locks the doors and she's beautiful and men rarely are able to protect themselves from that type of temptation and yet use of it is set up is protected by already from that spiritual harm and so use of it salaam recognizes Allah's protection over him. At the combination of the story. He says Enter leave in dunya will ask you RMS Willie in this world in the next telephony musli manual hit me the slide ahead