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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy agema in. We always praise Allah subhanho wa Taala we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we asked Allah subhanahu wa taala, to bless them to bless every one of us, and to grant us the best of this world in the next. I mean,

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my brothers and sisters, it's important for us to keep reminding ourselves why we were brought into this world. Why did we come onto Earth? Why did Allah choose us to come into this world? And it's important for us to realize that we're all going to leave as well. You know, when we are healthy and when we are okay. We tend to think that we are not really going to die until the day comes when you actually end up dying. And by that time, sometimes it is a little bit too late because people have not understood the whole purpose of their existence. Someone made me someone made you we are believers. We believe that that's why we are seated here in this beautiful house of Allah subhanho

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wa Taala here in the blessed suburb of Bosman in Johannesburg. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease we have commenced to this year 2020. And we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala

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to grant us an understanding as the days pass as the years pass, yes, I do know 2020 belongs to the Gregorian calendar. We don't use it for Islamic dates or for that which is connected to our religion, but it is totally permissible to use it for that which is not directly connected to your deen. Hence, we always use this particular calendar 2020 we say and we know what we mean. It doesn't make me a non Muslim because I said, we entered into 2020. If you asked me What's the date, I will tell you today's the 10th of January Friday 2020 Subhan Allah and I'm not referring to cricket, I know there is a type of cricket also they call it 2020. They're going to have to change it to 1010

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or something in order not to confuse it with this particular year. But that's quite serious. My brothers and sisters, Allah created us, and He wants to test us. So just like when you are going to be tested, you need to learn you need to see the rules and regulations if, for example, there was a sports match if there was a game of any sort, and life is not a game, but we draw lessons from the games we play because of the dedication we offer. The games that happens to go beyond the dedication we offer to real life yet if there are some similarities. So when if you were to play a game, you would learn the rules regulations, you'd enter the game you click Start from the moment you press

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Start, you're not allowed to break any rules who made the rules? Well, whoever created the game, who decided rugby will be played this way who decided cricket will be played this way who decided footy will be played this way? Etc, etc. In those who created the game Allah created you and I we are no game, but he is the one who decides how and what we will do and we will not do the rules and regulations of this game called Life though it's not a game are decided by Allah subhanho wa Taala Allah Allahu

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Allah me in, behold, he is the owner, He is the Creator. Therefore he has the right to dictate to decide.

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Why does Allah have the right to decide what we should be doing and we shouldn't be doing? Because He created us? What evidence do I have that Allah created us? I don't even know where I was one year before I was born, besides from Allah, and I have no clue where I'm going to go as soon as I die besides from Allah.

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I came from somewhere. I'm so sophisticated that I'm sitting with you today. And I'm feeling the warmth. I can feel the love. I feel the Brotherhood. I feel so much more. I understand we are all part and parcel of one oma. If any one of us right now were to drop this way or that way the whole Masjid would rush to the person Don't you agree? May Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us love. May Allah unite us as an oma even without differences. There is no harm we can still be united, we will not be disunited over so little matters. We will live as an oma my brothers and sisters primary

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Allah wants you to find him and worship Him alone. Don't render any act of worship for anyone or to anyone besides Allah, because He created you and you are going to go back to him. You say, Oh, you who made me, I worship you. Oh, you who made me? I will worship you alone. I will do it the way you want it. Oh, you whom I'm going to return to have mercy on me the day you take me away? I mean, that's what we say. That's what we should be saying. In the process. Allah gives you certain things and he does not give you certain things. Allah allows certain things and he does not allow certain things. So you cannot suddenly decide Why is this prohibited in rugby? It's rugby played or play

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soccer. So Hannah law, right? If this is not permissible in rugby, it's not permissible in rugby, that's it. The rule is there. If Allah has prohibited something for you in your life, keep away from him. The rule is dead. Allah made it prohibited. That's it, you have no option or

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a goon Allah Allahu Allah to mean dream. It is not for a believing male or a believing female. Notice I'm saying believing. The Quran says believing movement, Amina. Once you believe and you've claimed that you believe in Allah, you're a Muslim, you're a Mormon, then you will follow the rules of the game. It is not for a believing male or female to decide that they have a choice regarding what Allah or his messenger have said to them or dictated because you're a believer. If you think you have a choice and that Allah is wrong, and that you know now will be lamella protect us if someone thinks that Allah subhanho wa Taala as rules are wrong, totally wrong. What's the point of

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calling themselves Muslim right or wrong? Why would you call yourself a Muslim then you have not submitted but if you're a Muslim, you say no Alhamdulillah I believe what Allah has dictated his right, even if I'm weak, and I've fallen into some of those things that I'm not supposed to be doing. But I know that what I did was actually wrong. My brothers and sisters heaven was created for sinners who repent, repent full sinner. Heaven was created for you. Jenna is created for those who are sinful, but repent, and jahannam was created for those who are sinful, but they are proud and arrogant. La ilaha illAllah notice both sides they are sinners. Don't think that Jenna is created

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for the perfect because nobody is perfect. And don't think that jahannam there is no Muslim that May May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us heading in the wrong direction. You and I know that they are muslimeen claimed to be Muslim in what do they do? Everything that Islam has prohibited such that we become embarrassed to associate with them. Let us not be from among those when someone associates with you. Are you a proud ambassador of the messenger peace be upon him? Are you a proud ambassador of Allah subhanho wa Taala Are you a good person? Are you trying to be behave in a correct way? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us goodness. So whilst on earth Allah gives us

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certain things one of those things is that Allah gives us a spouse may Allah bless those who don't have wives or husbands with wives or husbands. Remember one youngster said ages Allah Hey, thank you for thank you for saying it in plural La ilaha illa Allah, when we are talking of wives here we are talking of at least get a wife May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us, at least a wife, Subhana Allah, but because we are many that's why I said wives, please don't read me wrong. Remember, they are people they will take from what you say whatever they think you they want you to have said, and they will leave the crux of the matter. May Allah bless us with children this way that way, I mean,

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because if Allah gives us that, then he will give us this as well. My brothers and sisters, in the process, we become lonelier than we were, at certain stages in our lives. Let me explain. When you young, you may have siblings or you might have been the first child or an only child. You had your parents. It's a test. You had your parents and as you grow older, you don't realize you're on your own in this world. Did you know that you're on your own, you have to earn you have to go out you have to sweat you have to work you have to do a lot male and female. Yes, we have different roles to play but primarily we are on our own. We have to fend for ourselves. We there will come a time when

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there might not be another person looking after you don't pity yourself. Get up and work and walk Subhan Allah don't pity yourself. You will be lonely. You might have had 10 siblings and you might not be with even one of them. Life might separate you are dunia. dharuhera this world as someone says is

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In a world where we separate from each other either through death or through distance, you might want to travel to New Zealand because your daughter married day, no problem Alhamdulillah but you might go there and you might not be close to some others well, whereas you will have some other goodness there Subhana Allah can see all the smiles everyone wants to go to New Zealand, right? May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us happiness. Sometimes we don't realize the virtue we are in until we are no longer in it. Subhana Allah, sometimes we don't realize the value of what we have until we no longer have it. Remember, my brothers and sisters just thank Allah for what you have. don't pity

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yourself. Don't pity yourself. Get up. Try hard. If you are not well you are ill don't wait for someone to pamper you a day will come when they might not be anyone you have to get up. You have to do something you have to go you have to, you might have to cook, you might have to clean yourself. Remember to do all of this. It's part of what Allah wants you to do. You're on your own, you will be resurrected on your own when you came into this world you came on your own so panela or if you are twins, you're lucky some triplets quadruplets, but that's a little bit beyond the stretch. I think we have a maternity clinic down the road right? I'm not too sure how many quintuplets they've had

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their but generally most of the people you're born alone, you came alone when you die, you die alone, you're gone alone, you'll be resurrected alone. While according to Mona Radha kamisato.

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On the day of the AMA, Allah says here you have come to us on your own. Like the time when we created you on your own, we don't see all those other things and people that you had as company on Earth, we don't see anyone you hear on your own you coming to give your accounts your deeds La ilaha illAllah Muhammad Rasul Allah, may Allah grant us the consciousness of that day, Allah even say subhanho wa Taala

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Amen, wanna come? schufa como la Vina Azam

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boom fi comm Shoraka, we are those intercessors you used to claim we're interceding on your behalf here. We don't even see them. Allah says so Allah says you want to build your reputation with me. You don't worship sticks and stones and people. But Rasulullah sallallahu sallam,

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Allah has blessed him with that power of intercession. So we ask Allah always to grant us the intercession of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam may or may not be from amongst those who are an embarrassment on the day of the AMA. My brothers, my sisters, like I said, on Earth, you will have days when Mashallah as you grow older, you remember with your little siblings, how you used to eat that those sandwiches and used to walk to school and walk in the rain. And we used to walk 1015 minutes nowadays, even if the school is across the road, you got to go by car, La ilaha illAllah look at how things have changed, right? But we remember the days and we go back to how we used to

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have a little two cents and a Tiki and whatever else they used to call it right? And we could buy so much with all of that it's good to think of that. But when you look at yourself now, aren't you a little bit lonely? Well, Allah is telling you well build a relationship with me now come Subhana Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah will tell you, you know your children, no matter how many you have, they're going to get married. The biggest mistake we make we want to control control who everyone else, listen. To a certain extent you can let them know even your own children. You can let them know what to do what not to do but control. Trust me, you will develop a huge problem if you

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want to control everyone around. Sometimes because of the wealth we have. Because of the power we have the authority we have the little position that we have, we want to control everyone around us. We break our families and communities into pieces because we want to have the only say yes, if you're the Aamir or if you're a chairman for example of say a Masjid like this, you have a final say but you must listen to every one and you must do that which is beneficial for the community. But you do have a final say because there has to be one leader who decides but when they are little families say for example I grow older, I'd love to have eat the same way we've had it when we were young when

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all the brothers and sisters got together on the day of eat. But guess what now they start getting married. Each one of them has their own children they have in laws, it's not fair to always have it in one place. I need to make sure that I let loose a little bit I will be a bit lonely. The kids are not going to be like they were all the time. I don't have to be everywhere every time at every break loose you still united Didn't I say May Allah give us unity. Even if we're not together we can be united even if we don't think exactly the same even if we didn't Subhana Allah celebrate read on the same day in some

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Countries here in this country we are fortunate. Mostly we celebrate read

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together. mela keep it that way. See, I mean,

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but there are some countries I've been to. They celebrate it if it was on a Friday, according to some, some would have made it already on a Thursday, some on a Saturday. And you won't believe it sometimes even two, three days later, and how the discrepancy Allah knows, but you can still be united, you know what, for as long as that opinion has some form of validation in the Quran and Sunnah. And in Islam, let it be, don't force yours on them. For as long as it has some form of validation. In Islam, let it be, you may disagree. You may say, look, according to me, it's this. And the brother says, Well, according to me, it's that you say you know what, it's fine. You can go

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ahead. We have issues. For example, when it comes to the halal authorities here in this country, someone will say, Well, I don't eat here. Why? Because it's not MJC approved. And I don't eat here because it's not sent approved. And I don't eat to be fair and good. But if someone else wants to eat from Santa or from MJC, or from whatever else there is, for example, for as long as they have some form of justification within them, it may not be your opinion, but let them be the minute you try to force you will destroy they will be disunity. That's one of the reasons why we are so fragmented. We all think our opinion sacred No, another child of mine, he's a wife lover. What's so

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bad about being a wife love, I love my wife to Subhana Allah

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Subhana Allah we all do. It doesn't mean just because I took out somewhere on a honeymoon 10 years after I got married, that suddenly I'm a bad person because I missed the function in the home. So what May Allah grant us and understanding my brothers and sisters, it's very important for us to know that life has lessons we don't learn them sometimes.

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Allah says you know, when you're young, it's not going to be the same. As you grow older. When you grow older things have to change the baton is passed on your parents and grandparents will pass away, you become a grandparent, but some of us are still little children. SubhanAllah we behave like we teenagers, until you can't even walk correctly and look at you. The way you iron out all those cherries on the side. They may Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us is by the way, for those who may not know in the South African slang here, this part of the world, I think cherries read doesn't refer to the fruit right? It refers to it partially in the season. Otherwise it refers to a good

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looking girl May Allah subhanahu wa taala grant us all goodness, well llahi my brothers and sisters, be conscious of Allah. Yes, we are human. Yes, we do have human nature, but we should be disciplining it with the discipline of Islam. It will help us It will take us to genital favoritos it will make us the best of people. Don't be too hard and fast on others, even your own family members. Sometimes we are too hard on our own spouses. The man comes into the home and he treats his wife like you can't believe. Recently someone showed me a clip of a gentleman who was being treated by his own wife like I couldn't believe so panela. So it happens vice versa, as well. We need to

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learn my brothers, my sisters who panela that Allah is watching us, Allah is taking our record, the angels are writing everything, we are going to see it on the Day of Judgment. The good thing is you can erase it rabita by asking Allah for forgiveness, ask him every day, make your slate clean again. Subhana Allah and Allah will open your doors, you don't have to become depressed because you've committed the sin. One of the traps of the devil is after you sought the forgiveness of Allah. The shaitaan makes you think that you're not forgiven. So you become so depressed and you can't move forward, move forward, my brothers, my sisters, don't waste your days engaging the remembrance of

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Allah and try to become a better person and you see how your life will change.

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And then as you grow older, guess what Allah gives you you know, if any one of you have played that little game called monopoly here in this country, it has a special a different type of a jail when they say go to jail if it's South Africa, really the children get scared. If it's other countries, they say no problem. I'll spend time in jail. Right? But if you've ever played that game, what happens? You would actually be building your little properties and you will actually becoming a wealthier and wealthier person what happens to all that money. At the end of the day, I won the match, I won the game. Did anyone give you a sense that was real, nobody can understand it was all

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fake. On Earth, a lot decided that he will allow us to give value to certain items which are actually valueless

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in his eyes, for example, gold, gold is no value in the eyes of Allah zero. Silver silver has no value in the eyes of Allah. But Allah allowed us to give it value for purposes of the dunya it's mined from dust from anything you found on Earth was from the earth and you will leave it here it does not qualify to go to the hereafter. Did you know that even your own bodies and mind created from soil from dust

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SS Jenna, we're going to give you another perfect body. Not this one here. Perfect. When your wife says, I don't want this man in general, I've heard people say, if I'm going to get the same man in general, I don't even want to go to john. But you know what? When you see him, you're gonna think boy, who's this guy here, man. Subhana Allah. And then when you told her that your man my man, yeah. And then you find non good saying, Hey, I'm no longer that old uncle I used to be, you know, may Allah grant us ease to get there, my brothers and sisters don't lose focus. Everything you have here is actually valueless. Don't fight over it. You need a little bit in order to survive while you are

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in your game. Remember, we call it a game although it's not a game, only to bring it closer to the mind. While you're here, you using that you must learn to give when you get because you get more and when you when you get don't become too connected to eat because people will laugh at you. Those who know the true value of the value less money will actually laugh at you You must be thinking what valueless I can only buy a car that what if Allah doesn't give you a life to live in the house you built? What if Allah doesn't give you life to drive that Porsche you actually bought? What if then what what was the point of a messing while only coonley home as a new Mazda, la de da, da da, da da

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da who have leather who can?

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What a beautiful surah in which Allah is warning us about the one who actually counts his wealth and he thinks he becomes miserly. He thinks it's going to make him live forever on earth because he's got a lot counting the notes every little while counting how much you got checking your bank balance every five seconds, auto auto balance, five rounds goes here your balance PP you get a balance and other five It's not wrong to have a balance by the way, but it's wrong to become obsessed, obsessed to the degree that it's more important than your Salah more important than your relationship with Allah to check how much balance you got, then you will start compromising halal and haram to make

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that balance grow and you won't be able to live this world and you're gonna lose your hereafter which is coming sooner than you think. So think my brothers and sisters. When Allah gives you well he tells us Allah Manu Manu la de la ilaha illa Allah, all the wealth belongs to Allah. He gave it to you temporarily to see what you're going to do with it when your child grows a bit older. And then for eat when I was young, we used to get 10 since we were so excited look at the aunties and I think he is he did a movie commercial and you're watching a 10 since coming which to get excited today. I think if you give the kids 10 grands they still shankle too little you driving a Porsche

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give me 10 grands doesn't work La ilaha illAllah we used to get excited with a small little coin when used to count a I made $3 back in my country $3 today $3 for easy. I wish the next eight comes quickly. Then when it comes to the EAD, where they sacrifice Eagle of how the coins are less why they start giving me to start thinking they're giving me to Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us, my brothers, my sisters, a beautiful life Allah has blessed us with let's not become greedy. Let's not become people who lose focus. Remember, when Allah gave you the wealth he just gave you to watch what you're going to do. I was saying a little child, you give the child 10 cents and you watch if

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the child uses it responsibly, you might give the child more imagine you give your child 100 grands A week later, the child comes back with 200 rounds and says Daddy, I did a bit of business. I bought a few rings online. And you know what? I sold them Subhana Allah sold them at school or wherever else I sold them. You might say come here you've made a bigger profit than mine take 1000 Be careful he might come back with nothing.

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But the point is it's it's the issue of testing and checking do the right thing with your money with us as well. Do you know evidence that the money doesn't belong to you unless you've spent it is actually the fact that as soon as you die? You don't even have a say where that money is going to go besides one third. Did you know that as a Muslim I surrendered to Allah

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one of the rules that Allah has kept the rules of inheritance where Allah says you know the money when you came on earth What did you come with? Nothing. When you leave, you're gonna leave with nothing. Nothing. When I came onto the earth, I came with zero I can never suffer a loss I can never have less than zero if you get what I mean. Because even when I'm buried they're gonna use two pieces of cloth it's more than what I took. It's more than what I had when I first came in. I didn't even have those two pieces of cloth now I've got two pieces of cloth Alice's will give you that honor of just covering you and something It's okay. But all the rest of the money what should

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happen? Leave it to Allah. Today people are fighting and arguing over money that their parents left because they're too lazy to earn their own money. Yes, it's your right but you must remember you don't have to break relations for it. Give the wealth allow will give you more if it belongs to someone else, according to Alice rules. Give it you pass your test you'll have Jenna what's the point of

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Having a million brands on earth and you lost your hereafter. I'd rather give the million keep my sisters happy, my aunt happy whoever else was owed if they were owed, give it no stress. Have a big heart posture test I was watching a lie seeing people are cheating their sisters, even their daughters sometimes are being cheated. Subhan Allah.

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May Allah subhanahu wa taala protect us. This is why I tell my brothers and sisters if Allah blessed you with a lot of wealth, and I'm going to end on this point, not because I want to end but because the time is up. Look, it shows you that everything is per time, the Imam told me you can take five or seven minutes more. I said, No, I want to finish on the button. I shouldn't have said that. So panela. But he told me I said, you know, Muslims are normally late. We want to change that we want to be on time you say one o'clock one o'clock. So can I just finish off what I'm saying? La ilaha illAllah na, they gave me a few minutes. My brothers and sisters, when Allah has blessed you with

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wealth, try to sort it out in your lifetime. What your daughters set them up. They are your daughters, they might be the husband, they might have husbands who are not your sons,

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or your sons, set them up. What are you going to do with all this wealth if you don't do that, reach out to the poor, give them wealth, build a few people's lives, and then you ready to go. When you ready to go have minimum next to your name. You know what your accounts will be quite simple. Look at the prophets Allah, the Most Beloved unto Allah, the highest of all prophets, the highest of all creatures, the most noble of all ambia the best of creation, you say whatever you want, in terms of height of value of status, he has higher than that. So Han Allah yet when he passed away, he left nothing. Nothing if Allah wanted, he could have left the Mount, full of gold. Voila, he could have,

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he could have. But you know what he left very little. He's on his sword. And very little. That's it. So Han Allah.

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May Allah grant us a lesson.

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When you have less as you grow older, it's a good thing. Allah is helping you to get closer to him to prepare my brothers and sisters, I ended up by saying, remember this life is a test, I promise you. It's a test. Allah is just watching. We want good things. Let's turn to Allah worship Him. Let's try and understand life will change as we progress as we age, embrace that change within the obedience of Allah. And don't worry, don't impose your views on everyone don't want people to live, how you want them to live for as long as what they are doing is permissible. Please let it happen. These are your own children, your own brothers or sisters that it happened when people are not

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Muslim. We don't even have a say. We don't even have a say like I say I'm a Muslim. I'm not free to do what I want. Because I'm a Muslim, I gotta do an allowance. But if someone is not a Muslim, they are free to do whatever they want. It's between them and whoever made them who is the same Allah who made me. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us every form of ease and give us good guidance. akuto calmly hada was Allahu wa salam ala nabina Muhammad