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Mohammad Elshinawy
AI: Summary © The speakers emphasize the importance of staying healthy and not regretting long healthy lives. They emphasize the need for everyone to act and act, invest in one's health, and find one's own way to achieve health and wealth. The importance of taking advantage of opportunities and avoiding negative emotions is emphasized, along with the need for guidance in mis info campaigns and a unique summer program for youth. The speakers emphasize the importance of avoiding negative emotions and focusing on one's successes and accomplishments.
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In Alhamdulillah, heatall and madona starting over he want to stop Pharaoh one out of La da Vinci, Dorian fusina Jose, Dr. Molina de la la la la la la la la la la fecha de la la la la la ilaha illAllah hula hula Sheree calahorra shadow ana Muhammadan Aveda whenever you who are solo yeah you have Lavina Monica from LA haka Ducati welaka moto 911 Tomasi moon

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Yeah, you have NASA de fora Bakula de la common Epstein wahida Hola, familia, Xhosa. bescom in humare gelang kefir on Juanita de la la de Luna V will in Nevada Karina la como Kiva. Yeah, you hola Xena mano de la hella pulu polenta de de la kumala como la casa Nova come woman your query la hora Sula, who fills in Lima. All praise and glory be to Allah We thank him and we seek His help and his guidance and his pleasure and his forgiveness. And we seek refuge with Allah from the evil whispers within ourselves from the consequences of our evil deeds. for whomever our lives there was a guide none can ever lead astray and whomever Allah leaves without guidance one can ever guide them. And we

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testify that no one is worthy of our worship and our devotion with Allah and Allah alone without any partners. The true supreme King, the prophet muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was indeed in truth, His Prophet and his servant and His Messenger.

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Oh, you have faith, have the taqwa of Allah present with you at all times be conscious of Allah, and be dedicated to your duty to Allah above all else,

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and do not die except in a state of complete and total willing and loving, consistent surrender to Allah state of Islam. May Allah allow for us and us as a lahoma. I mean, as the answer of this hope, both domestic reopening we thank Allah azza wa jal for inviting us back into his house. And we asked a lot, though, just to never allow us to feel like being invited into his house is something worth taking for granted a lot of money. And we thank Allah Villa gel for allowing us to realize the blessing of being locked out of his house being temporary. And we asked a lot to be with those and support to those that cannot go to the massage that could be criminalized or never seen again by

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their families, like our weaker brothers and sisters in China, who cannot come back to the massages. May Allah be with them, and make us duly grateful for being allowed back in so easily.

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To begin this health bar, and there's so much to be grateful for as always, and the Muslim is a person who remembers that do gratitude to Allah azza wa jal with with five times a day prayers with every time he stays at home to rely on Allah mean?

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Let us realize that a lot as the agenda has chosen to keep us around for a little longer. He has protected us from the virus or from succumbing to the virus, though we do not know is it better for us to be around we make the best out of it? Will we take advantage of it?

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Or will we be of those who the length of our life may be something to be held against us?

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May we never be of those who regret living long healthy lives. May we be of those who invent invest them in the commitment to our lives though a gel? And may Allah have mercy on our martyrs who passed with this virus? And every person that was pinched in any way by this virus Aloma I mean, but how will we take advantage of it? It's not like we might still catch the virus. It is like for sure we will soon have an expiration to our timers with one mechanism or another it will be it and that is why the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam always we push the people to act, act and act now. You know in the famous Hadith when our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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said to us in return him comes and Kabbalah hums, like seize the opportunity with a five things before five other things come and pull them out from under you. Even his word is a Kenyan. You know it comes from the same root as the word of aneema means spoils. It's free right now for the taking. It comes from the same root as the word the venom, which means like sheep or lambs, because sheep and lambs are seen as very passive. They don't offer much resistance. They're not a wild animal. They're fairly domestic. They're those files, they're calm. And so they're right there for you to take them to your service. Take them your way. And so he said, seize the easy opportunity. That's

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what's meant when he said they're pretending five things before or five things.

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He says if 10am Chabad Baca

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sees the easy opportunities that you get when by virtue of being young before

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You get old, and every single person is younger now than they will be tomorrow.

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And we all know that in our younger years, perhaps we had greater assets that are not with us anymore. Even children by the way, they're not at the peak of their strength, but they have certain strengths that adults don't have, like the strength of imagination, which can help them later develop a proper not baseless, not imaginative but a proper belief in the unseen world.

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And the youth they have greater physical strength, they have greater time they have greater memory that they will not realize until these things slowly start to fade by the aging process by the accumulation of responsibilities by the stress that comes with them. Take advantage of when you are younger, from the times when you will find yourself at a disadvantage because you are oh there it is now for the taking. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, salaam wa codename for Hezekiah Kabbalah Moravec and take advantage of your times of health before your times of sickness.

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And so Pamela, there is hardly a person of us who does not know someone who is directly maybe perhaps sometimes even within their own household that was tested in their health. And every single one of us will never retain perfect health. Take advantage of that. Now, before you get preoccupied before you get bogged down before you get debilitated by your moments of sickness. This is a promise that you will become sick, I promise that you will become weaker. And he said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam will tell him reenact a couple of fuckery. And take advantage of the easy opportunities you have right now by virtue of your wealth, before your time of poverty, not in case you become poor

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before your time of poverty, the money would not have reached you had not left the person before you and it will not stay with you it will move on to those after you.

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So many of us have begun to recalculate things in a much wiser way in this path. Don't let go of that. invest wisely for your dounia and most importantly for your app, realize that this will not always be available for me.

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And he said Salalah Why didn't you settle up and take advantage

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for our katapola shivalik take advantage of your free time. And what better day to remember this than the day that our summer vacation is just taking off or the days where summer vacation is just launching. Take advantage take advantage of your free time right now. Before you become even more preoccupied. That is one of the greatest things most people get cheated for. But still we continue to cheat ourselves of them every single day. You say I do not have time but you realize now that maybe you do have time. You say I wish I could do this to maybe there is something you can trim from your life there certainly is. Get a counter for your screen time on your phone see if it's

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increasing or decreasing.

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before your time of preoccupation. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said near mahtani Maha Boonen Fie Hema Cathedral meanness of flesh out to one four out to blessings most people get cheated for health and free time. A love as much as ever subhanho wa Taala. We cheat ourselves of these things. And you need to realize that as your life progresses, the less time you have in your life. And nothing gives things value in this world, except how scarce they are, the less gold is available, the more pricey gold is, the less time is available, the more valuable your time should be. And so this should be a sentiment that is ever increasing with you that I need to take more and

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more advantage cut out more and more of the extra from my life as my life progresses.

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And that's why I have no more imma hold law. He was seen reciting the Quran on his deathbed and they told him you've done so much you've left nothing out. No one can ever begin to to hope to compete with your dedication consistently throughout life. Just to relax, he wouldn't speak to those that were visiting him in his final thickness and he just kept the reciting the hold on and he said to them right now my scroll of deeds is closing. So I need to write faster fill more now more than ever. My book is about to get published. I'm about to submitted. And so he ignored the visitors and kept fighting till he finished one more Hutson off the end and recited about 70 more verses started

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right over again of cervical bacara. And then a lot though Jen called back and sold him a whole load dialer.

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And the last of them he says Allahu alayhi wa sallam

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will tell

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Hi, Pika cobla melting and take advantage of your life before your death. You have this one life to live.

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And we will realize the potential and the generosity of Allah when we meet him that every single breath in that life of ours was actually a treasure chest, a treasure chest that you deposit in. Don't think about right now just don't think about those who will not make it to gender just for a moment. Just trust our laws justice, because I know this is a pervasive thought in our critical times. Just think about those who will get to gender for any moment, of dedication to Allah of consciousness of Allah of reflection on Allah, of intention, of fear that you endured for Allah even that moment that you got scared about what if I contract today is the first Juma of the COVID virus.

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And you shoot it away and you still came to every single one of those moments it passed in a second a millisecond, Allah will reward you for it separate without n.

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What an opportunity, easy for the taking spoils giveaway. May Allah help us take advantage of what we can and be of those of the most heeding of this advice of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam akoko he has asked for Allah haleiwa

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Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Milena Viva Chateau La ilaha illallah wa Hola, sharika lahu Asha Donna Mohammed Abu Abu hora, sola.

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One of the greatest things that strips us of our power to take advantage is bad news. And that is why one of the dearest things to show on his sadness he loves to inflict the believer with sadness, because of how debilitating it is, how empowering it is.

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And so not subjecting yourself to things that make you sad make you depressed make you stress will actually give you the energy to make out of the best out of your dounia NACA. You know people left and right because they had so much more time to take in bad news. During this pandemic. We're speaking about mental health challenges. We're speaking about stress, emotional stress. And they say how do I get past this?

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And it is very simple but easier said than done. It is you need to remove yourself from one place and put yourself in another. Have you ever noticed that in the end there is a consistent pattern regarding guidance. And regarding Miss guidance and how Allah hoards them. A lot of religion says throughout the Quran, I wish you would pay attention to this.

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I let Huda elfi bodily move in such and such people different contexts are upon guidance or in misguidance or in clearing with guidance upon guidance. In misguidance, there is a difference. The difference is when you subject yourself to the guidance in the who the lie or who the guidance of Allah is the true guidance, the only guidance. That guidance is something you get on something you write something that carries you through what you need to get through. Whereas when you subject yourself to other streams of information, misinformation, scary news, lies, deceit, competition, all of that these things you think inside of them, they drowned you they consume you. And so more intake

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of this and less exposure to that is your solution.

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And with the massage it being open and I personally see considering my place here in the masjid, so many of the committees among themselves and with each other are trying to make the best out of what will be a unique summer program for our youth special youth groups for our youth special classes to busy us with the hold on virtually because that's going to be our our need at the moment. Take advantage of whatever you can and for the adults come to the follow up come to the massage do not abandon the lighthouses do not abandon the fortresses of law has reopened our doors a lot though a gentleman said to us in the hora de la holy Nora he may He guides to his life as if the world is

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darkness and only Allah guidance is light He guides to his light whomever he wishes and then the very next verse he says what feeble youth and as you know Allahu and Tovar, this light is found in these houses that Allah commanded be raised. And of the meanings he didn't say be built of the meanings the scholars said why Allah called the houses, places he commanded to be raised is because they need to be raised in value in our heart. Because if we drift away from them, if we give them the leftovers of our lives, we will be stuck for guidance. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam made that very clear to us.

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Before him a lot as though I just said those who populate them with massages in the other eye on the foreign fossa aka Kunal butadiene. These are the people that have potential to be guided. And as for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said guru Vic, attend to the reminder.

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As if everything outside is a flood caused causing you to forget and you run here to rinse that off, as a referee would say you even like you wash up in the masjid even if your hands are clean as if to remember your washing off the contamination from the outside. You need this to be your stronghold. So he says a little victory the prophets Allah Allahu Allah says attend to the reminder.

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What the noumenal Imam and work hard to come close to the Imam tried to be a foreigner tried to be in the first rose Fela as Allah rajul as a bad because a man will continue to come later or delay incoming or put off coming. Have you Akira hula hoops agenda to Allah delete him the first time in Paradise, we're in the holla if he answers it, and he may not even enter it, when this is not given a priority. And thus Allah told us these houses of guidance with a light is found for all these meetings together. Now as you leave the message. We are in the places that Allah commanded to rise.

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All of your needs begin here, or else whatever you find outside you will think inside of or you will be stripped of the potential benefit you can get from it. It must start here. And speaking of needs, and speaking of light, the creatures that Allah created

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out of light the angels which are creatures that Allah designated among their most important tasks are to help carry the believers on their journey are found in the massagin and identify those whom they are tasked with helping through the massage. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said that and we said I closed and our needs are so many you reflect on them as you leave. He said that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us, he says this in nearly messaggi, the Altair then the massage would have certain pillars, but it's not the architecture fillers he's talking about. He's talking about people that are consistent attendees. Their hearts are attached to the masjid and so

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they come as consistently as they can. They prioritize they push, he says the masajid have certain pillars whom elta do they belong to it? Let him Julissa amin, Allah melodica these people the angels sit in their company whether in the masjid or after they leave the angel fit in their company for in the novel you have to be doing at home when they drift away. The times when you falter they ask about the main choir Where's so and so and they go remind him to return.

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When Mary Lou I do whom and when they get struck with some sickness, some disease, they visit them, they come to them, they cool their hearts give them solace. They pray for them, they visit them when a person is supposed to do when you visit the sick the angels themselves do this I do whom were in can ofI Hagerty, I know whom and when they have some sort of need or another they assist them in that

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make our lives though gel makers people who benefit fully and take advantage fully of the message of the reopening. Make it for us truly a place of guidance, a place of light, a place of blessings, a place for us to recognize the path towards him, make us people that are attached to the massage and the people of the massage it alone mean aloha McFarland ohana Aloma Filipino a llama Filipino Hannah Elena mapa de Manila upon Allah. Allah Allah, Allah movie Mina,

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aloha Muslim Muslim minamisoma mina Mina Celica kuramathi co host Nevada together Angela Lee kromm masala la sala Baraka Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi edge marine

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hello and hello

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