Mufti Menk – Tafsir – Surah Shuraa – Part 2

Mufti Menk
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inshallah we'll be reading from verse number 10. of surah to Shura page number

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481 of the Noble Quran or should I say of the Sahih International translation that we use in

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our image shavonda rajim Bismillah

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on afterlife TV

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Haku Illa de como la,

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to see

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me as

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comfy the second if Nietzsche

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was me

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makani to sama demon

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is calling me

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God in Malaysia in

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sha Allah Mina de Nima wasabi

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la cama Selena beanie belong email OSA

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Nevada turbo fee

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along with a DA ve

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D Walla

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Walla Walla Cali moto Saba botamo be karela

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larina Nikita

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Kim in

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de la W.

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to Bheema.

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Luna Luna Wallah comme

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la jetavana

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nephila barra de mas de Bella

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mother God made a lovely lady

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need a

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body? Yes.

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Well let me know

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in la

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de la

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a long would

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be an iva de la comi

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movie healthy woman

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dunia t mean

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Lucia Lucia

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Mina de mala Mia.

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County Mattoon fosse Neela boulia you know what Wally mean?

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Donald Wally mean and wish

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me one Latina

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one he hasn't eaten as he delonghi

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in Allah

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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa salatu salam ala

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nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Iwasaki with Benin, omentum Jambi son in Isla de Nueva, my respected mothers and sisters, verse number 10, of the surah. We've already covered it previously, but we are covering it again. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to help us to understand this beautiful book of his, the book that he has sent as the prime book and the main source around which our entire life will rotate. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, bless us.

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Verse number 10, Allah says, and in anything over which you disagree, it's ruling is to be referred to Allah. When you disagree with something or in something, then you need to understand, when you disagree in something, meaning there is a dispute between you, then the solution of it should be that solution that Allah subhanho wa Taala has prescribed or ordained. And it's important for us to know that as muslimeen we have chosen to submit to Allah, Allah has revealed the poor on the Quran has asked us to follow the Sunnah of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we have submitted to Allah in a way that we have chosen this as our path. So we cannot say, Okay, I'm a Muslim, but I

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don't want to adopt the sooner or I'm a Muslim, but I don't want to adopt the Koran. I'm a Muslim, but I don't want my laws of inheritance to be done as a Muslim. So why do we call ourselves Muslim? It's like someone saying, I'm a citizen of Britain, but I do not want to follow the laws of the country. So why are you a citizen of that country in the first place, the same would apply to any other person who lives in a certain country being a citizen of it, and they are claiming on one hand to be a citizen and on the other that they will not follow the laws. So the same applies when a Muslim says I am Muslim it means I submit to Allah. So whatever I have in terms of dispute, I will

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look back at what Allah subhana wa Jalla has said, Look into the Quran and the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam, whatever the solution is, whether it be materialistically, for me or against me, I will surrender understanding it can only be for me, if I adopt the law of Allah subhanho wa Taala. So sometimes in the laws of inheritance, people cheat the women folk, they cheat their sisters, their daughters, their mothers sometimes, and so on. And vice versa. It happens a bit rarely, but yes, it does happen. And we need to understand that the minute a person chooses a path that is not the path of Allah and His Messenger, then he needs to go and revisit his email, and he

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needs to come back and rekindle his link with Allah subhanho wa Taala. Because what was the point of claiming to be Muslim, when you don't even want to follow Islam, and this is the dispute that we have with a few people who have changed the religion to suit their whims and fancies, we say, you know, from

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the perspective of being a national of the country you might be living in, or you might be a citizen of, you may be free to do whatever you want. But that does not give you the freedom to still call yourself a Muslim. So if for example, a person adopts or says that Islam permits alcohol, Islam permits fornication or any other behavior or deed that is unacceptable according to the Quran and the Sunnah of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, if they want to consider it permissible, they must abstain from calling themselves Muslim still, or they can say, Look, I'm a Muslim, I do admit that revelation has this but I'm weak. In that particular case, yes, we will still consider the Muslim

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and they have a right to call themselves Muslim because even though they might have engaged in a sin, but they consider what is wrong to be wrong, and they are blaming their weakness for having engaged in it. But if a person says that the Quran says this, but that is not Islam. In that particular case, they have rejected the boron or the sunol Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. I hope I've made myself quite clear. The next verse, Allah subhanho wa Taala says In fact, the same verse Allah continues to say, that is Allah My Lord, upon him I have relied and to him I turn back. Now this is also a powerful to add that can be made as application data como la hora de la mitaka to LA uni.

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That is my Rob that is my Lord. upon him, I rely he will look after me. He will

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Ensure that my needs are fulfilled. So that is my lord upon him I rely and to him I turn back turn back in repentance turn back in, in every way of turning back, turning back meaning to Allah subhana wa Jalla not away from Allah subhanho wa Taala. so amazingly, if someone says Valley como la hora de la Hito, to LA he need it is a verse of the Quran but at the same time, it acts as a supplication it's important for us to look at the meanings of it, and to to use the same words of the Quran, they are far more powerful than my words and yours. Then Allah subhanho wa Jalla says, verse number 11, He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth, He has made for you from yourselves mates and among

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the kettle mates, he multiplies you thereby, there is nothing like unto Him and He is the old hearing the old seeing pause for a moment we spoke about it. Two weeks back, we are speaking about it again. Allah says he created for you from amongst you mates. And this is how you shall be reproducing for reproduction. Allah has created for you from amongst you mates. And guess what he did you and i a favor by making attractive the opposite * because if the opposite * was not attractive, one wonders how reproduction would actually take place. So to be honest, it's a gift of Allah. And the reason I make mention of this is, Allah has said separately that for you, they are

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made from amongst you for cattle, they are made from amongst the cattle. So don't mix up men and cattle never ever come down one day and say right for us, they are made from the cattle and from cattle they are made for men. Oh, Allah has made it quite clear to say for men, made from the same species and for cattle made from the same species. So this is the decree of Allah subhanho wa Taala This is his choice. This is what he chose to do. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us, and may He save us from witnessing the day and it's already there. But it's not in our countries from Han Allah Alhamdulillah. witnessing the day when people will be marrying animals and saying that it's natural,

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normal and in the genes. You know, I used to wonder why some scholars used to say it's haram to a genes anyway. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us and grant us ease. They blame the genes they say it's in the genes law Kabbalah, Allah subhanho wa Taala help us in every single way. And may Allah subhanho wa Taala save us from the day people will be marrying their dogs and cats and cows and goats and animals and whatever you have one day they might even be marrying fish.

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So Allah subhanahu wa Jalla says He is the Creator of the heavens and the earth. Now why did he start off by saying he's the Creator of the heavens and the earth, because the Creator is the one who decides when you create something, you have the right and the power and authority to decide. So he created the heavens and the earth and it is his decision

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that men will have made from the same species and he made that same kind of love, and from amongst cattle also maids for the cattle and he multiplies you thereby as he says, then he says there is nothing like unto Allah we spoke about this, we want to repeat it.

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No names or qualities of Allah can be shared by anyone.

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No one not at all. So a name of Allah, a quality of Allah, nobody, even the highest of creation, who is Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam will not have a name or quality equivalent to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And this is something quite clear and quite well, you know, documented. Muhammad Salallahu salam, for example, some people say he is Allahu Allah, that he is exactly as Allah He has his own unique knowledge of the unseen. Now that is wrong. What is correct is for a person to say he was given by Allah knowledge of a lot of the unseen, which He then made clear to us in terms of prophecy, and in various other ways. So everything that he told us from that which was in the, the unseen, the world

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of the unseen, was actually given by Allah that's what we believe, but the knower of the complete unseen is Allah and none other than Allah. So we are not Christians to believe that Jesus and God were exactly the same in so many things and so on. The same applies Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam the best of creation, the highest of the lot, the highest of even higher than all the angels and so on. We do not ever claim that he is equivalent to Allah subhanho wa Taala. And we do not render any act of worship to Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So as much as Yes, we have to believe that he was the highest and he brought so much of the knowledge of the unseen with him, but

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given by Allah subhanho wa Taala it's a simple difference that we have yet it is quite deep when we get to the crux of it. May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us and protect us, you know, people begin to label others as disbelievers and so on. If they do not believe that Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam was not

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Allahu Allah will means the supreme Knower of the unseen my brothers and sisters or my mothers and sisters. Allah is the supreme Knower of the unseen and yes, indeed, he gave information to Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, but every time Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told us and he told us a lot of the unseen it was from Allah, it was a revelation. So technically, nobody is disputing that he came with knowledge that was from the unseen but he came with it from Allah. That's the only difference. May Allah Subhana Allah Allah bless us, protect us and grant us the ability to worship Him alone. So Allah says LASIK, admittedly he shaven, there is nothing like unto Allah, this verse actually would

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show you what is association of partnership with Allah and what is monotheism if you are to declare that Allah alone is the only one who has his own qualities and names of that level. Then you are a person who would be from amongst those who believe in monotheism or that Allah is obviously one and he is alone, God is one and alone Subhana Allah as we would say, Allah subhanho wa Taala. But if a person believes that there is anyone who shares any of the names or qualities of Allah subhanho wa Taala they have committed a grave sin that Allah has warned against so much so that Allah says we're who were a Samira Alba, co he is the all hearing we all seeing. Now I can see but I'm not the old

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scene. I can hear but I'm not the old hearing same applies to any other creature they can hear perhaps and maybe they can see if they can see and hear that sight and hearing was given by Allah so they are not the all hearing the old seeing who give hearing and seeing to other people know and who can see absolutely everything at any given time all on their own independent from Allah subhanho wa Taala. No way. So this is something important. Now, if you call someone send me on how they're watching me, this person can hear, that's fine, but you cannot call them Samia, the elephant lamb that you added the beginning makes you the quality of Allah, you know. So bossy would mean someone

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who can see a little bossy is V. Supreme, the one who is all seeing so there is a slight difference between or should I say a big difference between if you were to add the elephant lamb at the beginning. This is why whenever you add up at the beginning of a name, immediately after that there is an elephant lamp. Always there is an elephant lamp, Abdullah

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Abdullah man, for example, Abdullah Abdullah Al Pacino, Abdel muneeb Abdul muneeb Abdul Aziz, there's always an Al Abdul, that's why they say so in other words, they would say I'm doing this and I do that that is referring to Allah, the slave of Allah. But nobody ever says,

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bye, Steve and so on without the elephant land, because that person would not be referring to Allah subhanho wa Taala it is Albacete that refers to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Look at the names of Allah, they all would have the elephant lamp if they are qualities we ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to help us understand and if it is just one noun so to speak, you'd have the elephant lamb in front of it. If it is ruled Jalali will economic is also algebra one econ. However, if you go through the names you would understand exactly what I'm saying. Then Allah subhanho wa Taala in the next verse, to Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth. So my mothers and sisters if you want anything,

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ask Allah continue asking Allah repeatedly ask Allah you want goodness in life, point number one start by seeking forgiveness. Point number two start by fulfilling your five Salah a day five, not four and a half yesterday or the day before I was speaking at the masjid in Arcadia Mashallah, we had quite a bit of a laugh because what I said is a telephone number if you know a telephone number for example 86150 if that is a phone number, and you dial for example 8649 and a half, you wouldn't get through.

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Why because you half a digit out half a digit. Imagine the 614 9.5 you're not getting through noise. Why? Because you need to dial the number exactly as it is 86150 you make a little list and it's gone. So my mothers and sisters Salah is a little bit different but Salah again, you want happiness, you want goodness, you want things to flow your way understand, please Allah. When number one, as I said seek lots of forgiveness on a daily basis. Proper forgiveness, don't just sit with a counter or at the speed and say a strong federal law. You know what we've said in the past about the term I started a law which has no which a person is not thinking about, if you want to say the law it must

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be with proper concentration upon the meaning I understand that what I am saying

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as Stubblefield law I seek your forgiveness, Oh Allah, whatever I know I've done whatever I do not know I've done the major sins, the minor sins and obviously the major sins would require a little bit more attention and and it would be

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require a person to specifically repent from May Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us all. I mean, so Allah subhanho wa Taala is teaching us to say, look, I am the owner of the keys of the heavens and the earth with me. Yeah Allah saying to Him belong the keys of the heavens and the earth, whatever you want in the heavens and the earth, Allah owns it, he has it, do not become a person who earns the displeasure of Allah subhanho wa Taala thinking that you're going to get what the heavens and the earth have, because the owner is Allah, you might get it temporarily, but it will come with a lot of trouble. It will come with a lot of turbulence and tests and lack of contentment. May Allah

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subhanho wa Taala not do that to us. Allah says he extends provision for whom He wills and restricts provision. Indeed, he is of all things knowing this again, the verse connected straight to provision, money, wealth, materialistic items, everything goodness, Allah says he extends it to whomsoever He wills. So a question is whom does he will to extend the to? Good question.

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If someone is dishing out things, and I want from it, I need to ask myself, Well, how can I make myself qualified enough to be able to get from what they are giving. And then I need to work towards that. So Allah says, He gives His worshippers who strive to earn his pleasure. This is when he gives, so keep on striving to earn his pleasure. And then you will come to a point where you will realize and believe firmly that what he has given you was best for you and what he kept away from you. It was best that he kept it away from you. So panela amazing. So sometimes you desperately want things part of the test of this dunya is that you will not get it.

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Sometimes you desperately want something part of the test of this world is you will not get it now what you're going to do, Allahu Akbar, are you going to be thankful to Allah to say Allah, I still wanted y'all I still make dua for him. But if you have chosen not to give me I am convinced that there must be something better in the fact that you haven't given me X, Y or Z that I wanted.

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So you become a movement. A believer who surrenders to Allah, a person who is truly believing in what shall remain alight Allah good and bad comes from Allah, the fate is chosen by Allah subhanho wa Taala Yes, you do have a role to play within the limits and the capacity that Allah has given you, you definitely have a role to play, but whether or not you will achieve that's in the hands of Allah. And you know, at a certain time, if you fulfill the role that Allah has asked you to fulfill, then you do not achieve what you try to achieve. Know that it was better for you. You should be convinced it was much better for you Alhamdulillah be happy, be patient. You know, this morning, I

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got news of a doctor, a chiropractor in Malaysia who passed away and you know what, he was only 47 years old and he was one of the top guys that I knew. And you know what? It's one of those things you treat everyone else and now you have to go yourself when one does I was sitting this morning thinking that however old I am Subhanallah last time I counted I forgot what it actually was but however old I am, how do I know if I'm going to see the next year or even the next few days? Tomorrow? May Allah protect us all anyone could be diagnosed with anything and before you know it a month or two down the line gone. And that's if you're lucky you have a month or two to prepare. Whoa

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Subhan Allah, that's fortunate. Others go suddenly without any form of you know, what can I say heads up, so to speak, Allahu Akbar, Allah subhanho wa Taala. Grant us ease. May He make it easy for us the day he takes us away. My mothers and sisters life is so temporary, so temporary, live your life in a way that you will not regret when you arrive in the hereafter. Believe me, one of the best things you could ever do ask us forgiveness constantly on a daily basis. Most of the day morning, afternoon, evening and night. ask Allah forgiveness Allah forgive me now and again. Just keep that on your lips. Some handle Imagine if that's you that the last words before you you actually meet

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with allies or Allah forgive me. That's also quite a powerful word. Although the most powerful would be a shadow Allah, Allah, Allah Allah, Mohammed Abdullah rasuluh

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Subhana Allah, just to ask for forgiveness from Allah subhanho wa Taala as the last words as we are departing is something great. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yes, provision belongs to Allah he extends to who for whom He wills and he restricts indeed he is of all things knowing, he knows. So don't choose the wrong ways of earning because earning belongs to Allah, meaning whatever you are looking for, or trying to earn actually belongs to Allah. Then Allah says, he has ordained for you of religion, what he enjoined upon Noah,

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and that which he have, we have revealed to you or Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and what we enjoined upon Abraham Moses, Jesus, Ibrahim Alayhi. Salam was at a salon. He saw a salon to establish the religion and not to be divided there in different

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For those who associate others with Allah, is that to which you invite them. Those who associate others with Allah, it's very hard for them to digest what you are inviting them towards. You're asking them to quit worshiping everything else, do not divide in faith. What they used to say is okay, on a certain day, we will worship this God, then we worship that one, when we are in dire straits, we will worship Allah. When we are in real need, we're going to worship Allah, because they used to understand who Allah is. So Allah is telling us all that, look, the pillars of Eman or the pillars of belief have always been ditto, identical, the same from the previous messages. So what

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did new Noah May peace be upon him call towards what did Jesus May peace be upon him call towards? What did Moses or Aaron or Abraham or any one of these messengers call towards? They call towards the following amen to build equity he wanted to be he will, surely he will. He will. He will. Surely he mean Allah to Allah will pass that the note. That is I didn't tickle. You know, the belief. Let me repeat what I said in English. I believe in Allah, the One who created me, right, that is Allah, so every one of them called towards worshiping one God, Allah, the creator, the Sustainer, the Supreme nourisher cherisher. And so Allah, the One who is completely in charge,

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and all the angels, every one of them talk about the angels, all of them without exception, exactly as the others did. There was no difference when they call towards worshiping or should I say, worshipping Allah, and believing in the angels.

00:26:40 --> 00:27:02

And all the books, the previous books and the scriptures, they all taught that they were prophets before and prophets after as for the ones right at the beginning, they were teaching that they will come prophets after us. And as for those who came later, they taught who was before them and who will come after them, all of them did. And if there was Muhammad Salah Salah Nanda is to come after him, he taught that as well. But he taught everyone before

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will surely he and all the messengers, all the books and all the messengers, those two come hand in hand, we'll deal with the fact that

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there is going to be a last day all the messengers taught that there is going to be a last day, a day of judgment.

00:27:19 --> 00:27:33

Kodama good and bad fate, totally belonging to Allah. Yes, he gives you a role to play, you need to fulfill it, Do not insult him by saying the role you've given me to play, I don't want to play it, you do everything because as it is, you've predestined everything.

00:27:35 --> 00:27:45

No, we cannot do that to Allah subhanho wa Taala, he says, You will fulfill this role you fulfill it, then I will decide whether I will give you or not and how much or how little I will give you

00:27:47 --> 00:27:54

may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us, goodness. So all the messengers talked about this issue of predestiny. And at the same time,

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the battle mode resurrection, there will be resurrection answerability to Allah heaven, and * everyone thought about it. So these pillars of a man or belief were never ever different, never ever. So what is different, what is different is how to worship Allah subhanho wa Taala, the do's and the don'ts, which will not connected to belief primarily. But obviously, as a secondary point, it is connected to believe because if you believe in Allah, then it takes you towards all the rules and regulations that are stipulated in Revelation. So but for example, the way we pray, the way the Jews pray, the way the Christians pray, and so on is different. And it was always different from the

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very beginning because Allah subhanho wa Taala wanted us, for example, to worship Him in a specific way. And he knew that there would come a time when I would perfect this entire Deen for mankind. So sometimes, for example, we are not permitted to do certain things that perhaps Christians might have been permitted to do. And the Jewish people were prohibited from a lot and we have been permitted to do quite a few of those things that are prohibited for them. This is a law so the dude like for example, how to pray we have the units of prayer and so on that that changes or should I say that changed with the various prophets they were different ways of praying but the fact that you believe

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you only praying for Allah, it was always the same. Allah subhanho wa Taala Grant has a deep understanding. So this is what Allah subhanho wa Taala is saying, that it is difficult for those who associate others with Allah, that which you are calling them towards very difficult for them to digest. A large chooses for himself, whom He wills and guides to himself whom, whomsoever He wills allow Akbar, Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses for himself who he wills Yeah, de la Masha. Allah subhanho wa Taala chooses for himself, whom He wills and guides to himself, whoever turns back to him, turns back to him meaning whoever wants to turn to Allah alone.

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guidance. But if your intention is not sincere, then obviously How do you expect to achieve guidance? You know, when you really want to do something, no matter how old you are, no matter what financial capacity you may be upon, but you will be so determined that you will probably achieve why because by the help of Allah and determination, using the capacity Allah has given you, you are now heading in this direction. But if you sit with laziness and you don't do anything about it, and then you say it was predestined for me anyway, if that's the case, what will happen?

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May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us you probably would be sick and Ill in bed with all these warts and pimples all around because you haven't even got up to have a bath law Come on, even to shower. You need to make an effort my mothers and sisters. So here Allah subhana wa jal is telling us Who does he guide. He guides those who want guidance, who search for it will look for it, who work towards it, He will guide them he opens the doors for them. He said this in so many places in the barn while learning

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in Atlanta,

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Atlanta, the end of circle and Kabuto Allah says those who strive and struggle to come towards us, we will open the doors of guidance for them, we will show them our paths of guidance. Where is the guidance? Well, you trying and you are sincere. And this is why whoever is searching for the truth, sincerely will find it. And this is why whenever I've met Christians who are looking for the truth, I will always tell them pray, to be guided to the purest teachings of Jesus made peace be upon him, because the purest teachings of Jesus actually would lead you straight to Islam. Allahu Akbar.

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It's a beautiful day that they could make May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us towards purity and towards his pleasure. I mean, so my mothers and sisters, there is no point in saying you know, I don't have guidance, I'm feeling like this, strive towards it, work towards it, do something to understand the pole and to go into the sooner and don't just listen to what everyone has to say, you know, everyone who has discrepancy with something that might appear in the Quran, you need to first learn what is correct, then you hear the discrepancies and you'll be able to respond to them. And then you can even go and ask people who know the questions because you might not know and that's

00:32:17 --> 00:32:51

what the Quran says whenever you have a doubt or if not, if the word doubt might be wrong, but whenever you have a clarification that needs to be made, you need to ask it and you must ask it to the right people and you will get the correct answer. Sometimes we asked the wrong people so they lead us further astray. And there are so many people who want to say today for example, that you know revelation cannot be corrected. The Quran cannot be correct. You know, he teaches barbarism he teaches this and hatred and eating well they've misinterpreted To be honest, Islam teaches peace and more peace and it teaches justice and goodness, and it's full of mercy and kindness and it's full of

00:32:51 --> 00:32:57

forgiveness and hope. That's the plan. So whatever they are reading and how they're interpreting it is wrong. Allahu Akbar.

00:32:59 --> 00:33:37

Allah subhanho wa Taala help us Allah describes the Quran as Shiva own Lima has to do, or people we have revealed to you a cure for that diseases of the heart. You know, the bronze, melodious, beautiful recitation has an impact even on animals and plants. And I'm sure we know that you can, you can check it out on YouTube, if you'd like. So Panama, it has a melodious recitation and that would suit us. And it would suit other creatures of Allah subhanho wa Taala as well. So this is Allah, Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling is telling us thereafter, after saying that he guides those who turned to him,

00:33:38 --> 00:33:50

he says, and they did not become divided until after knowledge had come to them out of jealous animosity between themselves. You see when knowledge came to them,

00:33:51 --> 00:34:27

if jealousy and animosity overtakes a person who might have a little bit of knowledge, it is clouded. So for example, and I will give you a straightforward example, Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam came with a revelation, the Jewish people and the Christians in Madina munawwara confirmed in their hearts and even lay some of them did it, you know, they openly declared the faith in Islam. They said, this is a completion of what Jesus and Moses May peace be upon them have brought, and they confirm this. But what did the cronies say? What did some of the Chiefs say some of the leaders and some of the the general masses follow those leaders? What were their statements? They said, Well,

00:34:27 --> 00:34:31

the fact that he's not from the children of Isaac, we've got a problem with it. Are

00:34:32 --> 00:35:00

you jealous at all? You're jealous, you can see loud and clear the man's come to you with the best of the best. Allah has blessed him in 1,000,001 ways and so what he hasn't blessed you in that way. So if it was not from your children, it doesn't mean you don't accept the truth. You accept it from whoever Allah chooses. This is why when Allah says in the Quran, Allah who yes puffy mean Alma Allah, he can do Salam amin and as it is Allah alone who chooses from the angels, whom he wants to

00:35:00 --> 00:35:04

Use as messengers and from the people the same, which means he chooses, it's up to him.

00:35:06 --> 00:35:17

And that's why in another verse Allah says, A homeopathy munakata, big nanoka some benina whom Allah says, Are they the ones who decide how Allah should split his mercy?

00:35:18 --> 00:35:42

Are they the ones will decide Allah says we are the ones who have already chosen whom we are going to favor above the other and how and why and when. So it's endless choice you try your best you know, you might be a supreme manager at a certain company. So one day I might need your services but then a day will come when I might be a petrol attendant and you're going to need my services especially nowadays that the mixing the diesel sugarcane, like we mentioned the other week.

00:35:43 --> 00:36:23

Sweet driving Mashallah. So mothers and sisters, we have to respect one another, Allah chosen you for something, definitely, you have something I don't have an I have something you don't have Subhana Allah, it's quite loud and clear that everyone is perhaps in you know, gifted in their own way. Sometimes we do not understand what Allah has gifted us with, because we too busy doing other things, and we too far from Allah, but Allah has given you a gift, what is the gift? Well discover it and work on it. And and you know, enjoy what Allah has blessed you with. There is nobody on earth that Allah has not blessed in one way or another. Not a single one. But they don't understand their

00:36:23 --> 00:36:35

blessing. Some of them just believe completely and then they just want to enjoy life and think that they had fun for so many years not realizing, hey, we never even searched for the truth. We didn't even think to ourselves that there is something more than this little temporary life of ours.

00:36:38 --> 00:37:14

So this is why so beautifully put allies just tapping us reminding us to say hey, hang on, hang on. We own everything we favor one above the other. We are the ones who choose. And Allah says do not let jealousy and animosity cloud your knowledge because that's what it does. You can be the most knowledgeable person but if you have jealousy and animosity you will be divided because you reject the truth. This is why pride in Islam is not connected to what you have and whether you are the richest or driving the best or you know living in the most luxurious home. That's not pride. You could be a person who flies by helicopter in for this session every week. That doesn't make you

00:37:14 --> 00:37:17

proud. But when you come out of your helicopter please greet us.

00:37:19 --> 00:37:46

Hello, my mothers and sisters beautifully put when you come out of that helicopter your attitude is what determines you know whether you are proud or not if you come out and you really are a humble soul who still takes out your shoes where everybody does you walk in properly you sit where everybody else sits that's okay. People will love you Even though you have a helicopter flying in Mashallah, what's the big deal, Masha? Allah bless you. We are happy for you. And we ask Allah to grant us a helicopter as well.

00:37:48 --> 00:38:23

Yes, there's nothing wrong with that. You are happy for someone and you ask a life you really want okay Allah make it easy, but our helicopter We ask Allah to take us to gentle with it what do you say Mashallah, that doesn't mean we asking for it to crash but what we're asking for is for Allah subhanho wa Taala to take us to gentlemen through the means that he has given us whatever capacity is given me Mashallah. May Allah subhanahu wa Allah grant us paradise I wonder if there will be helicopters in general adulthood actually because we will we will be able to fly and get to wherever we want to just by thinking about it but anyway, let's get there. Let's not debate what is there

00:38:23 --> 00:38:30

because the most important thing is to get there when once you're there you will never be let down. May Allah grant us all Jana amin, Amina.

00:38:32 --> 00:38:38

So my mothers and sisters, pride is when you despise people and reject the truth that is what pride is

00:38:39 --> 00:39:17

vulnerable to humbleness. When the truth comes to you rejected you know it's right. But you say no. Why? Because I got the money. Hello. That's pride. That is pride. But Mashallah you have people of the oma Mohamed Salah, Salah muslimeen you know, us when we have no matter what we have in terms of authority, or power or wealth Alhamdulillah the minute the truth comes, we say summit in our banner, we've heard and we've obeyed, that's what it is. We've heard and we've obeyed. Yes, it's true, I was wrong, even though I might be a big shot, so what I'm wrong, and so on. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease. So this is why Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Allah says that they did not become divided

00:39:17 --> 00:39:33

until after knowledge had come to them out of jealous animosity between themselves. And if not for a word that proceeded from your Lord postponing the penalty until a specified time it would have been concluded between them a long time back.

00:39:34 --> 00:39:52

So Allah has given you chances and given everyone some time, and Allah says had it not been for a predestined time, you would have already been destroyed all the conclusion. The judgment between you would have been made and done a long time ago.

00:39:53 --> 00:39:59

passed a long time back. So unless is a favor of his his that he has kept

00:40:00 --> 00:40:17

For a specified time, so those who would like to turn can still turn. And Allah says Subhana Allah to Allah and indeed those who are granted inheritance of the scripture after them are concerning it in disquieting doubts.

00:40:20 --> 00:40:51

So when a person who who is full of jealousy and animosity passes the message to the next generation, what type of message do you think they're going to pass? Are they going to tell you the truth? They're going to say don't believe in Mohammed because you know what salatu salam he's from the children of his name is supposed to have been from the children of his hack. So don't so now the next generation tells the following generation and the fourth and fifth save don't believe in those people they devils that Oh, that's all they know. Now they don't know the whole history. And the in the next generation says these people are satanist. Then what the next one says these people are

00:40:51 --> 00:41:06

devil worshipers and now like I was telling you, the churches around us even today, they tell their people watch out these people that Satanists you know how they say it in in the accent here locally. They say they are Satanists. Allah subhanho wa Taala projectors Satanists Allahu Akbar,

00:41:07 --> 00:41:22

Allah grant us ease and we are not we are the furthest away from shaylen. And they say that Oh, you better watch out. If you be if you become a Muslim, the day you die, they will clean your intestines and make some rice with it. And after three days, they feed the people and they relish the tastes.

00:41:23 --> 00:41:57

You know those Indian masalas? May Allah subhanho wa Taala safeguard us my mothers and sisters, what a fairy tale. But this is why Allah says that they are in doubt the people who know us from amongst those who are hearing this type of folk tale, they are actually in doubt they know that these people are good. We've been brought up with them. We know them for a long, long time. How could they be doing this? And this is why my mothers and sisters whenever you have an opportunity explained to some of the non Muslims some of the good teachings of Islam and tell them oh in Islam, you know when a person passes away the amount of respect they give the body x y and Zed explained to them, I hope

00:41:57 --> 00:42:07

you know in order to be able to explain because it clarifies doubts so many tend to Islam when doubts are cleared and clarified. So Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

00:42:08 --> 00:42:49

in fact to panel I'm noticing that the time is up. So inshallah we'll stop at verse number 14. I went back slightly this week, but inshallah next week we will continue from verse number 15. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us ease and goodness, verse number 15 is connected to the statements by Allah subhanho wa Taala the instruction and injunction to Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam and by extension to all of us to invite towards Islam to invite towards goodness Valley danika further, Allah subhanho wa Taala says call towards that and that is why you should be calling towards the goodness. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala forgive us all. My brothers and sisters make dua for rain, we

00:42:49 --> 00:43:27

really need rain, we really need good produce and inshallah we would like to see the economy turn around. It's been a long time since people are actually struggling and suffering in this country Believe me, you know, people from decent families good families are really really struggling. It's about time we made sincere and for a dad to be accepted. You need to seek Allah's forgiveness. You need to ask Allah forgiveness you need to quit bad habits and ways you need to become dedicated to Allah I promise you, you will see results ask Allah forgiveness, establish your Salah become a little bit stronger when it comes to your dress code and various other items. And by the will of

00:43:27 --> 00:43:38

Allah you will find a huge, huge, huge difference. May Allah bless us all Osama Salama Baraka Allah Amina Muhammad Subhan, Allah Subhana Allah Mohammed Nick shadow Layla in lantana

Sisters Lesson from Harare, Surah Shuraa Part 2

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