Stopping by Saffron Kitchen en route to Umrah – #Unplugged

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Salam aleikum. I'm in London saffron kitchen. We're about to have a bit of a munch Shala

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the plan is we're going for Umrah tomorrow

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arriving in Medina inshallah we will be there for about a week and then go to Mecca Shala. So usually when we're going

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we ask Allah Almighty is forgiveness and we asked him to accept the journey make it easy for us. For your SEER holy water cabal human and Amara fire see Holly, what a couple harmony, make it easy for me and accept it from me. The trip to Umrah has become easier, although it's a bit pricey, it's become easier to actually undertake. So there is an encouragement to say undertake the trip as often as you can, Inshallah, it really will help. So alhamdulillah that's a good thing. I had a beautiful trip, a beautiful trip to Kenya. We had five major public lectures starting with the Joomla, Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon. It was amazing. And the thing

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is, we were so busy doing so much of work my throat, my voice is actually almost gone. So I thank Allah that You know, when we use things for the sake of Allah, may he accepted from us. I know in the interim, people were sending me some forwarded messages what this one said about you and that one said, a butcher, I don't know. I don't want to know. The reason is we're very busy doing the work. And inshallah we will continue being busy doing the work until the day Allah takes us away. We don't have the time to look into what others are saying about us or not saying about us, they're not in the equation, Allah is in the equation. And we're doing it for him, we're working for him. And if

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people want to know things, and they contact us directly in order to try and understand something and handle, but if people just talk and swipe, usually it's insincere. Those who swipe out in public, they're not sincere, because that's not the way it should be done. So that's one of those things. But another quick thing is, Amara, when we go for Umrah, we ask Allah Almighty to

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facilitate for us, the

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the camera itself, you know, you're supposed to be booking on a on an app. It's a little bit more difficult, but it's needed. So if you're going to Medina for the role, you need to book you're going for umbra, you would need to book when it's busy. Some people were asking, Are we allowed to deceive the guys and just pitch up in an a haram in order to go into the mouth? Well, you use the word deceive. So if that's the word you're using, then deception is not allowed. But sometimes if you actually go when it's empty, or it's not that full at a certain time, say for example, you've made your aamra You've just come out of the other door, you want to come back in from this particular

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door, you haven't yet changed your your, your cloth, that's fine. That's not a problem. But when you know that there is deception, then avoid that. Avoid that because like I just said, it's not a good thing to do. I remember when I visited some time back and I was in plainclothes and I wanted to go in earlier when they started this rule. And the policeman told me no, you go back and put on these two pieces of cloth and coming and I said, but I wouldn't be in Iran. He said, Look, we've been instructed to just let people who are wearing these two pieces of cloth in from the men, the women, all of them can go in. When it's very busy. We look at your app. We don't look at your app, we know

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that there will be people going in who are not necessarily making ombre or and they're just in the pieces of cloth. So I was surprised because he was like authority telling me that. So later on, I happened, like a few visits later. I happen to sit with one of the guys and he was telling me you know what, when it's not so hard and fast, it's mainly to control the crowds and to discourage people who just come in to do something that's voluntary.

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That I'm making everything full and affecting those who are doing something that's a duty you know, you're doing an NFL ombre

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and sorry, NFL hour off, should I say and there's someone else doing the ombre. Which one is supposed to be given preference can hear my throat? Well, that's what it is. So inshallah I pray that whatever you do, make sure that you're doing the right thing. Well accepted from all of us. Salaam Alaikum. Atala