How to Wake Up for Fajr

Mufti Menk


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Some of us are lucky. We are born muslimeen there is still a sacrifice in order to get a full follicle.

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Are you ready to make that sacrifice? Nobody is putting some hot rock on your chest and dragging you through the hot desert sand, which perhaps is more than 6070 degrees to say the least, which is burning you they are only saying just get up for Salatu

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Subhana Allah the same color who was the original color of the Adhan sacrificed in a bigger way? Why don't you just listen to that same call? Asana? Ah, Amina? No,

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I'm sure we've heard that so many times. But what happens?

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The difficulty is those who have made the clock have created a button known as smoothes

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snooze is the disaster. You want to snooze, you lose love. Remember that? If you snooze, you lose love. So don't snooze it. Put your clock far away, let it ring as loud as possible. So you and the whole household get up and when you get up you have to walk a distance of a few meters before you turn off the clock and Subhanallah if you want to behave in an even better manner, and an example for the rest of your family, let the clock keep ringing until you have completed you do then go and turn it off. So Pamela I hope we don't create disasters in our own homes where people say Who do you think you are? I need to sleep.

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We are Muslim Allah subhanho wa Taala help us to learn from the sacrifice of the Sahaba