Karim Abuzaid – Shia Version of Ashura

Karim Abuzaid
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of expressing one's grief and confusion in public. He uses the analogy of a family of eighteens, including their father, who died due to their actions. He also criticizes the media and media for covering the loss of their father while expressing their dislike for their father's actions.
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Very positive, moving forward. So panela, the wisdom of Allah. The tint of Ashura happened to be the day when the grandson of the prophet SAW Salam was killed.

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the law one, one law, he, we love heirloom, maybe we love them dearly. We love the family of Rasulullah sallallahu.

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We love them from the depths of our hearts. But we love them the way that we're asked to love people. And we love the righteous of them, because the family

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is a family of the Prophet. So not all of them, but we love those who are righteous and pious. So here is, you know, you find people coming out and slapping yourself themselves, bleeding themselves.

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I had a very interesting conversation with one, you know, and she, oh, by the way, I want to tell you this, she are like Christian and Jewish, we should give them the power to we should be very kind with them, giving them that we're talking to them explaining to them linear, what you need to understand this. The scholars are mushy anaka, for our view of the opinion of the majority of the scholars, that the scholars Yeah, because they know the truth, but the general public, they are victims of their imams of their, you know, their teachers. They deserve to receive power from you. I was talking to this individual who was talking about this slapping things and said, Okay, how in the

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world are you said for someone who's in gender?

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I don't know whether I'm going to gender or not. You don't know whether you're going to gender Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us in an authentic hadith, Allah has no one who say no, say either Shadi

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al Hassan, well, Poseidon will be the youth leaders, you know, like we have youth leaders here that youth leaders Indian. Imagine. So here you are crying, slapping yourself and doing this for someone who's in general and you don't even know.

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And after all, this is how you should express your grief.

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Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi salam, his own son died. And he stood out there next to his bed.

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And he came out of his eyes. Another companion by the name of Abdul Rahman if now was standing next to him, your rasulillah you cry

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in the lie in

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the eyes schepis we're in this my son, this is my son This is a natural otherwise you're not naturally not normal. We're in

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the Hargreaves Wallah

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I that tongue will not utter thing one thing that Lim will not show anything that expresses your discontent. Your dislike of Qatar Allah subhana wa Tada This is federal law. Listen.

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It was killed and just unfazed but had another rule. This is what was written for him. And if we're gonna follow that soon, what about his own father?

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How come we don't do things like this for a living laboratory? How can you tell me how come What about automatic knife and he was killed? What about Oh?

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Come on, it doesn't make any sense. And he'll look at the message here. He is the Rasulullah saw Salah is connecting us with the Muslims. What is it 6000 years ago 6000 years ago and these they come up doing these things cursing the Sahaba talking about

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that the people have knowledge when they are asked about it to speak about it. You know what what they say? This is a fitna that Allah protected our hands from indulging into it. Now I'm not going to entertain those my tongue into it.

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Till fitna awesome Allahu

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Allah protects Allah does not create me at the time of

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the Sahaba for one another, we know it.

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Allah protected my hand from indulging into this. Now I'm not going to indulge my tongue into this another

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warmer of

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the hammock so that what a comeback is up to whether to sell

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In America, this is a time that past they did what they did. Allah will hold them accountable for what they did. Why do I get involved into it? Why do I go out there and cry and divide the oma and Subhanallah? The media? Yeah, and he draws this. A lot of Muslims, by the way, do not do this, that Shia Islam is 7% of the Muslims. Shia Islam. Yeah. Are you aware of that or not? 1181 8 million Muslims, I understand that there are other people who are out there that I'm talking about, but 75 million,

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which is 7%, let's say 10%. But look at the media as a 5050, Sunni, Shia 50. And whenever we go on and get asked about Sunni and Shia as if it's like, 5050 and all that stuff. But again, this is a warning. Shia Muslims deserved our they deserved our if you happen to talk to one of them, talk to them about the way of Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam. This is the divine wisdom behind Ashura. Allahumma furlanetto Vanna White Salafi emelina What's up with them and Antonella COVID cathrine Allahu merryvale. haka Hakuna Matata

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