Mufti Menk – Dealing with Doubts

Mufti Menk
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. Allah, Allah, he was happy me and my brothers, my sisters.

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Sometimes in life, we go through challenges and difficulties to the degree that we begin to lose hope. And that loss of hope makes us doubt our own faith. Sometimes people say, I'm a Muslim, I pray, I give charity I fast in Ramadan. I've been for hygiene, and I do a lot of good. I do so much good. Why am I still suffering? Is that question? Not a question that comes to our mind? Sometimes? It does, right? My brothers and sisters, remember something. If you think you're going through difficulties, and those difficulties are supposed to make you lose faith. In actual fact, the difficulties and hardships are meant to bring you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala. Just remember

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this. And the reason why I say this is because you and I know that there were people better than us who went through more challenges than us. I asked you a question and I want you to reply, I know it's late, but don't worry. It's the last lecture of the day. I'm about inshallah, to end this anyway. So answer this question. If you're awake and alert, I can continue speaking a little bit more right? If you know,

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I need to leave.

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Who was the most beloved unto Allah?

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Do I need to go?

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Who was the most beloved unto Allah?

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Rasool Allah Subhan Allah, the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. That's what we believe as muslimeen Jesus May peace be upon him, Moses May peace be upon him, Abraham May peace be upon him, may peace be upon them all. He sallallahu Sallam musala A salam wa sallam knew had a sudden, these were the five names mentioned all at once called, or known as women of those who are close to Allah. They were the ones who were dedicated, they were the ones who worked hard.

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Those were the names mentioned with Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam being the final messenger, the highest of rank according to what we believe. I tell you look at any one of them, and the challenges they went through. And you will see what we have been through collectively is not even a fraction of what they went through. So if my difficulties and I've had many, and I'm still going through hardship, and I will go through a lot of hardship, people say things your own health, your own condition, perhaps financially, perhaps socially, perhaps so many other different ways. We will go through challenges we have and we will continue to go through them. I promise you these challenges

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should never make you lose faith.

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You need to know when Allah loves you, he tests you, those better than us and I've taken their names, you go through their challenges, you will see the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam when he was born, guess what he was born an orphan his father had passed away before the birth, the blessed birth.

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His mother passed away when he was little. Okay. He had one or two incidents as an infant. What happened? Those orphans from amongst us, may Allah bless you, you stand a greater chance to succeed than those who have both parents. Do you know that?

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That is if we as a community and society understanding and reach out to the brothers and sisters who are struggling. So kind of law? Do you know that if you've lost both of your parents, if you take it in your stride, perhaps you are closer to Allah than those who haven't? When you're going through challenges if you are a person who's a victim of allegations and rumors will lie they spread those about Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam did it make him lose faith? Not at all. He became stronger in faith. They called him a madman, sir. He

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said he's a liar. He is a magician. How many of us have been accused of doing black magic when we know nothing about it? Right? We know nothing about it, but they accuse us and guess what? They get a man with a big beard and a huge turban that could serve as a bandage for all those in the hospital to come and tell you that you know what? It was your mother in law. She did magic on you. It was your arm. It was your sister in law. It was your father in law and shamelessly they destroy families upon families with their lives. They did it to the Prophet peace be upon him. I see people smiling and smoking. You will know. You know what I'm talking about. Right? Well, it it happens. It happens

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in most societies and communities. You go to a man who claims

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gibreel alayhis salam comes to him. So he knows the unseen when the owner of the unseen is Allah subhanho wa Taala. How did he know?

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On what grounds did he know? shaman came to him in light in order to destroy a family, innocent people are accused, that is called losing faith. That is what it is losing faith. We want to know who did what, nobody did anything. It's you. That's what it is its shape. And that's what it is. Perhaps you're dieting a bit too much. So you're seeing stars and hearing voices, perhaps you might not be exercising enough. So you're unhealthy. So you're not well, perhaps you're too stressed and you worried about things for no reason. So you're unwell. It is possible that something might have affected you as well. But there is there is a method in the sooner to deal with it. You don't read

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your you don't leave your car. You don't fulfill your Salah, you have no connection with the Koran, and you expect protection, la isla de la la ilaha illa Allah, may Allah grant us true protection. I mean, so my brothers and sisters, no point losing your faith, don't lose your faith. It doesn't mean you become despondent number one and number two is losing your faith by engaging in that which is unacceptable. When you start thinking that someone besides Allah knows the unseen, you have a problem you have a problem, especially from among those who are around us today. Because why and revelation has stopped. If Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam told you something, you believe it, Allah,

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Allah told him, and I like gave him that revelation, but with us, tell me which jabril comes to you.

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You follow what I'm saying? My brothers and sisters.

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Getting back to the original point that I'm making, when things happen to us that we don't like, when we can't find a job. We become despondent, but I'm calling out to Allah and he's not answering. I promise you if you knew the future, you would know that Allah has a plan for you way better than the plan you have. You want to marry someone and for some reason, there is a blockage and the second and the third and the fourth, and you say I made this to her and my istikhara was positive. But look at this. It's being blocked from all angles. You don't even know the meaning of the term Ishihara. Do you know that is the Hara please read the dua and the meaning of the drop. When you read the

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meaning of the draft you have said that Oh Allah if this is not good for me, block it from me. So it's blocked. You didn't say Oh Allah if this is good for me, let me see a dream where the green lights if this is good for me, let me see a beautiful garden in my dream. You never ever spoke about dreams in two hours, not even once. Nearly every one of us thinks that Tao vihara is such that when you sleep you will see a dream it's either green or red like a traffic light. Allah grant us ease What did you see an orange

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Mashallah, you've got a problem, you've got a huge problem. Please read the meaning of that to have to know what you're saying. It's not just some habit of cadabra to be learned. No, not at all. It's actually a beautiful powerful request to Allah that He gives you. You are saying Oh Allah, if this is good for me, my Deen my future my dunya my Akela make it easy for me and open the doors and give me Baraka and oh, like this is bad for me. My future my present might be my dunya close it for me blocking from me taking away from me, take me away from me and make me happy with your decree. So when all the doors begin to close one after the other, isn't that the answer of your IRA that Allah

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doesn't want it? Why every door is closed, so panela every door is closed. If one or two doors are a little bit closed, you could knock and open the door, knock on open the other door, knocking open a third door. Voila, you might just find your bride de Mashallah. Meaning after three doors you've opened and you're married. It doesn't mean you just sit back and do nothing. But if the doors are locked and sealed, and you're knocking and it's not opening and you're knocking and it's not opening, you're knocking harder and it's hurting your knuckles. You know, it's about time to Panama don't break your hand. Allah. Allah knows why something won't happen.

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But it's a heartache. Why? Because you don't know the future. Allah knows the future. Allah says I saved you I know the future I know what they would have been. I know what they I know everything. Had you married this person, perhaps two generations down this would have come and that would have come. We wanted to protect something two generations later. So we didn't allow this to happen. And you busy fighting with Allah relax. One day when you get to Allah, you can ask him what the future was. And you can say, Oh Allah, I want to see if I had married the person I really wanted to marry show me what would have happened. He will show it to you. You know them, they will show it to you

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and we get this from Soraka

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I've spoken about it many times in the Quran where many times when I'm speaking, I've addressed this matter. If you look at the story of al Qaeda and Musa alayhis salam, it clearly tells you that certain things that were never meant to happen, if they had happened, how they would have panned out, Allah already knew that. So Allah says, if we allow this to happen, that would have happened as a result, and that results would have been worse than this. So we blocked it from here so that the result wouldn't be as bad as what we had what could have happened in the future. So the door is blocked, we it was blocked. People get depressed because their faith is weak. Don't lose your faith

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because something didn't happen the way you wanted it. Thank Allah more because it happened the way Allah wanted it. You see, you lost a job you lost another one you can't find one you can't find another one. You applying 10 jobs 20 jobs one year passes and you didn't get a job suddenly after four years

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Mashallah you get a job where in the money you make is more than four years of salary had you had to toil.

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If you had gotten the first job you applied for 20 quid La ilaha illa Allah,

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Allah grant us ease. It's not even worth laughing at I see you guys didn't even love you must be thinking, What's that? That's how low the salary was. Peanuts, Mashallah.

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My brothers and sisters have faith in Allah. Have faith Allah? No. Sometimes he keeps you in a condition that you're struggling because he knows if we're going to give you and we're going to give you a little bit much. Yes, you will have luxury you might have but you're gonna forget him, you're gonna turn away from him, you're gonna go into bad habits, very bad habits, your marriages will start breaking and so many other things. Allah says, You know what, for you, I'm going to make sure that you don't get too much because you're gonna sit at home. And thank Allah. And thank Allah. I know a brother who told me if I was a millionaire, I would have had four wives. I said, No one has

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kept you 1000 ends.

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Imagine, and the wife is saying, oh, Allah bless us with a million. I say, If only I could tell her my dear sister, I wish I could have recorded what your husband just said. You would say what law keep us poor. I really don't mind, oh, Allah will eat the same thing every day. Fridays and sandwiches. That's it.

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That's what the sister would say. A lot of them right. So you don't know what the future holds for you. Sometimes Allah holds back one thing because he knows there's something more important he's giving you ultimately my brothers, my sisters, we start doubting our faith when we don't know Allah. So one of the first steps you need to take is to recognize your maker, you need to know he's loving, he's compassionate, he's caring. He's the most kind, he's the most forgiving. He knows he knows he loves us. He knows what we don't know. So can I trust him? That is Allah ultimately get to know who is your maker, he made you He cares for you. He knows you in person, he knows the challenges you're

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facing, just keep going. It's like a marathon. When I was young, at school, we used to have something called cross country, you know, you run for an hour or two so many miles there back at home, we call it kilometers, by the way. So we run for so many kilometers, when you start up and you're fresh, and you're okay. And you know, everyone is sort of competing with one another, there comes a time when you just have to get done with it. And you're like, just and you know, you almost want to faint uh, you know, I just gotta keep going, I just got to keep going. I just got to get to the finish line. It's no longer about coming first or second. It's just about finishing.

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In our faith, there are some who have powerful, strong faith, they look so positive all the time that you will never recognize the challenges they face, many faces, you look at them, they look so happy. But you can read deep down sometimes you can tell this person's been through so much. It's really refined them because of their faith. And some people they go through the smallest matter and they are so depressed and gone. Subhan Allah, May Allah help us all in our mental health.

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It is really a challenge. It's something many of us go through. And we need help. We don't look down upon people who might be going through some mental health issues. You know, there there is so much happening. We need to reach out to people show our love, concern, care, give them importance and make sure we understand, every one of us goes through challenges and issues, difficulties and hardship. We face situations, nobody would dream what situations we faced. Allah has blessed us that he has actually shown outwardly that which is so beautiful and acceptable. When someone sees you, if they could see the problems you're going through. I don't think they would want to see your face

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more than anything starting with mine. So kinda if they knew the challenges I went through, and if they were written all over my face, you wouldn't see my face because it would be covered with all that writing.

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Can you imagine that?

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But Allah blessed us all Allah says, Don't worry, we'll cover that for you. That's your challenge between you

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When you're making, it's your struggle, the world does not need to know all of that.

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So you build your relationship with Allah turned to prayer. Yeah, are you and Alina

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saadani masala. Oh, you who believe. Seek help through patience and prayer,

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patience and prayer. Now we have a problem because

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here comes a guy or Here comes someone in a relationship helot relationship where one is being oppressed, one is being abused, one is being wronged.

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And no one can help that person.

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And then you go to someone seeking help, and they tell you what do they tell you typically? What do they say?

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Please, can you tell me? Typically you go to someone say, you know, my husband's really harassing me. What's the first thing they say?

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Yes. Be patient my sister sobre la masabi. Don't they say that? Yeah. Be patient. Notice how we saying my sister. All the brothers are looking at me only knew how my wife stresses me bro. My grandpa sees it's two way traffic right? There patience. Yes, patience is up to a certain limit beyond which you have every right to say Listen, I cannot tolerate this anymore. And I need your help. I need an ending to this. It's correct. You're allowed to do that. Yes, as a last resort, Islam doesn't just say first things happen. And suddenly you must break the marriage today. That's what a lot of people do.

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First thing happens on your honeymoon, you go out and you're you know, there is a debate about how dim the lights should be at night and in that Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Allah subhanaw taala. That's exactly how people think it is to be said, and that is so simple. The way I just said it now is so simple. It is wrong. It is called an extreme bidder. It is something that is absolutely wrong. You know, May Allah forgive us? Imagine shooting someone with three bullets and you think you did a good deal. And then you learn

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from the shift setting. I was really angry. I was really really angry and we Overwatch, La ilaha illa Allah, Allah forgive us. Let me say, I'm losing faith in Allah. Look, I was married and my marriage is broken. But who was it? You losing faith in Allah because of your deeds? Come on, you did Things You Didn't you were not patient enough. When we say bear patience, yes, there is a limit to which you will bear patients. But initially, that statement is definitely valid. Those of us who've been through divorce, may Allah protect us all.

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Those of us who've been through divorce, can I share something with you.

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It's more difficult to be divorced and to be married. At times. If you thought it's going to solve your problems, it actually will open a new can of worms, that doesn't make it prohibited. It's only telling you it's not going to be easy either way. Especially when you have children. You have to be connected to the person who you've had those children with, for the rest of your life, whether you like it or not, if you don't, if you want to withdraw completely and blocked and banned, you know what's going to happen, you're still going to fail the test. Allah help us. I can't, I really can't get over those who think they're doing a service to Allah. By disallowing the parents, the other

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parent, even access to his or her own children. May Allah keep guiding us. I'd rather do something that's very difficult for me to do in this world, knowing that I'm not compromising my hereafter than to do something that I have total control of in this world, while giving up my hereafter May Allah forgive us all.

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We lose faith because we think with our strength, sometimes we can do what we want, I can do what I want. Even if I usurp your wealth and the stronger man, you owe me money, you have the money and you're not giving it to me. And then this person is making dua to Allah and you don't even realize and the worst part is you're making Salah in the first stuff. That's the worst part. You such a practicing sister and you know what you're doing, or a brother. And then other people are losing faith. And it's just because of the action of someone. But Allah knows. My brothers and sisters, it's two ways. When it comes to our own relationships. It's two ways. If it's something between you

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and Allah, then I would tell you there's only one way out there patience and keep making dua keep trying Allah has given you the ability that capacity is going Allah knows.

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I know of a sister who was divorced five times, five times. The last time I asked the brothers would you ever marry a divorcee?

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Many of the younger guys, possibly but the older people said no. Why wouldn't my brother

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you really following the sooner the professor salon only married those who

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previously married. That's it besides one.

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You want to follow a similar

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look at the silence. They don't want to follow it.

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You really want to follow the sooner people say no I can't You know what? She's been married before this one's been widowed. That one's been divorced twice. Go and search the some of the most beloved the one you claim you love the most Check, check what he did go and look, people accuse him of the wrong things. He took care of those who were downtrodden. He looked after those who are broken. Honestly. May Allah subhanho wa Taala guide us.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala opened our doors May Allah make it easy for those who are divorced, to marry and to marry again by the will of Allah in a way that the next marriage will be better than the previous one that didn't work.

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It's not the end of the road, don't become despondent. It's hard. It's difficult. But Allah will grant you goodness. I was saying I know of a sister divorced five times, five times for everything on one hand, she was divorced. I don't even know you understood that. Okay.

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But the sixth time she was so happy, so happy. You know what she told me? She says one law he my brother, it was worth it. Subhana Allah. Amazing. Did you hear what I just said it was worth it. But when we're going through the challenge, and we don't know the future, we become despondent, we lose our minds, we lose our faith. We start questioning Allah says hey, you don't know, man, just keep walking. You don't know keep walking. It's like when you're digging for diamonds, right? When you're digging for diamonds, okay. And you know what, there is a little bit left and you're giving up and

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it's just a few more inches left before you're gonna hit the diamond. And you just say, Allah, Allah has given up on me. Allah says, I didn't give up on you one day, you will see that you gave up. It wasn't me. I actually had it there for you. If you went a few more inches, you would have found it. The problem with us, we give up and there was one inch left.

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You follow what I'm saying? This is why my brothers and sisters. People start doubting their faith, their faith. They say Allah is not looking after me. I remember entering a hospital. And there was one brother telling me I'm contemplating changing faith.

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I said, Why? He says because I'm a Muslim, and I'm not getting cured. I said my brother, I can show you 25 other people in the same faith you want to go into who are telling us that we want to be Muslims, because we're not being cured. You follow? It's got nothing to do with that. It's got to do with your conviction in Allah subhanho wa Taala. Do you understand the plan of Allah, when you're unwell, and the doctors have given up? It's supposed to strengthen you in faith? What's the worst thing that could happen? I could die. And if I die, I can go to gentlemen, someone sent me a clip today in the Arabic language, one of the Arabs was asking one of his workers who just came back from

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Oman, that you may have for me, he says, Yes, I did. And it's a serious video clip. So this brother says, What do you make? He says, I make that you die.

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This is what he says. Yeah. What do I did you make I make do I let you die? He says What do you mean? He says, No, I mean, who are you going to gentlemen are to go to gender you have to die, right? So I said, I will not take this man away. He said, No, no, no, no. Sunday, Sunday. Don't make too hard for me after the after today.

00:23:27 --> 00:23:32

I think many of us will be making that to our tonight right? Or law granting gender but now

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so Subhana Allah, Allah knows what he has in store for you, my brothers, my sisters, come down. You need to I don't know so much. But I have faith in Allah. Even if Allah kept me in hardship, look at Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam. I cannot even I cannot even go through everything. But let's go through a few things. Okay. So I told you he was born without a father, meaning his father had already passed away. He lost his mother when he was quite young. His grandfather looked after him. He lost him when he was quite young. His uncle looked after him for several years, he grew up beautifully to be known as a surgical. I mean, he married a woman who was previously married with

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children. And that was his first wife.

00:24:20 --> 00:24:20

I love

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much older today in our own societies and communities, you find the young men wanting to marry a much older woman, the most religious from amongst us will not support it. They won't. I was going to say Put your hands up anyway. Allah grant us ease. He won't support it. Why? It's taboo. What will society say my brothers? What will my cousin say?

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If you were a relative of the prophets of Salaam at that time, you probably would have declined it as well, so please get lost.

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Its effect

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its effect when law hits effect.

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I wonder why some of the young guys are smart.

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La ilaha illa Allah, I hope I'm not reading too deep into it. My brothers, my sisters, but it's true. The Prophet sallallahu sallam, then he married and later on when he was given revelation by the choice and divine wisdom of Allah, the people called him a liar. They called him a magician. They said he's after women, they said is after money, they said is after this. Surely they make accusations about you and I? It is an honor.

00:25:27 --> 00:25:40

When people tell me Hey, this guy swiped at you, that guy accused USA it's an honor. But aren't you going to clarify? clarify? What What did I do? I didn't do anything. I'm busy doing whatever I believe is good work. That's all.

00:25:41 --> 00:26:26

I don't want to waste my time. It's an honor because the Prophet peace be upon him went through much more than what we we may be going through this. It's a challenge. It hurts you because you see why I wonder why this is happening box. Deep down, you know, that's a law. The only way to success is by facing the challenges. You know, we as believers are meant to be like coyotes, coyotes can only fly higher when the wind is blowing strongly against them. So panela if I had time, I would explain that to you. And you would be amazed, but you can understand it, at least the example. So the profits are seldom they rejected, they persecuted they try they tried hard. He was driven out of mud Cthulhu

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karma his own home, his companions were persecuted. They started with him war upon war, they tried whatever they tried, he lost his children. He lost his sons, one after the other, all of them in infancy or childhood, how many of us we lose our children, nobody can comfort us besides Allah. No matter what people tell you, if you've lost a child, they will not be able to comfort you the only comforting will come through your relationship with Allah. There's no other way.

00:26:54 --> 00:27:03

May Allah grant is to those from amongst us who've lost their children. The prophets of Salaam lost all his children in his lifetime, besides one,

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all sons and daughters, all of them, he lost them, all of them in his life. Besides one who was the one

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who passed away not too, not too long after the prophet SAW Selim.

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So did that make him lose faith? Not at all. It strengthened him. In fact, if you know what they did to him, when you were harming him physically, how many of us have been physically harmed? You know what he says? The angels came to tell him we can crush these people. He said, No, no, no, no, no, no, no. I've been sent as a mercy. I've been sent as a mercy. Oh, Allah guide my people. They don't know what they're doing. That's what he was saying. guide my people, they don't know what they're doing.

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When the angels were waiting for him to issue an instruction, he said, Oh Allah guide them, guide them What happened? They were guided.

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They were guided.

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Subhana Allah, how many of us have struggled to that level? None of us, none of us. m if you think of the difficulties he went through every difficulty in the book is there we went through nothing, and yet we lose faith. This is why the second point develop your relationship with the Sierra and the sooner of the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, read up about his life, read up about the challenges, read up about what he went through and how he reacted, it will strengthen you. You need to know more about the previous prophets, what they went through as well. Each one of them were harmed and persecuted to a certain extent by their own people, including Jesus May peace be upon

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him, look at what the Romans did to him, including Musab Moses, may peace be upon him, look at what the pharaoh did to him. Ultimately, the victory was for him.

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The victory was for those who are on the right path. The victory was for the messengers. Some of those messengers were murdered. They were murdered.

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Do you know what I told you earlier? What's the worst thing that could happen? If I were to die? I have hope and conviction that by the mercy of Allah, I'll go to general I haven't lost a thing not to think my family might miss me for a little while, you know, Subhanallah I always tell the guys don't worry. This is what will happen to my wife. I say, Well, I think she'll get a better husband and you. Allah forgive us. It has happened. I've seen people who pass away and they say, I'll never marry anyone besides the man I was married to. I don't want to think of another man. And you know what, a year later she's married happily more happy. You meet Jesus. Well, he's better than now. The

00:29:32 --> 00:29:37

guy says, I don't even say that. But there's nothing about it. It's okay.

00:29:40 --> 00:29:41

ilaha illa Allah.

00:29:43 --> 00:29:48

It's like the one brother is asking the why his wife. He says, You know what, if I die, what will you do?

00:29:50 --> 00:29:52

She says, Well, I just live with my system.

00:29:53 --> 00:29:59

Is that a good answer? Good answer. And then she looks at him and says, Well, what will you do? He's also just live with your system.

00:30:01 --> 00:30:04

mela grandma's goodness. You see the men are too sharp, right?

00:30:05 --> 00:30:37

The men are too sharp May Allah subhanahu wa Jalla grant us happiness, contentment and goodness, allow open our doors, my brothers and sisters, ultimately we have to return to Allah, everything that you want in this world, you're going to be leaving behind. If Allah gave you every hour that you made for anything in this world, whether it's a job, or whether it's health, or whether it's wealth, or whatever it is, everything in this world that you're asking for, you're going to leave it behind, even if Allah answered all your doors, you think of that. The only two hours that you're going to get for the hereafter

00:30:38 --> 00:30:57

are the ones you're going to carry with you. The only two hours that you are going to carry with you or those you've made for the hereafter. So keep asking Allah O Allah, let the hereafter be better than this. Grant me, Jenna, my patients, I know you're watching, I know you're seeing people who are terminally ill when we need to talk to them, we need to do two things for them.

00:30:58 --> 00:31:33

We need to do two things. One is give them hope that they will be cured. And two is prepare them if they are not cured to pass away and look forward to meeting with Allah and two genital photos. What's the difference? It's two good things, either this, which is a good thing to be cured, or that which is an even better thing. But it seems temporarily through the mind of a human being that it's actually going to be a bad thing, but there's no way out of it. You're going to be going so you don't know how you're going. If Allah chose it Alhamdulillah if you had a prolonged illness, that was a favor of Allah, He gave you a chance to get closer to him to make peace with him to

00:31:33 --> 00:32:09

communicate with him. Talk to him, tell him I'm coming and Oh Allah, you made me I'm going to return to you Please have mercy on me when I returned to you, I have no hope. Nothing in anyone or anything besides you. You pass away in that condition. Do you really think the Most Merciful most compassionate, most kind most forgiving is actually going to harm you and punish you nor do not at all have faith. But if you're given a cure and hamdulillah it's a good thing. Sometimes if Allah gives us cure, we go back to our bad ways and habits. I was saying when a person goes from pillar to post and cannot find a doctor to help them in their condition. And the doctor says there's no hope

00:32:09 --> 00:32:21

sometimes that's the only time they've turned into a lie in their lives wasn't that the blessing? any negativity that brings you closer to Allah is actually positive and anything that seems positive to you.

00:32:23 --> 00:32:35

If it takes you away from Allah, it was the most negative thing that could have happened to you may Allah bless every one of us and grant a strengthen our faith. I've really enjoyed my time here. I hope the last 35 minutes were

00:32:36 --> 00:33:11

packed with a little bit of food for thought by the will of Allah subhanho wa Taala and I asked Allah to help us clear the doubts that sometimes shaytan tries to create within us I told you it won't be cleared unless you develop a relationship with Allah. You understand what you're supposed to be doing in terms of your connection even with the messenger peace be upon him and the rest of mankind I end off with one short reminder and that is make life easy for others. Allah will make life easy for you. Remember that make life easy for others Allah will make life easy for you.

00:33:12 --> 00:33:21

make life easy for others and Allah will make life easy for you be upright and Allah will grant you success in this world in the next evening eat Allah.

00:33:22 --> 00:33:27

Allah wa salam o Baraka and Amina Muhammad. Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Leicester, Light upon Light 2020

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