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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he was early he was happy ah mine.

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We praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah, we thank him upon on upon all conditions. We send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we ask Allah to forgive our shortcomings and to grant us goodness, I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters, it is the duty of every single one of us to spread the goodness that we have, it is prohibited to enjoy goodness yourself. If you're a Muslim, and Allah has blessed you with something, you have to think about how to share that there's no other way otherwise, you're not a Muslim. One of the pillars of Islam is a cat. The cat means you got money, you're not a Muslim, unless you share that money. Do you

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understand what that means? So if Allah has given you 100 pounds, for example, and you have the nisab, and the year passes, if you if you're not prepared to share some of it with those who don't have it, you're not a Muslim. So people don't look at it this way. And they don't realize that Allah wants from us

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to share the goodness that we have, as part of your faith. I want to ask you a simple question what is more important, your money or your faith, your faith. So if it is so important to share money, do you not think it will be even more important to share your faith?

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So if you have goodness, the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says believe who and mean what you have to convey from me to others. Even if you know, a single verse, it's your duty, you cannot be considered a true Muslim, if you yourself are enjoying the beauty of Islam, and you're not prepared to share it with others, in some way, shape, or form. Not everyone is knowledgeable, but everyone knows a little. If I were to ask you, how many pillars are there of Islam, all of us will say five pillars, you know that much country share that SubhanAllah? If someone were to ask you about the Quran, what do you know of it, the little knowledge that you do have? So yes, it is a condition of

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conveying a message or teaching others that you know what you're talking about.

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But that doesn't mean you need to know everything. You need to share whatever you have. If you have for example,

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a little, a small piece of knowledge, a little detail of the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, Wallah, Hey, it's your duty to share it. So how do I share it? Number one, Allah will allow you to mix with and interact with certain people throughout your life, every single person that you came across, Allah is going to ask you,

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what did you do with them, for them, to them, about them, and so on? Did you share any goodness? So one might think well, how is it possible? I stopped at a services on my way to Blackburn, for example. And there are 50 people there 100, maybe more, and I come across them, or they see me How on earth am I supposed to spread goodness there? The answer is, at least by the way you carry yourself Allahu Akbar, your character, your conduct, it should show a slight smile on your face. helpfulness, you're helpful if you see an opportunity to assist anyone. You rush to it, that is your Islam, that is your Prophet May Allah has peace and blessings be on him. He is the Nabil of Allah

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the one we follow the one whom we entered the fold of Islam by declaring that he is the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So you carry yourself in a beautiful way. And the bare minimum is you don't cause harm to others. That's something imagine you walking into the same scenario because it's not easy. People say how can I give Dawa to all these people? Dawa is not necessarily that you arrive at the highest of its levels, which is to engage someone verbally and to begin to teach them things I may not know enough or I might not have had the opportunity or they might not even be interested. But when you see a person who hates and dislikes Islam, or dislikes, what you look like

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because of preconceived whatever it may be within their minds and hearts.

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When you carry yourself in such a beautiful way, what does he do? The minimum is it makes them think and that's it makes them think and when they see the goodness and when they continually see people of the same faith that they perhaps dislike with a passion, all being consistently beautiful in the way they carry themselves.

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As the minimum is the enmity is reduced, and for you and I, that's a success because guidance is actually in the hands of Allah.

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So if that enmity is reduced Wallahi you've achieved. So now you carry yourself well, you are helpful, perhaps you know you don't jump into the queue and you don't make a nuisance and you don't make a fool of yourself and you don't start screaming and yelling at your own kids. They watch how you are with your family, they watch the respect that you offer your spouse, they watch so much more they begin to want to be like you. Why because you have the deen of Allah. That's the reason. So when people look at a true follower of Nabi Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, they should begin to feel that they want to be like that person they see the calmness in your attitude.

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They see the the dedication in

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how you serve your family members and you and I know it's very important to serve your family members in a correct fashion because Allah chose them for you. And Allah has kept it as a test for you your agenda could be through serving your own parents.

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Imagine your elderly parents and you begin to push them on a wheelchair may Allah grant him all good health and those who have passed on May Allah give them Jana but if you are to show that respect, they would probably say I've got kids and look this doesn't even happen. I wish I had kids like these and then your bed is no longer scary to them. May Allah grant us ease your appearance is no longer intimidating because why the truth is come out what is it? Ah, calm guys, man. So but people loving, very small, they smile they speak with respect to get how they work. When you go out for a picnic or when you're doing your school runs when you're on the road when you're at work. Be honest

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and upright. It's the minimum you Oh ALLAH and his Rasulullah sallallahu salah. Why do we say he's Rasul salatu salam because people read online and see things that are derogatory, wrong, incorrect about Allah's Rasul Salah Salem, and about Islam as a religion and Muslims. Surely it's your duty and mind to do something about it. People think that it's going to be sophisticated. No, it's not. It's simpler than you can think. And trust me, many of us, we travel on a daily basis, different distances, Allah gives you opportunity upon opportunity people are watching people are looking people are noticing people are seeing when you misbehave, subhanAllah on one hand, and the other

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hand, when you go out of your way to help in a situation that Allah has allowed to happen in front of you. That was from Allah.

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The same applies, you know, when Corona had struck initially, a lot of the Muslims did a lot of brilliant work. And so many people turned towards Islam or inclined towards it. And the minimum is they began to feel these people are part and parcel of our communities, and they are an asset to this nation or to the community. And this has happened in many countries in the world. So it's an opportunity, congratulations to those who seized it, we do it for the sake of Allah. But at the same time, that reward is going to be similarly

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it's necessary for us to expand our knowledge, you know, we have a center like this one here, Masjid with a composite center, mashallah, this is the favor of Allah, I believe this place was newly renovated, if I'm not mistaken, And subhanAllah it is a beacon of light, it's a house of Allah, it is a place where people are learning. Yes, it's our duty to be a part of it. You may not be living locally in this area. But wherever you are, be a part of the society a part of the community, at least go to the masjid at least once in a while, because you might be working somewhere far, far out, especially in a country like this. But whenever you have an opportunity, go meet the people.

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Let them feel the bond of brotherhood sisterhood and insha Allah in that way, you would be able to help consolidate what Allah has blessed you with and I many of us are a part of a community we feel lonely. The reason is no one cares. No one bothers. No one's ever asked me brother I saw you cry the other day you will not looking too happy. Oh, brother. I haven't seen you for the last two months. What happened? Where were you? That's a little bit too late. Because when you didn't see them for the week, you should or a few days you should then you should already have asked don't wait for the two months. But anyway, it's at least two months is better than nothing.

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But imagine you're going through struggles, people of yours community who are members of the same OMA and we said faith is much more important than anything else. And we share the same faith and you know what? Nobody even bothered asked Are you

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Okay, nobody bothered.

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So it's important my brothers and sisters that we make sure we are different in that way.

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Ask smile. Are you okay? Brother everything good Mashallah. Or sister, whoever it may be, we have people who are struggling alone. That's not how the OMA should operate. And Minoo. Nikhil Jessa dilla. Hate the believers, true believers are like one body. Are you really like one body? Are you really like one body? Do you feel the Hadith says if one part of a certain organ is in pain, the entire body is in pain, or suffers insomnia cannot sleep and so on? Is it really the case? I was talking to some a group of people and one of the brothers told me Well, you know what happens nowadays? I said what happens? He says, nowadays, even if there's nothing wrong with the body, they

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will take a nail and nail it through your your finger.

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Subhanallah whereas it's supposed to be that if there is a little pain in your finger, people should be helping you to actually alleviate it. But it's the opposite. We cause the harm No way. You cannot be a true believer, you still need a lot of help, do not harm others, a movement should not harm another. And we shouldn't be harming anyone for that matter. We spread goodness kindness, we want it to happen. Now, I may not have so much of time, no problem. Use whatever Allah has given you to spread goodness. Some people Allah gave them time so they can use the time they can go door to door or they can they can spend their time in a way that they're physically helping. That's excellent.

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But some people don't have that time. Maybe Allah has blessed them with wealth. Allah has given them some money. Well go out and be charitable and say Oh Allah, I haven't had the time to do this. But you've blessed me with money here it is. This is 100 pounds, five pounds, 20 pounds 1000 10,000 Whatever it may be, as I walked in, I noticed something on this board here and I told myself this is actually a one minute job Subhanallah Am I right or wrong?

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Or two hours as the little child says Mashallah.

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But Subhan Allah in two hours, we should be able to do much more than this. Come on guys. Mashallah. Tabata kala it's a good thing. When Allah this is something important. When Allah loves you, he uses you to spend your money in the right direction. And when your money is rejected, you will not see the goodness in something that is brilliant simply because Allah does not want your money there. It's not pure enough to be there. So thank Allah when I was young, we were taught just put money in every good cause you never know which one will get you the Jannah and I still believe that you've been to this Masjid here's 100 pounds you've been to the other machine. Let's make it more

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realistic. Okay for those who might not earn so much here's five pounds here five pounds there 10 pounds here 10 pounds and don't hold back because I might not have deeds good enough to earn me Jana but I've tried through all the means that Allah has facilitated for me and one of them is money. Some people will enter Jannah through their wealth Look, we all read through the two lane don't we? Will lelee either ever share I want to hurry that Angela beautiful surah in it. Allah speaks about hellfire and Allah says wasa you Jana Mohan at Kalevi you tema Allahu yet is

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the one who has Taqwa consciousness of Allah will be saved from hellfire, who the one who kept spending their money and giving it out in charities. Who will be saved from what from Jahannam that means this person had Taqwa they may not have had so many other deeds. That doesn't mean you must compromise your five pillars we're not talking about your father of four of you have to do but beyond the fact that you might not have had a lot of time to make a lot of sunnah. And nothing. You may not be a half of the Quran, you might be struggling with recitation of it. You might be struggling with a few other things but what Allah gave you in terms of wealth you gave and gave and

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gave and gave, and you gave in order to please Allah, not in order to brag about it. You know what that place is up? If it wasn't for me, it wouldn't be up. Subhan Allah, if that's the case, you've already received your word of appreciation in this world. If appreciation comes without you asking for it, that's from Allah. People think and we're supposed to thank those who do good. But if you are demanding recognition because of some charity you gave that wasn't a charity that was a payment for a status you asked for in this world. I'll give you but make me the Chairman. Okay. We you've given we made you the chairman, what happened you got what you wanted, you made a payment for the

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deal. The deal is over in this world. It's done. Right. I give you I don't even want people to know, anonymous brother anonymous system.

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You know, we visited a country where there was there were donations and there was a plus

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on every one of the

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housings that the people had donated, right the houses, and it says anonymous brother anonymous system and I'm thinking, initially I'm thinking to myself, if a person doesn't really know, they wonder this sisters donated a lot, you know, what's the name, her name is anonymous.

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She's given so much look, there's quite a few of these houses all from the same city, I'm thinking to myself, that's how it should be. That's how it should be. No one knows. May Allah grant us goodness, there'll be surprised to notice there's a brother on the corner with the same name. Maybe it's unisex.

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But my brothers and sisters what I intended to say today, and the message is for me, the messages for me to begin with and then everyone else. Let's learn to love one another. We may not agree on every matter, that's okay. We are human. We were created different in our thinking and our thoughts. But you love one another for the sake of Allah you have to and reach out to people if you're taught to reach out to those who are not Muslim. What about your brothers and sisters who share the shahada with you? Come on? Are they not supposed to be closer? I think you're not supposed to be I always say if anyone is most deserving of your forgiveness. Who is it?

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Your family members starting with your spouse.

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But when your spouse has made the mistake, that's the first person you don't want to forgive. Look at how Allah subhanho wa Taala tests us and shaytan comes to trap us. If anyone is most deserving of your forgiveness. It's your your parents, your children, your brothers, your sisters, your spouse, and people do the opposite. You're ready to forgive the stranger. I don't worry, that's fine. Do you know this person? No, I don't. I just forgave them. But you're the people you live with you don't forgive them. They made one mistake two mistakes, okay, if it's toxic, it's something else you're gonna have to deal with it. But you know what my brothers and sisters as part of the Ummah we are

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closer to each other than we can ever imagine.

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I'm going to build a tablet, the allaahu and so many others. There's so many examples of how they declared openly that this bond of Islam and Eman the bond of the shahada is stronger than the bond of blood, even the Quran makes mention of it. Do you feel it? Well, let's feel it. And like I say, we may have differences every community, every family does every but to navigate through that is why you're on Earth. Worship Allah alone, correct. And navigate through the challenges that he's put you in. He take Allah created. Allah has predestined, Allah knows, Allah Almighty has chosen, Allah Almighty is the one who decided so for you. It looks like a coincidence that I'm here. Maybe it's

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not Allah planted before I was born.

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And Allah knew that this is what's going to happen. You know, we're a few minutes late and you know, I like to take my time. And the reality of the matter is, I'm not usually late but Subhanallah I walked in here, so a group of kids mashallah tremendous work, may Allah bless this place and all the people connected to it, and his surroundings and in the city and in the country and across the ummah.

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And then I decided, You know what, I have to record this because I have to do it myself. So I came here and I tried to set it up here and so on. And I know it's taking time and it might have irritated a few but in my heart, I'm saying Oh, Allah soften their hearts so they understand I have to get this done. Because there are millions of people out there waiting to see what happened today at Joomla. And I think it's my duty to let them have it.

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Even if you don't see the light, no problem. We could disagree. But why don't you have someone else do it because I want to do it myself.

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That's why it's okay.

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And then we had a shahada Wow Subhanallah that to me brother Mark is probably the biggest thing that happened today. May Allah bless you and strengthen you and grant you goodness and ease.

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And here we are talking about the love I feel so good being in your midst. I really do feel like I'm a part of this community. I see some faces I recognize and others I don't. But mashallah Tabata Kala, what do we do with all of this? What do we do with it? We seize an opportunity to do good we seize an opportunity to reach out to one another start off with dua let's pray for one another. Let's ask Allah blessings for one another. We have a problem in the OMA where we forget to do that. When you want to give a bad dua against someone or a curse, You're quick to remember but to do a good dua know, someone did something nasty to you and you said Allah, destroy them, break them,

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finish them good, you know, Relax, man. It's the moment to say oh Allah grant them goodness, grant them happiness, soften their hearts, bring them close to us and bring us close to them and let the let the connection be a connection of service to your deen. That's what it is. Make a good DUA and when people haven't even done anything

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Back to you say something good about them in your dua to Allah talk to Allah about them, Oh Allah bless this person or these people, perhaps through that dua, the alleviation of their struggles would happen. And you would only find out on the day of judgment that you know what it was through this man's dua, that actually you had a slightly easier life Allahu Akbar, by the will of Allah and Allah is in control.

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That's called the ummah. I certainly think of the Sahaba the Allahu Allah in some time, and I wonder the type of connection they have yet moments before that they were at war with each other. They were at war with each other and want to be a part of the Allahu Anhu was known as the notorious man in Mecca. And do you know what? When he came through to accept Islam,

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Hamza Ibn Abdul Muttalib was standing at the door

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and he sees this man a bit of blood and his weapon and whatever else and he says, Where is the prophet? Saw Allah Allah salah.

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The minute you say the Prophet, you know that this man?

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Imagine how intelligent the people were? Because you're addressing him respectfully, you are acknowledging his status, their egos. You are acknowledging his status. Where is the prophet Aina rasool Allah where is the prophet of Allah?

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So Hamza and Abdul Muttalib was allowing him in obviously, these were big, big men, Mashallah. And he says, Oh Allah, this is Omar, if you intend goodness, let him accept Islam. And if He intends anything negative, make it easy for us to overcome him.

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Let him in. He looks at the messenger SallAllahu sallam. A few moments prior to that he was planning the murder of the Prophet peace be upon him. How did Allah turn the hearts when he declared his shahada, the embracing it happens in such a way that there is instant love after tremendous hate only by the power of Allah, as Allahu Allah Bina Kumar bein Aladdin, they don't mince my word. Wallah who kadhi Walla Walla foto Rahim Allah is all able and all capable of creating love between you and the one you hate and dislike. In an instant. That's Allah. Allah is all able and capable and Allah is Most forgiving, Most Merciful. Allah can create it, he has done it. So they utter the

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shahada, there is an embrace. That same weapon that was about to be used for something else is now a means of defense of the same Islam. Within one moment, who did that? It was Allah Allah Who Maya mukaan liberal Kulu submit Cubana, Allah Denecke make this dua. Oh Allah, in whose hands lies the strengthening of the heart.

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Oh Allah who is the strengthener of the heart, strengthen our hearts upon the deen and not away from it. Make dua so many challenges we face my brothers and sisters. Don't allow them to distract you be a part of goodness, through the baraka of that goodness, Allah will keep you and your generations steadfast on the deen when you have no concern for the children of others. How do you expect Allah to take care of your own children.

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And that's why you see a center like this, for example.

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You have a madrasah attached to it.

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education for the children. It's not just the Imams, kids. It's not just one person's child, someone has been concerned about the children of all of us collectively. And that's why they would be happy when you send your children and yes, there may be a thing or two you might disagree with, like I said earlier, that doesn't mean it's the end of the world raise what you want, become a part of the system so that you can perhaps contribute positively to get things done in a better way. Maybe don't just sit outside and attack attack attack. No, because you might just be attacking work of Allah that is so powerful. It's bringing together so many people, educating generations.

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And like I said, if you can't be a part of it physically, at least make dua at least help financially, at least a good word. At least come and say some appreciating words to the Imam and a few others Jessa Kamala, thank you so much. You know the Imams of the massage then the more than and I'm going to end on this note.

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Apollo Nasional can Yamal pm Alma Vinod, according to one narration of the prophets of Salaam, some narrations says those who will be the most conspicuous people on the Day of Judgment bench, the ones who called out for more than one day when you say Come to Prayer, every single person who comes to prayer you get the full reward of all the Salah is that every one of them have made so the Hadith says Loja Allah Munna sama

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When needed, he was suffering a word. It's a long Hadith. It says if people knew the value of the Avant they would literally draw lots fight with each other to make the event. But today, Yvan, sometimes people say, Oh, the more of them and they look at him as though he's one of the lowest in society. It's not a federal law. It's not a federal law, but he will be the most conspicuous because he called people towards the house of Allah.

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And Allah chose him for something very, very important. And he has such a great reward. So sometimes we don't value things that are valued. Have you ever come up to the Imam or the Muslim or the people running a masjid and just said Jazak Allah may Allah reward you guys for the good work you're doing Salah Malik and you went away? What did you do you encourage them if that encouragement made them do a little bit more or made them happy you will reward them for in fact we only pick on errors today you know what you guys you put too many lights you wasting electricity you know what? There is no air conditioning you know what there are too many this or there's too many we just keep on picking

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and picking and picking so your name gets written but on the wrong side on the wrong side Mashallah. He really wants you can offer something don't say that you did this and did that say look I brought this inshallah you guys if you if you feel or I would like to contribute in this way to solve this problem and that that's the way we should do things. May Allah Almighty continue to use us to serve the deen every one of us. All of us. You do not have an excuse. You have to call towards the deen of Allah. It's part of your faith. You have to even if you don't know much please through your character your smile will break through the people's hearts.

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May Allah Almighty really make us feel that and I know there are some who might be sitting and thinking well, you know I can't really call others what do I know know whatever you have. Whatever you have, you have to share it. You You cannot remain with goodness and not share it I could only ha That was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad