Maintaining Modesty in The Modern World

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The speakers discuss the importance of hams in shaping behavior and avoiding sin, as it is a means of pride and respect. They emphasize the need for men to act more aware of their body and show compassion and love to children. The importance of learning the proper language and practice to enhance one's understanding of Islam, as it is a holy book associated with holy quotes, and the need for people to demonstrate their actions and not just highlighting them.

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hamdulillah Hilda the Holocaust survivor Watashi wa, wa Jalla Amati one nor samalla vena cava Roberto, Bohemia I didn't

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Shahada tamela You're terrible fish Shahada t YT mela yes thank you for Angry Birds it was shadow under Mohammed and Alberto amin What are pseudo whole movie in our Salah who Allahu taala either in Belize and in our big movie in Bell Labs are rissalah what a denim Amana Manasa Hello oma. What kashia Fela Houma wha ha de feasibility la Hill mushrikeen wha hoo. Utter Julio Athene for Sol La la la la la. The HIPAA UB naka hearin Wanda hobby. hilman hubin wilderman sarana him was Salah, Qatari Camila, Yama, Dean, some bad. Mario brothers and sisters in Islam in the famous Hadith narrated by Bahati and Muslim. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said a man consists of more than 70

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branches, the highest is ilaha illAllah. The lowest is to remove something that irritates somebody from the pathway. And then he said, Well, hell yeah, sure. But to mature I've been a man and higher modesty, decency, having higher is one of the branches of eemaan. Out of all of the branches he mentioned the highest he mentioned the lowest and then to emphasize one out of the remaining 68. To emphasize one out of all of those in the middle, he mentioned higher is one of the branches of Eman. Why did he mention here? what is so important about this concept of modesty in today's world, but insha Allah who to Allah, let us shed some light about the importance of having hyah about what our

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religion says about this very essential characteristic of Eamon hire. Of course, it sounds very similar to hyatts life. And in fact, not surprisingly, the route is exactly the same, the route for hyatts and the route for hire is exactly the same. And some have said just like hyatts with the term Barbuda is the life of the body. So to higher with the Hamza is the life of the soul, just like hyatts gives our bodies life, so to higher decency and dignity and modesty it gives life to our soul. Some have defined higher How do you define the obvious our scholars have tried, some have defined Hey out by saying, Hey out, is an internal emotion that causes one to avoid doing what is

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objectionable. It is an internal emotion that causes one from avoiding that which is objectionable. Other scholars have said high up is the capacity of the soul, to prevent oneself from doing unpleasant matters, matters that will bring shame in this dounia or the next, the great scholar of etiquette even referred to he wrote many volumes about the etiquettes of the the lack of Muslims, even more flesh said hyah is a characteristic that pushes one to treat others in a beautiful manner and prevents one from doing scandalous matters. Hyah makes you net makes you somebody that's going to treat others in a dignified manner. And someone who will prevent yourself from doing that which

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is scandalous that which is something that will bring blame. So in fact, when we translate high up, it's not just decency, it's also self dignity. Higher isn't just being modest hire means you act in a manner that is virtuous, a manner that perhaps a fancy word in English is a proprietary manner, a manner that makes you look in a dignified and decent manner. And that is why if you don't have higher then you have lifted up the barriers to do any sin. So our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in the famous Hadith, either to stay first Na Na *ter if you have no higher then you can

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Do as you please, this is a threat. It's not a command. This is something that is not played praiseworthy, rather, it is sensible what our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is saying is that higher is the last defense mechanism against committing sin. If you don't have higher than nothing will stop you from committing sin, nothing will stop you from acting in a scandalous matter. And therefore, from this hadith some of our scholars have derived that acting in an evil manner, that committing sins not only increases, the chances are one losing higher, but in fact, the sin of not having higher is a bigger sin than the sins that are caused by not having higher in other words, the

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greatest sin is to not have higher because it is like the defense mechanism. It is like the final step, if that has been lifted, the protection has been lifted, the defense mechanism has been lifted, then all other sins will come. So the sin of not having higher is a bigger sin that this is that you're committed. And that's why our profit system is saying either notice the hate for SNAP murshida and that is why having higher is linked with Iman and it is explicitly mentioned in this Hadith of the 60 or 70. branches of Eman. One of them is higher he specified higher because it is an essential characteristic of a man. It is narrated in one heavy that one person was making fun of

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another in front of the Prophet system that he's too bashful. He's too shy, he has too much high up and you know sometimes when a brother is too shy, others might tease this person. That's the reality of how we are so there was one Sahabi teasing another Sahabi you are too bashful, you have too much high up and our Prophet says he walked by and he heard this. He said stop making fun of him Stop teasing him for higher kulu higher and higher cuckoo higher, all of hyah all of it is good. The more bashful you are, the more shy you are, the more higher you have, the better you are going to be. And that is why with Mandela Viola one his higher was legendary the level of higher that he had it even

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made other people act in a manner that is okay to act but act in a manner that is even more better to act in the famous Hadith that he narrated that once the processor was lying casually in his own houses his own house, and he was wearing a garment and his arm and his his shin was exposed. His Shin was open and it is allowed to have the shin in one version it says the knee was exposed and even that it is allowed in his own house. A broker came in and sat down and the process of spoke with him Omar came in, sat down he spoke with him then the knock came it was it with man he said wait, he covered his chin up, he covered that portion up. And then he allowed it with man to come

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then earthman left obachan or felt a little bit in their hearts. They said you had a suit Allah we came in you didn't do this earth man came in and you did this they felt that Earth man, this is special treatment VIP treatment. And our Prophet sallallahu Sallam said Should I not have higher with someone whom even the angels have higher of Should I not have HIA In other words, I would work on Omar I feel open with you friendly with you, I feel comfortable with you. And I don't have a problem. It's nothing wrong to have your shin exposed in front of a close friend. But earthman rhodiola one, his hire was so high, he would feel so awkward, he wouldn't open his mouth, he would

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just sit there so out of mercy for him to make things easy for him, I will process them as monitoring, he knows how earthman is going to feel so he said Should I not have higher in front of somebody, even the angels have higher up it was a praiseworthy thing to have that level of higher, it's something that is good. The more higher you have, the better that it is. If there are your mentions, there are three levels of higher and each one is higher than the next, the lowest level of higher and it is a part of human but it is the lowest level is to have higher from the people to have higher that others are watching you. And therefore, at some level, all of us we should have

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higher that people don't see us doing that which is objectionable, people don't see us committing sins, fragrant, flagrantly openly that's not a part of a man. So it is at some level a part of Iman, that we cover up our sins, we don't commit sins in public and that is a part of high up but higher than this level is to have higher from your own self. And this is the level of a man the lowest level level of Islam. Only a fossick. Only somebody who has no luck and hyah will commit sins in public, some level of Islam, you will have at least an outro thing that people are not seeing me committing sin you go higher.

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than this the level of imagine you will have higher with yourself your own soul You will feel a sense of dignity, a sense of self respect. I don't want to cheapen my own soul by doing something so you will have higher with your own self and you will raise the standards even higher and then the highest level of higher is to have higher in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala and this is the highest level of a son. So the lowest level of Islam, then the level of Iman than the level of a son where you are conscious that Allah subhanho wa Taala is monitoring you and this is something that only the most in the highest level of cheese, you're constantly aware that Allah subhanho wa Taala

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is watching and so you have higher even in front of Allah subhanahu wa tada and this is of course the level of your son that you worship Allah as though you see him even if you do not see him he sees you and this is something that is expressly also mentioned in relation to hire with the famous editor but has been Hakeem one of the companions who came in the delegations and he said yeah rasulillah how much of my nakedness Can I show to other people Am I allowed to walk around with nothing or what he said no cover and protect your our from everyone except your spouse then only when intimacy occurs that is other otherwise you have to be in front. So he said Yasuda law What if

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all of us men are in a tent and this he goes you still have to try because in those days cloth was scarce, they didn't have too much cloth. So then he said Yasuda law What if we are alone? What if there's nobody in my house? What if I'm all alone? Can I then walk around with nothing on what did our profits a little I sell them say a law who a half all unused I mean, you should have higher even in front of Allah subhana wa tada have inculcate in your life a sense of hire. Even though technically speaking, it is permissible to not wear clothes when you're alone. And if you need to change if needed to go shower, of course you will take it off. But without any reason. You just walk

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in your house like this, this is my crew, it goes against the clock of the Muslim why Allah who I have gotten used to Hey, I mean, you are inculcating in yourself a lack of higher when you walk around like this, even when you are alone. So you are conscious that even Allah subhana wa Taala is watching now in this Hadith, and in other Hadith, higher is linked with our clothing. And it is very true. And it is undeniable that one of the main ways that higher is manifested is in one's clothing. However, dear brothers and sisters, higher is more than just clothing. It is true that when we have higher we will be careful of what we wear, it is true that will be manifested in a brother in how he

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dresses loose clothing in a sister and how she dresses there is no denying that this is one manifestation of higher and the one who has higher will not like his or her hours to be seen. And the hours of men and women are different. So think about this. There's no denying, at the same time, dear Muslims HIA is more than just clothes hire is more than just what you wear. That is only one aspect. And it is true to say that most of us would jump on that one and we ignore other aspects no higher, more importantly, it is in your HELOC and not just in how you dress. It isn't the actions that you choose to do. And the actions that you force yourself not to do it is in your more ama with

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other people. You don't want to do something that will bring blame that will bring criticism that will bring people to speak about you in a manner that is not positive. That is why hire much more than just how you dress is how you act and your overall character. Also, dear Muslims, this needs to be said explicitly, we live in a time and in the place where hire is being stripped away day by day, year by year and decade by decade, the layers of hierarchy are falling and shedding as we grow older and as need each new barrier is lifted, what was once a perversion becomes mainstream, what was once taboo becomes normal, normal dear Muslims, it is not a trivial matter. And we need to address these

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issues head on. Look at what is happening in terms of the morality of what we are living in. I grew up in the 80s and 90s. And the television shows I grew up watching as a child, they would not show certain things, they would not have certain jokes. And in hindsight, they were very tame even though for the timeframe. Obviously, my parents were very worried how dare you're watching this type of stuff. But when you look at those shows of the 80s compared to what my children's generation is watching those shows look so innocent. And in today's even Disney Channel and whatnot. We find every second joke is about relationships between men and

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Women are even more than this. every third innuendo is about this and that, and the clothing and the garments and whatnot. Two weeks ago, I gave a post on my Facebook about the entertainment that took place on the halftime of the Super Bowl. And I made a comment that this type of official that is now mainstream, parents are watching with their children as if it's nothing and barely one generation ago, that same type of entertainment would not be seen except in a type of perverted club or something it would not be seen except by shady people in a very bad part of town. And now that same type of thing that one generation ago would be banned and taboo. It is now being mainstreamed. And

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it is being sent to hundreds of millions of people around the globe. And anybody who simply says rubella This is far harsher, rubella, what is going on simply to object you become the narrow minded bigot, you become the prude. You become somebody who's not in with the times and they say this is empowerment what was going on here. Our beloved, when our mother and father were sent down to this earth, Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Yeah, Bunny and Santa alikum libous. And they were not sent down naked, even though there was a punishment up in Jenna for a period of time. But when the expulsion happened when they came down, Allah sent them down, civilized Allah send them down with

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dignity, but unzoned aleikum labasa, we have sent down close to you so that you can guard your chastity and you can guard your modesty. And this was the reality of all civilizations up until this generation where now things are changing day by day, as they said, the barriers are being pushed, as I said, What was taboo 10 years ago, five years ago, is now mainstream parents, mothers and fathers. If you are not going to teach higher to your children, who will I speak to you as another parent in this society? We're all struggling with the same issues. Well, why sometimes when I watch these children's shows that my children's generation are watching, I am shocked. How can this be shown to

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a seven year old eight year old or a five year old but this is mainstream, this is what is going on. Most of us are disconnected from the world of our own children. We have no idea what is going on with their snapchats with their Instagrams with their Facebook's with their Tick Tock all of this, we have no clue. And what makes it worse. And again, let me be blunt here because it is the man of our children that is at stake here. What makes it worse is that we think if we stay quiet and don't say anything in Sharla, it's all gonna go away. Do your parents if you are not going to talk to your own children about, about decency about modesty, if you will not teach your children the values of

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Islam, if we will not teach them in the club and the member on the pulpit, then where will they learn them from all society around us has neglected hyah it has thrown away. To have higher is to be made fun of in today's society, do your parents, the child that does not date the child that does not go and do fight? That child is made fun of even at the age of 789 10. And we parents we think if we don't say anything, if we're quiet, if we bury our heads in the sand, that's what we should do. This is not the manner to tackle a problem. It is our responsibility that we are living here it is our responsibility that our children are being raised here. And by the way, I am not on that tip to

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say go anywhere else with the internet with the television. The whole world is one village you cannot run away anywhere. And the fact of the matter is there are many positives where we live and there are many negatives, we take advantage of the positives. We ask Allah refuge from the negatives and also do Muslims as we criticize much of what is around us never forget, our profit system was sent to a land of muck up where people would do tawaf naked around the cabin. Never forget this, there was fat hisher. Even in his time, there was fat hush up blatantly. But the Sahaba manage, we need to protect ourselves, we need to do what we need to do, there is no running away from reality.

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This is what we have, we will make the best of our situation. But we cannot make the best of our situation by burying our heads in the sand by ignoring by neglecting. We grew up in a generation where most of us I speak on behalf of most of us above 30 or 40. Our parents never spoke to us about these issues because parents never told their children about these types of things fine. That was a different time a different place. We don't blame them. But in this generation for the next generation, you will have to learn new parenting techniques. Dear parents, you cannot copy and paste the attitudes of your parents in the 60s or 70s from back home that's not going to work anymore. If

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you're not going to

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Talk to your son if the wives are not going to talk to your own daughters about the realities of high up and what it means to have proper Islamic being a Muslim gentleman being a Muslim lady, what comes with that? what that entails? Let me ask you, where will they learn it from, if not from you. And more importantly, than talk to Muslim father and mother, more importantly than sitting them down and having awkward kinds of conversations. It is your own o'clock. It is you embodying higher in your own life. And again, I'm sorry if this offends anybody, but it needs to be said How can any family sit down and watch for hisher online, watch the most vulgar scenes that come on television on

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and on and on these types of shows and just ignore as if nothing is going on? Where is the higher that you have that even if you're committing a sin in private, how can you watch in front of your own daughters in front of other people and you're sitting there as if nothing is wrong, dear Muslims, if you're not going to implement high up in your personal life, if you're not going to demonstrate what higher is in your actions, how will your children absorb what the reality of higher is? Do you not know what Eben Massoud said even Massoud said hyah and Eman are linked together when the one leaves the other follows it. This is what Mr. Rude is saying higher and Eman are linked

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together. When the one leaves the other follows it. It's not a joke to get rid of your high up to have no higher in your life because higher protects iemon higher is the barrier that makes you act in a dignified manner. And unfortunately, our children are not learning what higher is from other sources. That means our households and our massage and this is where they need to be taught higher. How do we increase our higher many things can be said a number of things first and foremost obviously to mention the ayat and a hadith about hire to talk about the blessings of hire like I'm doing in this hood but secondly, to go over the names of Allah subhanho wa Taala and to teach your

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children the names of Allah when your child knows Allah is this Amir as bossy and hey Alka yom audible hype when your child knows a lot is a hobby a lot. And you teach him these meanings, this will automatically bring about a sense of higher. Thirdly, embody higher in your own lives demonstrate what higher is you and your spouse, you should demonstrate this higher what you are watching on TV, who you're interacting with, when something happens when something is public, when you're passing by a billboard, don't just ignore as if your son doesn't see your daughter doesn't see when you're seeing something negative on television. Don't just ignore it, let it go on and

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pretend No, it's your job to teach. It's your job to cover. It's your job to show that what is high up. And then the last point that we'll mention and much more can be said as usual, time is limited. The last point that we'll mention, be around people of higher or Muslims associate with people of higher your children should see what is higher in action. Don't go to people that are doing since publicly don't go to families and households where higher is missing. It's your job to demonstrate so that at least they can absorb what is real higher so that when they are older, they will know they can compare and they will that obviously when they're older, they have to make a choice. Nobody

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can force them but your job is to teach with compassion and love. Your job is to demonstrate how will you demonstrate if you're associating with people that have no higher in a land in a time in a place where higher itself is no longer a virtue, it is considered a vise higher is made fun of higher is something negative. We as Muslims need to be proud of our higher we need to be proud of being modest and dignified. demonstrate what that means and embody it in our lives. And then obviously final point, make lots of dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala lots of do our to protect ourselves and our children and ask Allah azza wa jal for his alfia about Allah He will come for

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under our name wonder finally what Yocum pmrc him and he declared Hakeem odometers marone was still through law the muddy welcome What is it a Muslim minimalism festival? Who in the hall of a food or Rahim

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Alhamdulillah Allah wa hidden ahead, Samad la de la Amelia W. That was me akula Hakuna ahead we're about to

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hire is a good and positive thing. However, sometimes people misunderstand certain aspects and consider them to be higher when they are not higher. And I mentioned two common mistakes, two common aspects that are not a part of higher, but people think they are the first of them. Some people they think that if they do a sin in private, they should not keep it private. They should publicize it and they say oh, I'm not going to be a hypocrite. If I drink everybody should know I'm drinking. If I'm doing this then I'm not gonna hide it and they think this is a

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Sign of honesty and good Islam. committing a sin is a sin. publicizing the sin is generally a worse sin than committing it in the first place. Why? Because when you publicize, you are encouraging others when you publicize you're demonstrating you have no higher. committing a sin is a sin. Nobody's justifying it. publicizing the sin is usually worse than the sin itself. And that's why our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Could lumati more of 11 mujra he wrote, all of my oma shall be forgiven. Our scholars say all of the oma that wants to be forgiven. They asked us forgiveness, they shall be forgiven, except those who are moja heroes. He was asked who are the

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major heroes? He said, The one who commits the sin at night, Allah has covered up the sin and the next day he goes and he tells people do you know what I do? You know what I did, I did this I did that. And he lifts the veil that Allah has covered him with this is a boastfulness and an arrogance that demonstrates lack of higher it is not higher. If I commit a sin, let it be private between me and Atlanta, escalus forgiveness, you commit a sin, do not put it on Facebook, do not take a picture and put it on your Instagram.

00:26:10--> 00:26:50

This is so common now that we see people publicly doing things or at places they should not be or committee things should not and they just take a selfie or whatnot and put it on Facebook. If you're committing a sin, ask Allah to forgive you to publicize the sin is usually a worst sin than the sin itself. Cover up your sins. If Allah has covered your sin, keep it covered and ask us forgiveness and always turn to Allah subhana wa Tada. It is not hard to publicize your sins, even Massoud said melodem. yes to Him in enough them yes to Him in a law, he who does not have higher in front of other people will never have higher in front of a law you should have higher in front of other

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people. The second thing that some people confuse with hire is to not ask questions of an awkward nature, or to not talk about things that are sensitive but need to be talked about thinking that Oh, it is higher to not talk about this. On the contrary, teaching Islam and talking about awkward realities of Islam. This is never something that is higher, while Allahu la

00:27:16--> 00:27:53

mina, Allah does not have higher of speaking the truth, speaking the truth and teaching our religion and mentioning awkward subjects in public in order to protect the oma, this is not something that is higher, this is something that needs to be done. And there are so many authentic ahaadeeth and incidents of the Sierra that demonstrate this, a woman came to the Prophet system and asked a very, very awkward question of sexual nature. Even Ayesha was embarrassed. And she said, Don't you have any higher? Don't you have any? How can you ask this question? And the Prophet system said in the law as the human and it was not embarrassed, she's asking a question of fit that needs to be done.

00:27:54--> 00:28:32

The men were in one time and another incident, some of the men and the time of bobak are arguing over one does also become obligatory they didn't know. So one of them said who will ask I should only allow one one of the Sahaba said I will go and she said he went to her and he said Oh my dear mother, I am embarrassed to ask you a very sensitive question. I said my dear son, in the law, her law yesterday mental health was not embarrassed about the truth. Ask your question. So he said when is Genova obligatory between husband and wife? And she said, I will tell you and she was very explicit that when the two circumcised part me there is no higher people need to be taught. People

00:28:32--> 00:29:12

need to be taught their theology, people need to be taught what is haram and halaal. This is no higher over here. So if we mentioned these types of issues, if we mentioned other things of a maybe an awkward nature, that's perfectly acceptable, if it is done with the norms of the Shetty, in a bus said, the one who has higher will never learn from an island. So they do too scared to ask you cannot have higher when it comes to teaching Islam and learning Islam, even if it's an awkward issue or question, this needs to be done very, very explicitly. And this is something that is well known to in all the books of the etiquettes of knowledge, dear Muslims higher is a noble characteristic

00:29:12--> 00:29:22

when it is done properly, and we conclude our hotel by reminding ourselves that indeed, Hyatt is so beloved to Allah, that one of his names is

00:29:24--> 00:29:37

one of the names of Allah subhana wa tada is a heavy, not a high that's another name and how you with the shutdown and how you'll consume. There's another name of a law where there's a customer on the first year, he

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means the one full of higher. So Allah is unhappy with the shutdown and that means the one full of life or the one who gives life and a lot is unhappy. Even Allah subhanho wa Taala loves to be characterized with HIA and he has perfected HIA How do we know this our profit system in multiple IDT mentioned this he told us in

00:30:00--> 00:30:38

No law ha ha ye Yun karimun Allah is heavy and Allah is carry him and he mentioned this in a number of times. For example, in one Hadith he passed by a man of Bedouin, who was taking a bath in public without wearing anything. You know, in those days even in our culture, as you know, this is common. This was in public, by the way when you're in private, this is of course permissible in public. You have taken everything off he was wearing. He was just taking a bath. Our Profit System said in the LA Hajji Union City, Allah is happy Allah Himself is has higher and he loves to cover so when one of you does also like this, we're at least an undergarment. So when you're in public, you know they

00:30:38--> 00:31:20

didn't have showers back then. Then you have to wear so use the word Hawaii. Allah has hired you don't just walk around like this. And the other heavyset also mentioned Hawaii. Our Prophet sallallahu wasallam said in the law Hajji Yoon Karim. Allah is happy and generous. Yes, Tai Yi Minh Abba de, Allah is too shy of his own servant, when his servant raises his hands up to Allah, that Allah allows those hands to come back with nothing inside of them. How deep isn't a Buddha? Allah has higher Allah has higher that when we raise our hands to Allah subhana wa tada we beg we plead that when our hands come down there's gonna be something in those as they will not be empty you know

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when somebody comes knocks in our window when we're stopped at a trophy like give me give me something we all feel a sense of, even if we don't get we feel a sense of higher awkwardness whatnot. So this is us. How about what is the hidden metadata to a war belongs the perfect example a lot is how ye and Allah is carrying. So Allah Himself is characterized with higher dear Muslims, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, in the Kula Deen and holyoake every single religion has one holy book, it is associated with what in a hotel called Islami, Elia and the whole look of Islam. It is higher Hadith is an urban module, every religion has one characteristic that it is

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associated with, and the characteristic of our religion, it is higher, so embody higher, learn what is higher, practice higher, ask Allah azza wa jal to be blessed with higher and most importantly, make sure your children your family, your your people around you, they see this characteristic of higher in you so that it can be passed down in a land in a place where higher itself has almost disappeared and we ask Allah azza wa jal for his Salam and afia Allah in NIDA and for a mineral Allahu Allah didn't know if you had the yummy them but he loves the Fatah wa Manila for Raja Allah Dana de la kobita. Villa Maria Juan Elijah feta when I see you on Elijah SATA allama, Filipina was

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the one in Sabah Kona been a man one after Dr. Linda Linda Dina robina. In Nakuru for Rahim, Allah home is that Islam oma steamin Allahumma Islam and Muslim in Allahumma is that Islam and Muslim in Allahumma, Adana, Islam and Muslim in a suit,

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which added me on fee to the BT Jaco Aziz about the law in the law Hotel in America embedded bbfc within the medical school to see what's LSA become a u haul Muna manjinder he went in say, for color as me according to idema in a law home I like to use aluna Allah nebby Yeah, you Hello Dina amanu sallu alayhi wa sallam with us Lima Allahumma salli wa sallam were about equal and adequate Asuka Mohammed wider early he was like a big marine rebars a law in the law to motivate largely sunny Why is it the corba shy? Well Monica your lovely you're able to come to the Quran or the Kuru law had aldemir come which guru What are they called La kebab. Welcome.

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Leo, Leah to Gemma

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