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filarmonica Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa salatu salam ala Shura with me were mousseline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi, wa ala he was every cell of the Sleeman because he and Christina, from above Oh my brothers and sisters 100 Allah that Allah subhanaw taala gave us the opportunity to revive the sacred sunnah of Rasulullah Salat, of making ethic up in the masjid in the last 10 Days and nights of Ramadan Surah Salam did every year and it is one of his most beloved sacred and important practices. Therefore, it is essential is essential to do it with the right intention objectives and according to its rules, so that we can get the maximum benefit from it and not render it null and void. Let me enumerate the

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rules and please use this like a checklist to help you.

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Number one, purpose, the purpose of ethics is to be in closeness to Allah subhanaw taala for Tarlov Mala. For this reason, we seclude ourselves in the house of Allah which is a masjid, dedicate and devote ourselves to the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala exclusively ignoring everything else. Thank Allah subhanaw taala for giving us the opportunity to do ethika in his house, but everything good we do, including sleep will be well worship. The way we're close to Allah Samantha is through reading the Quran making vicar praying no avail, and reflecting in silence. So set your goals rather during ethic of how much Quran you intend to read. Make the hedges a permanent feature in your life.

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What do you intend to learn with respect to your own tarbiyah

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making Toba and Shoko pay special attention to zikr which seems to have lost its importance in our lives,

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especially to sending Salat, and salam ala Rasulillah is in Santa Rosa de fondo sorrows hustle, there is great benefit in the ticket and so engaged in it profusely also ensure that you pray also nassarawa and do all the muscle of God after fourth. The second purpose of ethika is to get ladies of color, which is one of the odd nights of the last 10 nights of Ramadan. When we make ethika Insha Allah we can hope to surely get this blessed night worship during which is better than worshiping continuously for 1000 months, that is 84 plus years continuously.

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This is the blessing of color. Let us be conscious of this and ensure that we spent the nights purely anyone number two

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intention to fulfill the purpose above only to please Allah purify the heart for every other desire and the mind from every other thought. Some people go for Intergraph to be with friends, some to make business contacts because they heard that so and so does the company that budget I think I was not socializing or hanging out. So networking, it is not business development. It is to be with Allah subhanaw taala so it is better, better to do ethnography in the masjid of your wahala where you live close to your house where you pray every day. Rather than going searching for massages where your friends are making Ethica or going to some

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big name Masjid. Don't do that. Don't allow shatta to destroy our near and nullify the value of our effort. Make the near for ethika until the more of Shawwal is cited. Don't say 10 days because you will have to return the day after he is in complete 10 days in case Ramadan is only 929 days that year.

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Nia isn't the heart and it is not necessary to state it aloud. Number three goals for ethika Write your goals for ethika Set your goals write them down how much current do you plan to read? Which habit will you give up? Which new habit will you acquire? How much degree will you do and so on? How much charity will you give? How many relationships will you heal and repair make your list number for me elected Amir for autograph and obey Him and volunteer to help him Don't tell them what to do. You ask him what you what he wants you to do. Then number five is boundary stay within the boundary of the budget if you leave the boundary without a Sheree valid reason like going to an outdoor

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toilet or going to pick up your food because no one can deliver it or in an emergency your ethical code will become invalid you will then need to return to the same machine and make up the days of a pick up the remaining state of fasting say for example you were therefore supposed to be there for nine or 10 days on a third day you did something went out of the boundary then you are ethical is gone. And then you will have to come back and make up that ethical issue

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which you nullified and that has to be done in a state of fasting so otherwise you will be sinful so it's easier to stay within the boundary of the masjid number six respect the masjid now this is a long list. The Masjid is the house of Allah. So follow the rules of the Masjid. Some important do's and don'ts to remember number one, keep visit clean, volunteer to clean it enduring toilets, and consider yourself lucky if you get trolley duty. Think of it as one

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tearing away our sins. Remember that hurt but the service is the most valuable form of worship to get close to loss monitor Number two, use only as much light as necessary. Don't switch on all the lights and if someone does that advise them not to. You go to get up and turn it off, turn them off. You don't do that in your own house you don't turn on all the lights so why do it at the mercy of the house of Allah subhanaw taala deserves even more respect than your own house.

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water sparingly

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the taps are not connected to the clouds and even if they are, it is the sunnah to use water sparingly and wasting water is haram.

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Roll up your bedding and put it in the designated place as soon as you wake up. The Masjid is not an extension of your bedroom. So don't leave things around. Number five is don't tamper with the AC and heating settings. If you feel hot or cold move away from the floors. settings are kept for maximum comfort everyone, individual capsule climate control is available only on the day of judgment. And let us pray that we don't need it because it can last for the shape of his throne. Or the day dozen people will be drowning in their sweat individual capsules. And it is not something which we

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which we want us to want to happen to us.

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Number seven don't interfere number six actually don't interfere with the administration of the mozzie there are people whose job that is and they want to advise they will ask you number seven don't read aloud or listen to it without headphones. This disturb people and they don't want to they don't like to tell you because you know they think it is sinful. If they tell you they feel that something you know

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it won't be nice for them. So don't do that. Don't put people don't become a test for people. It's it's not a good thing.

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Number eight is don't talk loudly and be very conscious of where you are and of your companions comfort.

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Number nine don't take anyone's possessions without asking permission. If you didn't bring it. It doesn't belong to you. Don't ask us people's personal belongings even if they're your best friend. They may be embarrassed to refuse but they won't like to allow you so don't put them in that situation.

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pertaining the food you are provided in the budget Allah subhanaw taala has responsibility towards his his his hospitality. The food we are given in the budget is Allah's hospitality towards you. So don't complain. Whether you like the food don't like if we're hungry Allah, be conscious that you are getting this food from Allah subhanaw taala as his guest in his budget, this is enough for us. Remember that you are remember that you are allowed to answer as guest and feel the honor of that.

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Number 11. Practice being minimalist, eat less, sleep less, speak even less, and detox from phones, shut the phone off and switch it on only for an hour at the end of the day. To check for any messages, switch off all notifications and get on all social media get off permanently not only during baby life will not only go on but will be far better. Let's leverage our guff to reboot our lives. Our 12 mistake what whatever you need essentially for the period you will be in a thing of what are we doing in your house, take whatever you need. Essentially. This will include your bedding charge of your device or most of if you still read from one instead of your device. Essential

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medication depending on the country insect insect repellent, your own prayer mat if you like toiletries, towels, towels soap, don't take snacks and eatables don't bring all that you possess just in case you need it. You are going to the budget for a few days, you're not shifting wrestles. Hezekiah was also training in how to do without so be minimalist in terms of creature comfort and maximize your ibadah.

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Finally, in conclusion, the most important advice make dua you are a guest of Allah, He always honors his guests. Ask him for whatever you want with a total certainty that he has the power to give it if he wants to. Your job is to make him want to give up disobedience make sincere is different or give charity and beg him for what you need. Most importantly, back for the Ummah, as well as our fellow Muslims are in a terrible state wherever they are and desperately need the help of Allah. Remember when you are making dua for the Ummah if you're fulfilling the most beloved sunnah of Rasulullah salah I share with Alana reported when I saw a surah set up with a cheerful

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face I said yes when Allah Azza wa sallam, please do dua for me. So as a result of zero ALLAH forgive Aisha for her past and future sins in secret and in public.

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I showed the Lana was so happy she lacked some way that her head fell from his lap. As soon as I said, I'm said to her, doesn't make you happy. He said, she said yeah, why would you do or not make me happy? He said, My Allah, it is my dua for my oma in every prayer. And this is the same name but So hello, this is uh, this is the the rural Isa. This is our Navi and this is the one we love, and therefore, let us make sure that we follow his sunnah in every aspect of our life.

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insha Allah when I fill another over our coffee on NASA, you know to have an amount of Barack Obama that I'm known for. So now we don't have to run out that

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facility, like the hell on the Sahara when they're gonna win a lottery. And we will hang on to her Rahimi for several Alana victory while he was happy to go.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa do I request special dua for me and my family just like maloca