Abu Bakr Zoud – The Day Allah Saved Musa and The Day Al Hussein was Martyred

Abu Bakr Zoud
AI: Summary © The holy month of Phahm is recognized as the holy month by Islam, leading to a violent event that is known as the holy month. The importance of establishing common prayer areas and praying at home for victory is emphasized. The history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam culture and the use of Islam for political gain, is also discussed. The loss of human health during the COVID-19 pandemic and the importance of remembering to use the word Islam when speaking is also emphasized. A recent incident with a woman named Tina Hoffy rune was killed by Jesus while on a street, which is a sad day for Islam.
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Come in Huzzah. Jaha Oba Thurmond hamari, German Kathina wrong one is

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what Takala Lolita sir an owner b1 or ham in Allah Ghana on eco Marathi Abba,

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Johan Lavina, an otaku Allah, it duckula haka to party Nuala, thermo tuna Illa and to Muslim Moon

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Levine mono tapa Allah, it duckula, haka, Ducati wala Thermotoga Illa. And to Muslim on

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your Lavina mono taka la Haku. Poland salida your local myofibrillar con Sunova con woman up Rasulullah who forgot the first Fosun Alvina for my mother I do find now stuck on Hadith the Kitab Allah insha Allah Allah or Hiral Hadia do Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam are in the short run Ohmori to her Hakuna Matata team vida que la vida Tim Bala Kula Bala let him finner en la Hoya El Camino now from my bag. All Praise and thanks belongs to Allah subhanho wa taala. And may the peace and blessing of Allah be upon his seventh and final messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam as to what follows My dear respected brothers in Islam, we are now living in the days of the holy

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month and the sacred month of Muharram. And there is a special event that occurred in the month of Muharram. And that is on the 10th day of this month, and it is known as Yo Ma showed up.

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Were abnormal probably Allahu Anhu. He says that Yo Ma Shula Yeoman Minh am Allah that the day of Ashura is one of the days of Allah. But does it mean that it is a day of Allah? Allah subhanho wa Taala insolate Ibrahim, he commands in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam and he says to him, was the tearoom via Yana Billa remind the people of the deeds of Allah? We should we're supposed to remind each other of the deeds of Allah wa Shura is a day from the deeds of Allah. So what does this mean? You know, every single day that we live in is a day for Allah, Allah owns over days. But what does it mean that these days like Ashura is given a specific mention that it is a day of the deeds

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of Allah, look, when I say, a yummy Allah, the days of Allah, meaning these these are one thing and all the other these are something else, like when we say Baitullah, there are many houses on Earth, but all the houses are one thing will be to Allah. Allah mustard is one thing, unlike now cut Allah the sheep come on of Allah, which was a miraculous cuddle that was sent to the people of Saudi it came out of students and it was sent to them. So it was referred to as now cut Allah. This is the sheep come of Allah and every other come on is something else. Maybe EULA. That means this man, these type of people are one thing and all of mankind or something else. So a yam Allah, a one thing

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and all the other. These are something else. And from a year Mila is your wife Shula on the days of Allah, my brothers in Islam,

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a Yama Allah of the days in which everyone knows Allah subhanho wa taala, the sinner, the rebellious, the one who transgresses against Allah, Allah Karafin and the Muslim, each and every single person on earth recognizes the power, the dominance and the authority of Allah subhanho wa taala. On the days of Allah, everyone knows La Ilaha illa Allah, including fear around the words of disbelievers that lived on this earth on the day of Ashura, as he was drowning, he would say mnt and the Hula, hula lovey manner to be he been who is in one I mean a loosely mean walkabout, even frown on the days of Allah on the day of our showed up, recognize the power and the control and the

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authority and the dominance of Allah subhanho wa Taala over everything that he has created. These are the things of Allah. Allah Shula is coming, it is a Monday, and we're going to be reflecting over the incident that happened on this day and the event that took place on this day. And this is what you're supposed to

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bring up in your heart and in your mind and in your soul and reflect over the incident. So on the day of Angola, of course and Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he arrived and Medina after he had left McKee arrived and Medina, he found the Jewish community fasting on the 10th day of Baba. So he inquired about this, and they said that the first the 10th of Muharram because it is a day in which Allah saved moves

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And Benny Surah II from Iran and his army for Nabi SallAllahu. alayhi wa sallam said nah no hola be Musa. We have more preference and right over Musa Allah has set up because Musa is a prophet of Allah he died upon Islam and we are Muslims were the ones who submit to Allah subhanho wa Taala so we have more preference and right over him for Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if I was to live until next year, I will first the day, and the day before the ninth and the 10th would not be sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us of a Greek virtue of the one who fasts this day. And that is that an entire Ye, a previous era of sins is wiped away from a person's record, if he was the first

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the 10th of Muharram Wahaca. So what happened on this day in the use of Allah wa salam teaches us that we first this day should go to Lila as a means of gratitude to Allah subhanho wa Taala that he saved the believers on that day and he destroyed the arrogant and the rebellious on that day. This is an occasion a story happens on the 10th of Muharram. Allah subhanho wa Taala in Surah to shout out, he mentioned what had happened. He said what oh hyena either Musa and acai berry better the Nakamoto own. Finally, one night, Allah subhanho wa Taala reviews a command to Musa and he says to Musa to pick up bunny soil. This is at night, go collect all of bunnies surah in that have been

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prison. They are in the prisons of Iran. They have been oppressed, they babies were killed and slaughtered every second year. They have totally been abused and used. So now the command comes and Allah azza wa jal finally is giving them relief. Musa Allah you set up go and free Bani Israel and travel at night go towards the ocean, and he takes them and he travels towards the ocean. But one second, you need to understand something is this how the victory of Allah azza wa jal was revealed? Is this the only command that was revealed this command 40 years before it, there was another command that Allah subhanho wa Taala revealed to Musa alayhis salam, and from then was the

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preparation for victory 40s before 40s before Allah azza wa jal told Musa alayhis salam to hit towards the ocean. And finally relief is coming 40 years before as I've been cathedral him Allah mentions Allah azza wa jal revealed to Musa Wow hyena either Musa Aki and early komikko mabie Mill Surah buta wish I knew who you will take them Tibetan Hakim Salette wanna shoot me meaning? Allah subhanahu wa taala revealed to Musa Allah He set up and he revealed to him and his brother Hal rune, and they were to go back to Benny Salatin and tell them why he called me Kumar be miserable. You gotta go and build houses for yourselves in Egypt, which I know will come Qibla and make your homes

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and your houses a people, make your homes and massage it, make your homes massage it houses of Allah while people select and establish the prayer in your homes. Because of course, if at home did not allow Bernie Salatin to congregate and to pray or solid in one specific common area like what we do now, he didn't allow this to happen. So what did the believers do? Don't pray at all not, is Qibla imaginisce The authority at the time did not allow any mustard to be built over massage it shut down, not allowed to congregate in public and pray, what do we do? How do we overcome Qibla? Transform your houses and make your homes a place of worship? Make it a masjid. And not only this,

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what I'll tell you was solid and established the press in your homes, establish it on time pray at home. What does she really mean? And congratulate the believers give glad tidings to the believers Allah hug for a minute is a famous solid well, but she didn't want me in. There were no words in between. The idea is that once the believers learn to establish a solid, the victory is on its way. Congratulate them good news is coming on the way and they established this command for two years after that Allah who would reveal to Musa Allah He set up hit towards the ocean and they will save from frown and his army. But you need to learn my brothers in Islam, that the victory for Islam is

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directly tied to our relationship with a solid and directly connected to our relationship with Allah massage it and you know, Allah subhanho wa Taala he mentions this in a couple of places in the Quran. And it is even mentioned in their Hadith when Allah subhanho wa Taala said

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Solothurn father in Fontana, laka Fattah Medina. You know the big foot the conquest of Mecca that happened and this area is referring to Davia will soon heard her debut it was the first step in order to conquer Mecca, Allah azza wa jal called that further we gave you victory, grand victory and Maccha is, is in in your hands now we should go be destroyed altogether. What was the reason for that the fact that Allah azza wa jal give the believers when Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam victory, what's the reason due to the end of the surah? And the reason is mentioned that Allah azza wa jal, he said, Mohammad Rasool Allah when Levina ma he or she doesn't want to go further. wahama

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obey no doubt all home, Oregon Sujatha if you observe the state of a Sahaba you continuously see them in a state of solitude and rucola they're always praying as a result, this solid lead to their victory. Allah subhanho wa Taala he says in Surah Surah Wildgame is solid the port of Aden the * was hula Femina laid Allah azza wa jal he says it was solid Luca Shamcey Illa Versa could lay new a Quran and fishery in the Quran and fish it he can have a shoe that will be in a lane for that he had been philatelic Assa yerba got a book about karma Maha Mudra This is a canal Allah azza wa jal basically Miss Arias commending in the recent Allahu alayhi wa sallam to establish the five daily

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prayers and to pray something at night. What was the result of this? The is straight after Allah socialists it would say, what culture and how was the Huckleberry Finn and say, announce it to the people that the truth has finally arrived. What about the falsehood has been shattered and destroyed? And you know, when the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam walked into Makkah, and it was freed from the 360 Idols around will Islam.

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reestablished in Mecca, as in the resettle, Allahu Allah, your settler walked in. He had a stick, and he was poking the idols with it, reciting this air walk on, and Huck, but the truth and the dominance for Islam did not come until the commandment that came before this I was fulfilled which was akin to solid establish a solid and you know the story of a Dogen where he said no, Maria Malley has set up in a very long Hadith, but the under end of it is that when a Salah is Salam finally comes down, and fast forward a long story, he ends up in the Holy Land. If you bathe in muck this in the holy Masjid in Jerusalem, and the Nabi sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in that narration, that

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the leader of the Muslims at the time will leave the believers in solid and Fisher, which is the Allah has set up and the believers will be praying behind him. were inseparable. Miriam would be praying behind Almighty after selecting Fisher is finished, they walk out, and this is where is it no Maria Alayhis Salam would observe the shell at the gate of load. And then a Dogen would begin to melt like salt melts in water, and he has crushed him and destroyed him. But why would the NABI sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned this entire thing of the believers praying Salatin Fisher and then afterwards at the jellies killed. The one who is reading with an open mind will realize that

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selectel Fisher was to follow. But Israel now have arrived to the ocean. What do we do? Allahu Allah, they have no clue what to do. But they're standing there. They're about 600,000 Give or take as an officer who mentioned frown on his arm. Yeah, behind they're coming very close. And they're all those 2 million give or take, as Sue mentioned, as well. Allah azza wa jal, he says for the marathon, oh, man, when the two parties when the two groups saw each other, this is how close fit out and his army got. So Musa alayhis salam o Benny's Royan are standing he the ocean is in front of them. And behind them now they can see fit around, and the 2 million of him coming and they can go

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left and right. And he has old men and children and women where's he going to go? At this moment? Allah azza wa jal he says the methodology man call

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Hello Stan, and they thinking done and they thinking negative amidst all this kills.

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But you know before this chaos, I tell you something. This is how some Muslim actually and in this story of Ashura is not just an event that happened in history.

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This replicate the same thing today.

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In Yanni, when Benny Salah is standing, and the army is arriving, if today if today, there is no army, holding their swords coming towards the Muslims, what replaces this in our times is the army and the evil and their propaganda being pushed in the face of Muslims. That's just as well as Wallah. This is worse than this. Because if the army came with a sword, just hold on a few minutes will die as a matter of punish them. But what do you do in the army, when the enemy against Islam holds their propaganda and shoves it down your throat, every single day, an ad pops up, something pops up, an issue comes up, whether it's LG TV community, or whether it's something else that

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continues to push in front of the Muslims, making the people lose their the universities, and what they teach philosophy. You know, the idea of philosophy is for you to Christian, every single thing that exists on earth. Allah azza wa jal says, to let your son or may have fun, he should not be questioned and honest about everything he does. You go and you take this course, and your mind becomes wrecked, and your faith becomes weak. And all of a sudden, a person leaves Islam, because sorry, I didn't find answers with Islam. I found that with philosophy, I found that in science, now I understand the Big Bang Theory, and the human being was a monkey before he became what he was.

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Why? Because this is the ID, you need to have answers for everything. These are Phaeton This is worse than frown, and 2 million coming out to bite with the salt. And what do we have Muslims would respond in the same manner as Benny slide in the record, in the record, were destroyed. We're finished. Allah, what what do we do?

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Among all this chaos, Musa alayhis salam, he's going to teach us what to do.

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He does not see he cut his car. He's not terrified. He's not scared. He looks at bunnies saw him. And they

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why isn't he reacting? Why isn't he scared? Musa alayhis salam is going to now say a few words. These words are so important that Allah who had mentioned them in these awards that you want to reflect with and live on the day of Ashura and every day of your life. He did not say to various Ryan, blacks, I got tons of gold and silver, I'll just give it to them, you know, will escape his harm and he's abused. He didn't say that. He did not saying to them, don't worry, backup is coming. There's a huge army coming out. It will save us from all of this. Now, what's that gonna do? He did not say to them any of this. Rather, he said to them with B is the one who controls the sword in the

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hands of Iran and his army is called a cannula in Maya Labissiere. Dean, I have my lord my inner verily, suddenly, no doubt about it. He's no doubt at all. Mine with me is Robbie. My Lord is with me say he'll guide me out of this. I don't know how you got out of it. I need to have faith. I need to have certainty and Allah so again, you want Allah's company? Do you want Allah to be with you? Like he was with Musa Allah He set up? How do you? What do you do? Allah azza wa jal he says, we'll call Allah who in Nima. Come on. Allah said I am surely with you. But then he put a few conditions light enough come to solid, what I say to music at what happened to the rosary was to move home to

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Namaha carbon Hasakah Allah azza wa jal mentioned you want Allah to be with you. You want to be in the company of Allah in which Allah azza wa jal would support you and you and defend you then establish a solid line or come to Salah

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was meant to grow slowly, and you believe in His messengers and you support his messengers. Then an only Allah azza wa jal would be with you. Whenever he salAllahu alayhi wa sallam says as in the Hadith and Bootsy Allah who would say, well Anna Maha Humpty is as a company what the hum worker bee shuffle and I am with my sleeve, I am with him when he the colony, when he remembers me when he makes mention of me, or select is vicar for Allah Sasha is in this what Allah would say to Musa walk in the sun. Anthalie Vickery. Establish a solid to remember me. The greatest form of Victrola is a solid as the greatest form of a thicket.

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And every worship we do generally is titled vicar because every worship reminds you of Allah. I am with my servant I am with him is as a colony. What a hard worker bee shuffle and I am with him when his lips move in my remembrance. Maha Quran is and this is how you earn the company of Allah subhanho wa Taala then an only you will not be terrified, then an only

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You will not be afraid no matter what it is that's coming at you. 2 million euro brilliant no problems that no Maya will be pleased and fit and that are coming towards Allah today my brothers in Islam and Phaeton are entering our homes without permission.

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Whenever we're worried, of course, rightfully so everyone's worried for himself for his children. Lacking if you're with Allah, Allah is with you, who protect you how? I don't know.

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But it will happen.

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And you bring this to the story of Musa Allah He set up, he's standing in front of the ocean, he knows Allah, he's with him. But how is Allah going to protect him at that moment? He doesn't know. Until Allah subhanahu wa taala would reveal after this fellow hyena Musa A new blue bow sulcal bow, Allah azza wa jal with city and go ahead, take this stuff the stick that you have an strike the ocean, strike it poor, what's that going to do? If you take a stick down, strike it on the ocean? What is it going to do? It's hard to do nothing. Lacking when Allah is with you, the impossible becomes possible and what controls the ocean? So Allah azza wa jal said, fun follow the ocean opened

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up, it split it open up, relief is there. But relief only came when Musa Ali you set up a beat the commandment of Allah. Allah said to him strike, he didn't sit there and say, what's that going to do? How's that going to be beneficial in our situation? What is this mockery? He didn't say this. Go ahead and do what Allah tells you. Whether he understood the wisdom behind it or not. Do it, do it and just listen to me and our apana he didn't have to understand the wisdom behind everything. You need to pray five times a day. So one of the mashallah people as they get older, they think they become intelligent. So then why do we pray five times I need to understand why. Or

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with why. Or my brother, this is how I'm keep away from it. Do this, Allah says why? Why you're not questioning me You are questioning Allah. Why?

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Look at Musa alayhis salam, Allah will take take this stuff and strike it down. You wouldn't know the logic would say that Musa should turn and say to Allah, why, what's that gonna do?

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And he's on stress and pressure and MIT it does do it. Once he agreed Allah's command. The relief came out ocean open, the impossible became possible. From Fela Kulu Philippine cupola of him was nothing nothing malaria, one Jaina Musa OMA Ma, who was married across the ocean, he got to the other side, around being the scum he is, so the ocean and took advantage of this moment. And he said to his people, didn't I tell you? I'm an ILA. I'm the god, look what I've done for you. I've opened the ocean, move forward. And they moved forward until all each and every single one of the 2 million ended up in the middle of the ocean, by them. Musa alayhis salam and Bani Israel in all of them, old

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men, women, young children, everyone was saved. They were on the other side. Once they were all there, Musa alayhis salam didn't know what to do. He thought he should get this stuff and strike the sea the ocean again for it to close. But when he tried to do this, Allah who would say theme as a sort of the Doohan? What true killed Baja, where? Leave the ocean. Just now sit aside and watch the show happen in the Han Jun Gomorrah, goon. Now this fitna. Now this army now these disbelievers are going to go one by one, just watch Allah azza wa jal in Solothurn Bacara he says, when he stated this scenario, the scene here he said, What until tomorrow you're watching. There is nothing more

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beautiful and soothing for the believer to see how Allah destroys the enemy. For they stood on the side, and they watched us for our own and me

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and his army entered. That's what Allah azza wa jal gave command to the ocean. Full once again, like you used to flow before this, and it fooled. One after the other. We're drowning. Allah azza wa jal then as though the camera is zoomed on to fit our own. And what happened to him. Allah azza wa jal says, the lack of will Hurlock when drowning over to Kim Palace these days final moments Allah wants to record these final moments. He said, call that he screamed out right then and there.

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On the days of Allah, everyone knows Allah azza wa jal, but look what he said to a no ilaha illa lovey m and b but

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he said 10 words. He said, I believe in the Lord that Bani Israel believed in and I am from among those who submit to Allah. He couldn't say em and to be left off

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All of this could have been replaced with the word Allah.

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But he was deprived of the word Allah is an honor to say La ilaha illallah Tirana How many times did you say it today? They believe is supposed to say it 100 times in the day and in the afternoon

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thank you said under hola hola Hey lovey I want to be but we saw Ilan Amina Muslim in too late Allah azza wa jal he said Allah Now it's too late. Then he was destroyed and he died to Allah azza wa jal said philleo manageiq epidemic. Today, we're going to preserve your body. Today we're going to save your body, little Kunal human health, so that you can be an A and a warning and a reminder and assign for everyone that comes after you that wants to do what you do.

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But the sad reality is, we're in NACA Filomena, nurse, Tina hoffy rune, many of mankind are heedless to the aid of Allah, and more powerful than thrown as an error, or the as

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each and every single ayah in the Quran is a message from Allah to

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Flitz revive our certainty and Allah subhanho wa taala. And understand, no matter how chaotic this whole becomes, and how much of his fitted increase, relax, relax, so long as you are with Allah, in the methods that we mentioned, Allah is with you, and He protects you. And He will keep you Bismillah and your family blind to every fitna that is out there, so that you can pass through this dunya and pass at the end and die upon La ilaha illallah wa ask Allah azza wa jal to give us steadfastness upon Eman upon a snap of Kulu Holy * that was done for Allah Allah Allah confessed him for woohoo in number one of all over him.

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hamdu lillah

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wa Salatu was Salam, O Allah, may Allah be about the home of my brothers in Islam very quickly, just a reminder of something, and that is that also on the day of Ashura, a terrible and a sad event and an incident happened in the Omo Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam.

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And we cannot ignore this matter, and we cannot turn a blind eye to it. And that is the martyrdom of the grandson of Rasool allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Al Hussein know Ali obey Allahu Anhu This is no doubt a very sad event. And the believer the correct believer in response to this calamity, we do ask Allah azza wa jal told us, Allah subhanahu wa taala has taught us in the Quran, if the OMA or a person was afflicted with a calamity, that we rushed to say in L Allah was illegal or here and this is the correct manner and way in which we respond to this calamity. We say to Allah azza wa jal we belong and to Him who we shall return. And of course, once we return to Allah subhanho wa taala.

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Those who are pressingly and unjustly killed him, Allah azza wa jal would hold them to account. But we do not do innovations and acts of misguidance such as a shear and the likes do. Right. So they have mentioned that they must commemorate the death of an Hussein, how do they do this? They do marches they hit themselves, up and down, and so many things that no one ever did in history. They're the first ones to do it. And we respond to them logically. Isn't the father of an Hussain Ali Robbie, Allah who I know, much better than his son? Of course he is. He's from the fall of the whole affair.

00:28:54 --> 00:29:38

And he was killed in the same manner and justly, he was killed in an oppressive manner. Did his children commemorate his death in the same manner these people commemorate the death of an who say no, and then rewind go all the way back. There were prophets that were much better than every companion that will also killed in an unjust manner. Like Zakariya Allah you set up and yadda yadda you said it, they were killed a person. And even then, the prophets that came after including our messenger Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam did not commemorate their death, every single E. So these are Bidda these are innovations. These are Miss guidances and I mentioned this so you my

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brothers in Islam can understand the correct position and the tsunami gemera Do not turn a blind eye to this matter. Indeed we address it's a sad day was a horrible event. We say nearly like you are in a garage you're on a chip. We do not innovate in this Islam in this deal. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to guide us all. have also lost a limb

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Russia welcome Allah Allah Hadith but he was killed by Shri Muhammad Abdullah who so he did how they were Shiva started Amara Kamala Jota Allah be embedded fi NFC within NaVi Malay Akkadian was a battery pudsey. What are you have become a Yamuna for call Assam and calling in Allah home. Catherine we also Luna and maybe you have a Latina Emanuel Salah you USA limitless Lima, Omaha masala Allah Muhammad Ali Mohammed can also later Allah Ebrahim en le Ibrahima in Nikka hamidou machine or Vedic Allah Muhammad Imran early Mohammed Camelback, dalla Ibrahim on early Ibrahima, innaka Hamidah machine Allahu Marina zuka diva Allahu Marina Hakka Hakka Noir sukhna Diva What are

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you Nobel Winner belt cleaner noodle soup nasty never have been out of trouble Mina in Atlanta Samia on Aleem or to Marlena in Atlanta to wobble Rahim Allah in Allah Hammurabi Latvian so anyway ether is in Cuba when her and in Russia it will mean carry well buddy You're welcome Lala come to the karoun That's good hola hola Lima gelila has good commerce guru and he has it come on as a crew Allahu Akbar Allahu Allah momentous known

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