Ramadan 2021 Boost 13 – So will you change this?

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of the upcoming month ofams, which is a sign of forgiveness and mercy for everyone. They emphasize the need to make use of the upcoming months to study and worship Islam, and to turn to the message of forgiveness and ease for others. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of not being afraid of past accomplishments and rejuvenated life.
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Santa Monica wailuku salam Rahmatullahi wa barakato Masha Allah Tabata Kyla My beloved brothers and sisters, every time we have the month of Ramadan, we have so many aspects of this month to consider. One of them is the Quran I usually like to become so, so engrossed with the book of Allah subhanho wa Taala during this month, in a way that when we come out of Ramadan, we would not regret not having spent enough time with the word of Allah and with the Quran and so on. So, Allah subhanho wa Taala is indeed merciful. And Allah's mercy encompasses everything we must make sure that we make the most of this month by

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doing whatever we can in sha Allah, to liven up the nights and to spend the day also in goodness. So Subhan Allah, I want to remind yourselves and myself, to gain closeness to Allah to worship Allah alone, to study the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to make resolutions and the reason why I say resolutions is a firm intention to say that I am going to do this from now on, because Ramadan is not the only month that we should be Muslim. We are Muslim outside Ramadan as well. So it's important for us to realize that this is just a run up to the rest of the year, make your promises and turn to Allah, you will achieve the forgiveness that Allah declares

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that he has specially designated for the month of Ramadan. Every night is a night of forgiveness and mercy and blessings. And every night is a night of freedom from hellfire. So we must make sure that we make use of that insha Allah as our gela. And may Allah grant us the best exit from this month, in a way that we're smiling, you know that in the last

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part of Ramadan, in the last third of Ramadan, in the odd nights, the chances are greater that it's an odd night within the last 10 nights, where we will witness Laila to cuddle. And this Laila to cuddle

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is a night that we must try and search for. And, you know, it's so impressive to not to know the exact night because if we knew it, I think people would just say, Okay, that's it, we'll worship Allah on this night and move even now, it's not the 27th Yes, there is a chance that it could be the 27th but it's not the 27th guaranteed, because Allah doesn't want you to just worship one night and move off. So Subhana Allah, part of the mercy of Allah is that he said, you search for it. May Allah grant us ease. And the last thing I want to say is, people usually ask how do I know that my Ramadan was accepted? How do I know that I have? How do I know that I have achieved and so on one of the big

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things is that your life changes you feel the change in your life, I mean, imagine who fear Allah who might be a person whose

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sins previous sins are all forgiven, they will feel cleanliness, they will feel clean, they will feel rejuvenated, they will not want to run towards sin again and they will not want to go towards that which displeases Allah again. So this is something interesting. Try and make sure that your life has changed in one way or another. And that would be a very good sign for this beautiful month of Ramadan as it as it draws to an end if Allah grants us the chance to witness the end of it, that be even Illa he would be forgiven completely and achieve that cleansing by the will of Allah Baraka love