What Does The Quran Say About Climate Change Q&A

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For to be healthy, you need to first focus on what you're eating. And when something goes wrong, you have to in case of emergency turn towards medicine, right? Well, we've done with Quran, unfortunately, and what Islam is that we'll come to Islam with different issues, and we see what medicine Islam has to offer

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the question that I have for you is,

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I'm sure you've heard about climate change.

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Climate change, I heard about it. Yeah, climate anxiety. Do you think I'm still on this planet? Yeah, I believe that sort of thing? Well, like, there's very little spoken about it in terms of in relation with Quran. Okay.

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And because the youth today is constantly being titled Love your season, I love your question. And we are going through a lot of climate anxiety, like, people who are learning and who are protesting or warrant the movement. They go through a lot of it. Like, there's a feeling that I feel that am I going in the wrong direction? Thinking karma, there's anything going to happen. So

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I just, yeah, just too many questions. So it just a topic that whether you have thought about it, or I'll give you an analogy.

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Okay, so here goes, there's, there's,

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there's no there's food, and there's medicine, right?

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For to be healthy, you need to first focus on what you're eating. And when something goes wrong, you have to in case of emergency turn towards medicine, right? What we've done with the Quran, unfortunately, and what Islam is that we come to Islam with different issues, and we see what medicine Islam has to offer. Right, so we've turned Islam into a prescription, a series of prescriptions, right? The Quran fundamentally, is actually healthy nutrition. Yes, it does offer prescriptions, but fundamentally, it's something you're supposed to consume every day. And then it builds a certain kind of immunity in you, it builds a certain kind of vitality in you, right? And if

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we did, from that perspective, people come and ask, what does Islam say about this issue? What does Islam say, always say about that issue with climate change, for example, right. And, in a sense, that's like asking for a prescription on what to do with this issue or that issue. My problem with that is that there's an endless number of problems in the world. Right? And the Quran has that narrow assumption is the Quran must have an endless source of answers for each and every single issue. We're approaching this rock, the Quran is offering us a unique set of

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nutrition, healthy guidance, and then that guidance applies across all fields. So for example, by applying the guidance of the Quran, we don't become wasteful. By applying the Quran we don't overspend. Right? And these are small or, you know, even the smallest things the Quran talks about. They have massive environmental impact. Yeah, don't they? Right? So if country of greed was controlled, which is one of the topics of the Quran, yeah, then many major corporations and what they do out of grey to destroy the planet would not be happening. So we're, instead of just getting anecdotal answers that the Quran speaks about this issue, I got an issue. We need to we need to feed

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the world and the OMA starting with the OMA the nutrition of the Quran. So we become the kind of people that live these solutions, instead of just giving a talk about what what does Islam say about this problem without problem, because my theory is, I don't care if we keep talking about what Islam says about, you know, issue one, B 1234, until infinity, none of them are going to be solved by talking about them. But they will be solved when we become people that actually absorb the Quran as a whole and start, like

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emulating and emanating its values in what we do. Right? Which is, which is a very different worldview. Right? So my contribution will be here's the man talking about climate change in the Quran, does nothing. It does not is that which is why I'm more interested in studying the surah and then seeing Okay, the reality and how the Sunnah might comment on that reality. But my my focus is still the surah not because not the issue. So I don't want to study politics in the Quran. I want to study the Quran and then see where politics happens. Right? So I'm Quran centric, not problem centric. In that sense, like today in Morocco, the earthquake hit Yeah, yeah. And the science says

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that, because we are drilling so much. There's a disturbance in tectonic plates, but we believe that it's Allah's wrath. Now we don't believe that we don't who says we believe that often which we can believe, you know, louder for Huddersfield, but it was bought by Adobe, Marchesa hiddenness. You know, corruption manifested in the sea and in the land because of what people did with their own hands and said the Quran

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And yes, that's the thing with without without Quran we become overly simplistic, even in our religious view. And we think it's the Islamic view it's not how can it be the Islamic view if it's not informed by Allah's own words? How is that the Islamic view? Right? So and the Quran is nuanced, the Quran is multi layered, it doesn't give black and white answers to things like that. Right? It's sophisticated and I believe the more we engage with the Quran, the more sophisticated we'll become.

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