Wael Ibrahim – Roaming Ramadan #07 Traveling is fun – Train Talk – Europe

Wael Ibrahim
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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh my brothers, my sisters in Islam, welcome to roaming Ramadan, a series where we explore the world together in sha Allah and did use lessons to benefit us for our present and future Thailand in the data. So we are heading now from the Donal, from me than to Switzerland and shall locked out and just being in the train, seeing heavy luggage and, and being exhausted reminded me a few things. Number one, that many people think that trouble is actually a fun thing to do. And when they look at Messiah and speakers traveling around the world, doing Dawa, and all that they look at them and say mashallah, I want it to be like that. They don't really

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understand what is happening behind the scenes and the hassle that sometimes we go through just to travel from one area to another Paulo I've been we've been on the road for six days now. And we are already falling sick and tired and exhausted. But at the same time you look in the Quran and you see that Allah subhanaw taala is advising us and encouraging us actually to trouble forcing you to fill out a bolus of acid that go through the Earth, travel through the earth. Why is that? So the thing that I have been repeating in the past couple of videos is that do not go with the intention of just tourism, but rather to deduce and to reflect, to deduce lessons and to reflect over Allah's

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creation. So it's the lens of place where Allah Subhan Allah blessed with nature that is astonishing mashallah Baraka so when you go then as his pan Allah for Tabata Kumar was on holiday in glory vitolas plantar the best who creates and so on. This become a reward and discovery of good deeds inshallah. But at the same time, when you interact with the people and understand where they coming from, you appreciate who you are and what you have.

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So, these are just couple of benefits when you travel, but it's not easy. Allah subhanaw taala also told us travelled through the earth, to see and to understand and to study the outcome of those people who were liars or who denied the existence of Allah subhanaw taala or rejected these message. So when you look at how people live elsewhere, and and you look at yourself as a mashallah bottom line, praying five times a day and doing well at all, then you appreciate again, once more, you appreciate who you are, and what you have troubles also remind me of the stations in life that we pass through, or the phases in life that we pass pass through. When you move from one place to

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another interact with different people, different cultures, you learn a lot of things, and also remember death that none of these places that we go to, are going to be our permanent places.

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We're always on the go or luggage or on our hands, and sometimes we feel home homesick we want to go back and so on. So remember that the Prophet Palmer's awesome so confict dunya and Nica

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every hour episode we'll be in this dunya as if you are stranger, you're passing by a place and then you're gonna leave that place. So this is the the reflection over the entire dunya that we experienced today. We wake up in the morning you sleep in the night we eat in between we travel we work we earn and so on. But very few are reflecting over the fact that one day that's not going to happen Allah subhanaw taala will take that which is belong to Him in that Allah who we belong to a law unto him show tonight. So always remember that when you wake up in the morning,

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do whatever you can in your power in within your ability to please Allah subhanaw taala so that if that is your last day, at least you meet Allah subhanaw taala on a good point, good notes, you know, and at the same time worked very hard as if you're going to live forever, to achieve goodness to provide for your family to to serve the community and so on. And if Allah subhanaw taala took your soul upon that at humble congratulations because Mata Allah che invoice Allah whosoever died upon something will be resurrected upon the same thing. So it's an honor to meet all those Pattaya doing something for his sake. May Allah Subhana Allah grant us the right understanding. May Allah smart

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Allah make our troubles easy and acceptable Allah, Allah Amin, Amin, amin sounds like we're off the library

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