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Salam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah he was Salatu was Salam ala Rasulillah he were Allah Allah He was happy here Jemaine

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my beloved brothers, my sisters,

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this is the great day of eat. Eagle Allah ha varied ways in which a sacrifice is made

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in order for us to learn lessons and to be able to benefit from.

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It was an act of worship of the Prophet Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam.

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No one brags about an act of worship.

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It was an act of worship, that Allah Allah Himself, never came out and said, You know what I did, I did this. And all of you need to celebrate this. He never said that.

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Ibrahim alayhi salam did not have pride in him

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boasting about what he did,

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and telling everyone else to follow that because he did it. But rather, it was Allah Who granted it acceptance as time passed, and made it compulsory for all of us.

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Not for the meat of it alone. The meat of it is just a perk, if we can word it that way. The meat of it is something that is yes, it's there for us to enjoy. But the enjoyment is not deserved. If we do not connect and reconnect with Allah on this occasion.

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A person who's not interested in learning what the sacrifice is really all about,

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doesn't really deserve

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to put a piece of that meat in his mouth. And to say, Wow, did you see the biltong I made from this meat of qurbani and so on, you know what is besides the point you haven't quit the bottle, you haven't yet quit your gambling, you haven't quit your bad habits. So what's the point, but if you didn't even see the meat for some reason,

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but you quit your habits, that sacrifice of quitting something displeasing to Allah is far more beloved by Allah

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than just eating some meat and enjoying it and saying, we did this and we did that. And you should have seen the cow and how big the bull was, and so on and so forth. My brothers, my sisters,

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Ibrahim alayhis, Salam acts of worship, were not announced by him, they were announced by Allah. When you engage in an act of worship, there is no point of announcing it today. At the time when we live in the social media hype. Everyone wants to quickly advertise so much so that a man has a phone in one hand and the other hands in sujood showing a hand making scheduled for Allah. Okay, that might be a bit far fetched. But you know what I'm saying? One hand into our the other hand, the phone is actually showing that the one hand what happened you supposed to be making that with two hands. So you know, the other ones the phone, don't worry. That's the age where we've gotten, you

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give something you want to show it? Yes, if you're doing something on behalf of others, where it's an organization responsible to carry out some duty upon them because they have taken it on their shoulders to do it for others. Then if you want to take a few photographs, or you'd like to document it to prove that the work was done, by all means it is permissible.

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But my brothers, my sisters, it is Allah who allows a person to be mentioned after his death, in a good way. In the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he speaks about it. In fact, in the Quran, Allah subhanho wa Taala speaks about it. Allah says we left for them one by one, the messengers, a good word in others that followed later.

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Subhanallah So Ibrahim Alayhi Salatu was Salam. What happened? Allah instructed him to sacrifice his son. We've heard that so many times

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Shavonne came to distract him and he

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managed to overcome the whispers of Shavonne and the trials of shaytan. Hence, we have what is known the pelting of shapen in minute today, as we stand here about to fulfill Salah to lead. They are those who have gone for the pilgrimage and the Hajj, they are pelting what is known as the gym rat. They are pelting the positions where shapen was at the time

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so they say

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Here's the big one. The middle one, and the small one.

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Seven pebbles here. Seven pebbles day seven pebbles

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thrown at the last one. What is there today that those who judge and pilgrims have to go and pelts? Why?

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And you see people collecting little stones, pebbles, the size of a pea, perhaps.

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And they are supposed to say Allahu Akbar, and throw one Allahu Akbar and throw the other one, Allahu Akbar until they throw seven day seven day and seven, then

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that's the second and third day of pelting the first day is only seven tables, the big one. What's the significance? There is no shape on there right now.

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shaytaan was there at the time. So they surely must be some significance point number one, it is the obedience of the instruction of Allah understand it or not? Allah told you to do it. You do it SubhanAllah. That was Ibrahim alayhi salam, he was told sacrifice his son. Did it make sense? The answer is no. It did not make human sense. But what didn't make sense is this instruction is coming from Allah.

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So when Allah instructs you to do something to it, when Allah Almighty has ordained something, understand goodness is in it, even if it doesn't really make sense to you.

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That's it. When Allah says, Stay away from this and this and this, stay away from it. And if you have fallen in it because you're a human being turn back to Allah in repentance, Allah will forgive you and when Allah instructs you to get up for Fudger and to do this and to engage in certain things, engage in those things because that is what there is goodness in. Why do we stay away from food and drink during Ramadan during the daylight because Allah instructed later on the health benefits and all those are perks? That's not the main aim.

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It's a perk. You ask someone, are you going too fast in Ramadan? Yes, because I need to lose weight. Well, your intention is totally wrong. Totally wrong, you need to lose weight. That's not the primary intention, it might come as a perk. And by the way, many of us gain weight in Ramadan because the way we operate when it comes to the time of Iftar, like we haven't seen food, Allah subhanho wa taala. Grant us goodness and forgiveness. We thank Allah for whatever he has given us so that pelting you need to realize what is more important is to remove the devil within you the shaytan that bogs you down every day, helping you to develop your bad habits, that shaytan within is

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what you need to remove there in Mina, when you are pelting today is a celebration of overcoming the devils whispers in order to sacrifice something that Allah had passed.

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That's what today is.

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To all of us will enjoy the day when

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when you get closer to Allah, Allahu Akbar, as the first stone hits the pillar, they built a pillar where

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this smelting should be happening in Mina.

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Some people actually go there believing that shaytan is there. And so I remember when I had gone for Hajj some time back.

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And the man took his umbrella and he started hitting this pillar, and people are telling what are you doing? He says, No, this shaytan comes to me every day. It's about time I eradicated him. No, it's not that another takes a rock and he wants to throw the rock. And Little does he know he hits the head of a person who's in front of him. He says, well, that must have been shaytan. Now May Allah grant us is. That's not how it is. It's the significance of Pebble small pebble The idea is to cleanse yourself so that when the Hajj is done, you return home as clean as the day you were born, in terms of Knossos.

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SubhanAllah. You know, when they say you return home as clean as the day you were born, it's actually cleaner from one angle from one aspect. What is that aspect?

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You see when you do good deeds and bad deeds, and then you seek forgiveness to the good deeds also go away. No, they don't.

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The bad deeds get wiped, gets get wiped, gets wiped out.

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The bad deed gets wiped out and do you know what the good remains?

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But when you were born you neither had good nor bad. So what was better?

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from that angle? It's better now I sought forgiveness so much so that Allah has one very powerful offer for us very powerful in the Quran.

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die by our man our amela Amara Oh Sani ha for Hola. Dino lungs. Team has an

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Allah speaks about those who have committed sin and so on. And then he speaks about this beautiful offer that he has he makes an exception. And he says those who have repented and thereafter done good deeds, which means you repent, and you change your life, those are the conditions, not just repentance and then suddenly you went back to it after a little while human nature Yes, you may you repent again if that happens. But if you repented and change your life, and quitted this habit, that whatever the bad habit is, and you cut it for the sake of Allah and your life changed for the sake of Allah, Allah said, You know what we will do for you, we will take all the bad deeds you did in

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the past, and we will bring them forth and convert them into good and we will put it on the right side of the scale for you on the Day of Judgment. So when you see a mountain of good deeds, and you're wondering, Where did these come from? Those were your bad deeds at one stage because a time in your life came when you quit them solely for the sake of Allah because what's stopping you and die from sinning? Nothing besides the fear of Allah or the connection with Allah, nothing else.

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So Allah says, because of that, we have converted it into good and you know what we're going to do for you going to put it as a good deed ilaha illallah

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ilaha illallah that's the Mercy of Allah. So that's the offer. When do you get that you get it if you repent and you change your life. So when a person goes for Hajj, generally, we would expect that when they come back, the life has changed somewhat. Some of the big things that bog you down so let me show you something very interesting. See, when you go out for Hajj, May Allah take us all day, just say I mean.

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Because when you say I mean, the first thing Allah has to do is to give you the money that means to go. So when you say that, then you say now say I mean, then everyone says it more loud. Because why? Hey, they want the money of it first. But Allah grant us ease. Allah grant us goodness.

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So the Hajaj they are pelting the first day seven, they call it and Cobra, the big one, the major bad that you have within you. Can you get rid of it? Can you think about it? There must be about seven big things you need to get rid of in your life. Seven big ones, what are they you know them, count them 123. So I'm taking this PayPal, boom, what happened? One of the bad ones went, I said Allahu Akbar, I take another one, the other one's gone. The other one, the other one's gone. This is something automatically you should feel because you're in hajj, you're there. And for us, we are celebrating what the sacrifice of Ibrahim alayhi salam, we're putting a knife to our bad habits.

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Or we're going to enjoy the fact that the knife was put on the bad habits. You may not have your own animal if you cannot afford it. But at least somehow you will get to benefit from it and enjoy the celebration.

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So this is Allah. This is the beauty that Allah has given us. It's up to us to search within us. What are my bad habits? What am I hooked onto that are not supposed to be hooked on to it could be pornography, it could be adultery, it could be alcohol and gambling. It could be whatever else it may be if I need to stop something I'm addicted to for the sake of Allah. I should do it without even waiting for a season. But Allah gives you a season to become more conscious of it to say, You know what, come on. This is the eat of sacrifice. What are you going to sacrifice my bad habits. These seven things quit.

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That's it, it's gone.

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And next day, they take 21 pebbles, they have seven, seven and seven. So big habits, but middle habits and smaller habits but they all need to go obviously primarily in the Hadith. This is not mentioned I'm only telling you that as a person who wants to cleanse himself. It's important for you to think of what bad you need to eradicate to eradicate it. Many of us have jealousy in our hearts. We see someone with $1 more and we can't stomach it. You can't sleep at night. You need sleeping pills. Why? Because the guy has $1 more than me. He bought a car 2023 and minus 2022 Oh, I can't sleep. Come on man. How can you be connected to the world take that out. The Pebble needs to be

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thrown onto the pillar and you say Allahu Akbar and that Satan is out of your system. So what? That's what it should be. Are you living? Yes. Did you have food? Yes. Do you have clothing? Yes. Are you okay? Yes, thank Allah. Work hard to build yourself. Yes, by all means everyone wants goodness, but build your

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yourself into things, not just one. You don't build yourself only that I need better food, better transport, better clothing, better place to stay. We fight in our lives from birth to death, because we want better to survive for the few years better, but we've already got the necessity.

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I asked you do you have clothes? Yes, but I need better clothes. You have food? Yes, but I need better food. Yes. Do you have a house? Yes, but I need a better house. Do you have a car? Yes, but I need a better car. What are you fighting for better? That's what the whole, the whole sacrifice is about. In the case of those who are weak. May Allah strengthen us. May Allah strengthen us.

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But in essence,

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there are two like I was saying one is working towards the worldly items that are beneficial but you need also to work on your connection with Allah. How is your relationship with your prayer? Did you pray fragile? Today? That's the question.

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Did you pray Fudger today, have you prepared already in your mind what you're going to do about the vote today? Have you if you have oh, good news. Good news to you. What about your acid? Is it there?

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Your five prayers are you weak? So What steps are you taking to strengthen yourself because a day will come when you're going to go back to Allah and you have absolutely no option but to go back to Allah and the first thing you're going to be asked about is a Salah, a Salah, and you have to answer about that Salah. So if you have it in your heart, listen, I need to work on this habit. That thought and idea good news to you. It's a very good thought and idea now work towards it. Don't keep on all your life. Say I have to do I have to do some of us. That's what we do.

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The guy says you know what?

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I have to get this done a year later. I have to get this done. Two years later I have to get this done brother, you will die you will be in your grave saying I had to get this done. But you're gone. You get it done. Now come on.

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May Allah help us to strengthen ourselves.

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That is the essence of it. It is a celebration, a day of joy, happiness, for what to get closer to Allah.

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Many people on the day of Eid

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sadly they become entrapped by shamans whispers they do the wrong things. They go to the wrong places. Sometimes they consume the wrong things. Be it the Eid after Ramadan. Oh the speed that we have right now. Eagle of HA.

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At least please Allah I always tell the brothers and the sisters, your dress code on the day of Eid. Please make sure it is pleasing to Allah. Because this is a beautiful day given by Allah to wear clothing that's going to displease Allah on a day like this, not to say you're allowed on other days but become more conscious about it today. That's what it is.

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Let's enjoy the days my brothers my sisters, we ask Allah Almighty to grant us from His goodness, we ask Allah Almighty to grant us from the blessings. And we ask Allah to help us eradicate our habits, our bad habits, we throw them away, just like the hood judge would be throwing the pebbles at

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the pillars that have been made these days are now in the places where Shaman was

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in order that we protect ourselves from shaitan coming in the way

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of our relationship with Allah. He mustn't come in the way and whenever he does, an effort is required to pelt him

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to see that an effort is required to pelt him because Shavon is going to whisper the surah if you look at Surah 10 Nurse,

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Allah Almighty says a lot for us to be sued for us to do Rinas he is speaking about being protected from the west wasa which is the whispers of the devil. Where does he whisper he whispers in your chest? That's what he does. Inside here. Your mind your heart, your soul, he wants to whisper and try and confuse you or make you believe that you're going to gain something by that which is displeasing to Allah. And that's not true. It's either temporary or there's either immediate destruction.

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This is Allah. My brothers, my sisters, I want to say one thing. As Muslims we are very fortunate. We have a pure, clean way of life. It is sober. It is free from intoxicants and anything harmful. It is alive, free from oppression, free from harming others we're not supposed to one might say well, it's happening if it's happening. It's not because of Islam is because of the weakness of humankind.

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Free from bad words, discipline, that's our religion. When you we look at each other, we should be seeing amazing, wonderful human beings who are prepared to help one another for the sake of Allah, we should be seeing brothers and sisters of ours whom we can rely on when we are troubled. That's Islam.

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When we look at one another, we see people who are champions leaders successful in the deen in the dunya. In the, even in the era, we ask Allah to grant us that success. So thank Allah that you are a Muslim, thank Allah, you're a submitter.

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Imagine, part of my faith is that I need to give what Allah has given me away to some others part of it. That's part of my faith, pillar of Islam. You're not a Muslim without giving away things to those who don't have what do you have? Allahu Akbar? Come on, tell me about that faith. Tell me more about it. You're not a Muslim. It's a pillar of Islam. If you don't look, dig in your pocket and take what Allah gave you and give it to those who don't have it. That's a cut. What is the cut? Took her domain Alinea in photography, for Cara? Simple. It's taken from those who haven't given to those who don't have done. That's a pillar. Allah says if you have something and others do not have.

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Obviously there are levels but I'm just mentioning it broadly.

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Then part of your faith, it is a pillar you are not a true believer until you dig into what you have. And take a portion of it and give those who don't have Allahu Akbar, what a beautiful faith man Subhan Allah. May Allah Almighty grant us goodness and may Allah open our doors. If we lived by what Allah has ordained, we would eradicate suffering on Earth. The difficulty is, we use the same faith sometimes to try and hurt people harm people or oppress people. And yet we claim to be religious, oh, that's where the problem lies. Learn to make people feel appreciated. Learn to empower them, learn to give them a good word wherever they are doing the right thing and learn to

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discourage them from evil in a beautiful way that they look forward to giving up their bad habits.

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Because when you swear someone when you believe to them, no matter who they are, when you belittle someone, you have actually chased them away from the religion of Allah, if

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your outlook is that of a Muslim.

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Imagine you see a person they Outwardly they look very Muslim.

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And as you get nearer, you hear them swearing, screaming, shouting in what somebody's going to think about Allah and His Rasul. And yet, what you are doing is not even connected to what they taught, or they asked you to do. So this is a day of cleansing.

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This is a day of cleansing our worship, so that we only random acts of worship for Allah and to Allah, no one else. This is the day of Tawheed To be honest, it's a day of the Oneness of Allah, Allah alone. Look at what we say Allahu Akbar. Allahu Akbar, Allah Allahu Allahu Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. Well, Allah, Allah, Allah is the Greatest Allah is the Greatest, there is none worthy of worship. besides Allah, Allah is the Greatest and All praise belongs to Allah. That's the statement of the day in these days. To Kabila, you're supposed to be declaring the praise of Allah, the greatness of Allah.

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So this is a day of cleansing our act, acts of worship only for Allah and also cleansing the heart, jealousy, hatred, malice, the dirt, the evil thoughts, the negative ideas, something happens in the first thing that comes to your mind is something so negative, come on my brother, my sister, you are asked by Allah and His messenger to think good of others think good of a situation you see someone and the worst thought comes to your mind why you need help before them. That's what it is think good of people. Think good of them. But will you lose nothing? But when you think bad, what will you lose everything. That's what it is. May Allah Almighty help us to help one another? May Allah Almighty

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accept your sacrifice my brothers, my sisters, let's enjoy the day. Let's enjoy the season of the of the next few days.

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And let's learn to reach out to one another in goodness. And let's appreciate the favors of Allah upon us. The bounties of Allah and ultimately, let's put a knife to the bad habits that we have. And anything that is displeasing to Allah for Indeed, even if you've eradicated one bad thing today, trust me, you've achieved a Mobarak to one and all Apollo Kali hada SallAllahu wasallam. Obara Kalenna. Bynum.