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smilla rahmanir rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah Allah Allah He was happy.

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We praise Allah Subhana Allah to Allah we send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions, we ask Allah to bless them to bless every one of us and to grant us goodness, I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters, we as Muslims are taught to ensure that whatever we consume, or earn is pure, and

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it's known as halal. And

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the the some of the scholars have differentiated between the two halaal and play halaal is that which is permissible to eat they eat is a level higher, where you ensure the purity of the item. For example, if you were to eat a chicken that happens to be slaughtered in the proper way, but the chicken was not treated correctly from the very beginning of its life, all the way to the end of its life, perhaps it would be handled, but what happened was not actually so May Allah Subhana Allah Allah grant us the ability to be concerned about the welfare of these animals that we consume. If you notice, during the time of the sacrifice of the animals, after the month of Ramadan, by

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approximately two months, in 10 days, you will actually see the teachings of Islam of the kindness to the animals, such that you need to treat them in a proper way. And that is an act of worship, you need to ensure they are well fed as well as their first being quenched. Also, at the time of the sacrifice, you need to ensure that they are not unduly made, to be fearful of what's about to happen, such as by showing them the blade, etc. So we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to make us conscious of this, all this has an impact on something. Similarly, when it comes to the issue of heroin, it's not only that which you consume, it has to do with your dealings as well. If you

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consume that, which is maybe heroin, but was bought through money that was earned in the wrong way, it has a similar effect.

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So it's important not to deceive, when doing business, not to cheat when buying and selling. It's important to be happy with that which is less but pure than that which is large in amount, but impure or unclean or unethical, or immoral. May Allah subhanho wa Taala, grant us blessings. This is absolutely important because we find ourselves in life.

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With so much of impact that the environment has on us, people think differently. People do things differently, people are energized by different metrics. Some people you say football, Manchester is playing Liverpool, they're energized to the degree that they will spend a lot of money to go and witness it, perhaps from the stadium itself. It's the energy that they derive. Sometimes you tell people that they will be energized to the degree that they want to listen to the word of the neuron. So where do these energies come from varying energies, sometimes people when there is harm to be committed, they are energized. But when the same thing is coming to you in a halal way, they find

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themselves dwindling. Sometimes the sleep that we so desperately would like when it's coming at the time of Salah. Some people are not energized for anything besides that sleep itself. And sometimes there are people who are energized to the degree that when it clocks, the time of Salah they cannot sleep, their eye opens and they're up. So a lot of this is actually connected to what you consume.

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A lot of it is connected to what you can, what you consume. When a person is careful about what they eat. They're thinking firstly becomes that which will please alarm, it's easy for them to see the light, the difference between truth and falsehood. It's very easy for them to see that because what happens is the energy they've derived this from a pure source, it's from a good source. So what is it going to be used in Do you really think if you've made an effort to earn halon that Allah is going to grant you the energy that's only going to be concentrating on something else we just had up

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yesterday on may try and trap us and people can get trapped, but it wouldn't be the feature or the quality of that particular person. Because of their concern for halaal earnings. They automatic concern for Salah there is no one who can be so concerned about halaal earnings, but they don't. They're not interested in Salah in prayer. They're not interested in the other obligations unto Allah. So there is a Skittle effect once one drops, the others are very likely to drop as well.

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So some

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times you have one plus one and they cannot see the light and you are confused. Why can't this person see the common sense in this electric heat away, you know why they will not keen on earning that which was pure that which was good, they might have been concerned about earning the figures and the numbers and getting and amassing wealth, if that wealth was amassed in a pure way, and hamdulillah we say no Allah, no blessing upon blessing, light upon light, Subhana Allah. But if that wealth was matched in the wrong way, it cannot bring about what we call Baraka. Baraka means blessings from Allah. You have a person who earns $100 for example, in the month, and another who

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earns 1000 and another who earns 10,000 they all have to eat. So Pamela, they will all feed their babies to a certain degree with different quality of food, but they all have a spiritual side to themselves. It is either energized or de energized, based on what not based on how much you have based on how you got it. So Pamela, this is why the Sahaba of the Lama and when they were very concerned about halal and haram so much so that they were even worried about the pots and pans they were eating in a funny goofy me at him. At one stage they arrived at a certain place and they said oh Rasulullah salam, these people, they happen to be people of the book are we allowed to eat from

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these utensils of this? So the professor Salaam gave them a ruling. But the point is, look at the concern. What they were eating in the utensils, the meaning today, we would call it the plates and the classes they were worried about whether we're allowed to eat from here or not, the more a nation turns away from being concerned about halal and haram, the deeper they fall into the clutches of shaytan. In other matters, may Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us protection. Imagine a person whose energy is derived from

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whatever the Haram is, what do you think that energy is made to be used in perhaps in sinful behavior, I don't even want to mention the list. But that list is long, what type of sinful behavior, so many different things. So for us to be earning the pleasure of Allah, there is a starting point.

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Make sure what goes into your mouth

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is good and pure. It's halon, even if it is a little bit. Now the disease of the ages, people like that, which is tasty. They say this is very tasty when the doctor tells you it's very bad for you because of your cholesterol levels, your sugar levels, were quick to listen. But when Allah says something is not good for you, people say it's okay. I'll taste it. Some actually go and say, nevermind, I'll make Toba thereafter. Let's consider it slightly better than others. Don't even bat an eyelid but we're not supposed to be doing either of them.

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If Allah is not happy with it, it's over. We will never touch it never tasted never go towards it, never do business in it. We don't care. If Allah is going to be displeased. Even if I have less, it's okay. I know they will be Baraka that 100 I have, at the end of the month, I will still have perhaps 10 $20 remaining. But the 10,000 that the person earned end of the month he's showing others he's waiting for the next salary, because he's going to owe people so much Do you know what happened? Baraka is gone, the blessings are gone. Why are the blessings gone? Because perhaps your your love for food and consumption of it is such that you don't care whether it was halal or haram.

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People say well, this, you know, someone says this is doubtful, but it's okay. Nevermind, I'm sure Do you know the ruling about doubtful issues? Islam says there is something either Hana or haram clear. If you don't know it's a gray area, if there is a dispute about it, that you are confused about. There's a gray area, if there is a dispute where you know, 100% what the truth is for you, it's no longer a dispute. You know the truth. It can be a dispute For everyone else, I know this is not allowed or this is definitely allowed. Okay, but where there is a dispute and confusion. The Hadith says whoever attends to eat it was ready to risk their relationship with Allah. So they've

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eaten Ha. If there is a piece of food here, some people are saying it's halal. Some people are saying it's haram and you just the person who came in and you heard the dispute if you haven't heard it, it's okay. But if you've heard the dispute, and you consume from it, what were you ready to do? Someone says there's a possibility. It's pork, and someone says there's a possibility. It's beef. You look at it. Yes, it looks pink, but it also looks a bit brown. And it also looks this and it also looks at and you're a bit hungry, and it's smelling well and it's marinated well, and you see people in the corner eating and licking their fingers. And you say I'm sure it's okay with Mila and

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you said you were ready to do this.

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You are ready to risk your relationship with Allah. The Hadith says foreman waka official boo ha de Vaca feel haram whoever falls in that which is doubtful has definitely fallen straight into Haram. One money cashew boo ha de Vaca da da dee dee dee dee. Whoever has stayed away from that gray area has protected himself and his deal

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is protected his relationship with Allah subhanho wa Taala intact. Was it for us to eat it? No, it wasn't. It's okay. Let it go. Nevermind. I have vegetables we have like gum disease.

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So my brothers and sisters as time is passing, people are becoming less and less bothered about heroin and heroin and it's a prophecy of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, they will come a time later you been in Morocco, Amina Mohammed Ali Akela Amina. They will come a time when a person will not even be bothered whether they're eating that which is halal or harm. And this is not only slaughter, it's got to do with so many other factors. Sometimes it's contamination. Sometimes it's the earnings. Sometimes it's the deception. You know, if you have cheated someone, even when selling a vehicle, and you know, there was a fault in it, and you intentionally hid it, knowing that I'm

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hiding it, that money came to you, but it may be considered a deal that was Hello, but it's a contaminated deal. Why? There was deception in it, you're going to pay a price for that. May Allah forgive us. May Allah strengthen us, man is such that no matter how much their man is reminded, he tends to still falter. He thinks it's okay. These are the things we will be questioned about also on the Day of Judgment, the money where did you learn it from? It's one of the questions. The Hadith says, it's one of the first questions.

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Where did you learn it from? Where did you spend it? We want to know why. Why is Allah so bothered about that? Because when you came on Earth, you had zero. And when you left, you had zero. So in the middle of everything you've got from Allah subhanho wa Taala. You cannot say, Oh, I don't need to tell you. But Allah says we gave you, we let you live on it. We are worried about the taxman, I promise you. Today we had the monetary policy that was announced. How worried were people? What's going to be safe? What is going to happen? Are we going to lose our money? Are we going to Why are people so bothered, but when Allah says something, Allah has his own monetary policy, so panela not

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just money, but your finances, Allah says this will happen that will happen, this should happen, this should not happen. Then people are like, Oh, I didn't even know but it's okay. Yes, we know he's Forgiving and Merciful. But we also know that you know what, when we have a choice that Allah has given us and we know something, we should try our best to be as pure as possible, as clear as possible. So what happens is number one, it affects our minds. The eyes will not be satisfied by looking at the wife. But the eyes will be satisfied by looking at something haram and following it and going beyond a limit with it because why the energy that the person has got none of it is Helen

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anyway, it's not Helen. This is why they say when you are not bothered about halaal when you are when when your gaze is not satisfied when it falls on that which is halaal Go back to your income. Go and check your earnings. Go check how you've earned you need to be concerned about it. Because why is haram giving me a kick? How come when I don't fulfill Salah there's no regret. Why is there no regret if there is regret? Mashallah, some something good is happening. But if there's no regret, you need to be concerned a day will come when your eyes will close. At least that regret is a sign of Eman. If a person misses Salah, and they regret it, it's a sign that they acknowledging I'm

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supposed to have done this. And I have an I have a lord who is going to either reward me or punish me, let me make peace with him.

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Now Allah forgive our shortcomings. What is more, what is worse than just following that which might be Haram in the sense of

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you know, the opposite sex or immorality, you know, is that the mind is contaminate.

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And this is happening more and more. When people say this is the hokum of Allah, this is what Allah says. It doesn't make sense to the mind why because the mind is being nourished by that which is haram Anyway, what is it going to make sense by there's no nourishment. So sometimes when you tell people this is the rule of Allah subhanho wa Taala they have a say in it. They start saying you know what, I it's okay, I don't understand it. It doesn't make sense. It's not applicable anymore.

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May Allah forgive us. A lot of this not all of it. But a lot of it goes back to the income to what went inside. The system is bad. Just like when you have a motor vehicle supposed to run with diesel put

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petrol in it and tell me what happens. Or vice versa Tell me what happens. Or add some water in it and see how it backfires. May Allah forgive us? We in Zimbabwe know about this at a time when there was shortage of diesel they were mixing it with water, what was happening to the sedimentary and to various other things. We know how it felt. Now Allah grant us forgiveness. Our system is more complex than these cars. Were supposed to be putting in petrol, we're putting in diesel. Sorry, no one should try drinking petrol, I'm just giving an example. But what is meant is you're supposed to eat halal and you're not bothered somehow it affects the entire system, everything is affected the

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mind and the thinking is probably the worst affected. And this is why sometimes you start you find people don't understand like I said earlier, common sense is no longer that common because why? Because they there is nothing there. Now Allah make it easy for us. What is the way forward?

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The way forward because we don't want to be energized towards haram and de energized when it comes to follow. Salah people say it's okay, we'll see. There's something wrong. You're supposed to be up you're supposed to be interested, you're supposed to be keen, it's the relationship with Allah how to dress you. When covering gives you a kick. You know, you have a relationship with Allah, when you love to cover more than you would like to expose relationship with Allah is better. But when you love to expose more than you love to cover, there is something that still needs to happen in that relationship. And it needs to improve insha Allah, may Allah grant us all modesty in dress, both

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male and female.

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But well this goes back to what you v.

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So if we were to sit in front of the television and watch a movie upon movie, we will get a kick out of it. But you are supposed to sit with the Quran in 10 seconds, you start yawning, you're lazy, you don't know what's happening, something is wrong in the system, go and get it cleaned out. So Han Allah, may Allah grant disease, I can give you so many examples. Even that which we hear. We don't want to hear the poem but everything else we want to hear if you get a kick out of it, you need to be concerned Why is this happening to me, it is happening to you for a reason. Go back and become concerned about your earnings. Perhaps you may not be paying Zakat correctly. That's another point.

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If a person has $100, for example, and they have nisab, and they are supposed to be giving Zakat that 100 they've earned two and a half it belongs to Allah if you eat it, you've actually eaten that which is not yours.

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So what will happen? similar effect you consume the car belongs to Allah COVID min

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hero, amazing verse. Allah says this is a car that you shall take from them, take it from them, it will cleanse them. It's like a engine flush. Zika is like engine flush. You put it into the system and what happens the engine is flush. That's it.

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Allah says it clearly the sadaqa will Takahiro it will cleanse them.

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What was the key hibiya it will purify them so Panama purifies them, so learn to give them to give that which is doubtful. Leave it okay. May Allah give us Baraka, I know we are moving through perhaps some of the most trying times in this country, but the doors of sustenance are owned by Allah. The doors of sustenance are owned by Allah Subhana Allah Allah. May Allah subhanho wa Taala grant us Baraka, Allah open our doors, I was saying the solution of this number one, we must make sure that we seek the forgiveness of Allah.

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We must try our best to earn the pleasure of Allah. When it comes to these earnings. We try our best. Sometimes we may falter here and there May Allah forgive us. But when you do something knowingly, intentionally, then it becomes a problem.

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May Allah strengthen us or like I said, where we do this from the inspiration of the concern of the Sahaba of the alarm? I'm home for what was Helen and Allah, that is something that is definitely an inspiration for us. May Allah bless us all. Aku Cody ha De La Hoya Santa Monica. Amina Mohammed Subhana Allah

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Hamdi a shadow La la la