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The speaker discusses the benefits of seeking forgiveness of Allah during times of crisis, including a punishment that does not occur. They also mention that anything negative, such as immoral or displeasing actions, is a punishment. The speaker emphasizes the importance of asking oneself these questions to avoid becoming upset and angry.

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I just want to draw your attention to something amazing and that is the benefit of seeking the forgiveness of Allah during times of this nature.

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People might say why should I seek the forgiveness of Allah? Is it a punishment? Well, I want to tell you, even if it were, even if it were, Allah says in the Quran, Walmart can Allahumma de bajo wahoo Mr. Varun, Allah will not punish them while they are seeking forgiveness. So if you are seeking forgiveness, the punishment will not come. And if you think there was punishment, when a person begins to seek forgiveness, it is converted into a blessing of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Like I said earlier, it's wrong for us to say something is a punishment or not, when we cannot know except through revelation if something was definitely a punishment, but a simple test is anything

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that brings you closer to Allah is not a punishment and anything that has distanced you from Allah makes you upset and angry and question Allah, that may well just be a punishment of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Similarly, whenever a calamity happens, ask yourself, Am I involved in sin? Am I involved in that which is immoral? unacceptable? Am I involved in that? Which is, you know, why you serve the wealth of others? Am I doing that which is unacceptable? Am I abandoning my prayers? Am I doing something that would be displeasing to Allah? You just ask yourself those questions, there's no harm. In fact, there can only be benefit and we need to turn to Allah.