Haifaa Younis – Be Strong Like Sayyidah Hajr!

Haifaa Younis
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of learning about the K Qaeda i.e. Islam and the K Qaeda i.e. in order to become confident. They give examples of confidence being taught during a class and encourage the audience to ask Allah for d mass and learn about the K centers. The speaker emphasizes the importance of being confident and helping others to become successful.
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How many of you were here? In during September 11?

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Right? So majority you were not here. That's when the confident Muslim was tested.

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You were not here. I was actually going to the I was in labor and delivery that day. And I remember I looked at the screen, and I was like, and then the nostril tickmill says Dr. Yunus Do you know what's happened? And I was looking, and the second plane hit to the tower.

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Tell us and everybody remember this? What we went through?

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And then Allah subhanaw taala tested us.

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Be confident,

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be sure

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be like, say to her

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woman, and brothers and men. When say Nick Brahim left her alone in the middle of nowhere, with a baby smile when they were waiting for him for years.

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And he couldn't even look back. Because he couldn't he was walking, he was moving, because Allah told him leave. And, and she says, You're leaving us here? Are you leaving us here?

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No answer. Are you leaving us here? Basically death penalty.

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And he didn't answer three times. Finally, the confidence Lima. She asked the famous question, oh, Allahu America, that a lot. Or that you? That Allah ordered you? And he said yes. Allah, by Allah is Allah. He said yes. She said, Go.

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Allah will never let us down.

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That's the confident Muslim. That's the confident Muslim.

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I need this. The best way to get there. One is dua ask Allah. We need to ask Allah for dunya but let's make akhira and Islam is also part of my dua Allah and tell Kawi Queenie, your Allah, you're the strong, make me strong, and keep me strong.

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Your law teach me how to become strong. When you go first day in college, as you are entering your hola teach me how to say that I think do that I think act the right thing first day in your work. And your name is Muhammad. Don't change it and make it small. No.

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It's Muhammad, Ali Salah to sit down and be confident and teach them who is he without being arrogant. So Doha and keep asking Allah to keep you going. And number two, learn about the Kawaii that Aziz al Jabbar, the one who is going to give you everything and anything you want. In the right time that he knows. Two, three, don't give up. We all will fail. You will have the these moments when we will be afraid we'll be weak. That's fine. But get up and keep going and help each other that the last one helping each other. Each one help each other. To be the confident Muslim is not impossible. We have many examples before us. But he simply even now among us

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