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Mufti Menk
AI: Summary © The conversation covers the return of Hong Kong and the healing of hearts from COVID-19, including challenges faced by people in their city and the use of language translation and transcription in media. The speakers discuss plans for a trip to Ghana and Hong Kong, including events and activities, including meeting with someone from the UK and touring a place called Hamsius. They also mention a book and meal plans.
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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. was built out of Mara fame and hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we are you we we are back at Hamdulillah. Together we reunited once more in Hong Kong city Alhamdulillah Brahmin and these are the way Salam Alaikum we have just unplugged having done this by the way the city in which we met first time first Subhan I ever have I think 15 years ago yes it me. Yes. So it was 15 years ago and we the three of us met together, brother while Ibrahim

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and Chef Dr. Mohamed Salah myself we met together

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for the first time in Hong Kong and now we in the Quran Allah.

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Allah brought us back you know, Masha is the first event titled at the peak organized by serving slam team after COVID-19 The first event of the COVID hamdulillah more than three years ago, I believe that everything was sold out completely there are no places left. Although there are so many people asking and what I love most about the event this year besides the fact that I can't allow get to meet once again and visit the Muslim community here the brothers who miss them so much the title of the

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healing the hearts send amazing Pytel and each topic, masha Allah is going to be very, very beneficial. I mean, throughout my journey a handler I've been thinking about not only my topics use topics and hamdulillah sha Allah, if you can tell us a little bit about you. It's actually it's actually a very, very beautiful topic you know, healing the hearts from the Quran, the Sunnah, the lessons, the real life situation scenarios, one by one and so on. So like from the Quran, the verses that Allah Almighty has revealed, that give men such hope such goodness such teachings that will actually heal the heart Yeah, you are not going to come over to mirabito more Shiva on Lima fifth

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story. Now oh people.

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Indeed a reminder has been sent to you by your Lord and cure for that which is within the chest. So there is cure in those verses SubhanAllah. And the reason is, a lot of people have been through struggles, people lost lives, meaning people lost family members and friends and so on. And life is a struggle in and there's a lot of uncertainty. You see the globe there has been earthquakes May Allah grant them ease they've been floods they've been there's been unrest poverty, poverty, warfare, so much more that's happening. And we is man supposed to be people say, well, Allah is so merciful. So why is this happening? So we need to answer those questions shall true and you gotta

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keep in mind that tests and trials are inevitable. Yes. Whether you're a believer or an unbeliever, yes. You know, Allah says in the Quran a

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little bit own Fe M one. Lm for SQL mallotus, Mt namun Alladhina. Otto Kitab among Kobelco mominul, Edina Asako Adam Kathira were in the hospital what a double for in a very common asmall more that is.

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I believe it is verse number 186 Chapter number three sort of early I'm Ron. So Allah Almighty stated the fact that there's some trials are inevitable and being a believer you're subject to be tested more than you know the non believers and those who are not

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those who are righteous are being exposed to the sun trials more in order to be purified and all the reserve status and ranks before Allah subhanaw taala so Han Allah Subhan Allah I'm really looking forward to the event

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Habibi, how long did you travel to get to Hong Kong

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as part of like, the flight from Perth to Philippines I was going on Philippine Airlines got canceled. I got canceled. We sat in the in the airplane for five hours and then they told us sorry, we can take off there was some technical issues. So we have to close yes and every every trip of ours we have to have something very weird. Knowing knowing check while he must have said 105 hours okay, yeah, late six hours. My wife, on the other hand was fighting with everybody to get on the next flight. And the next flight was on Thursday. So Subhan Allah Alhamdulillah she spoke to the counter guys and they put us on a Singapore Airlines.

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The same day we arrived a bit late in the night and the next flight to Hong Kong was the next morning so he slept the airport Alhamdulillah so it took us a while but finally we made it Al Hamdulillah Al Hamdulillah May Allah accept your they call him Shia Hawaiian so it took him a while.

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A long way, a long way.

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But you see the thing is I didn't know this but we're just hearing it but you see the challenges that are faced people don't get to see this I mean look at look at what happened look at how now you arrive in Hong Kong actually I have been traveling to many countries I haven't even been home for a while. I've been Nigeria went to Jordan went to Malaysia. When did you have in Jordan? As far as food? What did I have?

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We had we had decent food my youth as you know my daughter lives there. So I'll handle it. Myself. We eight months of twice a

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month for you there well one of the time

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twice the first time it was made by the this organization we went to visit in order to distribute container homes to the homeless and the refugees and the people made Monza for us mashallah we sat with them and we ate it was beautiful my favorite food so much stuff is like a rice dish with some meat and they have like a sour milk you know sort of a

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lemon Yeah, this is different than Jollof by the way.

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Very different

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so and then yeah, Mashallah. It was good. We had fish one of the days we went to some restaurant that does fish in so any any projects you will you worked on since we met last time? Many projects the last far as the university and the new subjects I'm teaching in we're filming for Ramadan as you know.

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We plan for Ramadan like six months in advance, show the Sahaba thought

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so we'll start the famous handle now Shukla we launched Fouda TV in Spanish and it was very very well received and of course she was amazing. Masha Allah the first live episode of

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Spanish was just a couple of months ago it was amazing 100 lauscha Now we have officially Hooda TV English and Spanish as well did you see the new AI generated

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translations were true if you speak your voice, your face your movement but a different your voice also but a different language? Completely they can basically they can speak the different language on your tongue as if you're the one who's speaking it fluently Yes, native any language now inshallah we'll try to speak and we will choose an exotic language and we will do it on the fly. So Spanish would include parts of South America, as well as Spain as of Latin America, as well as Spain we're talking about over 700 million Spanish speaking

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population worldwide Wow Yeah, huge huge mashallah I get to learn some Espanol yeah hapless video. As a matter of fact, in the States, in many states like in California in Texas and others, particularly in Texas,

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when you apply for a job you better have Spanish not as a second language as a first language. Yeah, my Shall I move to Yota we've been working on oh so much in fact, with me a lot of the time someone says where are you? Where are you going? It's going to be hard for me to answer because I have to think very hard to know where I'm going. I just have to look at my Canon Where have you been? haha so much we've done that I lose track of it but mashallah, we had the Light upon light in the UK. We had, we had so many events, we had programs in Nigeria, and mashallah, we just how was the jewel of Nigeria? Well, it was very nice. In all honesty, it was really nice, Nigerian Jollof. And luckily, I

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had it in Nigeria, so I want nothing in Ghana.

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Now the war will begin. So so so the travels have been really hectic. hamdulillah in in Jakarta, we met with quite a few people actually. And we had a small Meet and Greet sort of event. So that was also quite nice. And then we came here it's actually five whole hours from Jakarta to Hong Kong. It's quite a long flight. I was surprised. Yeah.

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What airlines Cafe Cafe Pacific. For me, it was about 16 hours. Six calling altogether. Yeah, no delay. hamdulillah there was no delays. As a matter of fact, I arrived here 20 minutes earlier than it was scheduled. As you know that last trip to Malaysia we wrote together.

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The flight arrived late to Qatar. So I was delayed. I was stranded at the airport for 24 hours, you know, Habibi, Dr. Mohamed Salah when he arrived at the airport, and he arrived after us. So our brother Anwar was they came a point where he said no, let me send you guys. You guys can go and inshallah I will bring Dr. Mohamed salah. I said no, no, no, no, we will.

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We will wait for him. I launched my new book. Masha Allah. Allah

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Lal human

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or on relationships or give us some some tips so the idea is to address haram relationship basically among the youth but then in a funny manner so that it can be appealed appealing to them in a halal way the lesson yes but the lesson exactly sha Allah give us some hints. No, it's jokes it's all

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like you have to get the book ya have to read the book.

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We will discuss few points which are on the stage sometimes. I'm exciting discussion, intellectual, halal humor, halal humor on relationships and relationships. MashAllah and also in sha Allah Thea FOSS would be meeting in Malaysia in sha Allah in December.

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In fact, we were with Brother Amar, I think he handled that and he's coming tomorrow. Inshallah

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that's good. So BarakAllahu li come at the moment. Where are we going for looking for

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food? We're starving to an Italian

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plan Yeah, and Hamdulillah you know what their plans change like this like changing like the weather actually. So I hope you find a place that is still open don't like the person standing there holding it up. Oh, my shot

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looks pretty Yeah, the buildings are very nice. It's

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time in shuttling

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at this time earlier a bit earlier than this. So we're planning to go on a boat ride tomorrow perhaps we might. That would be the real unplugged ESA Shala.

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So inshallah we just arrived in Hong Kong and we you know, staggered arrival, but here we are, hunting for a place inshallah. We're going to have a quick bite and then we call it a night. So inshallah we look forward to seeing you guys again. We thought we'd give you a quick update of what's going on with our unplugged brothers. And bioecological. Salaam aleikum.

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wa barakato

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